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Hello lovely ladies of the forum :)

So apparently, my entire account was deleted without me even knowing why that was done. I tried leaving so many messages to the india forums team but they wouldn't reply :( 

So now that I am back here.. I will continue with my story.. All these days I didn't feel like writing it, cause I couldn't share it with all you wonderful people, but now that I am back, I am back on track. 

So ill just post all the previous posts... AGAIN!
and then continue with the tale :) Hug

So ladies, to make it easier for you guys, ill try and index the chapters in this post. Hope it works... 

chapter 1- THE CALM TO HIS STORM -


chapter 7- SCARS OF THE PAST

chapter 8- I SURRENDER ALL -



chapter 11- CANDLES OF HOPE


chapter 13- TESTING TIMES

chapter 14- HER SACRIFICE


chapter 16- LOVE CONQUERS


chapter 18- TIME FLIES BY


chapter 20- MOMENTS OF BLISS

and a million thanks to prabha.abha for helping me conquer the art of posting links!! Big smileHug
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He winced in pain as the sleeve of his uniform continued to stain red and the vile smell from the dust, debris and refuse was making him nauseous making him aware of the dull thudding headache at the back of his head. But nothing was going to stop him today. Nothing was going to stop him from hunting his prey- TEJAWAT.  His force had worked through tiring days and sleepless nights, tracking the vile demon down and he was not going to let this chance go awry.  

Rudra was more than aware of Tejawat's heinous crimes. On the pretext of running a business, he was carrying out flesh trade engaging unwilling women and even some under aged girls.  Many a times Rudra had tried to bring his dealings down and raid the places where he kept the poor scared girls captive, but every time the places were cleared and in their place the business faade would be back on as well as Tejawat's smug smile; a smile that haunted Rudra, a smile that reminded him of his failure.  While his hands were bound by law, Tejawat had a free reign backed by corrupt politicians who ate out of his hands. Tejawat had been escaping through his hands again and again. Somehow he had managed to stay 2 steps ahead of him every time and abscond with his company without leaving behind even a trace of evidence.  

But today he finally had had the prospect of catching him red- handed and he had vowed to pursue it even if it meant giving up his life in the process.  The attack had been brutal. Tejawat hadn't expected it but was prepared enough to fight the ambush. People were lost on both sides, but the fight was on. Rudra had witnessed his team battle fiercely. Aman, his second in command, had been gravely injured, yet he kept fighting. 

Finally when he was face to face Tejawat, Rudra fought with a passion, a fervor to vanquish him. But Tejawat overpowered him by shooting at his shoulder and he was forced to hide behind a wall before Tejawat took another shot. 

Now, he waited with bated breath, his senses sharp with his finger resting on the trigger. Despite the pulsing pain he was completely aware and prepared for any minor movement and then he heard it- A rustle on the other side of the wall he was hiding. Gritting his teeth, he launched himself on who he thought was Tejawat, but stood completely frozen when his eyes fell on his target.

The first thing he noticed about her was the stark fear in her pools of hazel. Her hair hung around her porcelain face in loose strands and her rose pink lips quivered with fear as he stood over her, pointing the gun towards her head. Despite the shabby clothes and bare-feet, there was something ethereal about this girl which captivated him as his eyes panned over her face. 

"Who are you?" he asked her. "What are you doing here?" he interrogated further as she silently stared at him in sheer terror.

Barely managing to breathe she whispered through trembling lips, "Paro."

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Welcome back. Pl update soon.Tongue
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@Aruna.negi - Thanks a ton!!Hug I promise i'll update the newest chapter asap!! :))
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Barely managing to speak she whispered through trembling lips, "Paro".

Still lost in her fear- struck face, Rudra slowly lowered his gun, but didn't loosen his grip on it. As he bent down to reach out to her, he saw that she had her hand on her right foot which was bent in an odd angle. As he reached out to check up on her foot, she trembled and pulled away from his hands.  Realizing the fright she must be going through, he asked again as gently as he could "What are you doing here? Why didn't you leave with the other girls?"

