RaYA OS: Suite No 2110

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Hello People!

Happy Saturday guys. Here is a small OS for you all, reminiscing RaYa in my own little way Embarrassed

Read along and let me know! Big smile

Happy Reading!




This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

 Suite No 2110

 "Aah! Tonight...is going to be one...fine...night...hell yeah!", Ram said playfully with an undertone of seduction in his voice as he dabbed his favorite after shave while he looked at his reflection in the mirror.

 "After a long day outdoor, a warm bath followed by scotch on rocks and..." a soft knock on the wooden door interrupted his chain of thoughts.

 "Come in", Ram ordered and walked out of the glass door restroom to see the intruder of his thoughts.

 "Mr. Chopra?", a soft but confident female voice enquired and the door was pushed open. She warily entered the spacious VIP suite on the 21st floor of The Westin hotel.

A slim figure standing five feet four inches tall draped in a designer saree wearing a seductive perfume had just entered and caught Ram's attention. He was pleasantly surprised to find a fine lady in his suite, who was of course not expected.

In a split second she turned around as she heard the faint sound of a door shutting behind her.

"My my...look who is here, Miss Priya Sharma, the top Bollywood actress in town, in MY suite!", Ram exclaimed and walked slowly but dramatically towards her.

"You? What...What are you doing here?", she said incoherently in a small voice. Just his mere presence in the same room had set her heartbeats racing at an alarming speed.

Damn! Why did he have to look so hot even in a bathrobe', she thought as he neared her. She tried to tear her eyes away from his smoldering gaze but failed miserably. She failed to breathe having lost control over her senses and soon color faded from her glowing skin.

Ram lazily took the last step towards her almost towering her and said calmly, "You are in Suite 2110 booked in the name Ram Kapoor, and not Mr. Chopra!"

Priya looked embarrassed on learning this piece of news. Ram paused to see her flushed cheeks before he added, "You probably were confused while inquiring at the reception early this evening" and winked.

"Damn it Priya!", she muttered to herself under her breath as she adjusted her weight from one foot to other.

"Did you say something?", Ram asked as he gently raised his hand and slowly tucked a hair strand behind her ear. His fingers lingered a little longer than required at the base of her neck giving her goose bumps all over her exposed arms.

"I...I am sorry, I should be in suite 1110 to meet Mr. Chopra", Priya said hastily brushing his hand away and turned around.

"What is the hurry Miss Sharma?", Ram said lazily and inched closer to her. She stepped back gingerly not breaking the eye contact even once. When she hit her back against the cold wall she realized she was trapped by him.

"Let me go please", Priya pleaded and tried to squeeze out of his authoritative trap. She flushed as Ram neared her and gently ruffled his wet hair splashing the cool droplets of water on her face. She closed her eyes in response and wriggled when she felt his warm breath at the base of her neck.

Bending a little to reach her ear, he whispered, "Be my guest mam". Priya erred to look back at him into his eyes and as always was tongue tied. Ram smiled naughtily when he saw no reaction from her except her shallow breathing. He gently wiped out the droplets of water on her lips with his thumb and looked pleased as she squirmed further with his touch.

"I Promise to be very hospitable", he said softly.

Priya was trying hard to gain control over her senses. Her body responded to his touch just the way a stone stirred ripples in still water.

You cannot get away with what you like Ram, not this time and never again...please don't do this to me Ram..."PLEASE!", she pleaded again this time aloud.

Please what sweetheart?", Ram asked playfully holding her gaze.

Ram's husky voice drew her attention and she regained her control. She took a deep breath and tried retorting, "We...we are colleagues Mr. Kapoor, co actors, and..."

"...and", Ram interrupted her purposely.

"...and I will appreciate a...a professional relationship between us." She completed with difficulty trying not to be affected by him anyway.

"Ah! I see...co actors... again."

Priya looked up at him and sighed, "I signed up for this movie only for Mr. Chopra and our fans."

Ram laughed lightly and leaned in closer to her resting his right hand on the wall behind her. She tried to move away but froze to her spot when he ran his fingers slowly up her arm to her shoulder and lightly brushed his knuckles against her jaw while he said, "Come on Priya, you can't deny that we share a...sizzling chemistry amongst us. Our last movie together was not a blockbuster hit just like that."

Priya stared back at him clearly miffed not just with his behavior but also at her inability to snap back at him and tell him to just let her be.

"Uff! your fiery eyes, such a turn on Priya', Ram commented seductively his fingers still creating the havoc in her.

"But hey why can't I see them brimming with love like always? You know the love you have for me?"

"You are assuming fiction for real Mr. Kapoor? I am a fine actress and very good at emoting fake emotions, even love", Priya replied sarcastically.

"Liar", retorted Ram. His fingers traced the hem of her blouse, closely lingering against her collar bone, drawing imaginary lines across her jaw line.  

Priya released herself from his hold and shoved past him. She looked back and said dejectedly, "It's all over Mr. Kapoor, how does it matter now?"

Before Priya could take another step she was pulled back and caged in his strong arms. He buried his head in the crook of her neck. Nuzzling her earlobe he murmured, "I love you Priya."

Priya moaned softly as she felt a quick rush of forbidden temptation but immediately pushed the sensation aside fighting the onslaught of his lips burning her skin where he kissed lightly, she turned her head slightly to look at him and cried, "It's such a shame, you just...just reconciled with your wife after years and you claim to love me? Disgusting!"  


