When we met Mr Ashish Sharma at ITA Awards 2014: UPDATED WITH LINK PG1

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When we met Mr Ashish Sharma - Part 1

Here's the link where we were featured:... 



Life has never been the same after the untimely closure of the epic show Rangrasiya, an awesome tale of love and longing...  


It has been over a month, but as I write this ... i want you to close your eyes and tell me what you see.. and you'd be lying to me if you tell me that you saw someone else and not our Rudradev and his Paro with the soul stirring melodies tearing through your heart.


Don't we all survive everyday on the air which brings memories of Rangrasiya that enables us to breathe and live?


So what should one do in such circumstances?


Continue this disheveled existence? or try and seek a possible closure?


I chose closure to achieve peace within my heart and soul.


An opportunity was presented which I was lucky to be handpicked for. A possible chance to slowly liberate myself from the lingering memories of Rangrasiya and move on...


It was nearly mid-night on 30th October and I read a tweet from @Teamashishians offering passes for witnessing Mr. Ashish Sharma's live performance at the coveted Indian Television Academy awards to be held on 1st November at the Andheri Sports Complex, in Andheri (West) a northern suburb of Bombay.


I mailed and tweeted to Team Ashish Sharma and was really surprised to see a prompt response both on mail and twitter. First checking on my availability and secondly raised a concern regarding my safe return to home as the programme was scheduled to end past 10 pm.


And there was a dress code too: Formals and Black!


The team gave me a contact number of Ms Neelum Guha who kindly offered to pick me and my friend Isha from a nearest landmark en route to the venue so that we all could witness Mr. Sharma's performance together.


We were on the roll.


But, I read on the forum that Mr. Sharma had already recorded his performance and will not be live... nevertheless we did not let our enthusiasm down and were looking forward to the event (actually brimming with excitement to see Mr. Sharma..wherever he would have been..)


On the D-day, we all met: I, Isha, Neelum Guha (who had arranged for the invites), Greta Lewis and Crystal. All of us had only one thing in common: Admiration for Mr. Sharma and acute excitement to actually witness him in person. It was just him in our eyes and thoughts..


I was really awestruck about how one person can bind complete strangers together ... I mean Mr. Sharma does not even know who we are yet in today's world and times of mistrust, we were all together.   


And the fun began,


Any guesses how the introductions happened?


Here's how:


We had queued up and after the initial hellos etc Greta came straight to the point: So are you an Ashish fan or a Rangrasiya fan? And I just gulped... tough one this was!


I was so conscious that I heard my mind and not my heart.


"Rangrasiya fan. Yes, I am a Rangrasiya fan. I saw Mr. Sharma for the first time on the show so yes I am a Rangrasiya fan," I said, reluctantly with sense of pseudo bravado secretly praying to the God 


Everybody else nodded. Ah Rangrasiya fan..hmm..


"You see there is a lot of difference. I am an Ashishian ... you have to do Gunaho ka Devta, Chandragupta Maurya and Rab se sona to be one... ," said Neelum as her eyes sparkled with the mention of Mr. Sharma's previous shows...


But life is not fair.. never..


Before I could respond to Neelum...


Isha retorted: "No no.. she likes Ashish Sharma ONLY... It is Ashish Sharma at home ..everywhere.. all the time. It is not Rangrasiya alone... she keeps on talking about Rudra all day."


She  fired a yet another salvo, her right eyebrow raised, "You watched that dance show for Ashish dint you and you voted also naa?"...


Flabbergasted is not the word... I felt so helpless... it was like my secret (which apparently everybody knew and was no longer a state secret) had been revealed to the entire world...LOL


The drama queen that I am .. I had this urgent urge to slip into the earth if it had split into two...


But, thank god for his little mercies, nothing, absolutely nothing like that happened. I was still standing with them and we were all smiling at each other... and it was like normal.. rather the new normal of sharing a common passion: Ashish Sharma! Phew..  Embarrassed    


Neelum, god bless her, had arranged for Platinum section passes. The seating arrangement was such: gold, platinum and then regular. So the gold seats were right in front of the stage...and this is where all the celebrities and nominated teams sat.


We were sitting on the second row of the Platinum section right behind the gold section and could clearly see any celebrity who walked in...


We took our seats at around 6.15 pm and the programme began after 7.30 pm... The sequence being .., first the technical awards and then the popular ones.


Crystal and myself we sat to next each other and agreed to a deal: She would give live updates on twitter about the awards and all I had to do was to keep an eye on the right side... towards the entry ... to check the arrival of Mr. Sharma.


The show began and after a dance sequence it was time for the technical award for best lyrics. I looked at Crystal and nodded: "Yes we have been nominated for lyrics as well"!

(Notice: we = Rangrasiya)


And the celebrity who was on the stage announced that the award goes to Abhishek Kumar

Shashank Kunwar for Rangrasiya.. and we all went ballistic cheering.


The first award of the evening for Rangrasiya. There were more to come.


