OS-Kiss In the Rain

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                                         KISS IN THE RAIN

            I was getting ready trying to pick out dresses, hoping it wouldn't rain. At least not on my prom night. I was nervous yet exciting. I'm going to graduate soon away from the drama but I'm going to miss all my friends. Especially RAM, No matter how I tried to show that I loathed him but man I was only fooling myself. The fact that every time he would walk in my direction, I would get flabbergasted or even forget what I was saying. The way he would stare at me would make me feel uncomfortable but at the same time I was liking that he was giving attention to me but he has a girlfriend, you should forget about him I know it's bad to be thinking of him in such a manner but when someone gives you mixed signals wouldn't you be falling for them? I mean having at least a crush on them regardless of the fact that they be taken. I sighed as I snapped out my thoughts. It's the night when I should let loose and hangout with my friends forget all about the world Priya. It's supposed to be an amazing night. Before leaving I took a good look at myself I was wearing a purple dress upto my knees along with beads on it's strap. I was wearing minimal making, I don't know why for some reason lipstick always irked me so I decided to go with the red lip gloss along with the mascara. Moving my hands towards the fishtail trying to clip my unwanted hair so it wouldn't block my face. Finally after feeling satisfied by the way I was looking I grabbed my silver clutch tugged on the black heels grabbing a coat just in case I would feel cold, I mean probably would have to walk all the way back. So why not? Shimla is known for it's coldness and Vancouver can a be a bit moody sometimes.


I finally arrived at the party the lights were adorning the ceilings, the balloons hung in a swirl motion. Giving the pillars a colourful yet elegant look. I took out my phone and decided to take some snaps. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to shruti,neha shikha. They all looked beautiful I adorned there dresses. As I was talking I felt as strange feeling so I looked around till my eyes locked with him. I quickly looked away although I could still feel his eyes on me I tried to ignore the quick pumping of my heart and tried to concentrate on the conversation that I was having. I could still feel his stares, finally giving up I looked at him but this time he didn't look away like he usually does. Weird. I smiled as neha shook my arm thinking I was lost in my thoughts.


" Priya where are you lost baby?" neha questioned with the smile.


"Nothing, I'm just really going to miss this place" Well I told her half truth.


"Same baby, all the memories and stuff I'm going to miss it all" I hugged her in response.


Before Shruti could say anything, the DJ interrupted us


"ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR TONIGHT"?!! he literally yelled on top of his headphones.


"YES!!!" I shouted back as loudly as everyone!


The DJ mix matched the songs while me and my friends were grooving to it dancing swaying our arms up and down. It was really fun till I accidentally bumped into someone, I'm so sorry I murmured then I realized who it was I quickly turned the other way and joined my friends. Trying to even ignore the fact that Ram was right behind me and I could literally hear his breathing over my neck sending shivers down my spine. I tried to move but I felt a hand snake around my waist, I could already feel my heart rate accelerating" As if on cue, 

" tumhi ho bandu sakhi tumhi ho  " was playing in the background. Never did I ever thought I would be standing this close to the person who hated me the most in his life. Shouldn't he be disgusted to hold me. I didn't know how to react as he turned around I met his eyes, his beautiful brown eyes which conveyed such emotions but I couldn't tell. I noticed something which I never saw in his eyes before there was a spark an unknown spark which made me even more nervous.


He twirled me then pulled me close to him, while all I did was trying to match to his dance. It felt as if I was dreaming all this. I felt as if I was in dreamland. Then reality hit me I let go of him. This is wrong, this is so so wrong!



I ran outside standing in the poring rain letting my tears pour out. He always does this, everytime he plays with my feelings then once he's satisfied he goes back to his own selfish and mean ways.

I could hear him calling my name but I ignored and sprinted towards my house, but before I could do that I felt a tug on my wrist and immediately I was turned around. The rain showered upon me and him. I could feel my heart beating higher and higher as I acknowledge how close he was standing to me as I could feel his breath tickling my nose. He wiped my tears


"Why are you doing this Ram ? Go back to your girlfriend, aren't you disgusted by me?" I shivered as the rain pricked my body making my voice a bit shaky.


"Priya I ... I may sound bizarre to you right now but after all these years I realized that it was you that I loved, It was you that made me smile, it was you're craziness which made me attracted for you and it was feistiness which made you stand out more than any other girl in my school and I know I've been nothing but a jerk to you all my life, but Priya I don't want to loose you" he confessed in a low yet shaky voice.


His every word made my heart beat a little faster but why now? Instead of listening to my heart I did the opposite.


"Why should I believe you? You could be lying and playing with my feelings once again"


Ram :    "I know it's hard for you to trust me but I confess to you _ I really completely crazily love you"

I couldn't believe it after all these years that I felt he was actually confessing his love to me. I didn't know what was wrong or right at this moment but I wanted to savour this moment. I leaned closed to his lips and as his lips touched mine I felt sparks fly. He deepened the kiss, at this moment I wasn't bothered or hated by him. I was simply loved by him I just wish this moment could stay forever. Nothing could change the fact that he's my first kiss"


I cut off the kiss and looked at him as he engulfed me in a hug. The rain poured on us, this moment felt more than perfect. It felt like a fairytale come true. We were in each others arms and I could feel his heart beat going just as fast as mine was. I broke from the hug


"So all these years you bothered me...but still loved me" I playfully hit him as he giggled.


"Yet you still loved me Priya" he smirked.


"Thank you for this" I told him truthfully nothing felt so pure as this moment.


"For what?"


"For being my first kiss and the confession"


Instead of giving me reply he gave me a small peck and murmured a quiet I love you. As he enveloped me into a hug we proceeded in the rain.

I m Lucky that i found my love and Kiss in the rain

The End


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Posted: 2014-11-05T00:59:25Z
Hey ... A wonderful OS...
First kiss in a rain...  What a romantic idea...
Loved it...
Please do write more...Tongue
Thanks for PMTongue
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Posted: 2014-11-05T01:44:41Z
Wonderful storyThumbs Up
Keep writing
Thanks for the pm

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Posted: 2014-11-05T02:30:01Z
Lovely os and thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2014-11-05T03:29:07Z
Sooo sweet n romantic update tha
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Posted: 2014-11-05T03:37:36Z
nice os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-11-05T03:46:35Z
 I LOVE IT good job
That was such a lovely story
Thanks for the pm
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Posted: 2014-11-05T04:56:29Z
Awesome OS
Love it
Thanks 4 pm!!
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