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Hi ye kahani hai meri Priya Sharma

oops Priya Ram kapoor


MR.kapoor Ki

ha main pyar se Ram ko mr.kapoor bolti hu unhe mere muh se mr kapoor sunna bahut accha lagta hai...

2 years ago...

I could feel my heart breaking. It felt as if someone was ripping it out of my chest and stomping on it until it shattered in two.

"Are you okay?" The old lady asked me.

I just nodded containing my shock and heartache. Tears flowng out of my eyes as my wobbly legs held me up off the beige couch.

"T-thank you. I should go." I said hastily. Without waiting for a response, I ran out of there...

The picture of Ram...his gorgeous wife, and his twin boys burned in my mind.

I get in my car, not able to forget the memory of that one picture.

My hands were shaky, but after two full minutes I managed to get the key into the ignition.

I looked up at Ram's perfect house before driving away.

I came here to surprise Ram but now i was in shock...he is married not married had two children twins...

It had all been a lie. His promises, his words, his kisses. They meant nothing to him. He lied. Ram lied.

I knew i ki main driving ki halat me nahi thi but I couldn't have cared less at that moment.

I dialed neha' s number and waited

"Hello?" she said.

"He lied!" I said, breaking out into tears,

"Ram shadi shuda hai uske do judwa bacche hai..he he..., not able to continue.

Kya no priya...thats not true i mean how u know...look baby Calm down. Where are you right now?" She asked.

"I'm driving away from his house." I sobbed...going to suicide...

What r u mad...tujhe meri kasam
Stop crying for a minute.car rok abhi..." She said.

I pressed the brake on my car, seeing the red light. I quickly wiped tears from my face, my vision becoming less blurry.

"Okay. Okay kasam wasam...," I breathed.

"Now take the first flight home. Drive to the airport right now." She instructed.

"O-okay." I said but tears not stop...

"Now drive carefully and hurry home. I love you. Trust me, you will get through this."

She said in a confident tone. I nodded even though she couldn't see me.

"Bye. Love you too." I said, phone cut...

I couldn't wait to get home,cry in neha's arm

Of course I fell for the 25 year old guy with a wife and kids. Not that I knew in the whole two years I had dated him.

He had been my first everything. Mera pahla pyar my 1st boyfriend, my first kiss, and the first and only guy who ever made love to me.

I gave him everything and all he gave me was betrayal. The funniest thing is i still love ram,i want him back, i want his poler bear hug...i want to listen his heartbeat...
I want ram

I've seen a lot of cheaters in my life.

Neha's last boyfriend cheated on her. My history teacher cheated on his wife..

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Ram was a cheater. Not fun loving, life of the party Ram. Not the Ram who kept his cool when things got out of hand. Not the Ram who had never even looked at another girl besides me, even though plenty of girls wants him...


It hurt so bad.

And ye signal green kyo nahi ho rha hai... I looked beside me at the other drivers who were having aslo wait for signal...i was again in shock...

Right there next to me in his shiny, black car was Ram...My heart started beating fast...

He looked over at me. At my red, puffy face that probably had mascara all over it from the crying. He didn't hide his shock. Looking at me, he knew that I knew. His secret was out now...

"Priya...!" He shouted, using his loud..voice.

That same voice that had sang to me months ago at a little cafe in front of a huge crowd. I remembered how he had jumped on a table while everyone was watching him and he started dancing. I had shouted at him to get down while I covered my red face...

Was this the same person? I broke the eye contact...

The red light finally changed to green. I heard him shout my name twice more, but I ignored it. I ignored the heartache. I speeed away with more tears forming in my eyes.

Why did that red light have to take so long?

Why did he have to be right next to me? Why did he have to see me?

I drove like a crazy. When I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw his car was right behind me.

Oh oh oh noo

Wo mera picha kar raha hai...?
Of course he was, but why?

Ab sab khatam ho gaya hai ram fir bhi tum... Tum khush ho apni life me apni biwi or baccho ke sath...fir kyu aa rho ho...mere piche...

I saw the green sign that said the airport was only 2km away.

I speed up not wanting him to catch up with me.

But he ll catch me...at parking and i have to pay rent for this car take my Voter card back it tooks so much time...

At airport
Finally he caught me...

He still looked breathtaking with his dark black hair, and light brown eyes.

I opened up the passngr door of car and angrily took out my two suitcases.
he walked towards me. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, but I try to stay focused on getting my luggage.

Once I did, I slammed the door down, hoping I hadn't shut it too hard bcoz its rented car not mine...

"Priya!!!!!!!!" Priya ek baar meri baat sun lo...

He called. I took my suitcases (one in each hand) and started walking away...

Kaha ja rhi ho priya...

I was well aware he was following me. What I couldn't understand was why...

Before I can realize what's happening, I trip over one of the heavy bags weighing me down. I was falling through the air, but I didn't hit the ground...

Of course he would catch me...

I look into his brilliant brown eyes. The ones I fell in love with the first time they looked at me. I sucked in a breath as he lifted me up, but he didn't let me go. Instead he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

"Let me go Ram" I said.

"No, I promised I would be there to catch you, and I am." He said. I looked up at him.

"How could you Ram?" I asked. Now my voice sounded weak. I sounded like I was on the verge of breaking.

Main tumse sorry nahi kahunga kyoki sorry is not enough priya.. I can explian you...

He sounded so calm. It was like I never found out his big secret. How could he be so calm all the time...

"No! I hate you ram i hate you." i said hitting on his chest...

"But I love you." He said quietly. I looked into his eyes. They were filled with love. They were filled with the truth, but this wasn't right
Ram ne jhut bola... He already had a wife..he already love someone who is not me...

"No, you don't. You're a liar, a cheater." I said. He looked down. Finally I could see he felt a little ashamed at what he did.

"I've been feeling sorry for me but now I feel more sorry for your wife.

How could you do that to her?
What about your little kids?

Some father you turned out to be. I won't be a home wrecker,.." I said coldy. His next words almost made me fall to the floor.

"Wo mere bacche nahi hai." He spoke in a low voice.

"What do you mean?"

"It's a long story and I need time to explain." He said...

Mujhe ram ke sath jana chahiye tha...of course

Bcoz I loved him.

"Fine, but after you say whatever it is you want to tell me, don't follow me again."

I told him. It hurt to say those words because a big part of me wanted him to follow me. I knew that wasn't right though.

He led me to his car and I got in...

It was a Silent drive...tears contineously flowing from my eyes.but ram ram wo itna shant kaise rah skta tha...

He parked in front of a little cafe. He got out first and after taking a calm, collected breath, I got out too.

We sat down and a waiter came over to us immediately. I kept quiet, but Ram ordered exactly what I wanted. A coffee and a piece of chocolate cake. He ordered his usual too...

When our food arrived, I took a sip of the coffee. It burnt my tongue but that was nothing compared to the pain in my heart.


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Lovely os waiting ram will clear all the douts of priya pls continue soon
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Lovely OS!!
Please continue soon!!!
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nice Os
continue soon
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thanks for pm
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Originally posted by dhristikpd

Lovely os waiting ram will clear all the douts of priya pls continue soon

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Originally posted by .pia_12.

Lovely OS!!
Please continue soon!!!

thank u so much
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Originally posted by akilagoud2

nice Os
continue soon

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