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part 1

Priya stood in the crowd of screaming fan girls she would be screaming herself but she was so excited about seeing him she could hardly breathe the screams got even louder which meant he was coming she pushed her way to the front of the crowd to get a better view nd there he was Ram Kapoor he smiled and waved to the screaming girls as he passed only stopping to sign a few autographs he had just finished signing one girl's who looked like she was about to faint when he turned and caught her gaze he just looked at her for what felt like an eternity she felt her heart stop beating in those few seconds then he gave her that winning actor smile and walked up to her the other girls seemed to notice he reaction to her and started whispering to themselves she felt her face flush red  he gestured for her notebook she held in her hands she handed it to him while still staring into those brawn colored eyes

May I ask your name? he said to her

Oh I'm P P P Priya she said stumbling over her words

He laughed at her nervous reaction his laughed made her relax a little he scribbled a small note and closed the notebook so no one else could see it  then handed it back to her he then took her hand and kissed it It's a pleasure to meet you Priya

It was like he was mischivious and sly he let her hand slip from his and then turn his attention back to crowd of fan girls others were still whispering about her part of her wanted to be while the other part of her wanted to disappear she managed to get back out of the crowd and back to the road her heart was pounding so fast she thought it would burst that was so weird she thought yet she smiled to herself out of a hundred of girls she was the only one who got a kiss on the hand she could only hope that it hadn't been a dream

Ram finished signing another autograph and looked back to see if he could see her again she was gone but then he saw her leaving the crowd she was beautiful with black eyes and black hair he wasn't quite sure what came over him when he saw her he wanted to meet her but now he thought he might have embarrassed her he wanted to see her again and apolagize but he couldn't leave he probably wouldn't ever see her again he turned back and continued into the theater

Priya collapsed onto her couch and breathed a sigh of relief she managed to get back to her apartment before getting mobbed by angry fan girls her dog jumped into her lap she stroked his head i've had quite a day she said to her dog  he just looked at her 

All right i'll feed you

She got up and went into her small kitchen then slopped some dog food into a bowl and set it on the ground She then went into the bathroom to change looking into the mirror she gasped she realized that her favorite necklace was missing she ran out of the bathroom and grabbed her purse not there she looked around the room and felt under the cushions of her couch but nothing she sighed in frustration it must have fallen out while she was out she decided to call the movie theater to see if she left it there she picked up her cell phone and dialed the number

Hello said a woman's voice on the other line

Hi i seemed to have lost a necklace of mine it's a heart locket with a small moon etched into the top of it

Just a minute said the woman she waited for a few minutes before the woman spoke again i'm sorry Mam There's no sign of a necklace like that

Oh well thanks for checking bye she said

Bye said the woman as she hung up

She sat back down on the couch   just one thing after another she said to herself

Just then she noticed the notebook Ram had sighed on the floor she picked it up and turned to the page where he had signed it read For a beautiful fan with love Ram Kapoor she looked at her hand the one he had kissed she could still feel the kiss on her hand it had been light and soft she sighed and closed the notebook Get real she told herself he was probably just messing with you

She changed into her pajamas and got ready for bed after turning off the lights she closed her eyes but didn't sleep she couldn't stop thinking about it but she had to or she would never get any sleep

Ram walked out of the theater along with his manager it was late and the crowd of screaming fan girls were long gone he walked to the road where a car awaited him when he saw something shining in the gutter he bent down to get a closer look and saw that it was a locket he picked it up and examined it it was beautiful yet simple it was heart shaped with a moon etched into the top along with pattern he opened it up to reveal a picture it was over a woman and a man they were smiling and in between them was little girl he noticed the little girl looked a lot like Priya and he remembered her wearing this he stood and showed it to his manager See if you can find that girl i met today even just her phone number would do i believe this is her's his manager  looked at him you mean the one who's hand you kissed he said

Yes i know that was different but he managed to say before his manager  interrupted him it's ok it's your life I'm just your manager he took the necklace from him i'll see what i can do he opened the car door for  him Come on it's late he nodded and climbed into the car once in he smiled to himself maybe he would get to see her again

Priya was rested her head on her hand as she listened to another one of her science professor's lectures her friend Rajat  who was sitting in the seat next to her had fallen asleep she prodded him with her pencil hmm what? he looked over at her why did you have to wake me up? he whispered i was having a nice dream

You can't keep sleeping in class you've already been busted twice besides we only have a few minutes left of class she whispered back he sighed  fine and then turned his attention to the lecture in a few minutes the bell rung everyone stood and got their stuff  don't forget class said Professor  we have an exam coming up

Great she thought she grabbed her bag and joined  Rajat  who was waiting for her outside so i heard about what happened at the movie theater he said to her

You did?  she said feeling her face burn with embarrassment

Don't worry about it he said putting a hand on her shoulder he was probably just messing with you after all he is an actor

You can't just put all actors into one category they're people too ya know not all of them are alike she said   Rajat  just shrugged Ram was different she had never liked an actor so much as she did him  there was just something about him  just then her friend Richacame up guess what she said she gave an exceptionally big smile to  Rajat only because she had enormous crush on him what?" she said

I just signed up for auditions for the play she said excitedly

Wait what play? Priya asked

You didn't hear? the college is doing a open audition play Rumor has it that it's being sponsored by an actor and he's going to be the lead in the play he told them

Who's the actor? Rajat  asked  Richa  gave them a sly smile i've heard that it's none other than Ram Kapoor after all that's how his acting career started was doing plays

Priya couldn't believe it r  u sure? she asked

I'm pretty sure nd with your recent experience with him i think you should try out

I don't know u know i have bad stage fright  nd doing with him would just make me more nervous she said

come on Richa started to say but Rajat  interrupted her don't force her if she doesn't want to he told her

It's ok Rajat  u know maybe it's time i faced my fears i at least audition and if  i don't make it i don't make it

Alright come on the sign up sheet is this way Richa said leading her down hall Priya could only hope she knew what she was getting herself into

Ram peered over his  manager's shoulder to look at his computer have you found her yet? he asked

Maybe Vikram said

What? what have you found? he asked

Possibly her facebook account Vikram pointed to the screen is this her?