After sometime, the award for best title music/title track was announced. We went super ballistic this time. It was for Saurabh Kalsi for his soul stirring music for Rangrasiya and title track: Inkaa Saath hai jaise... Awesome..


The second award for the evening for Rangrasiya. There was one more to come.


So far Rangrasiya was the only show which had won two awards.


But... the one for whom were waiting endlessly was not be seen anywhere... so I kept muttering to myself... he will come. He has to come. He should come. Live performance hai bhai... how can they show a recorded performance in a live event.. no no.. Mr. Sharma will have to come... I am sure he will win the best actor award (jury ka hi sahee) ... he better come... We are all here for him... but where was he?


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When we met Mr Ashish Sharma - Part 2  

And somewhere around 9ish with this commotion in my head ... I see the super handsome actor Anil Kapoor walk in... oh god.. there goes the jury award.. so stupid of me to be convinced that Mr. Sharma had a chance against Anil Kapoor, who was also nominated for jury best actor... 


After sometime .. the legendary actor Jitendra walked in and everybody in the gold section, including the event management girls and boys, started following him... Greeting him... walking him up to his seat in the first row...


Suddenly... my head turned towards the entry again.. and I see this black jacketed guy... hopping a few steps towards some guy and hugging him... and a lady in a beautiful white outfit had her back towards us... and I tried to look closer... Adjusting my glasses closer to my eyes .. as I could not believe what I was seeing...


Mr. Sharma had arrived.


It was him.. smiling and hugging that man, ...brown shoes, fitted beige trousers, black jacket, something white beneath the jacket, Rudra's moustache and comparatively long tresses set backwards with a hair band...  


I nudged Crystal that Mr. Sharma was here... and we all saw him walking towards the seats, holding Ms Taide's hand, and the duo sat in the second/third row in the front... soon the cameras panned towards them and they couple was on the huge screens next to each side of the vast stage... we were all very very happy bunnies..


Mr. Sharma and Ms Taide were sitting just a few rows ahead of us and we were quite restless..so close yet to so far...


My mind was working overtime.. I was about to send him a written message that we were his huge fans and would like to take a pic with him after the event is over...


But, at that very moment...the anchors invited some actor called Raqesh and an actress whom I have no clue about to give away the special : Gr8! Performer of the year award..


The duo on the stage opened the envelope and one of them said loudly Ashish Sharma for Rangrasiya.. and we all went numb for a second.. and then screamed our lungs out.. completely ecstatic... cheering and rooting for Mr. Sharma...


The voices that you hear in during his acceptance speech are us four..


Unlike others, Mr. Sharma's acceptance speech was in chaste Hindi.

He first thanked everyone in the audience for making it convenient to attend the function. Then he thanked his parents and then came the infamous line about his wife: biwi ka haath kum laath zyaada hoti hai...Mr. Sharma thanked the writers and lastly Saurabh Tewari, the creator of Rudra Pratap Ranawat..


Yet, something was amiss for me... I really felt it would have been exemplanary if the show organizers would have played Rudra's entry tune when Mr. Sharma marched towards the stage to receive his award...


Back in the Platinum section, it was celebration time.. we had all collectively gone nuts, screaming to the top of our voices and making umpteen heads turn around and stare at us..

There was not much cheering happening you see strangely at this award function and we seemed to be completely out of control..


It was precisely like Rudra wrote to Paro on June 21st episode : Ab kisi ke bas ka nahin mein.. bas bilkul waise hi.. hum bhi kisi ke bas ke nahin the..


By the way this was the third award for Rangrasiya. The only other show which won three awards at ITA was something called Ek Hasina Thee. Which I understand is on air and going great guns.. the channel promotes it big time...


And our Rangrasiya?: it is off air, the channel stopped promoting it, cut all daily reruns, cancelled episodes and replaced them with some one hour specials of child labour.. yet it wins best lyrics, best music and the best performer of the year award.. some guts eh?


Poetic justice, this?


Mr. Tewari's father should be a happy man.


After a few minutes, we saw Mr. Sharma and Ms Taide get up and walk in separate directions.. Ms Taide went to her right towards the entry and Mr. Sharma went to the further left, his expressions were as if we was searching for someone..


Taking a cue, we too got up to leave but hopeful to meet the couple and coax them into a picture with us on their way out...


However as we walked near the red carpet towards the right side towards the entry .. we realized Ms Taide was nowhere to be seen but on the other side of barrier was Anup, standing with a mike and a camera person...


Anup is the same spectacled guy who used to interview Mr. Sharma during the dance show for colors website...


Some other actors were also present there... the Bientaha couple and the boy from another colors show meri aashiqui... Crystal has tweeted their pictures.


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When we met Mr Ashish Sharma - Part 3 

So we were a bit confused as to what to do now? With neither Mr. Sharma nor Ms Taide around... and then I had an idea .. I told the gang that we could request Anup to call Mr. Sharma to this location and then we can click pictures with the man himself after his interview with Anup...


