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Hi frnds this is my second OS on raya , story continues from when ram wants to give send off party to pihu when they lived in Dubai as u all now ram calls to PIHU and invites her but priya say no for dinner so aagey ki kahaani sunk
Ram thinks to himself " pihu ki homework hai isliye woh nahi aasakthi lekin meri kuch kaam nahi hain, mein toh jaa saktha uske ghar " he is happy and calls kady to tell his plan
Ram: kady PIHU ko uski mumma permission nahi di hain toh mein soch raha hu ki hum uske ghar jaakar usse surprise kiya toh" what say
Kady shouts in excitement: wow sir its a super idea waise aap PIHU ki mom se bhi nahi mila haina toh wo bhi hojayaga I'll call her and inform that we r coming for dinner kady tries to dail but ram stops 
Ram: kady it's a surprise we will go directly and don't bother about dinner we will pack the food from any hotel ok
Kady: very good idea ok then its done my cutie pie feels very happy ram and kady both r getting ready to visit PIHU
Here priya still disturbed knowing about

Ram& khush relationship, she is doing some household work, PIHU busy in her drawing just then door bell rings
Here ram telling to kady
Ram: patha nahi kyun kady am feeling something in my heart 
Kady : sir u r excited to meet PIHU that's why u r feeling like that
Ram: may be u r right lekin koi darwaaza khol kyu nahi raha hai kady ye log bahaar toh nahi gaye haina ? Now ram Lil worried 
Inside the house
Priya: PIHU bacche mumma kitchen mein hain toh aap jaakar dekho kaun aaya PIHU always ready to open the door she jumps from the bed and runs
Priya: PIHU careful first check & then open the door
PIHU: ok mumma she checks in intercom but she can't see anyone PIHU thinks a while and open the door
Pihu can see a man standing there with a big flower bouquet 
PIHU: kaun hai aap ? Kya chahiye aapko? Hello when she turns to close the door as she didn't get any answer from other side suddenly she hears "surprise rock star"
PIHU is very happy seeing her golu uncle she is screaming golu uncle and hugs him ram lifts her up 
PIHU: golu uncle aap yahan
Ram: haan mumma aapko aane se mana kiya lekin mein toh aasaktha tha naa isliye aagaya aap se dinner karne keliye
Priya tensed about pihu she come out from kitchen wiping her hands with towel
Priya: pihu bacchhe kaun hai wahan ? Aap abhi tak andar kyu nahi aaya? Saying all these she reached living room and she is shocked looking at the man with her child she is tensed she don't how to handle situation she wants to move from there kady shouts
Kady: priya ,hearing priya name from kady ram turns to see whom kady is calling and he is shocked he can't believe his eyes his life is back he can't accept this both are looking each other without blinking  pihu slips from his hands and runs towards priya,hugs her 
Pihu: mumma dekho na golu uncle humare saath dinner karne aaye hain hearing mumma from pihu ram thinks pihu mentioned priya as mumma that means pihu meri tears started in his eyes here priya already crying pihu& kady are confused they don't know what happened pihu shooks priya hand and make her sit on her kneels and wipes priya tears telling
Pihu: mumma kya hua aap pihu se upset ho ? Priya nodding her head as its not her fault she signals pihu to get ram near pihu goes to ram and get him on his kneels
Priya holding pihu hands in her hands tells
Priya: pihu mumma ne aapko bathaya tha na party mein. Aapko ek angel se milwa unga jiske wajahse aap mere life mein ho 
Pihu: haan mumma mujhe yaad hain lekin uss din aap bahuth ro rahe they na issliye meine aapko pucha nahin 
Ram shocked hearing all this & remembers what happened in party
Priya face totally drenched with tears oneside she is controlling her feelings and another side she trying to explain pihu finally priya 
Priya: pihu ye golu uncle hi aapka angel hain jiske wajahse aap mumma ke paas ho she can't stay there anymore she runs in to the room crying badly just like a kid 
Kady shocked hearing the truth but she can't understand what's the connection ram explains pihu & kady everything
Pihu: aap mere papa ho
Ram: yes am ur dad both hugs each other till now ram very angry on priya he wants to punish her but he wants know why priya did this so he wipes his tears and tells kady to prepare for dinner
Kady : but ram sir priya? She looks at the room
Ram : I'll get her u look after pihu ram goes towards the room and knocks he can hear sobbing sounds hearing this he also crying he knows how much she loved him but he wants to know the truth so he is very adamant that he continuously knocking the door finally priya replied
Priya: Mr. Kapoor pls for some time leave me alone I'll give u answer for every question of u pls for god sake
Ram swallowed lumps in his throat 
Ram: priya pls come out this is my first dinner with my daughter and my wife pls priya come join us I beg u she can't hear these type of words from his mouth all of sudden she opens door 
Ram: pls priya stop crying go fresh up and join For dinner I promise I don't ask any questions pls
Priya goes to washroom she's back after a while here pihu is very excited she is nonstop chatting with ram & kady priya watching them and feeling very guilty ram senses her presence,both are looking at each other eyes both wants to hug and solace each other pihu rans towards priya,priya comes back to reality 
Pihu: mumma aaj pihu ne paapa me saath dinner ki aur aaj mumma,paapa,pihu ek saath soyenge. Haina paapa
Ram comes to them telling yes my rock star aaj poori family ek swath ok
Pihu: toh chale paapa mujhe neend aarahi hai chalo na mumma she dragging ram & priya towards bedroom 
Priya: pihu bacche paapa abhi tak dinner nahi kiya haina pehle paapa KO khana khane do tab tak mein sula deti hoon aapko
Pihu: nahi mumma mujhe aap dono chahiye  priya tries to explain but ram intervenes 
Ram: rehne do priya pehle iss ko sula dethe hain phir dinner
Starts to move this time kady intervenes
Kady : priya aap log dinner khatam Karo tab tak mein pihu ke saath rehthi hoon already its late lady takes pihu with her to room leaving ram & priya alone
Ram: priya bahuth bhook lag rahi hain khana and he stops priya starts preparing plates inside she is struggling ram knows everything how priya is feeling now he staring at her
Both seated side by side ram attacked on the food but priya not even taken a spoon of rice ram noticed this he take a spoon full of food and placed near her mouth she is controlling her tears ram feeds her when he takes back his hand priya started crying badly holding his hand near her cheek she burst out ram also had tears ram moves from his chair & hugs her from back side with out a single word  he understand her situation 
Priya gets up from the chair and hug him telling am sorry Mr.kapoor am really sorry she started having hiccups due to continuous crying ram places his finger on her lips signals her not to cry and again hugs her placing several kisses on her forehead.

To be continued. . .
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Wow... njyd it thoroughly. ...
Nice stry... nice way of writing. ...

Pls update next part soon...
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Posted: 2014-09-23T11:37:19Z
awesme di...
really very emotional...
raya hug...awesme

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Originally posted by jodude

yaayyy me first..
Thanks for liking
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Posted: 2014-09-23T11:39:29Z
Originally posted by fan_forever

Wow... njyd it thoroughly. ...
Nice stry... nice way of writing. ...

Pls update next part soon...

Tomorrow next update thanks for comments
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Posted: 2014-09-23T11:41:27Z
So emotional...
Continue soon
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Posted: 2014-09-23T11:51:07Z
woww very nicee os...
superbly written...Clap
awww...rayape meet...Smile
continue soon..
thnks for the pmm...Smile
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Posted: 2014-09-23T11:56:23Z
aweee Superb OS 
 please fast fast next update 
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