RaYa OS: Turn on

Posted: 2014-11-09T14:17:59Z
Hii Dear RaYans ..This OS is from One of my friend  ,I asked her to write a romantic OS  in SOTW and she  gave me in PM .. 
I know she is going to kill me by posting here but never mind ,I loved it and hope you also love this short OS from her .. 

Author : Sandhyasan Wink  ..Im running now 

Enjoy .. 

please adjust with the mistakesLOL

tell u romantic but no romance..

RaYa OS: Turn on 


This is continuation of the scene where Priya gets angry that Ram is not giving time to her and family. After a hug(hope u all remember)...Myra, pari and pihu entered in the room

Ram:- see I have a plan... kyun na hum sab picnic ke liye jaaye...

Myra, Pari, Pihu simultaneously(shouting):- PICNIC!!!!wow bilkul jaayenge...good plan dad We love you dad...we love you so much

Ram:- Ok done...toh abhi tum sab jao aur sabko bata do ki kal morning sab ready rahe

Pihu:- Done...and all girls kisses him on his cheeks and left. But Priya is still angry on him.

Ram closely looks into her face and asked "what????...u r not excited"

Priya (showing her fake anger):- yeh sab karke aap bachho ko bewkoof bana sakte ho...lekin muje nahi...and walk from there when he held her hand and pulls towards him and asked "toh tum hi batao Mrs. Kapoor tumhe kush karne ke liye muje kya karna chahiye"

Priya:- Mere liye kuch bhi karne ki zaroorat nahi nahi...aur chodiye mera haat

Ram:- Jab tak tum muje nahi batati ki tumhe kush kaise karu haat nahi chodunga.

Priya:- Mr. Kapoor please bachhe dekh lenge and she removes her hand from him and left.


In the bed,

Ram is waiting for her. Priya came after changing her sari into a night gown. Without looking at him she switches off the light of her side and sleeps showing him back. Ram goes near her and closes the gap between him and her. He kept his one hand on her waist and nuzzling her back disturbing her.

Priya:- Mr. Kapoor please muje neend aa rahi hai and removes his hand from her waist.

Ram turns towards her and kept his leg over her thigh blocking her. His half body is on Priya.

Ram asked her in husky voice "kya tumhr lagta hai Priya ki aaj raat mein sone dunga"

Priya:- Mr. kapoor...and Suddenly they hears the knock on the door. Ram came out from her and Priya corrected her dress. Ram checks the time.

Ram:- abhi iss waqt kon ho sakta hai and he get down from the door and opens the door. Pihu, myra , pari were standing at the door holding their pillow.

Ram:- tum sab yahan kya kar rahe ho

Pihu:- dad..aaj hame aap dono ke saat sone ka mann kar raha hai and all came inside and jumps over the bed. Pihu hugs Priya and sleeps near her hugging her.

Ram:- kyun tum sab sakbo apne kamre mein neend nahi aa rahi hai

Pihu:- hame aap dono ke saat sone ka mann kar raha tha...aur dad agar aapko problem hai toh aap jaakar hamare kamre mein so jaayiye...hum aaj mom ke saat hi soyenge.

Ram:-  kyun mein bhi yahi sovunga and he came and sleep to his side. He is not happy but he cannot show this to kids. Priya told one story to myra and pari and after sometime Priya switches off the light. Ram is impatiently changing his sides. He wanted to go near Priya hugs her love her but he is helpless. Myra becomes irritated with his movement and said "Dad aap itna hill kyun rahe hai"

Ram:- Sorry Myra...tum so jaao..papa disturb nahi karenge...He murmurs "Madam toh so bhi gayi hogi mein bekar mein hi"

Priya:- Aapne kuch kaha mr. kapoor

Ram( Facing her back) :- kuch nahi meine kaha Good Night. Priya knows his urge...she knows he needs her badly and he is angry.

Night went off and next day morning everybody is excited for the picnic. Here Ram wanted to spend some time alone with Priya. He wanted to send everybody out. He is planning some excuses so that only he and Priya can stay alone.

Priya came out from the changing room wearing jeans and shirt. She is ready for the picnic. She saw Ram is still sleeping.

Priya:- uthiye Mr.Kapoor...sab taiyaar ho gaye hai...chalna nahi hai picnic ke liye

Ram:- ek kaam karo tum sab chale jaao...muje kuch teek nahi lag raha...stomach pain hai aur eisa lag raha hai ki abhi bukaar bhi aa jaayega...shayad travel karne ki wagah se.

Priya becomes worried. She goes near him and put her palm on his forehead to check his temperatures.