I signaled Anup from behind the barricade that I would like to speak to him and he gestured seeking a minute as he was just about to interview the Beintaha couple...


And to our surprise..huge huge huge surprise... within a few minutes as Anup was just finishing his interview.. we saw Mr. Sharma walking towards Anup with his trophy in hand...


He went straight to Anup and then Anup interviewed him.. his body language was to die for... super confident yet docile.. extremely happy yet had a shaant look...   


As soon as the interview ended, it took less than five seconds from us to seek his attention. Crystal let out a shout of his name and he came towards us. No. Let me more precise. He saw us.. smiled and came towards us on his side of the barricade..


He started with a hello ... Neelum was the first one to introduce herself and shake hands, she asked him if he remembered her and he said yes, then it was Greta who introduced herself as the fan club I think (I can be wrong here), then Crystal who reminded him that they had met earlier during the IF gift segment ahead of his birthday and he nodded... and then it was me.. I told him my name in a meek voice... (Awaaz chali gayee xx) don't even know if he would have understood or even heard... and we shook hands... 


And then without any hesitation or attitude he immediately took Crystal's phone and handed it over to some guy who standing near him.. and happily posed for a picture with us... the same picture which has gone viral on social media: twitter and face book...


But unfortunately Greta was covered by Mr. Sharma himself... and we all looked so dazed... as if we are counting stars.. if you see the picture... I think it is him everywhere.. we are mere props around..


After the picture, he all collectively thanked him and congratulated him for the award to which Mr. Sharma warmly reciprocated with a thank you and blew some kisses towards us...and then the entire world was topsy turvy..


We all left the venue grinning ear to ear and happy with our own selves to the T, albeit with a promise to keep in touch and meet regularly.


But what about me then?


Well.. while we were all officially Dead.. I was liberated as well. Attained nirvana. Attained closure. Closed. 


Truly. Completely. Finally.


Meeting Mr. Sharma for a mere few minutes did what I could not do to myself all these months.


Find peace that is.


If ever he reads this. I would want Mr. Sharma to know that his extraordinary skill does not only touch the souls of the likes of me but his mere presence soothes thousands of troubled souls as well.


It was like being engulfed in a sea of calmness (even though there was nothing like that on the red carpet at that time) and serenity with him beside.


It was like seeing someone whom you admire so closely in flesh and blood and then realizing that he is a human being after all. A regular and normal one. Just like you and me.


Rudra was him but he is not Rudra.  


And it was here that I let go of each and everything that made me so concerned about Rangrasiya.. it is now a good memory and not a sad one..


In the past, I have revealed in few of my posts how Rangrasiya has mimicked Nehal's and my marriage to certain extent and I was always in awe of the similarities it had with the first few years of our married life...and then the show just ended abruptly... it left a very bad memory how much ever I accepted that it was over ... it was still alive in me ... leaving me perturbed quite often...more than once...  


Mr. Sharma: this one's for you:


Thank you for being what you are.

Thank you for making life more worthy of living now on..

Very few humans are as fortunate as yourself who are admired by across all sections of society or young and old...  after all there is no age bar in love!

Thank you.


Lastly, Mr. Sharma: one final sincere request from all us fans here, including the closet ones like me: Will it possible to spare some time from your busy schedule to receive the gifts that were sent to Wass Up TV ahead of your birthday?


A whole lot of us sent the gifts which reached after the IF segment was shot with you before your actual birthday. And again, that includes yours truly who gathered guts to send a parcel.. with assorted gifts which mean the world to me... and sadly it is still sitting waiting in DLH Park waiting to be delivered to you...


All the best and Thank you!



PS: I remembered TEAM RANGRASIYA AT IF when we met Mr Sharma and this entire post is dedicated to all of you.. my lovely friends in this other virtual world.. Hug


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Posted: 2014-11-04T04:10:01Z
Thank u so much for writing ur experience.
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Originally posted by Cutekrish

Thank u so much for writing ur experience.i m waiting for part 3

Hi.. thank you for reading. Have posted part 3 as well. 

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Posted: 2014-11-04T04:18:10Z
Originally posted by hiralnehal

Originally posted by Cutekrish

Thank u so much for writing ur experience.i m waiting for part 3

Hi.. thank you for reading. Have posted part 3 as well.

Just now I read part 3 ...once again thank u so much for sharing...
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Posted: 2014-11-04T04:28:08Z
   Thanks dearTongue.U people made our day(2nd nov).We were so tensed and were following ur twitter accounts for updates.At the same time we were worried that Mr.Sharma might not come and u all will be disappointedShocked.
   We know that u people went only to see him live.Thank god he turned up and won an award too as a double treat for u guysBig smile.Thanks for sharingHug.
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Posted: 2014-11-04T04:30:21Z
TFS. Must have been a really wonderful experience. Very happy for you. And happy too that you shared it with us. 
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