He looked closely at the photo yes definitely look she's even wearing the locket in the picture

Do you want me to send her a message? Vikram asked

No i'll email her myself facebook is too open i don't want to embarrass her again he said

Don't forget to send the picture you took that way she knows for sure you have it nd then we have to get going soon Vikram said

Hmm why? he asked

Remember you have those auditions for that play you're doing at that college

Yes of course don't worry i'll be ready Ram said and walked over into his own office he log into his email account and created a new email he typed a short message and then uploaded the picture he thought about typing an apology but decided that would be better to do in person he hit send and then stared at the computer hoping she would respond quickly there was no response he sighed and stood he would have to check later besides he had auditions to prepare for he had a feeling there were going to be a lot

Priya stood in the audition line just outside the theater Richawas with her i can't believe you talked me into this she said to her come on it's going to be fun Richasaid

Do you see this line every girl in the college is trying out and probably for the main role too you think me out of a hundred girls would really get the part?

You've got a pretty good chance you're pretty and talented you can be really good at acting if you just don't think about ur stage fright

Hey guys Rajat said walking up to them

Rajat what are you doing here? you didn't sign up she said

I came to give moral support  he said

We certainly could use it she said but i though you had to make up that chemistry exam

I already did so i came to cheer you guys on Rajat said

Thank you Richasaid smiling at him despite her obvious feelings for him Rajat didn't even notice he was a little dense then again he never seemed that interested in girls

After a few minute they finally were inside the theater Priya loved the theater they had at the college it was old fashioned and reminded her of an opera house everything was red and gold in color she turned to the stage to watch girl after girl go up to audition there were a few boys but it was mostly girls so what play are they doing? Rajat  asked

DDLJ oh i loved the movie Richa said

Me too Priya said

Oh it was a romantic Richasaid

So it's a romantic? Hmm Rajat  said looking concerned

What? You don't like all that mushy stuff Rajat ? she teased

Well you know how guys are we're all about action he said Richaaccepted his answer but Priya could tell he was hiding something

Ohh we're so close Richasquealed they had almost reached the front of the line she looked over to the first row of seats where the drama professor Mr.Choudhary was sitting next to him was the acting coach Mrs. Agarwal  and then just in the next seat over sat him oh i see him Richasaid she must have been looking as well you were right he is here

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest she wished it would stop she was already nervous enough about the audition but before she knew it they were at the front of the line i'm going to sit down good luck guys Rajat  said leaving the line

Richai don't know if i can do this she could feel her palm sweating

Come on you'll be fine just take a deep breath after all it's just a reading oh we're on she clenched her script in nervousness okay relax she told herself it's going to be okay  she followed Richaup onto the stage and to it's center talk about a scene Richasaid to the them Priya looked over at the three and found herself caught in Ram's gaze he seemed surprised to see her she took a deep breath and looked away you may begin Mr.Choudhary said they each read their lines and when it was over turned back to the three this time Priya avoided Ram's gaze and focused on Mr. Choudhary Thank you ladies don't forget to check the recall list later on

Richa  smiled at her and they left the stage you did great she said

I don't know i think everyone could hear my knees knocking together she said

You're knees were fine you were completely composed Richatold her

Thanks you did good too she said Rajat  joined them as they exited the theater good job guys not that  i know one thing about acting but from my perspective you did good

Thanks they both said

Richathen looked down at her watch i almost forgot i have a major project to finish that's due tomorrow i gotta go See u guys later she hurried off and out the doors

Hey u want to go get something to eat? Rajat  asked her

I can't i promised my art professor i come in and help him with a project  she said

Oh Rajat  said sounding disappointed

Too bad Richa's busy u two could have gone out she said

What's that suppose to mean? Rajat  said looking confused

She sighed and put a hand to her forehead man u're so dense isn't obvious? Richa  likes you

She does? Rajat  ran a hand through his  hair i guess she is really happy when i'm around

Uh yeah

Well she'll have to find someone else besides i like someone else he told her

Oh who? she asked

Not gonna tell i don't want her to know yet i'm waiting for the right moment to tell her Rajat said

Oh come on i'm your best friend she pleaded

Nope can't trust you besides i know how you girls like to gossip he said walking away

Fine whatever see u later she said he waved goodbye to her and left too

She sighed and turned back toward the theater she was tempted to walk back in there and see him but she had to help her art professor after all something told her this wouldn't be the last time she would see him

Ram could hardly believe it was her he had watched her walk up on the stage stunned with surprise despite his surprise he did recover enough to listen to her perform she was good she had amazing acting qualities quiet yet thoughtful straight forward  she would get the role for sure and he would be able to meet her

TO be continued...


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Nice concept:-)
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nice & different concept
thanks for pm
continue soon
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Very very interesting and different..plzz cont soon.
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really interesting story...please continue asap Smile
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You are back with another interesting concept on Raya.
Ram as an actor Priya as an fan but seems in their first meeting only their sparks are visible. I think rajath like Priya it will be very interesting to read next part continue soon and thanx for the pm...
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thnks for pm suprb starting continue
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interesting story...
continue soon
thnks for the pm..Smile
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