TaaRey SS : Dark Love {Completed}

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Hello Guys! I am back with a new story. This was concept was making me go crazy from so many days, I couldnt hold myself back from penning down this concept. This SS has limited parts. I will update once in a week. Hope you all enjoy Reading.

Chapter One

She wanted his Love, Care not his possession.

He Loves to dominate, especially her.

"Taani, Call your brother and tell him to come home now" Her mother said to her when taani entered the dinning table, her mother was cleaning the table.

"Swayum bhai said he is staying over his friends house for Group Studies." Taani answered her mom. How much she wished she could tell her mother truth but she knew truth would break her mothers heart. she took her book from table which she forgot earlier. She started to go upstairs but stopped when her mother started to spoke.

"Taani, why you dont like swayums friends?And lately you have started distancing yourself from yoir brother too. Am i know the reason. Why?" Her mother asked her. Taani rolled her eyes when her mother asked about her brother and his friends.

"Mom I have my own reasons. You cant force me to like someone" Taani replied in monotone, clearly not interested in talking about those rich spoilt brats and she had to admit her brother is one of them which cause her to maintain distance from him.

"Good night, Ma" Taani kissed her mothers cheeks and run upstairs in her room before her mother could start another interpellation session.

"Taani why dont you just tell mom what his darling son do?" Her inner voice questioned her, taani lock the door of her room and settled herself on bed.

"What should i tell her, That her son is rich spoilt brat who act as if he own everyone, or should I tell her that her sons favorite pass time is sex and drinking" Taani snorted at her own thinking, Her brother had maintain a very good image in front of their mother so her mother dont know about his bad habits. Taani felt disgusted with her brother and his friends who had similar habits like her brother or more worse then that.

"Let dad come home from his business trip then I will talk to him about bhai" She thought to herself, taani pulled cover over herself and let sleep take over her.


A jeep entered the college premises making a screeching sound. Which caught everyones attention. Girls were oogling over the people seated inside the jeep.

Rey and swayum ignore the crowd, after parking his jeep rey and swayum made there way inside the college, girls wave at their direction with flirtatious smirk, hoping rey or swayum would glance back at them but they ignored them all as they werent in mood to have some fun.

Entering the canteen they saw vicky kissing a girl, he was seated in corner away from all the eyes. They shook their head, just then a girl clad in halter red short dress approach them, rey signalled swayum to handle the girl, Swayum nodded and take the girl with him, in an empty class room in secluded floor of college.

"Where is my brother?" Rey heard a sweet voice yet he could feel the disgust in her tone, came from behind, he turn around only to find her standing there.

"I am not his assistant" Rey snorted not liking the way she was talking to me. Taani rolled her eyes. By now all the eyes were on them which she hate the most.

"Listen singhania, dont give me that stupid attitude of yours just tell me where my brother is and I will leave" Taani said to me, She ignored the attention she was getting from crowd gathered there to watch the scene.

"I wont. What are you going to do?bite me?" Rey spoke imitating her which ignite her anger.

"Please! I dont wish to get any diseases by biting you" Taani replied back surprising herself, whole canteen gasp hearing her reply, some prey for her to save her from bad boy rey. She frowned when she saw a look of hurt flash through his eyes which he masked in a second with his emotionless look. 

"Taani stop making things difficult for you" His voice was dengerous whisper which only she could hear, She wanted to step back but her ego held her together, she glared back at him, refuse to look down in submission.

Just then taanis only friend sharon entered the scene, was shocked to see what is going on. She quickly went to taanis side.

"Taani stop messing up with him. Lets go" Sharon said to her, try to pull her with her by holding her arm.

"Looks like your friend has more brain then you do. Listen what she is saying and leave" Rey said giving her death glare, why she was making it difficult for him, he dont want to hurt her then why she hell bent on provoking him.

Before taani could reply sharon drag her out of the canteen. Rey turn and gave death glare to the crowd which was surprised seeing him letting her go so easily.

"Leave" He ordered, people left from there saving their dear life from the lions anger.

"Taani Shekhawat! You are going to be death of me one day" He thought to himself, smiling remembering her angry face in which she look cute. It amused him that she still have the same effect on him like she used to have.

His reverie broke when he felt someone hand travelling down on his back. He look back at nikki, the colleges most popular girl.

"Rey" She purred in his ear, rubbing herself against him. It sent shiver down in his spine not in pleasure but in disgust which nikki mistook as wave of pleasure. Satisfying with her mover, she nibbled his ear lobe making him groan in anger, he pushed her away from him which in result cause her to fall flat on her butt.

"Stay away from me" He warned her before walking out from there. After his encounter with taani he want nothing but her. Nobody can queched his desire but her. But knowing that she is not his, atleast not now.

Rey was walking toward secluded area to meet swayum, un aware of the fact that taani and sharon were following him. Sharon look at taani with painfull expression when they saw swayum coming out of the room with girl, their disheveled state told her what must have happened inside the room, Taani knew sharon love her brother swayum more than anything but her brother, he dont even spare a glance to her.

