RaYa Two Shot : Her First Crush to.......

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Taj West End, has one of the finest cuisines in Bangalore, currently so it came as no surprise that dinner reservations of the night are here. The Taj had never disappointed him, the food, service, entertainment and music everything is up to the mark, always. A black Jaguar pulls in front of the restaurant and the guards rushes to greet the arrival. Car door opens and a Tuxedo clad man steps out. The way he carries himself so confidently leaves people envious and drooling.

Even before he is front of main door it opens big and wide for him to enter and with each step he is greeted but he doesn't bother him replying just keeps up the smile and nods. He stops in front of the familiar face who is grinning but he can see trails of nervousness of his face.

"Mr.Kapoor, what a pleasure."

"Enough of pleasantries Sameer, I am hungry & i've had a long flight so please send my dinner to my room." The words were merely out of his mouth and seems the the whole stuff starts rushes to cater him. Ram is taken to his normal table which is always booked for him whether he comes or not, all the time, everyday it is booked for him.

"The food will be there in few minutes." The waiter standing by him informs him.

"What's wrong?" he asks casually while messaging Vikram about his arrival.

"Sorry?" The waiter breaks into sweat. He looks up from his phone to see a nervous waiter who of course is new addition to staff then him eyes shift to the manager just few steps away.

"Sameer, i'm asking you something, answer will you?" Manager takes to large steps and is in front of him.

"I am so sorry sir, it's just.."

"You know, how much I hate excuses, don't you?" Manager gulps and gives a dagger look to waiter who is ready to die. Looking back at Ram, Sameer stutters that his usual room had been allotted to another guest, but not to worry he'll shift him to another room, Ram looks sharply and sighs, drinking the water, today has clearly not been his day. Ram waits for exactly 2 minutes before getting up and making his way towards the exit, which causes a great havoc in restaurant once they notice Ram has exited the restaurant. He is inside his car when Sameer comes running towards.

"Sir please. Mr.Kapoor.. just... I am sorry."

"You know, how much I hate waiting, don't you Sameer?"

"Sir I..." He doesn't let him finish and rolls up his window as he motions the driver to drive. He doesn't care to look back to know Sameer's reaction. He kicks in the air as the other staff approaches.

"What happened sir?"

"Nothing." He replies.


The car is going at snail pace and he can hear foul language and shouts from all sides. 'No manners' he thinks with closed eyes, not ready to look around.

'Oh God, please end this torture', he prays silently when the car keeps on jerking and still moving at snail speed. It isn't until the car stops with a jerk he opens his eyes and isn't surprise to find himself still in the narrow street.


"Sir the car.." he doesn't let him finish and groans loudly.

"There is a service station just a little ahead, I will just get someone." Ram is ready to fire his driver but realizes it's not an option yet because he needs to get home, safely. But rest assured, he will be fired once he's home. The driver leaves to get someone for repairing while Ram waits.


"Bloody, rich basterds. Don't know what they think of themselves. Such an arrogant man, just because he's on top doesn't mean he always will be. The day will come, Ram Kapoor when you will be thrown from your throne." Sameer turns to walk inside muttering to himself, but Voila!! He sees Ram's car jerking & coming to a halt, he smiles.

Ram is in his car rather irritated because he came directly from the airport, hungry, for dinner in The Taj and now he hasn't eaten & neither has a place to stay for the night. Though he had a sandwich in the plane, he craves for proper food.

"How much longer?"he thinks when he hears a knock on his window. Its Sameer

"Sir, please come. I'll get your car later, he says.

Left with no option but to comply, he grudgingly gets out of his Jaguar & climbs into Sameer's stuffy Santro.

"Sir, can i suggest something? he asks, stuttering.

"Go on...Ram says

"The only room which was available has just been taken & i know you're coming here straight from a delayed flight, if you don't mind you can stay at my house for the night & tomorrow at the crack of dawn your room will be made available to you, i promise.

Ram stares at his audacity, "Are you out of your mind?" he shouts.

"Sir, relax. Right now i think its your only option, considering that its 2AM & none of the hotels will provide you a room at this hour of the night. Please sir, just trust me.

"Why are you asking me, go then!" Sameer needs no more encouragement as he takes the next turn into the main street.

Ram is drowning in his thoughts once again. What a day this has been for him, the contract slipping away from his hands & the ensuing havoc because he found out the contract he wanted next was given to his competitive and he knows exactly how that cheat got it and it made him furious. Media and industry has not been easy on him because he doesn't have strong family backing and he had to work so hard to get to top but by playing it fair and square and now his competitive is breaking every rule and reaching towards him. It's almost like a snake and ladder game and Ram will be damned if he let someone else stop him from reaching to 100.

