Parud Mini OS: "You Know I Love You, Right?"

Posted: 2014-10-30T05:40:33Z

Helllooo Tongue

This whole One Shot is from Paro's POV. 

(Do read the end note)

Parud Mini OS: "You Know I Love You, Right?"


"You know I love you, right?" 

He whispered softly yet dangerously in my ear while his hands played with my waist chain.

I held back a moan and tried to get out of his hold but I failed, I was trapped between the wall and his rock hard body.

"Leave me Rudra!" I said with all the courage I had. This is wrong I can't be so close to him

"No" he said as his hands went up to my face and he cupped my face looking into my eyes

"Don't touch me!" I desperately wanted to move away

"Why Paro? Don't you like when I hold you so close and place soft kisses on your face?" He placed soft kisses all over my face sending chills down my spine.

"No i don't, Please leave me" I shook my head vigorously. I tried to get out of his grip but failed again. Tears welled up in my eyes and I looked at him

"Why are you doing this, Rudra? Please let me go" I didn't want to be weak but I couldn't help. 

"Because I love you, you're mine" He said while his hands again went to my waist and pulled me closer with all the possessiveness he had.

"I'm not yours. I can never be yours" tears poured continuously down my face making me almost breathless.

"I can never be y..ours Rudra, you took too time... to... to confess your love. it's all.. all over now. I'm getting engaged tomorrow, you're late, you're too late" I said with difficulty as my voice choked with tears

"NO! You can't get engaged Paro. I won't let that happen" I could feel the possessiveness in his voice and I felt fear running down my spine, I'm not used to this possessiveness. No one ever got so possessive for me.

"Don't, please don't do this" I didn't want him to do anything which will trouble the family, I was confused, I didn't know what to do

"Do you love me?" I couldn't answer him, what should I say?

"I asked you something, Paro" he said in a demanding tone

"Rudra" I pleaded

"Do You Love Me. Paro?" He said again, or rather demanded again

"Rudra please!" I tried to get out of his grip.

"Do you love me?" Oh GOD! What should I say? I'm trapped between his questions and my family's expectations!

"Yes" I barely whispered.

"Do you want to get engaged to that guy?" I shook my head in denial not able to answer his questions as I started sobbing softly

He hugged me tight caressing my back softly

"I don't want to get married to him but my family has many expectations from me. I don't know. Rudra just take me out of this mess. Please" 

I didn't know how I said all this but the moment he hugged me I knew I can never stay apart from him.

"I will, I will take you out of the Paro. Trust me" he broke the hug and placed a soft kiss on my cheek

"I trust you" 

I hugged him again. I knew I can trust him more than anyone else.


I honestly don't why the f**k i wrote such crappy thing LOL

Well i always wanted to see a "Possessive" Rudra but this definitely didn't came out the way i wanted Stern Smile

Anyways please review LOL

Hope you all like it Stern Smile LOL

-Amy- xx

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Hey I am the first one to commentDancing.
This is in which Paro's point of ViewWink.
Kakisa ur getting naughty day by dayLOLLOL.
I don't know that u could write so wellShockedShocked.
It was short and sweet Amy.Loved itBig smile.
And what do u mean by crapShockedShockedShocked
Then if I start writing what would u call itOuch(though I will never do itLOLLOL)
I am proud of my Kakisa aka BhabhiHug
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Posted: 2014-10-30T06:02:09Z
I loved it Big smile
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Posted: 2014-10-30T06:03:55Z
Hey ammy, u rocked yr. I loved rudra's possesiveness nd u remarkably shown it. Awesum awesum. Plz don't stop here plz make next part. And plz continue he will get his paro back. Plz plz update soon:-)
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Posted: 2014-10-30T06:49:13Z
resiya sisLOL
now unresiyaLOL

so you r the ParoWink
nice OSClapClap

 P.S.  tera OS padkar ye khayal aaya  ...
          teri age mani ye idea kaha sey  ayaROFL
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Posted: 2014-10-30T06:54:46Z
I felt it ws intenseSmile... anything related to PArud is supposed to be intenseWink... Y would u say its crappyShocked?... I luved it
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Posted: 2014-10-30T07:29:06Z
Hmm possesssive rudra
That he is for her
How can he not be
Awww she didn't wanna marry anyone else but had to
Will he take her away though
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Posted: 2014-10-30T07:36:22Z
Vry nice dear. It was nt crap.
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