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Posted: 8 years ago

Hello Everyone Hug

This thread will contain all important links and info related to the show and forum and will essentially serve as a guide for the forum. The thread will be updated regularly so please do check every now and then. Please do not post any comments in this thread. Thank you.


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There's no cape. No special costume. No super-sized biceps. Television's latest superhero is a sweet, unassuming college boy-next-door. He's interning to be a radio jockey and has no clue about his supernatural powers until it all hits him one day... like a bolt out of the blue! All of 18 years, Zee TV's Aryan is India's youngest superhero. He's a cute, endearing teenager who finds it hard to come to terms with the larger-than-life plans destiny has in store for him! After all, it isn't easy for an aspiring RJ to wake up one day and be suddenly entrusted with the responsibility of single-handedly saving the world!

Capturing the boy's journey from an average Joe to discovering a hero within, Zee TV's latest offering Maharakshak Aryan is a two-fold narrative of coming-of-age and a walk into the darker realms of fantasy where a hero will face his worst fears, rewrite destiny and emerge a winner.

Aryan is the first amongst Zee TV's superhero trilogy 'Maharakshak Aryan' that will showcase the triumph of good over evil.

Aakarshan Singh Aakarshan Singh as Aryan

Aryan is the 18-year-old superhero of the series. Aryan's parents died in a fatal car accident as a result of an attack by evil forces when he was 2 years old. Aryan miraculously survived the accident and was rescued by his uncle and aunt. Aryan is shy, reserved, be-spectacled studious boy, who speaks less but sometimes gives quirky one liners back to people who undermine his intelligence. He possesses good sense of humour and currently works as an intern at the city radio station since 6 months.

In reality, Aryan belongs to a great family of protectors of a precious stone and is also expected to fall in line as the next protector after his uncle. He has certain special powers that he is unaware of and discovers it along his journey. He is the biggest counter force against all the negative forces and calamities that can strike the Earth. Aryan's weakness is his loved ones, especially his aunt and his cousin, Pissu. The only negative flaw in Aryan is that he gets angry very fast and is a bit impulsive too. Aryan loves to be around kids and sports - a common trait he shares with his friend Manasvi. The most special thing about Aryan is that he is sevent in the line of the protectors and is connected with a prophesy which says tht he will be the greatest and the best protector of them all as he will be the one who can go to the other side and come back. Aryan is the only one with the power to defeat the demons of the nether-world that attack Earth.

Abigail Jain Abigail Jain as Manasvi

Manasvi is one of the most intelligent and bright RJs at the radio station where Aryan works. She has a loving nature but is also blunt and talkative. Her greatest skill is perhaps compassion as she feels for everyone around her and works hard for what she has. She is kind, caring, helpful and selfless and also often volunteers to improve the community.

Manasvi is a Aryan's close friend though she does not know his secret identity. She loves him but knows that Aryan is attracted to Ria. Though Manasvi does not like the way Ria treats Aryan, she always supports him. On the other hand, Aryan feels comfortable with Manasvi and even speaks about everything to her. Later, when Aryan becomes aware of his special qualities, Manaasvi becomes his closest trustworthy aide.

Khalid Siddiqui Khalid Siddiqui as Arjun

Arjun is Aryan's uncle and the brother of Aryan's father. After the death of Aryan's father, Arjun  has been entrusted with the responsibility of being the protector. He is a very intelligent man who can sense things quickly. Though Arjun works as a psychiatrist in the real world, he also has a deep interest in astrology and related arts. He is quite a respected figure in the society.

Aryan was rescued by Arjun from the accident and was raised by him. Aryan is extremely close to Arjun who is like a father to him. He also treats Aryan like his own son and can go to any extent to make sure that nothing happens to Aryan. He is also Aryan's best friend and Aryan shares everything with him. Arjun wants to hide the fact that after him Aryan will be the protector and to save him from all the troubles as long as he can.

Parineeti as Amrita

Amrita is married to Arjun and is Aryan's aunt. She is a housewife and has dedicated her entire life to raising Aryan and Pissu. Aryan also loves her a lot and treats her like his own mother. Armita is an excellent cook but a very nagging woman.

Rishabh Jain as Pissu

Arjun and Amrita have a son named Pissu who is Aryan's cousin and  is 10-12 years of age. Pissu is extremely naughty and is a great superhero fan.

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Maharakshak Aryan Update Archive

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Regular : Black_Angel
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Regular : Black_Angel
Back Up :Angel_Arya

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