When We meet Again : TR OS

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Hello guys! I'm back with an OS. Storyline is related to current track of show. Hope you guys enjoy reading.

- - | When We Meet Again | - - 

Its been a month kriya broke up with me again, Its been a month i return back India after facing the heart break again. Right now i am in this village dholgaon with my friends to full fill kriya's dream of dance academy but till now we have faced only disappointment, Villagers are not supporting at all so yeah we are having great problem here. I just hope we get successful in this so that we can secure our futures and also kriya's dream, I still have a hope she would come back in my life well thats an another day story. Brushing my thoughts aside I went outside when I hear screams and laughters of gang members. Suddenly I was feeling very different, I was feeling something big is going to happen or someone very close to my heart is very near. 

When i went out of the house, I saw all of them except huma, karma, Ishita and raghav were hugging someone, when I go near them, I felt my world stop. There my taani, not my taani now I reminded myself, She is someones else now. And that thought itself hurt like hell. She was wearing simple white sun dress, with her side messy braid she was looking cute, I cursed myself to thinking about her like this, I love kriya then I should be remembering her but not, when i saw her standing in front of me, I even forgot the girl named kriya even exist. But its wrong if i love kriya then why i am feeling these feeling for taani but not for kriya, Ugh i am feeling so confuse, Why my heart was beating so fast seeing taani when i am in love with kriya, Why suddenly i wanted to go and gather her my arms, Why suddenly I forgot the distance between us, All i want is her. Till an hour back I was sure about my feelings that i want kriya back in my life then all of sudden why my heart took an U turn and now carving for taani.

I look around, All eyes were on me including her, I took baby step close to her, she smiled at me, making my heart skip a beat or two.

"Hi" she held out her hand for me but I surprised her by embracing her in my arms, It felt so good, So right having her in my arms again.

"Tum yaha...Kaise?" I asked her as she broke the hug. We both smiled at each other, I forgot the surrounding, All i remember was the girl I loved or may be I still love, is standing in front of me and I am seeing her after whole freaking year, but nothing has changed about her, She is still sweet bubbly taani, The only thing is changed is, now she is not mine.

"Actually i came mumbai few days back but then kaka told me you guys are here, I was getting bore alone there so I also came here" She answered me in her usual chirpy bubbly tone then we walk inside the house, then taani introduce herself to new students and sara, Sharon's cousin, then she got busy in talking with sharon, leaving me alone with my thoughts, I was wondering how her appearance in my life again changed everything.  I came to know that The effect she has on me then is still same.

"Dude, You alright?" Swayum's voice brought me back into reality, I look at swayum who was looking at me with concern.

"Yeah dude, I am alright just confuse about something" I assured him but he seemed unconvinced.

"Rey you know na, You can tell me everything, I am always with you" swayum said to me, I was debating with myself, whether to tell him or not, After all its related to his sister. I didn't said anything.

"Its about taani, I guess" swayum said, He understood my silence. I gave him small nod.

"I am confuse, I love kriya then I should not feel this way about taani, Its been a year but i am still not able to come over those feelings i have for her, till now i was successful in keeping those feelings inside me but now after seeing her again, Those buried emotions come alive seeing her, Maine apne dil ko mana liya tha main kriya se pyaar karta hu but again my heart proved me wrong" I poured my heart in front of him, hoping he would understand me.

"Give yourself sometime rey, figure out whome you love" Swayum said, I was thankful that he was here with me as my best not as taanis possessive brother.

"You are right, swayum" I replied, If i still Love taani then what was that with kriya. I have to figure out about my true feelings. Just then sharon called him and swayum left leaving me alone.

"Hey rey, aap yaha akele kya kar rahe ho?" I heard taani asking me from back, I turn to face her, I signaled her to come, She came and sat beside me.

"So, tum aur vishesh kaise ho?" I asked her keeping aside my uneasiness talking about vishesh, How much i try i cant forget that he is a men who has someone so close to me with him.

"Ab hum dono saath nahi hai, meri engagement tutt gayi hai" She answered me in low tone, my head snapped at her direction, i was shocked and somewhere happy too. I gave her assuring nod and kept my hand on her then asking her to continue.

"After a week of our engagement, I went to his house then I found him...I found him in bed with my childhood best friend nisha, they were my best friends still they cheated me. Vishesh wanted to marry me because of tauji's property" she told me, I could feel rage building inside me, how dare he hurt taani, my taani. My hold on her hand got tighten almost paunful which i realize when she let out a small shriek. I immediately losen my grip but didnt left her hand.

