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Theme: New York
Graphics: Appy

"New York State of Mind, Gurprit's Birthday Bash"
"The Tourist Guide's Destination"
"Tourist Postcards Wall"
"Museum of Modern Art"
"The New Yorker Revealed"

Colour of scheme: black, grey, blue

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May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are



Wishing you a Happy Birthday dear,,,
We all love you...you are sweet and a nice person.
May your every wishes come true. Stay blessed and happy

Hey Hey Gur! HugHug

It's been so long since I've properly spoken to you. I think we spoke/bonded the most at the time of NB6 and that's only because we were thrown together. LOL You were a pretty good CM and now a great GM. Star

Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday to you .This year brings more happiness then past and fulfill all kinds of wishes.


None animated GIF


Happy Birthday Gurmany many returns of the day.You are such a sweet person i have come across over this place,that whenever i got a chance to have chit chat with you,been alwayz so wonderful.A perfect GM you are.EmbarrassedWaheguru ji tuhadi hr manukamna poori karn.May this year brings much more prosperity in yor life.Have a blast on this birthday.Enjoy the day to yor fullest.Some beautiful gifts for you and cake tooEmbarrassed.Plz do spare some of JotLOL thats why m sending u twoWinkLOL.


With Loadsaaa Love,
Babbar Sher aka ReetTongue


Happy Birthday Gur!

Have a great day and a wonderful life ahead. Its been a pleasure interacting with you ever since u moderated Madhubala Forum. Thank u for being ever so giving and stable as a moderator. Have a blessed life.


Here's a little something for you:

Happy Happy Birthday Gur Hug

Have super duper day laced with the best of wishes and blessings 
and a bumper year ahead Hug

Birthday hai to song bhi hona chahiye well here u go EmbarrassedLOL:-

Loads of Love

And gift bhi so here we go 


Happy Birthday Gur!
Hope you have a lovely day and a great year...




Hi Gur,

Have a fantastic birthday dude.



Dear Gur,

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Hug

Wishing You Cheer, happiness and good health always.

This is a VM made by DeepShadow on Ishra.. First one is funny and second one is classic. Hope you enjoy both.  Hug



Swets Hug


  Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Gur. I hope you have a wonderful birthday ever and a blessed year ahead full of happiness, luck and success. Happy Birthday Hug Hug


A very happy birthday GurHug!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful time and a great and healthy life ahead!!!Big smile



Happy birthday Gur! You're such a sweet person so I hope you get a lot of sweets on your birthday! Hug


Happy birthday Gur Hug

Gurr Many many happy returns of the day Hug...May god bless you with lots of love and happiness in life..keep rocking Star..You r one of the most amazing and hardworking people I have come across on IFHugHugHug

With Love


Mickey Happy Birthday

Gift Bags


Happy Budday Gur! I'm so glad to have been able to have gotten to know you through BC and as a GM, and I think you're one of the finest people I've ever had the fortune to come across! Here's wishing you all the very best for everything you do, and may you always be blessed with all the happiness in the world. Love you!


May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.


Happy Birthday Gurrr!!!!! Hug Hug

Here's wishing that you have a fantastic day and an even better year ahead!!!!

Have fun and eat lots of cake for us! Tongue


Hey Gur!

I would just like to wish you a Very Happy Happy Birthday on your special day.
May all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled and May you be blessed always.

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day

Love Always,

CutiePie Rani


Happy birthday sweets. Hope you have a great birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true always and forever. You're such a sweet person and a friend. Eat lots of cake and celebrate well. Have a blessed birthday and cheers to another year. :)

Lots of love,



Gur's birthday for msg

Gur many many happy returns of the day Hug .. May all your wishes come true on this day and may God bless you with lots of love , happiness and success in life .. Enjoy your day to the fullest Party   ... You have been a great friend and a guide for all of us  ... May your continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career StarStarStarStar

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N o v e m b e r  9

G l o b a l  M o d e r a t o r
G u r p r i t

On a  s n o w y  November morning, Gurprit woke up on the Upper East Side to the sound of the shrill ringtone of her phone. She groaned and reached across the bed for the device and answered it.

