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 Hey you guys…

Well I have been visiting for quite a while.. and I think you guys are hecka cute. . especially your fan fics.. so I thought that I would try my hand at it..

Alright … totally new story.. from the beginning

Angad is who is -  he is a rock star who is into drinking, women. He lives life to the fullest. Ambition is everything to him. He has everyone around him, his fans, women and family. He lives life that everyone dreams of. Yet he is really lonely. 

Kripa (is DIFFERENT) – She is a small town young girl who loves to live life. She is traditional but at the same time she is modern. She has her values but believes in having fun.  She loves to go to parties, meet people, enjoy life! She is a sweet, innocent girl that everyone falls in love. Not romantically but they trust her and love her as one of their own. She is so full of life but she has a secret. One that leads her straight to Bombay. The one and only reason she goes there. The one reason that she is able to take all the insults and humiliations.


And the story begins…

Kripa arrives in the Khanna mansion. She really isn't expecting much. She doesn't know what Dilip uncle or Naina aunty are really like. She just has heard a lot about them from her parents. Angad to her is a rockstar that she admires and adores. Someone that she would love to meet but doesn't have romantic feelings for.

Everyone in the Khanna mansion has there own individual life. No one person really pays attention to Kripa. On the contrary Naina aunty is quite irritated that some girl has come to live with them and pester them. So she asks her to stay in the outhouse. Kripa taking everything in with a smile, says thank you. She is kinda relieved that she will be able to have a privacy.

Harshini comes also to Bombay. She is Kripa's support system.

They both join the academy where they are gonna perfect there singing. They are both really excited. They both meet Mishti and Prithvi. They all meet as friends. At first, Prithvi doesn't really give that much attention to Kripa. He just knows them as Mishti's friends. He is kinda of a big man on campus. Very popular but simple. One of those guys that everyone wants to be his friend but he chooses his friends very wisely.

Now.. the moment we have all been waiting for.. Kripa and Angad meet!

Angad is drunk and goes to the outhouse. They meet the same way that serial has them meet. Its hecka cute

 Now we have Anuji entering the story line:

Anu Malik comes to one of Angad's concerts and suggest to him that he needs a fabulous lead singer. They go through many auditions but they can't find that one voice that they are in search for. Anuji says why don't we go to the academy. We might have some luck there. Everyone agrees, not thinking of what the outcome could be.

They reach the academy-

This was the day that the classical music teacher was giving his students their final exam. He had asked everyone to sing a set of difficult raags that they would only have 5 minutes to look at and understand. The whole team including Anuji sat in the back of the class silently. None of the students were aware that they were present in the hall.

The exam begins. One by one students in the class sing the difficult raga. They were graded on how well they could sing. Most of the students were just able to get by. They just needed a little bit more time to understand it. Then Kripa's turn came and she looked at the Raga. Within a minute she knew the whole thing. She almost sang it flawlessly. With a lot of heart and energy. Everyone was quite impressed especially Anuji. Angad was just mind blown. He had never heard such a sweet voice that both had pain and love at the same time. He just kept staring at Kripa. The professor told her that she did an excellent job and that she passed. At that point Kripa breaks into a huge grin and takes her seat. The other students all complete there exam and the class ends. Kripa and Harshini are walking out of class when Anuji approaches her.

He basically invites her to the studio not telling her that she might have the opportunity to sing with Angad. Now at this point Naina aunty can't really object because Anuji is saying she is the best. And for their image she refrains from saying anything. However she doesn't like the idea that a middle class village girl could potentially be Angad's partner.

Hope you all like it


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i really like continue Smile
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well its too good please do continue

and yah welcome to the forum

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I loved it. Please continue. We need new stories.

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i really like it....plz continue....


