Two Shot: PARUD's "Sawan Aaya Hai" (Part2 in pg 7 updt)

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Hello my dear buddies,

I haven't made a post for quite some time as I am really busy in AD but decided to write this TS after the persistent special request from Harry (Parud7) darling..

I have tried to tweak certain scenes to bring some emotions out of PARUD after our Rudra's railway track stunt who goes to buy mangalsutra for Paro..I loved the terrace garden in that haveli and always wanted more scenes with the swing there..but like many things in RR we are deprived of this also, hence tried to add here..

As you all know story writing is not my forte hence regular writers please bear with me...

Part 1:

"Bhabhisa, what are you doing still?..Lets make it fast..Seems like its going to rain"  Sunehri jerked Paro who was lost in her thoughts about her Major Saab's heroic stunt in the railway track stopping her from leaving breaking her promise to Bholenath..Coming back to senses she quickly stored all the dried red chillies and gave it to Sunehri to leave them in store room for grinding..

"Sunehri, you go with these quickly I will come taking the remaining bowls"..Sunehri ran leaving her mini radio on the swing which was playing hindi songs continuously as she always love hearing songs while doing some work..

Paro quickly picked the remaining chillies and made her way out of the terrace when the rose plants in their terrace garden suddenly caught her attention...She kept the bowls at the side of doorway and came to the plants and looked at the dark cloudy skies remembering the day when her Major Saab first confessed that he didn't go to work since he wanted to stay with her..She touched the rose petals lovingly with the winds humming the monsoon arrival..

"Devarsa, these two are nice, you can choose one now".." Bhabisa, I don't know anything about these, thats why I wanted your help..please finalize yourself"..." Nahi Devarsa, you have come this far to buy one for Paro, so the final decision is pick one fast", Mythili chuckled seeing Rudra's confused reaction...Rudra keenly looked at the two designs and chooses one after much consideration..He touches it lovingly with the wind chimes outside the shop chiming the same monsoon arrival...

Paro loved roses, always kept them pressed in books but today she felt them alive like she was reborn with Rudra's almost confession of his love to her..His words echoed " Paro, if you leave me and go , I will die ...please promise me you won't leave me and go "...Her heart fluttered thinking the second where she thought she almost lost her Major Saab.. Was she really about to leave her Major Saab?..What would have she done if Major Saab has not stopped her?...She was bewildered at the thought but immediately blushed thinking about the cute hug they shared on the platform and how he doesn't want to leave her hand even for a single second..

"How much Paro has affected me?" thought Rudra while driving back home along with Mythili from the shop.."What would I have done if I didn't find her in railway station itself", the mere thought disturbed him..How dare the destiny decided to play with him by separating his soul when he has just started to realise his feelings for Paro..But he let out a soft victory smile how he managed to beat the destiny, after all he is Rudra Pratap Ranawat twirling his mooch proudly..He couldn't wait to see her beautiful smile which leaves him mesmerized every single time...

On entering home, Rudra's eyes immediately searched for Paro in all corners...Mythili secretly enjoying her Devarsa's impatience enquired Sunehri about Paro..Sunehri quipped " She was picking the remaining chillies in terrace bhabhisa, but donno why she is taking so long..I became busy with my friend phone call..wait I will call her and come"...She was about to run when Rudra stopped her "No...wait ..I will go myself"..Both Mythili and Sunehri nodded their heads teasingly and went away chuckling..Rudra went to his room to change his clothes little shaken and shy about his weird impatient feeling to see Paro immediately..

Paro touched the swing affectionately and remembered the day when her Major saab poured his heart out to her about his mother..the real reason for her Major Saab's 'Jallad' behaviour..Tears sprung when she remembered how he shed his that day on her lap while she was singing his mother's song..How much she has hurted him indirectly..She felt as though she has snatched his mother's love unknowingly..

She touched her red thread around her neck lovingly and said " Major Saab, I promise you I will give back that life, that childhood, that love, that innocence .. everything you missed all these years again till I breathe not just because I love you ..but because I live for you.." The wind blowed violently and suddenly she saw a pair of intense eyes looking at her from the terrace window.

The gentle music from the radio got his attention which started to play "Sawan Aaya hai " ..He saw the first rain droplet fall on her cheek whose eyes are still locked with his...His heart was beaming with joy after hearing those words and felt that indeed "Mere Zindigi me bhi Sawan Aagaya hai"(Spring has indeed come in my life too) with his hands touching the beautiful black bead chain on his right pocket looking into her eyes passionately and started to walk towards flustered Paro..


"Ushh..Paro ruk...Let me see it", Rudra stopped her from rubbing her eyes and came closer to soothe the burning eyelids..Paro's hands clenched to his kurta when she felt the warm kiss on her eyes even with the cold rain drenching them..

Ok..So how was it? ..Harry hope it lived up to your expectations and I have tried to incorporate your song and rain in the next part..Wink

Chappals, tomatoes, eggs , anything is welcome but please throw them in the comment section...LOLLOL..I will update the second part based on your inputs fellas..

Click here for PART 2

Cheers Hug

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Posted: 2014-10-29T22:34:03Z
 its beautiful, soothing to my heart. You nicely put how Rudra was so eager to talk with Paro alone.  Paro's promise is so touching. Always love to read your post.
Precap is yummy, please do update fast.

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Posted: 2014-10-29T22:38:33Z
Was going to read tomorrow,  I am glad I read it today.  Wonderful scene dear, there were so many things we were deprived of, little small moments such as the one you just described.  Good Job, hope you will update soon.Clap
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Posted: 2014-10-29T22:39:31Z
Nice. Miss them a lot 
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Posted: 2014-10-29T22:54:38Z
Hey you should write more. Wonderfully written. I could almost see Paro standing there
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Posted: 2014-10-29T22:58:43Z
Reserve... Embarrassed 
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Posted: 2014-10-29T23:06:22Z
Loved the story and a little annoyed with you for stopping it so soon.
Seriously, as amazing as the Mangasutr track was, I wanted him to give it to her as soon as he bought it and not carry it around in his pocket. I'm assuming that's happening in the next part and thanking you in advance.
I wanted them to have some peaceful time after the railway station where they are both lost in thoughts of each other and then some lovey dovey moments before Mala returned. Thank you for writing a TS about it.
I like the fact that you are making use of the lovely terrace in the old Haveli. That was so beautiful and we got only one stairs scene there.
Thank you for including the swing too. I hated that we never got to see Rudra push Paro on the swing. During the Teej sequence Mala pushed her, Shantanu pushed her but Rudra didn't.
Waiting for the next part deeps. Update soon.

P.S. I love to read your witty writing. Please write whenever you are free.Edited by rithureuben - 2014-10-29T23:08:07Z
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Posted: 2014-10-29T23:15:35Z
hiii Depaaa...

You started writing tooo... kya kya kar dia hai RR ne sabko !
I am loving it though... it was a beautiful chapter...

write more...jaldii ...jaldiii...jaldiii!! LOL
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