Raya OS: Golu's Romantic Confession

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Golu's Romantic Confession

 A beautiful moonlit night..

A woman stood near the window..The moonlight falls on her face making her eyes glow in moonlight...The cold wind was blowing outside nd her loose hair came on her face..She slowly tucked her hair behind her ear..

Priya was lost in thoughts, when the clock struck she turns to look at Ram, her husband. Its12am..A smile played on her lips..She looks at him, thinking he looks so cute snoring away to glory

"Happy Anniversary Mr.Kapoor.." She whispered looking at Ram's serene face..She came near the bed n bend down on her knees.. Priya keeps staring at him..She was just about to put her hand on his cheeks but stopped midway.. 
"Ram aaj hamari anniversary hai..Aaj ek saal ho gaya hamari shadi ko..Par aaj bhi hamare beech kuch nhi hai..Hum pati-patni hokar bhi nhi hai.." She thought about their marriage. It was arranged coz of Karthik & Natasha.Ram was not ready to marry Priya but he got married only for Natasha.

After their marriage, they lived as friends not as couples..Tears rolled out from her eyes..She sadly thinks..."Aaj bhi hum sirf dost hain..aise dost jo ek doosre ki takleef ko lekar apni haar khushi ekdoosre ko de de.." she wipes her tears. Then she slowly puts her fingers in his hair n says "Aap duniya k liye ''The Ram Kapoor'', ek bahut bade business tycoon ho par mere liye sirf RAM ho..Mere Ram..Ram mein aapko batana chahtihu ki main aapse kitna pyar karti hu..Par mein ye bhi janti hu aap mujhe sirf apna dost mante ho aur iss liye mein aapko ye kabhi nhi kahungi..That I love u..Mein janti hu aapko shayad yaad bhi nhi hai ki aaj hamari shadi ki saalgiraa hai..Par phir bhi tumhare wish ka intezer karungi... " 

she slowly removed her hand n wipes her tears...and went to sleep.. 
Next morning..

Priya comes out of the changing room, looking fresh.She saw Ram was still asleep..He looks so cute while sleeping, she thinks..She smiles seeing him & absentmindedly whips her hair..some water drops fall on him & he slowly opens his eyes n stretches his arms..
"Good morning" Priya says with a smiling face..
R: Good morning Priya..Waise achha tareka hai subha mujhe uthane ka..
Priya smiled..
P: Mr.Tycoon zara uss ghari ko dekhiye..9 baaj chuke hai aur 10 baje aapki meeting hai..Bhul gaye..
Ram woke up with a jerk..and looked at Priya's expression n smirks..Priya gives him a murderous look; he goes to freshen up..
P in mind: Mr.Kapoor aapko aaj ka din yaad nhi hai..
Her smile vanished frm her lips..her angelic eyes got moist n she left her room..
Hours passed..Ram left for the meeting..Priya left for her classes..
Its almost 6pm..Priya was in their room daydreaming...Suddenly her phone rang..flashing''Mr kharate''..She received his call..
R: Priya, wo room mein table par ek blue color ki file hai..bahut important hai kya wo tum le aaogi?..Bohot urgent hai..
P: Par Mr.Kapoor, gopal kaka ke hathon bhi bhejsakti hoon na..main wahan aake kya karoon?
R: Priya, woh bahut confidential file hai, Isliye tumhe keh raha hu..
P:Thik hai..Mein aati hu..
R: Priya, maine ek sari rakhi hai tumhare cupboard mein wahi pehen kar aana plz, office mein humare clients hain...jhalli jaise matt aajana
P: Main nahi aarahi Mr.Kapoor, aaphi aakar file lejayiye, she says in anger.
R: I'm sorry yaar!! Mazaak karr raha hoon, plz le kar aao...sari pehenke, he laughs & cuts the call.
Priya got ready. She looked a million bucks in the off white sari coupled with matching bangles & long tear drop earrings.
She took the file n left for KI...After 30mins the car stopped..She got down from the car n walked towards the office gate. She was surprised to find nobody around, after a while she thought office hrs are over, so employees aren't there. There must be a board meeting going on...She walked towards the conference room bt there was no sound of anyone..She got scared..She called out Mr.Kapoor...
P: Mr.Kapoor kahan hain aap...
Bt there was no response..She again n again called him..Suddenly a spotlight fell on her face nd she covered her face with her palm..few seconds later, she removed her hand frm her eyes..Again a light turned on and she saw there was a path made of rose petals..Her eyes sparkled with delight. Her face was glowing with happiness...
She again called Mr.Kapoor...

