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So,People I am back with another story 
TITLE-'PrAja SS:Aapki Jeet mai hi Hamari Jeet Hai'
So first of all some essential things to be taken care for reading-
1.The story is not related to history or present on going serial.Its totally fictitious.
2.The story may be the related to someone else's story or Idea too but I Do not Know if some problem related to that PM admin .
3.Some of the dialogues may  also match with the show Maharana Pratap.Do not have any queries with that matter
4.If some serious problem  which is legible ,(not informal)
Please PM the admin of the story
5.There will surely be two or  more chapters
6..PM will be to specific people(Buddy list & Some known people)
7.If someone else wants then please write in comments or PM the author
8.Sometimes I may be late in writing for the next part.
So apologies in advance.
9.If some problem with the imagination of age difference then please think PrAja (pratap and Ajabde) as 17 or 18 or least till 16
10.Comment,like and share your views:)
Happy Reading peopleSmile
Part 1 :Page 1
Part 2:Page 9
Part 3:Page 13
The third Part is the final part of the story,
thank you all for the comments and likes,
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Please comment !

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Pratap and Ajabde were running very fast from different sides,they were so excited just,they came in their own room ,,,,losing their breath and then in chorus-

"phool ki sagai ho rahi hai"
"aapko kaise pata?"

"arre yeh sawaal to hamein pucchnaa chahiye"

"nahi hamein"

"accha pehle aap boliye"

"nahi aap"

"hamne bola naa"

"accha pehle ham hi bolte hain"

"nahi hum"

their khit-pit had a sweet innocence hidden somewhere,,,

now they were wife and husband but still would have little bit of this ...

and with this conversation's single speaking was started by ajabde

A-"kuar pratap ek samsya hai par"

P-"arre hamri beendni ,,,artharth kuar pratap singh ki patni ko kaisi samasya?"

A-"arre hum jaante hain ki aap kon hain...parantu iska uttar aapke paas bhi nahi hai"

P-"aisa kaise ho sakta hai,aap hamein bataiye toh"

A-"wo,phool to hamari priya sakhi hain aur unke hone waali pati kuar yuvraj aapke priy mitra hain haina?"

P-"haan,,,to kya ho gaya"

A-"arth ham ladki waalon ki taraf se honge aur aap ladke waalon ki taraf se"

P-"ye aap kya bol rahi hain?"
A-"ham jo bhi bol rahe hain bilkul sahi keh rahe hain,,shat(100) praateshat sahi"

P-"aisa nahi ho sakta ,ajabde hum aapke bina kaise rahenge?aur vaise bhi hum phool ke bhi mitra hain"

A-"nahi ho sakta aisaa,,,kuar yuvraj aapke to bachpan se mitra hain hi,par daji raj ke bhi mitra ke putra hain naa?"

P-"hum yeh sab nahi maante,aapko ...dekhiye humne jo boldiya so boldiya...ab hum aapki ek baat nahi maanenge!"

pratap goes to his mother ,who was sitting there alone on her bed and seeing one of her sarees

P-"raani maa,dekhiya naa,,,,ajabde bol rahi hain ki phool ki sagai mein hum unke saath nahi reh sakte"

JB-"toh sahi toh keh rahi hen woh,galat kya kaha ab unhone"

P-"aap bhi raani maa"

JB-"chaliye,ab zid mat kijeye aap bacche nahi hain ab ,aapka vivah ho gaya hai,,teen mahene ho chuke hain ab usko bhi"

P-"hum jaa rahe hain yahaan se"

he again goes to his room where ajabde is sitting on the swing

"to kuar pratap ,rani maa ne kya kaha?"ajabde said to pratap in s teasing manner standing

P-"haan haan ajabde ,kar  lijeya hamara uphaas hum bhi dekh lenge"

A-"arre,hamara arth vo nahi tha,hum to bas aise hi keh rahe the...par agar aap yehi chahte hain to theek hai...(she took both of her hands to her ears and just said)maaf karde jiye hame"

P-"nahi ajabde ,aap aisa mat kariye,,,ham to bhi hai ...mat kijeye aisa"

he keeps his hands on her shoulders and then they have a perfect eye lock ,,

and suddenly ajabde starts laughing and pratap slowly removes his hands from her shoulders

A-"kuar pratap,aap bhi naa ham to bas uphaas kar rahe the ,aur aap to isse kucch zyaada hi gambhir samajh bethe"

P-"iss baar hum aapko nahi chodenge"

ajabde starts running and pratap follows her ..poles and poles were all surrounding ...

P-"ajabde aap aaj kal hamare saath bohut zyaada uphas karne lagi hain"

A-"kuar pratap ,aap to aise keh rahe hain jaise aap hamare saath kabhi uphaas hi nahi karte hain"

They both were running but were now on same poles ,on the opposite directions,but only ajab knew that.

P-"ajabde,vaise aap sahi to keh rahi hen"

A-"iska arth hai ki..."

P-"ki hamari jeet aur aapki haar"


Ajabde was confused she came to pratap opposite her direction ,it was pratap's clever trick to find her which she was unaware of...

A-"kya ,aapki jeet aur hamari haar?"she said very sweetly like her usual tone

P-"dekhiye ajabde aap kaha hain ?aur vaise bhi aap to khud hi bol rahi hain ki hamari jeet hui hai to hum kyun roke?"

Ajabde now got to know it was pratap s trick,his mischievous way of saying had proved everything...

A-"yeh kya kardiya hamne?"she sighed and kept her hand on her head

P-"accha hainaa?"

A-"nahi...chaliye aapki jeet,kyunki aapki jeet main hi to hamri jeet hai"

Ok,people I have finished now ,I hope you liked it,,,if there is something you don't like or I have to improve upon please tell ,bad comments are totally allowed if you like it I will surely continue my next part ...And I have the little synopsis for the next part

Precap-Ajabde and Pratap meeting together,phool preparations and lots of PrAja fun :)
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Awwwlee! That was such a cute update.. Their typical nok-jhok continuing even after marriage. Hehe! Loved it behna, please updae soon. And don't forget to PM me. EmbarrassedEdited by _Rini_ - 5 years ago
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awesome update Embarrassed tfs Rhea Big smile
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Posted: 5 years ago
really happy,,,,,,,,,,,,atleast no pra--------------phool weddingTongue
loved it yaarHugand thank u so much for the PM and specially for the sweet PrAja momentsEmbarrassed
love uHug
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Posted: 5 years ago
i really liked ur story . update soon nd pm me
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Posted: 5 years ago
Rhea...sry mujhe accha nahi laga..balki mujhe bohot acha laga Wink Big smile Awesome yar Clap loved it so much Embarrassed waiting for nxt update Big smile Tongue
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome updtt
luvd it
continue soon ...
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