OS: Aur Paas...

Posted: 2014-11-10T13:59:33Z

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I have written anything. Becomes progressively difficult to understand the characters when you don't write or watch them for weeks on the run.

I will be back to writing stories of my favorite "Hurt/Comfort" genre, once I find the voices of these characters back in my head. Till then, I hope you don't mind some romance!


My take on one of the classic BALH S1 scenes, which I believe could have been handled more sensitively, although I did agree to the CVs' interpretation as well. I'm not sure if this scene has been dealt with, in Fan Fictions before, but if someone has already showcased this, my regards to you!


Hopefully you guys won't find this too cheesy!


"Aaj humari pehli Holi hai aur mai chahti hoon ki sab se pehle aap mujhe rang lagaye. Toh yeh bahaane maarna chodiye aur jaldi se niche aaiye! Aur yun akele mein nahin, sabke saamne lagayenge."


"Main aisa kuch nahin karne wala, okay?" Unknown to Priya, Ram was enjoying this emboldened avatar of his wife. He was thoroughly smitten by her, not that she needed to know that.


"Aap aayenge aur rang lagayenge!" Priya proclaimed and proceeded to get up from where she was comfortably resting, sprawled over her husband's chest, just a duvet separating both of them. Once she flicked the water droplets while gathering her gorgeous hair together, Ram could hold back no longer.


Priya didn't even realize as he suddenly pulled her back onto him. One moment, she was teasing him and the next, she was enveloped in his strong arms. With the duvet now slightly slipping off his shoulders, she once again garnered how fascinating it was to snuggle up to the warm expanse of his bare chest.


"Mr. Kapoor?!!"

"Kahiye Mrs. Kapoor?" Ram smirked.


Priya's eyes fell on the marks where her nails had dug into on his biceps and she blushed profusely, reminiscing the events of the previous night. Ram, meanwhile, thought the tinge of pink covering her cheeks and ears was mesmerizing. As he pulled her further closer to himself, if that was even possible, he softly asked "Penny for your thoughts, Darling?" He responded to her slight nod of denial by nuzzling her neck and peppering her jawline with kisses.


With every caress of his touch, Priya found the disappointment from earlier that morning which had harboured into her mind due to his distant attitude, melt away. This was all she desired - to be held and loved by this man!

"Priya", his voice broke into her reverie! As she looked up to him, Ram continued, "I am sorry if you thought I acted like a jerk when we woke up." His words pleasantly surprised her. She knew he loved her, but she did not expect him to address her concerns in such an endearing way. A glance at his sincere, apologetic eyes was enough to make her heart swell with love for him.  She immediately brushed off his apology with a smile. The last thing she wanted him to do was apologize on a morning which held so many promises of that future she had always dreamt of.


As Ram tucked in a stray strand of hair behind her right ear, his left hand resting on the small of her back, he finally asked what he had been wishing to ask ever since he opened his eyes today.


"Tum thik ho?"


"Hmm," Priya reverberated, the blush creeping back into her cheeks once again. In the light of his recently discovered romantic demeanour, she had completely forgotten how sweetly sensitive he could be of her needs when the time arose. She was also aware of the heat emanating from his body and how it overwhelmed her thoughts, rendering her helpless as his warmth all but guzzled the coolness of her skin. She had spent the entire shower calming her nerves, trying her best not to let her concupiscence get the better off her and here she was falling apart with just one touch of his.


In spite of Priya leaning almost horizontally on him, Ram ducked his head, just so he could catch her eyes. It seemed that his spitfire wife had suddenly turned into a shy, new bride.


"Priya...mai soch raha tha ki..."


"Dadi intezaar kar rahi hogi...I should go downstairs," Priya interrupted, fully realizing Ram's intentions of not letting her go anywhere. Still nave about the so-called domestic life and struggling to voice his desires, Ram simply nodded, all the while running his hands over the curves of her back. Not liking the sudden gush of disappointment which washed over his features, Priya pressed her lips to his, tenderly kissing him. Her hands went up to his hair and kneaded through them as his grip on hers once again tightened.


Priya was wrong in her assumptions though. What she thought would calm him down, tipped him over the edge instead. Without a moment's notice, Ram pulled her flush against his chest, all the while hungrily kissing her senseless. A low, gruff "I Love You!" from Ram was all it took for her to accept his ministrations without any second thoughts. Priya was hardly surprised at how Ram did not even need a minute to get rid of the barriers between them - the duvet and her clothes. Before long, both were skin to skin, soul to soul just like they were less than an hour ago.


Neither Priya nor Ram made it downstairs until much later, much to the chagrin of Dadi and the amusement of their best friends, who had caught Ram looking at his wife on more than one occasions, in a way only a passionate lover could. None of this mattered to the couple though, for they were thoroughly sated and still basking in the glow of each other's intimacy!


As always, I love hearing your thoughts!




Psst...all of you wonderful writers of this forum...those of you who are sending me PMs and even those who are not, Wink trust me I am reading your stories, but I just didn't have the time to acknowledge or comment. I will definitely try to do better in near future!

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Posted: 2014-11-10T14:38:18Z
Brilliantly pennedClap
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Posted: 2014-11-10T15:18:44Z
Beautiful , romantic update.
Loved it thoroughly.
Keep writing.
Thanks for pm.
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Posted: 2014-11-10T16:25:12Z
Super romantic OS!!
Thanks 4 pm!!
Do write more!!
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Posted: 2014-11-10T17:18:13Z
Nicely written.. I loved the way you continued the scene...
Please do write more...
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Posted: 2014-11-10T18:22:26Z
Thx for the pm.

sulerb written beautifully, raya and only raya.
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Posted: 2014-11-10T21:44:29Z
Very beautifully u wrote pls do keep writing
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Posted: 2014-11-10T22:58:48Z
very lovely update.. Thanks for pm..
Missing raya a lot..
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