"Sorry" I mumbled caressing her hand with my thumb. I was feeling sad, I wasn't there with her when she needed me.

"You loved him?" I asked her hoping for no in answer.

"Yeah I loved him as a friend but as a lover no, But you know I am happy that I came to know about his truth before marriage or before I fall for him" Taani confessed, i mentally did a victory dance and reason i was confused about it, Call me selfish but yeah somewhere deep down i was happy that their are still chances for us, I gave her side hug, I know how much sensitive she is, what she must have felt that time knowing her Best friends and would be husband betrayed her, I know that feeling.

"Aap kaise ho?" She asked me, I look around every one were busy with each other.

"Lets go for a walk" I said to her, I wanted to talk to her, I know only she can understand me like no other can. She nodded in yes. I gave her my hand and take her out of the house, I was excited, I am going to spend time with her, Alone.


We both were at lake side, weather was quite chilly here as it was getting dark, taani was shivering thats when I made her wear my jacket, We both sat on rock, taani kept staring at me.

"Aapne bataya nahi, Aap aur kriya kaise hai?" She asked me, that time I didn't even wanted to remember kriya, I was having my best time with taani.

"We broke up" I answered her simply without any emotion in my tone, Till yesterday, I got emotional thinking about kriya and my, break up but now talking to taani, I was feeling nothing, I was feeling that our break up was right. Not because I have taani now but because I don't love kriya like I Love taani, My taani and it will be wrong, If I continue my relationship with kriya and have feelings for taani, Yeah when taani wasn't here it was different case, I was trying to forget her, Move on in my life with kriya.

"But kyu? Last time when I called bhai, he told you both went to US for her treatment then what happen suddenly?" Taani asked in her sweet tone, I gave her small sadistic smile.

"She thought i will be better without her So yeah i am single now" I said to her, Now my break up with kriya doesn't seemed to matter to me and when i saw little happiness in her eyes when i say i am single now. I smiled thinking she too feel something for me or she wouldnt be sitting here with me.

"So i guess we are sailing in same boat" She joked, I laugh a bit.

"Yes but I am happy you came back" I confessed, She look at me with surprise, Our faces were just inches away, I shifted more close to her, because of wind her hair was falling over her face, Making her look more divine. I brought my hand closer to her face and gently tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear, I felt her shiver because of my touch. I smile seeing the same effect on her like i used to have. I leaned forward decreasing the distance between us, I steal a glance at her to find any sign of discomfort or disapproval but i didn't find any.

I held back of her neck in gentle grip and captured her lips between mine. Her tiny hands fist my shirt into tight grip as I kissed her slowly and sensuously, It feels so good, having her in my arms, kissing her again. I slide my hand around her waist as i pulled her into me, She responded back to my kiss, i caress her lower lip with tip of my tongue asking for entrance which she granted gladly, we kissed each other with all love we have of each other, When i felt her out of breath, I broke the kiss. Like always her cheeks were crimson red, i caress her cheeks, She lowered her eyelids in shyness making me smile whole heartedly. 

We were living our moment until he heard sound of someone's clapping, our head snap at the direction. All we saw is a pissed off vishesh, who was glaring at us or at me

"Oh So madam apne ashiq ke baho main ash kar rahi hai" He spoke with venom dripping tone, making me angry, I look at taani who look angry and uncomfortable under the disgust looks vishesh was giving her.

"Mind your tongue vishesh before i make that ugly face of yours more ugly" I threaten him, taani and me stood up from our place, I made her stand behind me. I was hating the way that man was gazing at my taani

"Rey lets leave, there is no point of talking to him" Taani said to me, obviously dont want me to go in a fight.

"And Taani I came here to apologize but I guess i was wrong, you seems happy with your lover. taani what kind of girl are you, engagement mujhse aur pyaar isse, Mujhe kabhi apne pass bhi nahi aane diya aur iske sath...Chii I have never seen a characterless girl like you" Vishesh said giving disgust look to taani, thats when i lost it, I freed myself from taanis grip and went to vishesh, I threw a first punch across his face, He stumble back, nearly fall on ground but still somehow he balanced himself but when i punched him in stomach, he fell on ground with thud crying loud in pain, Such a dumbass he is, didn't even try to fight back.

"Stay away from her" I told him as i kicked him hard once again before grabbing taani by her hand and dragging her away with me.


"You okay?" I asked her when we reached home, we were standing outside of the house. Gang members were inside.

"Yeah i am fine" Taani replied looking at her feet,  i could tell she was lying, Vishesh's words has hurt her. 

