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"Priya... darling.."

"Cominggg.. 2 minutes.."

"Movie is going to start yaar"

"I'll never talk to you if you press the play button Mr. Kapoor"

Oh God.,..mr  Kapoor aap mein bilkul bhi patience nhi hai. 

"Mr. Kapoor Can't you wait two minutes? I didn't check if the coffee has enough sugar in it or even if I have put sugar. "

Ram smiled and got the cups from her hand while  she climbed the bed. 

"So what Mrs. Kapoor, if coffee doesn't have sugar? I have such a big sweet box near me. I will just take a bite of you and have coffee. "

She blushed hearing his sugar coated words and said, "Can I win speaking to you ? You spoke and spoke and spoke and made me fall for you head over heels. Now, I am struck up with you forever"

"Oh. Is that a big punishment? You wanna have some independence honey? "

"Hmm. What If I say yes?"

"I won't do anything. I will just say bye to you and find someone else. " He laughed. 

She immediately pinched his thighs hard that he screamed loud in pain. I hate you ...ar mai aapko chodkr kahin nhi jane waliWacko

He spilled some coffee in his bare thighs she wiped them off for him. He was rubbing the pinched spot for relief and told, "Just wait baby. I will take revenge of your pinch in just two minutes"

"Haa. Just do what you can. I don't fear you Mr. Kapoor". Saying this, she moved a bit closer to him and her face was over his shoulders

" Hit play button Mr. Kapoor. Let's watch the movie"

He hit play and started watching "it is a love story and the movie has very intimate scenes. Priya was able to feel Ram's hands that were on her shoulder rubbing her hands slowly.

She was also already turned on by the scene that she let him do what he wishes. He slowly rubbed over her hands and then, moved on to her neck and breast, He slowly started rubbing them over the fine fabric of  night dress and her breath became hot and quicker. She closed the eyes in ecstasy. His hands moved tenderly over nipples over the dress and he moved on below. His hands were now on tummy and then it moved on to the side hip. Shr was biting her lips to stop moaning. 


She shouted, pushing Ram  aside. 

Ram was laughing like mad. He has pinched  her hip hard.

"I told you I'll take revenge. How was it?"

She started beating him ..

"Vry bad mr kapoor ..kitna jor se pinch kia...hate u..mai jaa rhi hoon aap deekhiye aapki movie"

She lying in the bed. She was covered partially with a white bedcover and both her waxed legs were visible and they were shiny in the night lamp and her brast moving up and down rhythmically with her breaths. And her face. Oh Man. She has one who can drive him crazy 

He pushed aside her bedcover, he could see her shivering a bit and goose bumps all over her body.

"Mr. Kapoor pls mujeh sone dijiye"

"Haan toh..,tum so "

he slowly moved  index finger towards her nipple,  touched it tenderly with the tip of the finger and started making concentric circle over the nipple..

"what are you doing Ram ?" She asked in a seductive voice.

"Apni ruthi hui biwi ko pyaar kr rha hoo"

"Ram sone dijiye mujhe neend aa rhi hai"

"Really? You need to sleep?

He suddenly moving over her and moving my hands towards her navel and ...She smiled sexily and pulled him towards her face. lips were just millimeters apart. She said, "You got to know now right? Then what is your problem. Do what you wish"

before she completed the sentence my lips were inside her lips, sucking them kissed hard and started biting her lower lips gently hands moved inside the slip and got hold of her firm naked breasts moved below and removed her slip urgently and let it move towards her stomach and started sucking on the left brwast while pressing the right one wildly.took the nipples inside mouth and chewed them on and licked.She was just hugging him and moving her hands over Ram's back...and he moved over her and moved her legs apart and in the glistening sweet hole of hers...slowly inserted inside. She moaned...and then he increased the pace suddenly.started rocking her hard and fast ...after a considerable time, she exploded first, throwing her body into continuous shivers and he exploded then...He lied over her...

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A W E S O M E 
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Posted: 2014-10-09T06:25:26Z
It was sooo romantic and hot plsss continue soon
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Posted: 2014-10-09T06:45:07Z
Wat a sweet and romantic revenge Ram had with PriyaEdited by aanchaltulshan - 2014-10-09T06:45:07Z
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Posted: 2014-10-09T07:57:10Z
T O O   G O O D

H O T 


continue soon dear
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Posted: 2014-10-09T08:02:58Z
very nice updatee...
short  updatee...Embarrassed
continue soon..
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Posted: 2014-10-09T10:06:50Z
nice update.. do continue soon
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Posted: 2014-10-09T10:24:47Z
Super romantic !!!
Continue soon!!!
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