Rey and swayum went from there together with that girl tralling behind them like a lost puppy, taani and sharon came out of their hiding place.

"Its hurt so damn much seeing him with different different girls" Sharon crieg hugging taani, taani patted her back, consolling her. She felt bad for her and anger toward her brother.

"Dont worry shar, we will show him what he had lost by rejecting a true gem like you" Taani said to her, she pulled out the hug and wipe her tears. Taani knew what sharon was going through because she also go through this every damn day. She was determined to make her brother leave all those player way of his.

"But what we are going to do?" sharon questioned her, taani just smiled evily.

"First, Ignore him and second make him jealous" Taani said to her, sharon smiled at her, she got her idea.

"Thanks taani" She hugged her before she ran away from there. Taani stay there smiling to herself but soon her smiled vanished when she heard him.

"Playing cupid cupid. Arent we?" Rey said smirking at her shocked expression, he was standing in front of her just few steps away.

"How did you know I am here?" She stuttered staring at him, she herself saw him leaving then why he came back and listen their conversation.

"You really think I am stupid, I knew you both were following me from start" He answered her. Taani glared at him. They were standing very close to each others. She tried her hardest to keep her composure and stand her ground, praying that he couldn't hear her frantic heart from this close.

"Taani stay out of it. Swayum dont love sharon then dont try to force her on him" Rey warned her, sharon is an innocent girl she dont know going near rey would only lead her to heart break.

"Ohh look who is talking about love! Reyaansh singhania you dont know a shit about love so just keep your mouth shut" Taani said to him, her words angered him. Gripping her shoulders in tight. He pinned her to wall behind him. Not even air could pass through between their bodies.

"You are saying I dont know about love as If you had done PHD in love. Even you dont give a f**king shit about anyones feelings then what is the difference between you and me" Rey spoke in anger dripping tone, his nails were piercing her delicate soft skin, She winced in pain but he didnt paid any heed.

"If that anyone is you then yeah I dont give a shit" Taani answered him, their eyes met. Her hazel brown orbs bore into his chocolate brown, the feeling they forot long ago seems to take re birth, his grip losen on her but she didnt pushed him away instead she find solace in his arms. Without their acknowledge they leaned forward, she closed her eyes seeing which rey smiled, he closed the gap between their lips, the softness of her lips werent new to him but every time he kissed her it feels it was first time he was kissing her.

Taani's breathing hitched and she felt like she was in a world of bliss in the matter of seconds. He didn't give her time to think, he just claimed her as his and pushed further. he was gentle and somehow very protective which was so unlike him. He loves to dominate and rough but now he was kissing her as if she is a glass doll that would break if he hold her tightly. He kissed her till they were both breathless.

His eyes bore into her, they had look of love in them. She could smell his woody scent from this close. It was so manly and...oddly comforting. It made her heart quicken but made her feel safe at the same time. She held her breath but still could not ignore the thrilling pain that went through her body as his fingers brushed her back. A gasp escape from her lips when he nuzzled his face between crook of her neck.

"Mine" He growled in her ear breaking her reverie. Ignoring the plead of her heart to stay near him, she pushed him with all her might. It take him minute to realise what just happened. He gave her death glare.

"I am not yours" She shouted at him, he just smile in response. Knowing what his smile meant it angered her more.

"You are mine, Mine" He replied back confidently, she felt disgusted with the arrogance he was showing while claiming her. He can never change. He was, is and always will be a controlling arrogant bas***d.

"Not even in your dreams. " Taani spoke before she ran away from there, leaving him standing there still pondering over her words. He was shocked, he never saw her this anger. But he is also reyaansh singhania, he never lose in anything then how can he accept his defeat here. She is his and he will show her with whom she belong.
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Chapter One : Scroll Up

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six


- c o m p l e t e d -

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awesome start
another super story by u
really waiting for it to continue
update soon
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Posted: 2014-11-04T09:29:43Z
omg!!! it's damm!!! good n amazing update dear , loved it n enjoyed it thoroughly, per not clear ki why taarey spilit , plzzz update soon
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Posted: 2014-11-04T09:30:52Z
Awesome starting...a totally different a different taarey different swaron...nys bonding bw Shani ...amazing
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Posted: 2014-11-04T09:44:11Z
You are really put down a superb writting :) super ji . Pls pm next time. Loved the start hope swayam soon loves sharon with his heart :) ofcourse taarey :)
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that was awsome 
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Posted: 2014-11-04T10:22:01Z
awesome concept but aapne abhi pm kyu ni bheja chalo koi ni,hawww reyam sooo diff. And ummm dirty but taarey scene wass damn interesting but pls di pls don't show rey clinging to another girl pljjj bohat bura lagta hai pljjj but if storyline needs it so thik hai but pljjj taarey ko hi rakhna beginning se pljjj
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