"Look at me" I demanded, holding her chin up i made her look into my eyes. her eyes were moist.

"You know taani, you are world's most pure hearted and beautiful girl, Don't take his words on your heart, he was speaking shit because he lost the chance to be with an amazing person like you" I spoke with sincerity and Love. 

"Thank you, Rey" then She embrace me, I slid my arms around her, hugging her tighter than ever before.

She broke the hug and look at me, giving me shy smile, she stand on her toes and sweetly peck my right cheek.

"Good night Rey" with that she ran inside the room where as I just stand there with my hand on my cheek where she kissed me, I still could feel her soft lips on my skin. And light blush crept on my cheeks, i smiled knowing she is the reason of this blush, Only she can make me feel like this, make this bad boy blush.

"You still Love her, don't you?" A voice come from behind, I turn to see sharon standing there with small smile.

"Yeah, I do love her, I never stopped loving her" I replied, sharon nodded and came near me.

"If you Love her then what was that with kriya?" she asked me, I was expecting this question and now I am ready to answer this question because I know the answer now.

"With kriya, I know felt something for her but it wasn't as strong as my feelings are for taani. with Kriya it was more like I am trying to forget taani rather than being happy with kriya and when taani came back I realized that i still Love her and wants to be with her" I told her, By the look on her face, I know she understood me for which I was glad.

"Then what are you waiting for you idiot, Go and tell her" she said happily, I smiled and thanked her. Then I went to her room.

She was busy in taking out her night wear from her suitcase when I entered in her room, I close the door behind me silently. I tip toed behind her.

"Rey" she gasp when I hug her from behind. Taani placed her hands on mine which were rested on her belly.

"Rey, this is wrong" she said as I embrace her more tightly, I frowned at her words.

"Rey, You Love kriya, you shouldn't be here with me" She said to me, I turn her toward me. She was looking down.

"Mujhe yaha kyun nahi hona chaihye taani? I am here with a girl I Love truly" I confessed my Love again and trust me this time i ma more nervous than last time.

"You really Love me?" She asked me with such innocence that it made me fall for her more. our eyes started to get moist.

"I love you taani, I love you so much, my love" I hugged her, trying to convey my emotions and feelings.

"Today, I realized that I never loved kriya, all I was trying was to forget you, You know taani, You are the most special person in my life, those feelings, emotions I feel for you, I never felt for anyone" I poured out my heart in front of her. She wipe my tears gently, I savored the feel of her soft fingers against my skin.

"I Love you too Rey, I regret the day I left you but you know how hurt I was, I love you only you" She said while crying, She look so cute even when she was crying.

"I know sweetheart, I know. You don't have to be sorry about anything. Our separation has only made our Love strong and today you are with me is proof of that." I says, then kissed her forehead, cheeks making them go red. God! I so Love this girl. We promised each other to never leave each other again. And I promised myself to never let her go and Love her all my life. 


Good. bad. Or Worst?

Do Leave your feedback.


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Me first..Dancing
Amazing OS..Heart
Very beautifully written..
Rey with confused feelings..LOL
But this Vishesh..Angry
How can he do this to Taani..
But jo bhi ho uske vjh se TaaRey ek ho gaye..Big smileHug
Blush Blush..
Kash D3 mein bhi essa hota...
But these stupid CVS..Ermm
Never mind..
TaaRey TaaRey TaaRey..
Just Amazing..
Thankx for the PM..
Keep writing..Big smile
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Posted: 2014-10-16T05:38:19Z
Wow! This is so good. I so wish something like this happen in the show too. U should have made this an ss or ff.  I really loved it.
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Posted: 2014-10-16T05:55:34Z
Amazing OS
Loved it
0 Likes this
Posted: 2014-10-16T05:59:09Z
Awwie Dii..
It was so good... I loved it...
TaaRey scenes were so cute...
I so wish this happens in d serial.. Aapke paas aise ideas aate kahan se hain??
Keep writing...
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Posted: 2014-10-16T05:59:15Z
amezing os
tani back
rey is confussed with his feeling when he saw tani
hye kiss was Embarrassed
vishesh Angry how can he say like dat ti tani
sharey convo was nice
n tarey became one
kash a os cvs parle aur n they bring taarey backEdited by Iman_taarey - 2014-10-17T02:19:31Z
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Posted: 2014-10-16T06:06:29Z
Aww it's such a swt cute
Os hope chl v & ameeta get
Some brain to things anyways
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2014-10-16T06:13:14Z
awesome os
loved it
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