Still trembling, she replied frantically, "Nandini Jija ... She is still here.. I wanted to leave with her.. I was running and my foot... Jija... She's still captive... she is injured.. he has her here... he'll hurt her.. he'll kill her." Rudra understood that she was talking about Tejawat. Tears ran down her translucent cheeks as she tried to explain the situation to him in broken sentences. As her eyes lowered from his face to his uniform, a new hope dawned in her eyes as she looked back at him and begged "You're the police aren't you? Please save my Jija. She needs my help. She's alone and injured.. She's still in his clutches. Please search for her. Please find her." She tried to move towards him but her foot didn't allow her to shift even an inch. Holding on to her foot, she continued to plead for his help.

Rudra was torn. On one hand, he was the closest ever to catching Tejawat, but on the other, safety and protection of civilians was of first order to any policeman.  Rudra had always honored his uniform. He felt a sense of pride in owing it. On the first day that he had donned the ensemble, he had vowed to always protect its dignity. His work always came first for him. Despite the long, tiring, grueling hours and many broken bones, nothing would elate him more than taking down the enemy. Every drop of sweat and blood spilt had made it worth it.  Unconsciously itself, he knew what the right thing to do was.  

Gripping her shoulders, he told her in a stern yet soft voice, "Listen to me. I promise you that I will find your sister, but what's important right now is getting you out of trouble first. We need to leave this place and get you to safety. Your leg needs the medical attention before its condition worsens." Silencing her unsaid protests by firmly placing a hand over her mouth, he further instructed saying, "All I need you to do is listen to me right now and do as I say. I promise I will come back for your sister." He showed her the sincerity of his words through his eyes as he looked into hers with searing intensity. 

Gazing back into his eyes, Paro finally gave in and nodded in agreement.  Slowly removing his hand from her mouth, he asked to wrap her arms around his neck so that he could carry her out. Very hesitant at first and still trembling, Paro slowly brought her arms towards his neck and clasped her fingers behind firmly, still gazing up at him. Securing his gun and placing one hand on her bare waist and the other below her feet, he helped her adjust her lehenga and carefully gathered her into his arms and started walking towards the exit, while her eyes never left his determined face.

As he carried her in his arms, he was suddenly aware of her dainty form. There was something about this girl that had struck him the moment he had laid his eyes on her.  He was suddenly conscious of her smooth arms pressed against his neck and his fingers against her waist.  Her face was only inches apart from his as he studied her features. Ebony eyelashes grazed her now pink tear- streaked cheeks. Her almond shaped eyes continued searching his face while her pale soft lips were pursed together. 

Rudra was never the man to be swayed by beauty. He did not believe in attraction or even stronger emotions such as love. His past had taught him that. His mind was already set when it came to trivial matters like love and affection. He hated those sentiments, despised them with every cell of his being after what "that woman" had done to him. The pain and agony were still fresh in his memory, so were his harrowing nightmares and sleepless nights. 

 But, at that very moment, he couldn't ignore the strong pull he felt towards the girl in his arms. All he wanted to do was protect her, to pull her away from any harm and bring back the tranquility in her scared eyes. With the same lingering thoughts he continued to walk. 

 If only he knew that it was her who had come into his life to save him. To pull him out of the deep abyss and lead him towards unbound happiness and peace.

A sudden movement behind him brought back his senses to full alert as his eyes scanned the premises like a hawk.  He barely had time to duck down and protect her and himself as a thick log whizzed past his ear missing his head by inches.  As Paro screamed in fear, he enveloped her in her arms before setting her down carefully and pulling out his gun as he turned to face the monster in person.

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Ministrations and Manipulations - Part 2


"I will make sure that today is your last day Tejawat, you conniving coward!!" snarled Rudra, pointing the gun towards Tejawat while shielding Paro.  

Despite the situation, Tejawat managed to maintain his calm and slowly raised his hands above his head. "ACP Rudra Pratap Ranawat" He said, pronouncing each word with malicious spite. "How many times have we played this game? Aren't you reminded of your failures every time you look at me? Face it. Nothing you do or nothing you say is ever going to incriminate me." He smiled smugly.

