OS : Why do you love me?

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How else were they to describe that moment? Priya were sitting on the couch in her room with her legs lazily crossed so one was dangling over the edge nd the other was tucked underneath that one Ram's head was laying on her lap as the rest of his body stretched out over the rest of the unoccupied cushions her right hand was intertwined with his right one nd Priya laid it over his chest her left hand was softly running through his dark hair almost combing through it his left hand reached up to cup her cheek but he just left it there they were just staring at each other absorbing her appearances as if this was the last time they would look at each other

It was rare to have days like this Priya made it so twice a month everyone would get a day off there was nothing much to do on those days so Priya nd Ram usually ended up just spending time together talking but today was somewhat different yes it was a beautiful day outside and she could hear some chatter from outside window but this right here... Perfect

Looking down at Ram she found herself taking in his features his hair was tousle almost purposely but not quite he had a small smile on his face gracing his lips in the most enchanting way his cheeks were tinted a soft though she could barely see it his brown eyes she realized had small  flecks in them making them a brown color but they were trained one hundred percent on her he seemed to be studying her features as much as  Priya were studying his his eyes darting around her face taking in every curve or line It was like Priya were the only thing in the room worth looking at.

Priya ran her fingers through his dark tresses repeatedly in a rhythmic motion he sighed and closed his eyes contently taking his hand off of her cheek and setting it on top of the hand that was holding his Priya smiled and took her hand away from Ram hair running it to the back of his head Ram? Priya asked breaking the peaceful silence Ram opened his eyes and hummed in response do you love me? she continued

Ram chuckled slightly and took the hand that was holding his raising it to his lips Ram kissed the palm while staring into her eyes before resting it back on his chest Of course he answered

No I don't mean it like that Priya said running her hand from the back of his head up to his cheek

What do you mean then? Ram asked furrowing his eyebrows slightly

I don't mean just a casual I love you being thrown to us every day I mean do you actually love me? or are you just saying that? Priya asked

Ram stared up at Priya for a moment before cupping her cheek with his hand the only thing heard was the rustle of clothing as he sat up slightly and pressed his lips to her's gently Priya closed her eyes and let his lips gracefully dance against hers once he pulled away they both opened their eyes Ram rested his head back into her legs and sighed the words I love you can't begin to describe the way I feel about you I love you more than the entire world Ram said staring up at Priya

Why? Priya said

Why? Ram repeated slightly confused

Yes why do you love me? Priya asked

Ram smiled while turning his head to face the ceiling I'll give you a few reasons because there are too many for me to say Ram said First you're deadly smart

Deadly? Priya said with a grin

Ram  hummed in response yes you are deadly smart see you fall me in you're love nd now how? I am mad for you? Ram asked raising an eyebrow

Yes...she said blushingly

Second you can make anyone's day brighten

Brighten? How?

Ram raised his hand and brushed a strand of hair away from her face tucking it behind her ear you're kind you can help someone when they're in need or when they need someone to talk to you can crack a damn good joke didn't you help Vikram when he forgot his anniversary?Ram said chuckling

Priya rolled her eyes only once

But it was enough to make her blush nd that's a lot coming from Neha Ram said with a grin Third you're too good to me you spoil me

Really? when have I ever spoiled you? Priya asked running a hand through his hair again

What're you doing right now? Ram asked Priya immediately stopped nd retracted her hand he smiled nd took her hand gently placing it back on his head Priya rolled herr eyes nd continued to run her fingers through his dark black tresses

I have a feeling that you're half animal since you like me coddle you so much Priya stated simply

I agree with you Ram said closing his eyes

Priya were quiet for a moment Ram? he hummed in response again opening only one eye but I'm not pretty she said with concern

Ram stared at Priya for a moment before propping himself up with his elbows rested on her legs so he was almost eye level with her no you're not pretty he said bluntly Priya blinked a few times not sure how to react You're beautiful nd my nightmares are usually about losing you Ram ran a hand from her chin to the back of her neck I love you don't you ever question that with that Ram pulled her forward nd pressed another gentle kiss to her lips It wasn't an extremely passionate one or one where her lips barely touched It was one where her lips were pressed against one another captured in between each other Ram pulled back for about a second before placing another one on Priya's lips Ram smiled nd kissed her forehead before settling back down into her lap

Hey ?Ram asked after a while of  Priya stroking his hair she hummed in response why do you love me? Ram asked opening his eyes

Ram smiled for too many reasons to explain Priya said bending down to kiss the tip of his nose Ram moved at the last second so her lips connected with his instead of his nose Priya rolled her eyes nd sat back into the couch ignoring his soft chuckles


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Nothing can be more beautiful than this , RaYa and their relationship portrayed was just wow wow wow
Outstanding simple yet so sweet

Thx for the PMSmile
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Posted: 2014-11-12T04:21:32Z
Awe that was soo sweet!!!
Great job!!
It was beautifully written!!!
Plz write more!!
And thanks 4 pm!!!
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Posted: 2014-11-12T04:35:55Z
Very beautiful n romantic it was plss do write more
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Posted: 2014-11-12T04:41:52Z
NiceThumbs Up
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Posted: 2014-11-12T05:38:15Z
beautiful os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-11-12T12:16:32Z
Incredible Raya ,,, 
lovely OS 
Thank you so much 

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Posted: 2014-11-12T22:04:26Z
Originally posted by bpatil3

Nothing can be more beautiful than this , RaYa and their relationship portrayed was just wow wow wow
Outstanding simple yet so sweet

Thx for the PMSmile

Thank you so much 

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