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Hello Lovely Readers!
I know you all must be waiting for updates. I will update my stories from today regularly, I was hell busy from past few weeks, wasn't able to write. I am starting a new SS, Concept is given by Hima, she wanted me to write this one. This SS has four parts and I will update daily.


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Chapter One - Scroll Down

Chapter Two - Page 10

Chapter Three - Page 22

Chapter Four - Page 33

Chapter Five - Page 44

Epilogue - Page 55

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Chapter One

The sun who was hiding from the world all through the night was slowly coming out to kick everyone from bed but it had no effect on Reyaansh Singhania who was sleeping in his king-sized bed wrapped in royal blue duvet. With the sound of alarm clock, He woke up, he sat on bed, Stretching his arms to shoo his sleepiness away. He got down from bed and went in washroom to get ready. After getting ready for his office he went downstairs at dinning table for breakfast. His servant Serve him breakfast while sipping his coffee he check some mails on his cell phone when a sound of something falling down caught his attention. Rey stood up from his place and goes toward Kitchen from where that sound came from. 

The sight in front of him prick his heart, His 5 month pregnant wife was trying to get some container from upper shelf but she couldnt reach there because of her baby bump which wasn't allowing her to jump little or Climbing on stool to reach there. Rey sighed looking at his Mute wife...Mute yeah right she cant speak as far as he know, When she was 15 she got in accident with her parents, Her parents died in that accident but she survived but she was too shocked then she slipped into depression that caused her to lost her voice.

"What are you doing?" Rey asked in emotionless tone which was somewhat rude. He knew that his this behavior hurt her but he don't care.

Hearing him Taani straighten herself, Turning around to face her husband who was shooting daggers at her direction, She knows he don't care for her but at least he can show some amount of care toward their baby who is growing inside her. She knew she don't deserve him, He deserve someone of his status not someone like her, emotionally weak person who cant even speak. Yeah you guessed it right, Their marriage was forced one, Their Grand parents were best of friends and when taani and Rey were little their grandparents promised each other that their grand kids will marry each other.

And seven months back, His parents forced him and her to get married, Taani didn't have option, as after her parents death singhanias were taking care of her, She couldn't deny them. As expected Rey didn't wanted to marry her, Who would, who would want a mute wife, Specially A business tycoon like him. After marriage Rey ignore her like she don't even exist Though in start Taani tried to win him but after few attempt when she got nothing, She gave up, Leave everything in hand of her fate.

"If you are doing this to get my attention then don't do because I don't care" His harsh cold words bring her back into reality, She nodded her head in no. Its not that Rey taunt her everyday or torture her mentally or physically , in fact he don't even talk to her nor look at her and that bothered her a lot, This is the first time he is accusing her for something. Tears threaten to spill out from her beautiful chocolate brown eyes but she held them back.

Rey gave her last glare then left from there for his office, when he reached his office, After parking his car, He made his way inside. Rey look at vicky, His employee who was pacing in front of him cabin with worried expression.

"What happen Vicky? Is everything alright?" Rey asked him as he entered in his cabin, Vicky follow him inside.

"Sir I need leave for two weeks" Vicky told him.

"Sorry vicky thats not possible, Already few employees are on leave and there is new project coming in out way too I cant give you leave that to two weeks" Rey explain him. Vicky gave him pleading look.

"Sir My wife is in her last month of pregnancy, She needs me" Vicky pleaded to him.

"Sorry vicky I cant..." Vicky didn't let him complete his sentence as he took out a envelope from his pocket and kept it on table infront of rey. Rey gave him confuse look.

"My resignation letter sir, For me there is nothing is more important than My wife and My baby" Vicky replied his unasked question. Then vicky left from there leaving a shock Rey behind, Did this guy just quit his job because he wants to be with his pregnant wife, taking care of her. Vicky resigned because he wants to take of his pregnant, But what about him, He dont even talk to his pregnant life let alone taking care of her need, Somewhere deep down he was feeling miserably guilty but his conscious mind was not allowing that guilt to empower his heart and mind. Then shrugging off that thought he got busy in his works.

Here with Taani

She was in hospital. Today was her appointment with doctor, Doctor was her very close friends so It was easy for taani as she is comfortable with sharon, her doctor. After her checkup Taani was sitting in sharons cabin waiting for her report to come. How much she wished that Rey also come with her at least for once. She was longing for him, For him to show some Love on their baby. After all its his baby but he don't care or his action say so. 

"Taani, Next time I want you to bring Rey with you, I dont think woh itna bhi busy hai ki apne biwi aur hone waale bacche ke liye thoda sa time na nikal sake" Sharon said to, Taani smiled nervously and nodded, Till now she has managed to lie about Rey not coming with her. In every meet sharon would ask her why Rey dont come with her but everytime taani lied to her that he is busy with his business or out of town because of his work.