"Good news dude!" Hershi [Smileyface] squealed from the other side of the phone.
"What good news?" Gurprit grumbled forcing herself out of bed to open the curtains.

Outside, the landscape of the busy New York City was blanketed by a sheet of white snow. Soft snowflakes continued to fall as she rubbed her face to wake herself up.

"The MSN Gang and I are coming down to New York! And we've decided, you will be our personal tourist guide." Hershi told her laughing with excitement. Gurprit's jaw dropped in response in horror.

"All of you?" She gasped falling back on her bed in shock.

"That's right! Norway to New York!" Meli [Aahaana] yelled from somewhere in the background.

"Forget Norway. We've got the entire globe covered here. India, Britain, Canada." Chirped a British accent.

"Yuvikatoo? Oh god." Gurprit groaned.


"This is the Empire State Building" Gurprit mumbled to the rowdy group behind her.

"Empire. State. Building. Interesting. Does the State live here?" Meli asked her snatching a chocolate bar from Jot forcefully [Angel-Jot.].

"As in, the state of New York? Damn. The building itself doesn't look that big." Hershi stated pulling on a pair of gloves.

"What are you guys saying? You make no sense!" Gurprit exclaimed giving the group a death glare.

"We're saying, let's move on. We're not here to see a dumb building." Jot replied marching off.


"This is called the Statue of Liberty. It's also another tourist attraction." Gurprit stated waving her arm towards the statue behind her.

"Liberty kyun? Did the State fight to make that thing?" Tanu [BilliCat.] asked.

"Did the State fight and make it in the Empire State Building?" Yuvika asked.

Gurprit took a deep breath and gave them all a sarcastic smile as Jot and Meli snickered behind her quietly.


"Honestly, I have no idea why I'm still doing this. But welcome to the most popular destination of New York City. The Central Park." Gurprit said in the most resigned manner possible. She squatted down on a nearby bench and sighed audibly.

"Central. Doesn't seem to be in the centre of New York to me." Jot muttered crossing her arms across her chest. "And the snow makes it look ugly."

"I don't think it is in the centre of New York either. Why would you name a Park something like that anyway?" Hershi kicked snow out of her way and shrugged uninterested.

Gurprit clutched her gloves tightly in her hands and took a deep calming breath as her face turned red with anger.


"Finally done. I'm not taking you guys anywhere after this. This is the Brooklyn Bridge."

"Oh! Kind of like London bridge?" Yuvika asked her, eyes wide with joy.

"Abbey, you're in the United States. Not in your beloved United Kingdom." Tanu snapped, whacking Yuvika.

"Hold on, let me take my chappal off you badtameez." Yuvika threatened as the others watched amused.

"You know how that London Bridge song goes? London bridge is falling down.. falling down.. falling down.. Yeah, you're going down next, Yuvika!" Tanu taunted.

The only one not amused was Gurprit who stood there close to tears at this point.

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Who knew this India-Forum's greenie had a s w e e t tooth? A sweet tooth she just can't seem to control.

The otherwise known "Hitler" of BollyCurry seems to be a bit of a crazy
f a n g i r l herself when it comes to her favourites, be it IshRa or Sidney Crosby.

She also seems to be the Queen of "B h a s h a n s". She must tell you what to do and why. Most of her "whys" consist of "being a good citizen" or "meeting God".

For someone so organized and clear with her words, sometimes her head just doesn't seem s c r e w e d on right. Her "dondles" and "ghajini moments" are never ending.

Need u n l i m i t e d drama? No problem! We've got a supply that will last you forever right here. ;)

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Got this divider

"New York State of Mind, Gurprit's Birthday Bash"

"The Tourist Guide's Destinations"

"The New Yorker revealed"

"Tourist Postcards Wall"

"Museum of Modern Art"

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