"Ah! So you think my marriage and all that you read, hear or see is true." Ram smirked.

"I BELIEVE it to be true", she snapped trying to wriggle free with all her might.

"Believe!", Ram repeated and guffawed.

"Well then it's as true as your marriage... Mrs. Kapur", Ram whispered into her ears.

Priya was startled but looked away immediately and mumbled, what rubbish!"

Ram swirled her around in his arms to face her and held her firmly against his warm muscular chest. His magisterial hold on her kept increasing rapidly that in turn helped her steady herself.

"Miss Priya Sharma secretly ties knot with Mr. Ram KapUr, the KapUr with a U' a very well-known business tycoon based in Mumbai, surprisingly the same day Mr. Ram Kapoor, the Kapoor with O' reconciles with his wife. Same name husband, Interesting no?" Ram declared cheekily.  

Priya gulped with astonishment before she looked away and said, "That's...that's none of your business. And...anyways, now that you know I belong to someone else, let me go!"

You are mine, do you get that? Just mine!", Ram stated as he grasped her hair in a fist and gently pulled it, holding her in place.

If only you'd accepted this earlier Ram, things would have been different.", Priya sighed.

Grabbing her wrists, Ram backed her against the wall and pinned them beside her head. He let her breathing get steady a little and when she slowly opened her eyes he looked back into hers and said, Did you just realize you said Ram? You do love me Priya..."

"No I don't", she said hesitantly in a small voice.

Yes, you do Priya', Ram murmured and closed the gap between them. His lips came down upon hers and kissed slowly. She struggled but only faintly and for brief moments till he seductively nibbled her lower lip. As he gently traced its softness with the tip of his tongue, Priya felt the butterfly flutters in the pit of her stomach. She wasn't alien to this.

Yes, I do', she gasped as all her hesitation, her anger slipped away when her mouth met his.  This was not the time to think but to feel the warmth of his lips on me, the smooth touch of his fingers on me, to be enveloped and crushed in those arms and laying spent beside him with his arm on me', she thought.

As her body followed her heart, she slowly freed her hands held up and wrapped around him. Ram easily lifted her and walked towards the bed. She must have responded as she felt the silk comforter against her back. She saw him closely scanning every inch of her body and she blushed.

"I love you Priya", Ram said and buried his head in her neck arousing sweet sensations in her causing her body respond in ecstasy.  



Cuddling closer to Ram more comfortably, Priya in her sleep was perturbed as she felt Ram's stare on her. She slowly opened her eyes and squinted up at him through morning rays filtering through the curtains mutely lighting the room.

"Morning!" Ram chirped and kissed the crown of her head.

"Umm...Morning", Very softly she replied and pulled the duvet over to cover her naked self as she shivered.

Ram pulled her closer to him offering his warmth and said, "by the way, you are a surprise Priya!"


He laughed at her confused expressions and said, "I didn't know you are such a fine actress. I mean you were so real. For once I was confused, if it really was my wife Priya or some Bollywood actress standing in front of me."

Priya stopped toying with his fingers that were entwined with hers and giggled as she said, I take this role playing very seriously Mr. Kapoor, it brings out the best in me."

Oh sure it does' Ram said playfully and quickly pecked her lips.

"And you are so good at weaving stories? We reconciled after 5 years and married again but who the hell is this KapUr with a U'? I know some Rajat KapUr no Ram KapUr", Priya teased.

"Mr. KapUr with a U' is as fictional as your Mr. Chopra or whoever you mentioned. And as to the other KapUr goes, please keep that looser even out of our conversations please. You need to remember only Ram. Got it?", Ram said seriously.

"Yes Sir!"

"Next time we do Mission Suite 2110', I can be a super hero and you will be my damsel in distress", Ram said humorously. "This suite has witnessed so much of us right from our wedding night no?" he added.

Erupting into peals of laughter she replied, "In your dreams".

"In my dreams is it? Wait..." he said and pulled her hurriedly for yet another long and liberating love making session.


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hey...ossum os! didnt xcepect it 2 b  role playing...!superbly written! do write more..!Smile Edited by aditig711 - 2014-09-20T02:39:59Z
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Posted: 2014-09-20T02:48:42Z
Awesome i just loved it pls do write more
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Posted: 2014-09-20T03:13:24Z
Beautiful OS
First i feels both are professional artist
Then only know they are playing like this
Very well written & thanks for the lovely OS Smile
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Posted: 2014-09-20T03:16:27Z
Just too good
very good imagination
Mr and Mrs kapoor to bring some passion in their love life turn out to be as role playing and now again lost in their love land.
Pls keep writing beautiful Os enjoying a lot
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Posted: 2014-09-20T03:45:07Z
awesome  os. 
actually   the  disclaimer  too.

 glad u posted today.  do continue  more 

i'd love to read  super n  damsel in distress  too,,, 

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Posted: 2014-09-20T05:09:28Z
now this is called as raya magic. yaar balh end ho k do mahine ho gaye hai lekin we fans r still sailing in love of raya. the magic the chemistry they created...yaar a lifelong experience. now coming back to ur os it is absolutely fantastic. superb flow of story
brilliant writing. keep writing more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2014-09-20T05:22:06Z
Awesome OS do write more
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