After collecting her reports taani left for home, she was feeling weak. She sat in her car and told driver to drove back home, she was busy in looking outside lost in her own thoughts.

It was close to midnight, and Taani was home alone while there was a big thunderstorm outside. Rey haven't return home yet and Taani was worried for him as Rey never come home late other than when he goes to business parties. Just then their bedroom door flung open revealing a drunk Rey drenched in water. Taani ran to him with worried expression, Made him stable on his steps. Holding him by his shoulders taani bring him inside and made him sit on bed. Rey was looking at her with emotions that were unknown to her. Rey never drink but then why today, Little did she knew that it was because he lost one deal and was upset about it and above that fight with his best friend swayum about some project made him drink, For the first time in life. The sky started turning cloudy and roared making the window panes shatter bring her back into reality. 

Taani didnt wanted him him catch cold so she went to closet and bring one towel and his cloths. She dont want to but she has to change his cloths. She don't want him to fall ill. Taani took towel and dry his hair. Her gentle strokes made him feel good. He was enjoying every moment as this was the first time he was experiencing it. She was dangerously close to him and his naughty eyes didn't seem to listen to him this time. They wandered greedily all over her bare milky waist peeking through her saree. He slowly wrap his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him, Her eyes widen feeling him caressing her bare waist with his stubble, She drop the towel on bed. Not knowing what to do she tried to push him away but that only result him pulling her down on his lap.

"See I am wet, Dry my body too" Rey demanded in drunken tone, He take her hand and kept it on his shirts button. Taani lowered her gaze, Tried to take her hand back but rey forced her to open his shirt button, Taani sighed and open his shirt button all the while Rey was playing his fingers on her stomach near her navel, causing goosebumps all over her body and thousands of butterflies her stomach. Taani open his shirt button and remove his shirt. Her soft fingers came in contact with his bare chest, making him lose his sense as her finger brush against his skin. Rey leaned forward, He was in daze, Just then a loud thunder sound came making her jump in his arms, Hugging him as her life depend on him. Rey puled her more into him, Crushing her softness in his hard muscular arms. Taani shivered feeling his lips on her neck, Her eyes were wide open realizing he was kissing her. Taani tried to push him away from her, knowing the He would regret this in morning. All her struggle died when he pushed her on bed and came on top of her. That time she wished, She could speak so that she could tell him he is doing wrong, He is not in sense But she don't know that even if she cant speak but her eyes speaks volumes. Her eyes ask him to stop, Even though he understood it and wants to stop but his heart told him to make her his, Alcohol effect empower his senses. His mind that shout at him to stay away from her was now shut. All he could hear was his heart, Which was yelling at him to accept her as his wife, Make her his.

Her body froze under his as his lips touched her, Their first kiss, Her first kiss. Her heart was pounding in her ribcage, She could hear her own heartbeats, Rey nibbled her lower lip, He was demanding and she could feel it. He want her participation in the kiss, His hands were gripping her waist tightly yet gently as if she is glass doll. After a big fight between her mind and heart, She finally gave in, In his Passion, In their or her Love. She submitted herself to him but she knew what is coming in her way, The thought that he is going to regret this night made her heart bleed.

In morning, what Taani thought came true, Rey didn't said anything to her, He just got ready and left for his office, While Taani sat alone in room and cried her heart out, He didn't even felt need to talk to her about what happen last night.

Taani came back into reality when driver told her they are home, She quickly wipe her tears and ran inside the house, In her room. She took her mom-dad's photo and cried her heart out, She was missing them, Then her gaze fall on Rey's photograph kept on side table. She kept her mom-dad's photo on table and hug Rey's photo close to her heart, She herself don't know when She slipped into slumber, With one hand she was clutching his photo near her heart and other one one her baby bump, protecting her baby.

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Yeah yeah
Me first
Me first
I really
Someone to write
Like this
Taani mute soo
I hope Rey realises
His mistake and
Bring taani and
His baby back
Into his life
Nice chapter
Keep updating
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Posted: 2014-09-21T01:59:07Z
nice concept. let's see what rey will do. he is aware of his responsibility but ignorant about same. waiting for next part
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Posted: 2014-09-21T01:59:13Z
nice concept
bt rey behaving so inhuman s bit sad
atleast he should respect her condition...
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Posted: 2014-09-21T02:04:32Z

Superb concept hima...
and u perfectly portrait every thing...
superb Poo...
taani is mute,poor girl...
rey s such devil,hope he realize his mistake soon...
updt soon Poo...
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Posted: 2014-09-21T02:11:29Z
Thank you so so so much
I mean only you could justify this cncpt of mine
My eyes were yet again teary... Cry
I loved the way you described their feelings
Mainly in the flash back... it couldnt be any better
Once again thanx a lot
I will be waiting for the updates of this ss
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Posted: 2014-09-21T02:22:39Z
awesome and different concept
taani lost her voice
and rey is so rude to taani hope he changes soon
vicky is awesome yr
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