Rudra was aware of the fake facade that Tejawat was putting up. He knew how Tejawat's mind worked. He was simply buying time with words while he planned his escape. Rudra knew he had to act fast. It was not just the matter of catching Tejawat anymore, he had to also protect the girl hiding behind him, firmly holding onto his shoulders while staring at Tejawat through horror-struck eyes.  Rudra slowly took Paro's fingers into his hand by the side, squeezed them gently and whispered to her, "I won't let anything happen to you" with his eyes still on Tejawat. 

The simple whispered sentence was more than enough to grab Tejawat's attention whose eyes then fell on Paro and his face slowly broke into a sly smile. Pushing Paro further behind him, Rudra barked at Tejawat, "Give up Tejawat. There is no way that I shall let you slip through today. I have caught you in the act. No amount of political influence from your corrupt lapdogs is going to help you today. You. Are. Mine." Rudra snarled at his prey.

 Rudra's eyes burned as he continued to look at Tejawat, his stance now that of a predator.  Tejawat was right. Looking at him brought back Rudra's every defeat to mind, opening every wound. He remembered the every single member of his force who lost their lives battling valiantly against Tejawat's goons. Ramembering the paast made him see red. 

Not the one to back down, Tejawat replied with his hands behind his head and the sly smile still plastered across his face, "ACP Sir, we have the entire time of our lives to leisurely threaten each other. But right now I feel compelled to converse with the young dame hiding behind you." 

Looking at him leer at Paro, who further shrunk behind him, Rudra realized that Tejawat was going to use Paro as his puppet in his plan to escape.

"Parvati Baisaa, why are scared of me? Haven't I taken care of you and your sister all this while?" He asked her in a sickly sweet voice with undertones of malice that did not go undetected by Rudra. Paro coulldn't utter a word except stare at him in horror, all the while hiding closely behind Rudra and holding unto him for unspoken support.

"Also, are you really going to escape? But what about your sister? You still haven't found her right? Are you going to leave her to fend for herself knowing that she is gravely injured?" Tejawat questioned her again.  "Do you even know where she is? I do. But there's no way you'll know if you let this man kill me." He continued. 

It dawned to Rudra what trick Tejawat was playing.  He could sense that Paro was falling for his lies as she loosened her grip on his shoulders, thinking about what Tejawat had just told her, worry etched across her face. 

Pulling Paro to his side, he told her, "Paro, look at me." Turning her towards him, he gripped her shoulders and spoke, emphasizing each word, "Look at me Paro. Don't play into his words. This is what he wants. He is using your sister as bait to escape. He doesn't know where your sister is. He is just spouting lies. I need you to trust me on this. Believe me. Like I promised you before, I will find your sister no matter what it takes." His eyes pleaded her for the understanding and trust as he spoke the words.

"How would you know anything ACP Ranawat?" Tejawat calmly interjected. "Do you even know where I have held her sister captive? Of course you don't. Stop giving the girl false promises. Come with me Paro and I'll take you to her. All you have to do is ask this man to lower his gun and let me go." 

Rudra tried to talk to Paro again, but one look at her confused face told him that she had completely fallen into Tejawat's trap. "ACP Sir, my Jija is with him and she means everything to me. She is all I have in this world. I need to find her" she pleaded with Rudra as she tried to free her arm from his fingers.

"Have you gone mad?" Rudra barked at her, gripping her arm even more firmly. "You know what type of a monster he is. How can you even think of believing him!! He is flat out lying to you and you're actually thinking of trusting him??" he exclaimed incredulously, with his gun still pointed firmly at Tejawat who was viewing it with unease.

Petrified at his sudden outburst, Paro stood still as tears continued to flow down her cheeks. Looking back up at Rudra she continued to stutter, "I need my Jija... I have to find her.. Please you have to understand.. she is all I have.. I am all she has.. Please. I have to go with him... Please don't shoot him.. Only he knows... Jija", she continued to sobbing.

