New Raya Two Shot:- Just Another Day

Posted: 2014-10-21T12:11:59Z
Just Another Day

It had been just another day at work for Priya when she set out for work at 9 in the morning. Like every day, she waited for the office cab; she was to be the first pickup & last drop. She involuntarily moaned when she realized the cab was going towards Juhi's house, & there at a distance stood Juhi. She was dreading sitting with her & listening to her indirectly sneer at her- Juhi was jealous of the fact that Priya was one of the board members of  The Kapoor Industries, something she hadn't managed even after all these years of  sucking up to Mr. Arrogant-Ram Kapoor, the owner. The cab picked up 18 more employees & 30min later reached the office. 
Finally!! Exclaimed Priya & jumped to get down. She made a mental note to herself that she will never come in the cab again.The staff welcomed her with morning greetings and some greeted her with whatever' kind of expressions. She smiled at all of them and reached the boardroom only to be met by one person she had come to detest at the first meeting itself; it was Mr.Arrogant.
He sat there twiddling thumbs and ready to pounce on her with another accusation, maybe. She didn't care.
"Priya, go back home & get packing, we're leaving for Bangalore in the afternoon. Here is your ticket.
An involuntary "oh no!!" escaped her lips when she saw it.
"What's the matter?" he asked.
"Umm..nothing I was just.." she gave him a sheepish smile. The truth was, her first official trip was going to be with Mr. Arrogant and she wasn't too thrilled about it. Priya chose to be quiet about this matter.
"I know Miss Priya & the feeling is mutual, he said in a gentle but firm manner with only a hint of annoyance.
"That's not possible I'm afraid sir, i have a meeting scheduled with the accounts department, said Priya.
Oh, yes the meeting!! It has been postponed to Monday, please don't waste time arguing & get packing. Btw, we will be there for a week & i hear that the weather there is quite unpredictable so, please pack some warm clothes, i don't want you getting ill & causing problems for me...
Sir, i believe you know that i'm from i know, what the weather will be like she said making a face.
Priya went back home, her heart singing with joy about finally going back home after 2 years & also a heavy heart dreading the time she was going to spend working with this guy.
4 hrs passed like a jiffy and finally they were seated next to each other, each one purposely looking in other direction. The usual announcements were made & they were airborne in seconds.
Juhi came with a wrapped package for Ram and Priya ignored her. "This is for you dad specially brought it from US..It's the finest champagne available..don't share it with anyone else ok, it's only for you" she squeaked.
Priya recognized that the barb in her words was directed at herself.
"What's that girl doing here? Isn't she little too much?" she couldn't help remarking and regretted her words the next second.
"Why? Are you jealous?" Ram flashed a know-it-all' smile for her.
 "Of course I'm not.." she said.
She swore in her mind to not speak a louder word until they landed in Bangalore. 

Landing in Bangalore after 2 long & grueling years she felt a sense of homecoming within her & why not? Afterall she was born & broughtup here, the divine aroma of filter coffee, Masala dosa & Khara bhath becons, she said aloud & bit her tongue

Miss Sharma, dreaming are we? smirks Ram
Priya is just about to use her choicest swear words, when an idea strikes her. She starts speaking in kannada as she's sure he can't understand it. He gets irritated but keeps quite.
Mission accomplished, she smirks back at him.
Juhi witnesses their exchange of words & feels jealous. Ram then calls Juhi telling her to go to the hotel, as they need to go for a site visit & they'll be back only by tomorrow. She gets miffed & leaves.
Ok, Priya since you are from Bangalore i picked you to come with me, so first we need to go to you know where it is?
Priya(rolls her eyes) "ofcourse i know"
Lead the way then, says Ram & gets into the car.

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Posted: 2014-10-21T12:18:54Z
Awww the whole of bangalore, amazing priya speaks kannada LOL n irritating ram.
waowsuperb whats nwxt
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Posted: 2014-10-21T12:19:08Z
So different story
Juhi is also their to irritate
but seems Ram Priya are not very much like each other
let's how they stand each other pesence in bangalore...
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Posted: 2014-10-21T12:57:53Z
nice strt..
ohh priya speaks kannada... n frm banglore... hahaha ur place right?  nicee...
continue soon..
next time pm plss...
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Posted: 2014-10-21T14:10:02Z
So sweet part n good start plsss continue soon
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Posted: 2014-10-21T15:04:39Z
Superb starting
continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2014-10-21T21:10:14Z
great start
do continue soonSmile
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Posted: 2014-10-21T23:24:49Z
Nice story line...
Juhi jealousWink
Waiting for moreBig smile
Please continue soon...
If possible please PM the next timeTongue
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