Priya:- Lekin aapko toh bukar nahi hai Mr. Kapoor

Ram:-- muje bahut tandi lag rahi hai aur stomach bhi pain kar raha hai..tum chahe toh sabke saat chali jao...I manage

Priya:- achha ek kaam karti hoon mein abhi aapke liye kada banakar laati hoon...peene ke tuant baad hi aap teek ho jaayenge"

Ram immediately gets up from the bed and said "nahi muje koi kada wada nahi chahiye...thoda aaram kar lunga toh eisie hi teek ho jaaunga"

NEHA enters and asked "kya hua Priya tum dono abhi tak taiyaar nahi hue...fatty tum abb bhi bed par ho...bahar sab wait kar rahe hai"

Priya:- Neha!!!!Ram ko pett mein dard ho raha hai. Tum Ram ke saat baitho  mein abhi Ram ke liye kada banakar laati hoon

NEHA(worriedly):- Fatty kya hua ...ek kaam karte hai hum sab Picnic cancel kar dete hai...hum phir kabhi chale jaayenge.

Ram(thinking):- kal bachhe aur aaj Neha...yeh  mera plan bigadkar hi rahegi

Neha:- kya hua fatty kya soch rahe hai

Ram(angrily):- tumhe kuch bhi cancel karne ki zaroorat nahi hai...chup chap tum sab picnic ke liye niklo...Priya hai mera khayal rakne ke liye

Neha:- Ooohhh..toh bimari ka sirf natak kar rahe ho...Priya ke saat akele time spend karna hai...achha achha samj gayi

Ram:- samaj gayi ho toh jaao yahan se...

Priya entered and asked "arre Neha ko jaane ke liye kyun keh rahe ho...aur yeh lijiye Mr. kapoor meine aapke liye kada bhi bana liya

Ram:- mein yeh sab nahi peene wala...ok...aur Neha tum niklo Picnic ke liye late ho raha hoga

Neha:- haan haan bilkul...bye Priya...bye fatty...Priya ko jyada tang matt karna...she winks and left.

Priya(confusedly):- yeh Neha ko kya ho gaya hai

Ram:- tum uski baat chodo...chaho toh tum bhi picnic jaa sakti ho...I manage

Priya:- Nahi mein aapko akele chodkar kahi nahi jaane wali.

Ram gets up from the bed when Priya stops him "arre aap kahan jaa rahe hai...yeh kada toh pee lijiye"

Ram closes the door and goes near Priya. He takes the cup from her hand and kept it on the side table. He slowly pushes her on the bed and came on top of her

Priya:- yeh aap kya kar rahe hai

Ram in a gruff voice "apne biwi se pyar"..He seductively looks into her eyes.

Priya:- Iska matlab aap pett dard ka natak kar rahe the

Ram:- dard toh abb bhi hai lekin pett mein nahi dil mein hai...

Priya:- Apne dil ka ilaz karayiye mr. kapoor.

Ram presses more into bed putting his weight on her.

Ram:- dawa mere paas hi hai mere saamne...saying this his one hand removing her shirt buttons one by one.

Priya down cast her eyes. Ram slowly made her to sit and removes shirt from her body. He removed his kutha and throws it on the side. Ram's brown eyes continuously stare at her. He slowly bends and kisses her in between her cleavage. Priya closed her eyes. His touch made stinging sensation in her body. She is breathing heavily. She raised her head up inviting him for better access. He kept his hand on her back and with showering wet kisses on the cleavage he slowly made her to lie down. His kisses made her crazy...with her both fingers she ruffles his hair moaning his name. He slowly moves up and seizes her lips sucking harder and deep into it. Finally they made love and both love birds sleeps in each other arms. 

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Posted: 2014-11-09T14:18:52Z
Me first LOL

Sandhya FIrst of all Im sorry for posting here but I like this very much and posted without your permission ,Hope you are not angry and  as you told you wont come tomorrow to IF , Hehe you will have a surprise when you will come . 

Coming to the short one .. 

Aww started iwththeir fight , than picnic plan .. mr.romantic kapoor on mood ,kids disturbed them saying they wannna sleep with their mom and dad .. aww cute scene 
AndRam is really want to be with priya and he made plan of having stomach pain 
short and sweet lovely os 
atlast he succeded by staying back home and loving his wife dearly taking her anger with his  love . made her melt in his love .. simply superb .. 

Thank you for writing Hug

Marvellous Clap

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Posted: 2014-11-09T20:25:49Z
Lovely OS...
I liked the scene very much...TongueTongue
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Posted: 2014-11-09T21:33:01Z
lovely OSSmile
beautifully written
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Posted: 2014-11-09T21:34:52Z
supreb and romantic os. thanks for posting. do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2014-11-09T21:46:13Z
Very sweet OS... naughty Ram or rather poor Ram kya kya planning karni padti hai to spend quality time with his wife. Pls convey my thanks to your friend and ask her to write more often.
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Posted: 2014-11-09T23:23:13Z
i really want to see something like this in Balh but so loved the os
Poor Ram couldn't manofy and romance her lady love as his kis rush into Raya room and above Priya also slept.
So intelligent he is made everyone go for picnic so can spend time with his wife. Raya lost in their love land forgetting the world

Neel thanx for posting it as Sandhya has written awesome Os...
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Posted: 2014-11-10T00:35:51Z
Priya ke saath time spend karne ke liye Ram ko kitna jhooth bolna padhta haiLOL,  
Cute osSmile
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