Realizing he was fighting a losing battle with her, he turned towards Tejawat and bellowed fiercely, "Enough Tejawat.  I've had enough of your nonsense. You are going to move out with me right now or all the 6 bullets will be down your throat before you even take a step towards her"

Tejawat knew this was his last shot and then told Paro,"You need to decide Parvati, how much does your sister actually mean to you" 

Having completely lost it, Rudra yelled at Tejawat as his finger on the the trigger began to press down. Before he knew what was happening, Paro screamed and pushed him before he could pull the trigger.  As he brought his hands forward to break his fall, he saw Tejawat running out of the premises. 

On the other hand, Paro's troubles had just begun.  Her injured foot did not help matters as she lost her balance pushing Rudra and hit her head against a ledge on the side with a sickening thud.  As she lost consciousness, the last thing she heard was her savior's roar of frustration as Tejawat escaped and then the blackness overtook her senses.

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"Forgive me Paro" said Nandini, with tears in her eyes, lovingly stroking her sister's head. "Forgive me for putting you through this hell every day. I am so sorry Paro. My hands are tied. I am indebted to Tejawat and because of me, you have to face his atrocities" she said hating herself. 

"No Jija." Parvati assured her distraught sister.  "This is not your fault in anyway. I have never blamed you and I never will. I know what we are going through is tough but as long as we are together, nothing is ever going to happen to us. I agree that right now conditions are not in our favor, but remember what Maasa would say." She asked Nandini with a smile. 

"Happiness is always within our reach. All we need to do is realize where it truly lies" Paro reminded Nandini. "You are my happiness Jija. You shall always be my happiness." she continued wiping away her sister's tears. "Bholenath never fails to protect his children Jija, and you are one of His most favorite child. He will never let anything happen to you." 

Nandini admired her sister's innocence. It wasn't the foolish kind. There was a certain level of maturity in it when she spoke that Nandini hadn't seen in most people of Paro's age. Nandini cursed her fate since it brought despair to her young Parvati. Forced to work in the worst possible situation because of their late father's debt with Tejawat, Nandini had vowed that she would never let anyone harm her sister or let her go through the pain that she went through every night in the hands of the beasts that flocked at Tejawat's hideouts. She had pleaded Tejawat to keep Paro away from the business by promising to sacrifice her own body, which was now left without a soul, whenever he demanded her to. Paro was the only reason left for her to live, to fight and to smile.

"You rely too much on me Paro.  I have never been able to give you anything and I'm scared about what would happen to you if I'm hurt or if I die. Who wou-"

"Don't you dare Jija" interrupted Paro. "Don't you ever say that again. Nothing will happen to you, it never will. I will always be there for you come what may." 

Nandini chuckled at her sister's naivety. "It's not just death that I am talking about Paro. There will come a time when others will become more important to you. There will come a time when you will have to leave me", she emphasized understandingly before Paro could interrupt her in indignation.

"There will be a time when someone will enter your life, and pull you away from anything that is despair. He will be your savior, your hope, an answer to your prayer, who will dedicate his every waking moment for your protection." Nandini told Paro. 

"I have you for that Jija" Paro replied as she lay down on her sister's lap who stroked her hair tenderly. 

"No Paro. It's true that right now I am with you and I shall protect you for as long as I can. But you cannot deny the person when he enters your life. He will come into your life like the burning sun. Both of you will clash, but that will make the bond between you even stronger, unbreakable by even the forces of nature.  As the time will go by, you'll become inseparable. You'll yearn to remove any pain from his life. It'll make your day when you shall see him smile. Same would be with him. He will lay down his life for you, for your happiness, for your protection, for your everything. It'll happen soon Paro. You may feel otherwise now but a time will come when he shall become the reason for your every breath"

Paro pondered on her sister's words as she slowly drifted to sleep.  Would such a person like that really enter her life? Would he mean so much to her? She thought as she closed her eyes.

She tried to open her eyes but her mind wouldn't listen to her and her eyes remained stubbornly shut. Trying to recall what had happened to her, she realized she had been dreaming about the conversation she had had with her sister long ago. But that meant she had no idea where she was right now and she still had no clue as to where her sister was. The thought was enough to open her eyes in panic.  As soon as she did that, waves of sunlight blasted in her direction, forcing her to close her eyes once again.  As she squinted through the light, she could make out a silhouette as it approached towards her. Panicking, she tried to move away, but then she hit an end at her back. 

