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Priya sitting in her office now and thinking of how he come in her life and changed her life.

God... I love him. He gives me more and more reasons to love him more. Jb se ram meri jindgi mein aaye hai unke bina ek second bhi rhna acha nhi lagta...

Uff ...priya ram k baare mein sochna band kro apne kam pr lag jaaao.

It was around 2 PM and Priya was just completed her lunch and was busy checking anshwer shheets.


Her mobile let out a beep and It was a message from Ram.

" hi "

"Hi sweetheart...,What r u doing?"

" Nothing much. Just wishing if I can do you again."Winkab to tumhare bina ek pal bhi nhi raha jata."

Priya blushed reading it. And replied, "You are really so bad. You spoiled my sleep and here I am struggling hard to be awake and work"

"Oh really? So sad. Don't worry darling. You will get used to it. Because, I won't be letting you sleep today too. "

"Mr. Kapoor aap bhi na bhut beshram ho gye ho."

"are maine kya kia...mai to meri wife k sath romance nhi to kya kisi aur k sath krunga"

"Kya kia hai ?...raat mein sone nhi dete aur subha bhi"she typed

"Acha to tumhe sone se kaun mana kia tum so na"

"Kaise soun..."

"Kyun nhi so sakti "

"Kyunki aap mere uper jo hote hai"she bite her tongue

"Aur uper kya kr rha hota hoon"

"God. Stop it. I am at office Mr. Kapoor."

"ufff...Priya tum na bilkul bhi romantic nhi ho"

"Ohh...happy realization Mr. Kapoor"

She sent the message and think ye Mr. Kapoor bhi na.

She looked the mobile and was shocked to see no messages from him. 

Will he have got some other work? What happened?

Why isn't he replying? All these thoughts started coming in her mind. 

By then, she received his call.


"Hey darling"

"What happened? Why no msg Mr. Kapoor?"

"I'll say you later. I have got some news. "

"Good or bad?"

"I'll say you while we meet. I gotta go baby. Bye" he cut the call.

"Ye Mr. Kapoor bhi na..bata nhi skte kya baat...Ab evening tak unka wait krna hoga"

At the evening...

Priya enter d home, and  pulled by someone and she was shocked before falling on the same person catch  her.

Who else it'll be? It was Ram.

"Mr. Kapoor. I got scared"


"ye sb chodiye aur bataie...What's the matter? Aur aaj etne jaldi ?What is the news you wanted to say me?"

"Oh My. How many question? I came early because I wanna spend my time with my sweetheart and the news, first let us sit and talk"

"Mr. Kapoor bataiye na"

Ram was lifting her with both hands and was taking her to the couch and he made het sit on his lap. 

She was wearing a red saree with a small border and a black blouse. She was now sitting on his lap and he has changed to his normal white kurta.

"What is the news Mr. Kapoor? Please don't keep me waiting. Say it now"

"Ok. Ok. Ok. Remember the international project I told u ?"

"Yes. Wo aapka dream project? "

"Yes. Yes. Whi"

" That's great news Mr. Kapoor. Is it confirmed??"

"Yes it is. I will be leaving by next week."

"Next week? How long is this?"

"around 15 days"

"15  days??What I am going to do without you. I will miss you"

"Don't worry darling. I will give you a lot of me before I leave, so that, you will be remembering me more"Wink

Saying this, His hands moved over her hip through the back and unhook her blouse"

"What are you doin Ram?"

"I need compensation for all 15 days. So..."


"So madam...aise bolkr nhi demo dikhata hoon"Wink

"Mr. Kapoor aap na sachhi bht beshram ho gye ho."

"Jo bhi ho mai tumhe nhi chodne wala."

"At least let me change na Mr. Kapoor"

She struggled to talk with him...his  lips on her (bilkul ram sir style) and his hands rome over her back . He starte biting his lips and priya was shivering when his finger remove her blouse 

He pushed her down to the couch and removed her saree pallu out. She was lying down and he was on her.

He kissed  her lips again and then neck and then her clevage and moved  and slowly came down to her legs. He kissed her legs . He moved her saree upwards and her legs were vissible and he was kissing all through them.

He pushed up the saree even more and slowly reached her knee and kissing it, he moved to her thighs. 

He kissed her all over body. He remove het blouse and start playing with her mounds.Slowly he parted  h
e was completely inside her.He sucked and licked and kissed her.

He came out and kissed her cheeks and gave a smile to her and said, "I love you priya"
"U r awesome"

"I love you 2 Ram"

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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome part n romantic too
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Posted: 5 years ago
Ram became so impatient whenever it comes to Priya
want to love her all way he can't get enough of her
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Posted: 5 years ago
very cute n romantic updatee...
next time pls pm me...Tongue
continue ASAP
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Posted: 5 years ago
Romantic OS
do continue soon

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Posted: 5 years ago
Wow... lovely... loved it...
Lovely name 'ramleela' apt to the content

N more than name loved the shrt story...

Waiting fr next installment
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Posted: 5 years ago
Romantic  OS. 

do write more.  its lovely to read RAYA romance. 

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Posted: 5 years ago
Romantic OS
do write more
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