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So, after much of your patience, I've written something very sweet for you guys. I literally forced my brain and body to come up with a Part 3. Apologies if it's not as long as you guys would like it to be but show me your love and let me know what you really think of this in your comments. They honestly help a lot. It's late where I am now, enjoy loveys and happy reading.

Hand-holding, morning pecks and sweet jealousy. It's been quite a few days since their arrival in the Maldives. He's taken Paro everywhere from the beach to underwater restaurants. Who knew that in the shortest time they'd become closer than they thought they were. The had managed to laugh a little and live a little.

Back at the haveli, he'd go to work and come back tired. On the other hand, Paro would go about doing her domestic chores around the house and sleep as soon as she put her head on the pillow. They needed to get away from their daily routines that was slowly eating up any hopes of spending some alone time together without any trouble in Paradise.

The island wasn't the only thing they'd explored. The love birds explored one another, sight seeing their hues. On a slightly warm morning, Paro woke up from a burning smell. Mustering the strength to walk downstairs to their kitchen, she rubbed her eyes a few times, unable to make out the scene before her...

Rudra with flour on his moustache and what seemed like batter on the countertop. "I thought I'd make breakfast for a change?" he innocently broke the surprise his wife was in. In response, she began to cheerfully giggle, recalling the time she was his witness when he walked on her with some cylinders and jars, one of them pooffed his face with white powder.

Rudra's personality changed, well ... slightly at least. He started to become affable, not as uptight as he used to be. Being around danger for a while takes its toll on you, but so does being around Paradise. Paro also learned to relax. After some cajoling from Rudra's side, she finally agreed to let housekeeping clean their villa, wash their clothes and room service to serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything they had desired in between or after.

Every day, they'd do something different. Somedays they'd go to the beach. Paro would silently boil as she saw the ladies staring and desperately trying to get the attention of her husband. Every now and then, a girl would walk by strutting her scrony model type body or abs in front of the couple but would end up huffing and puffing at his negligence. Paro would pretend to have scratched something on her soft finger, and Rudra would bounce. The girls would fume at the beauty in a sari that sat across him, the only woman who had his undivided attention.

Rudra would playfully ignore his wife's silly excuses to go back when he knew she was dying of jealousy. He thought it wasn't often that he'd see his wife's possiveness, might as well enjoy it. The Jallad in him took the opportunity to add more fuel to the flame, he suddenly stood up from where they were sitting and decided to stretch. Flexing his toned muscles, running his fingers through his wet gorgeous locks. And before he knew it, his wife joined the fan club. Her thoughts were completely derailed as she saw her handsome husband display his manhood. The way she denied his direct questions of her jealousy was the cutest he'd seen her. She would march like child all the way back to their villa, making him drag himself behind her. They'd argue over his arrogance and he'd end up chuckling at her pride.

Other days, it was the opposite. While the couple would take strolls on the smooth and warm sandy beach, Paro would unknowingly attract eyes through her beautiful features and the authenticity she carried off with her light pastel saris, they way the were draped around her petite body. The way they'd slowly dance with the ocean's breeze. Rudra noticed how many heads would turn. It was an unusual sight to the crowd but one that had managed to leave them in awe. One that had also managed to make a very jealous husband.

He would pretend to yawn and flutter his eyelids, faking his drowsiness. But as soon as they were in their bedroom, behind closed doors, he would torment Paro with his uncontrollable emotions to make love to his wife. Teasing her with how she's to blame, but fill her ears with declarations of how moments as these, reminds of how lucky he is to be the only one who could do this.

One evening, Rudra took Paro out to the sea on a yacht. They spent the entire night under the stars. Paro would lay there under the cool breeze admiring the starry night, only to catch her filmy husband admiring her. She'd study those eyes, those honest eyes of his. How they would gleam as he smiled and sparkle as he tried to find words to convey the depth of his love for her.

Time stood still for them, lost in each others eyes until they dozed off in each other's arms, feeling blissful in a calm night. Rudra feigned his sleep for some time at first. He would ponder about how deceitful he was of the idea of love and finding someone that would add meaning to your life. He never thought he'd find someone that would become the whole purpose instead.

He'd wake up the the softest pecks from the only one that mattered after all. Paro's playfulness began to come out of the shadows and match her husbands devilish tricks. He'd pretend to sleep just to have her kiss him more. "Besharam" she'd call out before and after each kiss. That's another trick that would come in handy once they're back home she thought.

Thumbs up for Paro's confidence??? Let me know in your comments!
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Posted: 2014-10-09T17:26:10Z
What a blissful scenario ^_^
PaRud having their best time in Maldives :)
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Posted: 2014-10-09T17:32:52Z
Lovely part...I feels so dreamy so pure
Even after reading I started missing parud so badly...
Keep it up...u wrote very well
Loved to read... Smile Edited by kirim - 2014-10-09T18:05:31Z
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Posted: 2014-10-09T20:54:09Z
Wat a lovey dovey update... really cool... SmileWink
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Posted: 2014-10-09T22:08:32Z
That was such a warm update... Sweet and yet so typical of Paro and Rudra...
Thx for the PM...
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Posted: 2014-10-10T00:21:13Z
i wished we had seen a honeymoon in our serial too. we never got to see the possessiveness of rudra after the confession
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Posted: 2014-10-10T01:12:42Z
Aww! Parud are getting a nice long honeymoon. Small request, keep them there for two more updates atleast
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Posted: 2014-10-10T02:58:30Z
OMG! Now that I read it, you must have been premonitional! After all Ashish and Archana did take off for the Maldives!
Sweet piece! You have left a lot to our imagination. Thanks for the PM!

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