She finally lifted her head up when he finally appeared beside her and she looked into the eyes of her savior. But there was hardly any room for gratitude, as his dark eyes burned into her. She could feel his anger radiate towards her and he looked like he was about to spit fire at her. Gripping her arm in a sudden motion with his blazing eyes never leaving hers, he erupted on her...


"Why?" he demanded fiercely holding her hand in a death grip. "Why didn't you listen to me at the warehouse? Didn't I tell you that I would leave no stone unturned to find your sister? Yet you still fell into that coward's trap and because of you, because of your foolishness, he has escaped." Rudra hissed at her.

Paro trembled as waves of his anger crashed onto her and she tried her best to explain to him the reason for her behavior. "Whatever I did, I did it for my Jija. At that point of time, he was my only hope of finding her and you were about to kill him and I couldn't afford that. Please try and understand. There was a reason why I did that" she pleaded.

"Nonsense!!" roared Rudra as he yanked her out of the bed she had been resting on and she winced in pain as her injured foot hit the floor because of the sudden moment. Gripping her shoulders and pulling her close, he continued to shout, "Didn't I tell you that he was just playing with you? He had no idea where your sister is. He was just using you as a means to escape. Also, I wasn't going to kill him. Do you know for how many cases that man is wanted?" he questioned her shaking her slightly, ignoring her bruised foot.

"If I had taken a shot at him, it would be only to injure him enough so that he wouldn't escape.  Death is too simple a punishment for him. I wanted him to rot in jail for the rest of his life for the sins he committed knowing that he would never escape.  Every day he spent behind bars would remind him of the sickening deeds he did. But now, because of your foolishness, your inability to think straight, he has escaped" finished Rudra pushing her away from him with disgust apparent in his eyes. 

Holding onto the bedpost to stop herself from falling down, Paro looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I agree that what I did then was wrong and that my actions were foolish, but at that point and even now, all that matters to me is my sister. What if you would have killed him there?"

Something in Rudra snapped upon hearing her accusing words. Breathing hard, he slowly moved towards her. Controlling the rising urge to hurt her, he demanded, "Are you questioning my ability? Who gave you the authority to question what I could or can do? How dare you? You're nothing but a mere woman passed between hands" he finally spat.

"RUDRA!!" a voice yelled at him from behind. Turning around towards the voice, he saw his mother standing at the doorway with a thunder-struck expression. As the seconds passed, the expression changed to that of anger as she strode into the room. Rudra knew that he had crossed the line when he had uttered his last few words about Paro. But he had been so angry that he couldn't stop himself before the words slipped out of his mouth. Now, looking at his mother striding towards him, he realized the weight of his disgraceful actions.

"Is that how to talk to a woman? Mind your words Rudra!" said Mala Ranawat she strode across Rudra, pushing him, towards Paro who still held onto the bedpost for support, aghast at Rudra's spiteful words.  

Gently holding Paro, who was still speechless and dumbfounded, and directing her to sit on the bed she turned towards Rudra and ordered him, "Apologize Rudra. Apologize to her this instant." 

Rudra knew what his mother told him to do was the right thing, but his long nurtured pride did not allow him bow down ever.  Before he could further ruin the situation, he strode out of the room, knowing well that he would later hear an ear-full from his mother regarding his behavior.  

Shooting her son disapproving looks, Mala turned towards the girl sitting on the bed. Sitting beside her, she took Paro's hands in her own and squeezed them. "Forgive him my dear. He didn't mean what he said. It's just that the case with Tejawat has been taking a toll on him for some time now." said Mala. 

As Paro turned towards Mala with distraught in her eyes, Mala couldn't stop herself from hugging the poor girl.  Before she could stop herself, Paro broke down and cried bitterly into Mala's arms.

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I hv read ur all previous ones nd waiting for next updates nd u r back. Welcome dear. And plz update soon.
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