Ram learnt long ago that in order to survive in this industry you've to be tough, loud and arrogant, keeping people on their toes and knees and that's what he's been doing this is why media decides to be more cruel with him but he doesn't care anymore, it's the price he has to pay for being at top, where he plans to remain for a long time.

Next time, his thoughts are loudly and rudely interrupted by the loud music, looking up ahead he finds Sameer parking the car & beside is an empty makeshift stage, slowly filling with few people or rather musicians taking their position. Then there is a girl whose back is towards the crowd, she must be in her mid twenties, wearing jeans and blue jacket which is rather well fitting; she is busy talking to the guitarist. It seems she might be the lead singer. Ram looks around again and sees only a small crowd looking very interested in the music and looks at the band again. The girl in blue jacket finally turns around, which causes his heart to skip a beat and stomach flutters, him eyes moves from face to face to look at the stage and the sight almost is breath-taking. Finally a face to the girl in blue jacket; that face. Lighter shades face and its beautiful features and oh, those dimples. The girl has dimples which he imagines would become more deep if she'd laugh. He gets lost in her face and her voice fills in his ears which is even more breath taking than her physique. He can see everything except for her eyes as she's singing with her eyes closed which is a shame, thinks Ram & grows curious what would her eyes look like.

It takes him a moment to realize she is singing an unknown song; closing the car door he walks towards the stage when he sees a banner fluttering " Welcome back Priya, We missed you" it reads, Finally the song is over and she realizes that when she hears a loud round of applause and almost compelled, she joins in. Slowly, very slowly he feels her smile widening causing her dimples to deepen as suspected. His eyes don't leave her sight for a second who is still standing there with her eyes closed which he wishes would open now. And finally, as if she heard him, she opens her eyes slowly and his breathe gets stuck in his throat because as soon her eyes are wide open they meet directly with his. His clapping stops, mouth slightly open and eyes wide but his eyes does not move from hers. Priya is looking directly at him with curiosity in her eyes. Oh those deep eyes!! those deep brown eyes which had capacity to consume anyone. (Bade Acche Lagte hain plays in the background) Finally her eyes shift to her audience and she smiles taking a bow and finally Ram lets out the breathe he didn't know he was holding.

She starts walking toward him. Ram is now feeling a sensation he had never felt before. Looking at her  no one can tell her voice has that depth & a heart to heart connect which is required to sing, not until she starts singing. Her eyes look so pure and angelic, anyone who would look can say she is singing from her soul and that is why her voice directly connects with the soul. Not wanting to take his eyes off her he tears his gaze away briefly just to look around and is shocked to see that she's surrounded with people, her admirers. He feels a strange jealousy.He doesn't even notice Sameer standing next to him until he put a packet in his hand.

"Sir,Your favourite biryani." He is about to get his luggage when Ram stops him as his curiosity gets the better of him.

"Who is she?" he asks pointing at the girl who had captivated his soul. Sameer smiles fondly before replying to him.

"Priya Sharma."


"Priya Sharma, my sister." With this he walks towards him, leaving the tycoon blushing. 'Priya', he whispers her name softly, Ram tags along with Sameer & there Priya stood dumbfound.

"Hi, babydoll, how was your Europe trip? asks Sameer.

"You are .."

"You are the youngest business tycoon, right?"she asks, unable to control herself.

"Hi, I'm Ram Kapoor"he says extending his hand. He hears the people around them whispering in shock and awe. 

"Priya. Priya Sharma"  She reluctantly takes his hand. He can feel her cheeks going slight pink.

Sameer clears his throat.
Some young men come forward wanting to take his autograph & speak to him about business

"Sir, its getting a bit crowded here..."starts Sameer

"Sure Sameer, lead the way to your apartment, says Ram coolly.

"Bhai, Ram Kapoor in our apartment?? asks Priya, little flustered. Having your first crush standing before you can be rather embarrassing, she thinks.

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Part 2 coming up very soonSmile
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Posted: 2014-11-12T09:41:41Z
Wow... very nice story... really liked it
Waiting fr next update...

  N I m stuck wth this stry...

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Posted: 2014-11-12T10:04:02Z
Awww both Raya ka Ho raha hai love at 1st sight plsss continue soon
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Posted: 2014-11-12T11:38:24Z
waiting for the next part..

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Posted: 2014-11-12T12:05:12Z
Really intresting and   different story .. 
waiting for second part .. 

post it soon Wink
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Posted: 2014-11-12T13:41:54Z
The business tycoon Ram seem arrogant to Sameer but seems he has an opposite effect to his Sis Priya. Fire is both side it will be interesting to see how they fall in love...
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Posted: 2014-11-12T20:14:10Z
Macchi, exams isht bega aagoyitha??Shocked
Examig oododu bittu story baritayidiya...Angry

Anyways, story starting tumba interesting & please bere stories tara madhadl bitbidbeda, ok?
All the best for examThumbs Up
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