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Thanks guys.. im happy you liked.. ill post part 2 soon Big smile
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it was a nice story, Tongue

do post the next part soon

lots of luv


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The next day at the studio:

Kripa goes to the studio all by herself. She is quite nervous. She has no idea what to expect and what is going to happen. She is just looking around when one of the receptionists comes up to her and ask her if she is Kripa. Kripa replies and the receptionists directs her into studio 143. She says that Anuji is waiting for her. Kripa walks in and sees a bunch of different tech guys and then she spots Anuji. She walks over to him and he greets her with full arms. A very warm welcome. In the mean time Angad is sitting in the console where only he can see Kripa. In an odd way he is turned off by her just because she is some middle class village girl coming in wearing her salwar kameez. She just looks way to innocent and simple for Angad. Then anuji ask Kripa to look at some music sheets and whenever she is ready to sing to sing into the mic. She does. Again she blows everybody's minds. Including Angads. He is just mesmerized by her voice.

Then Anuji says to wait and tells Angad to come out and sing with Kripa. Kripa nearly has a heart attack. As she might be singing with her idol, the great Angad. They both sing the song KAISA YEH PYAAR HAI. It was probably the best ever. Anuji couldn't stop praising Kripa. He then looked at Angad and says looks like you have found your lead. Angad has mixed reactions. On one had he feels that she has an amazing voice but he can't get over her overall appearance.

Kripa is totally mesmerized. She is soo happy but at the same time tells herself that she is going to keep her distance from all this. She is just gonna do what she is asked and just have fun with it.

Slowly she is told what she needs to do and what times to arrive.

At the academy everyone is really happy for Kripa. Mishty can't stop talking about Kripa to her mom and brother. They are like wow kya jadu kardiya is lardki ne.

In the beginning, they both would rehearse separately so that they could practice. They they started to rehearse more together. They didn't talk to much but they were very cordial with each other. Then the dance practices started. Angad thought that this was where they were going to have a lot of problems but to his surprise Kripa turned out to be a good dancer. She had actually receiver formal training in classical and other types of dancing. So he was quite impressed. They were actually having a good time without really knowing each other. Then the rehearsal was over and Kripa was getting ready to leave. Anu Malik came up to her and was just telling her what a great job she was doing and how she had really impressed everyone. As she was leaving she turned around and nearly knocked Angad over. She was very apologetic and looked pretty scared. Angad just looked at her and blew her off saying its okay. Kripa walked away and went home feeling pretty bad. Angad didn't care.

The next day, Kripa went to the academy. There she ran into Mishty and Prithvi. They all sat in the caf and were having a good time just chilling. They Kripa excused herself saying that she had to be at rehearsals. They said their goodbyes.

Kripa reached practice a little early so she was just practicing. She was practicing the dance steps and waiting for everyone. Then Angad came in a bit hung over and temperamental. He saw Kripa and started shouting at her to turn off the music. He was like can't you wait till the whole team got here. Kripa was a bit sad but shut the music and went to go sit in the corner and wait for everyone. Then when everyone came like a good sport she practiced and tried her best. In one of the dance moves Angad was suppose to twirl her 3 to 4 times. But because he wasn't feeling good he spun her to fast and Kripa went flying. She fell on and twisted her ankle. However before she could say anything Angad got all pissy and started yelling at how incompetent she was. So Kripa got up and with her sprained ankle proved that she was actually good and finished the practice. At the end of it she was limping in pain but tried not to make it apparent. As she was leaving the hall, Angad noticed her limping and felt pretty bad. He almost felt like he was an insensitive jerk. But then he quickly brushed it off.

After meeting with a couple of peoples Angad decided to go home. As he was driving he was thinking of what an insensitive jerk he was to Kripa. He didn't know why he felt bad but he just did. As he got home he looked towards the outhouse. As he was getting out of the car he decided to go to the outhouse to apologize and see how Kripa was doing. He didn't know why but he just wanted to. So he rings the doorbell.

Ding Dong

Kripa opens the door.. she has a look of shock to see Angad but greets him with a smile.

Angad walked in and looked at Kripa and was like im sorry about hurting you. Kripa (limping behind him) was like.. omg don't even worry about it.. it happens .. no pain no gain .. right.. and she says this with a smile .. Angad then asks her did you need anything, and medicines or anything.. Kripa was really touched that he even asked and with a smile said nahin .. Its okay .. it just needs time to heal. Angad was like oh okay .. alright then ill get going.. Kripa looked at him and said Angad thank you for asking and checking. It meant a lot to me. He just gave her a smile and left. He went back home. He was kinda touched with Kripas warm kindness.

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