"Jo kuch hai aasmaan mein...
Jo bahar hai mausam mein..
Yeh Aapka wajood hai..
Jis ke liye yahan khusbu hai inn Gulabo mein..."

The lines were playing in background..A big smile came on Priya's face..She walked on the rose petals...
When she came at the end of the path A projector turned on in front of her. Some beautiful Raya moments played, the special moments they spent together after their marriage,some cute expressions of Priya, Raya wedding pics etc...
"Khuda ne jab tumhe banaya hoga...
Hazaro saal dekha hoga..Lakhon saal nihara hoga..
Phir usne socha hoga tumhe swarg mein rakh le..
Lekin mera khayal aya hoga aur Tumhe Mere liye banaya hoga..."
Priya was totally surprised..She never imagined that her golu will arrange all this..She looked here n there bt there was no one..Suddenly all the lights were turned on n she was speechless!!! Everywhere there were only her photos.. The office was decorated with lights & roses...There on the wall, was written "Happy Anniversary Priya..."
Suddenly rose petals showered on her..She looked up..The petals touched her face..She was enjoying all these..After sometime she came back to her senses..there were tears of happiness in her eyes
P: mein jaanti hu aap yehi ho..Plz samne aao..Mr.Kapoor..
She was continuously calling out for him...
Ram finally walked out in a smart tuxedo towards her saying
 "Fiza mein jhalakti shaam ho tum..
Pyaar mein chalakta jaam ho tum...
Sinee mein chupaye phirte hai hum yaadein tumhari.."
Finally he came near her..He hold her shoulder n looked into her eyes..
"Iss liye meri zindagi ka dusra naam ho tum.."
Both were lost in each others eyes..Tears rolled out frm Priya's eyes..
Ram, now goes down his knees & says I love u Priya..
Priya looks at him surprised & relieved..Finally Ram told those three magical words which Priya wants to hear from a very long time..
P: Kya kaha..
R: Haan Priya mein tumse bohot pyaar karta hu..Aur sirf aajse nhi bohot dino se..Shayad mujhe bhi nhi pata mujhe tumse kab pyar ho gayahai...Par daarta tha tumhe batane se..Tumhe kho dene ka daar tha..Par ab nhi..Kyuki mein janta hu tum bhi mujhse utna hi pyar karti ho jitna ki mein tumse...kal raat tumhari sari batein meine sunn li thi...
Priya remembered that she confessed her love last night..She was blushing n looked down..
R: I love u so much Priya..I can't live without u..
Her eyes turn misty..She hugs him tightly n he hugs her back...
P: I love u too Mr.Kapoor..

Both feels each others warmth...After sometime they break the hug...
P: Mr.Kapoor aap bahut bure ho!! itni si baat kehne k liye itna waqt laga diya.. (Hitting on his arm playfully)
Ram put his hand around her waist & pulls her closer..Priya's hair locks fall on her forehead..Ram tucked her hair behind her ear..Priya closed her eyes n feels his touch...After sometime she opened her eyes..
Ram: Happy Anniversary Priya.
Priya puts her hands around his neck..
Priya (With a smile): Same to you Ram
Ram: abhi kya kaha tumne??
Priya (blushing) woh...woh main...kuch nahin Mr. Kapoor(winking)
Both lost in each other..Ram tilts his head n the distance between them slowly decreased and finally their lips met..Both enjoyed this passionate kiss.. their first kiss...the kiss of their confession of love for each other.
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lovely OSSmile
beautifully witten
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lovely os

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romantic os Embarrassed
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beautiful. but i have one request. if possible pl write 2nd part showing their love. samajh gayi na mainn kya chahati hu Wink pl continue.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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superbbb very nice amazing os
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tooo gud
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Super cute os .. 
 please   write more 

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