os-happy birthday darling

Posted: 2014-09-08T03:07:33Z
hi all...!!!! back aftr a long gap...!!! my xams...!!!!
will b back soon placing commnts on all ur beautifully written stories...!!!!! Tongue

remember the epi were ram was back from jail...!!!!!
the below os is teh contn of that scene...from my pov...!!!!

dedicated to sandy di... on her bdy... or belated bdy...!!! LOL
happpyyy bdyyy diii...!!!!!!
better late than never...!!! LOL LOL

here u go...!!!!!

Ram was returning after 4 months.
Every soul was xcted to recieve him, his elders dadi and mom for their son was comin his kids for their dad was returing and most of all his lovely wife for the persn returning was her life.

Priya and kids reached court to recive him. The moment he was out his kids ran to him hugging him while his eyes found his lady staring him with welled up eyes.. a smile only depctng how happy she was.
he moved towrds her giving her a hug while kids pulled him tht thy should go home soon as many are yet waiting to greet him.
Ram askd for keys for he wanted to take priya wid him and kids in othr car. But priya was adamnt tht he will not be gettng them as hes tired thy can go on some othr day, now let them. Ram again askd fr eyes, but khush backed off when priya indicated him to start car.
Ram-"kya hain ye??? Y cant we go seprtly. "
Priya-"i said no. It means a no. Dscussn ends here. Kal jayngy abhi k liye ise hi theek."
Ram-"hitler khi ki."
Priya-"u still hv dbt aftr these many years of marrge.Yes iam.Chaliye ab."
Ram cursed his luck. He wanted some of me tym wid his wife...but here his wife was not allowng him. Sitting in the car dejctd he answerd yes to khush who askd if he can strt now.
At km,
Kids askd him to enter frst.
Ram- priya tum chalo mere sath.
Kids- yes mom.Accompny dad.
Priya-mein kyun?
Kids- arey ek baar k liye aap humare baat maan lijiye na. Kyun itne que.
Ram held priya's hand openend the door. They were showered with beautiful rose petals follwed by claps from Nevik sudhirshipra nuts karthik.kids dadi and kk. Ram smiled while priya blushed.
Nevik-Wc homeee fatty.
Showerng their love on him priya moved back providing space.
Ram-guys mein frshup hokr aata hoon. Fir dnr krte bht bhook lagi hain.
Vik-sure ram.
Priya-haan aati hoon. Kaka sab bna diya na arrnge krdijiye. Hum sab aate hain.
Raya moved upstairs to their room, ram bolted the door slowly and moved towrds her hugging her as tght as possible.kissing all over her face.telling how much he missed her.
Ram-i missed u so much priya.
Priya,breakng down cmpltly hugged him tght as he wld go away if she left.tears uncontrollable.
He tried breakng the hug to look at her face. But she dint allow him. Hugged him more tight.
Ram-iam here now cool.Look at me.
Priya wiping her tears looked at him
Ram immeditly occupied her lips.kissing like there was nvr aftr broke it when the need of o2 dominated. Kissing their foreheads...
Priya-chaliye ab jldi se frshup hojayiye neeche chlna hain sab wait kr rhe.
Priya-jaaaooo and she pushed him into washroom.
And she moved out to chck on arrngmnts.
Ram descned the stairs textng in his mb.
Priya-ab kya???
Ram-arey offc mails chck kr rha hoon. Baitho aagya na.
Priya-abhi aaye abhi offc. Hadd hain mr.kapoor. band kariye wrna mb fek dungi.
Ram-oye mera mb hain.
Priya-isliye fek dungi.Meri sautan. Ram-kaun???
Priya-offc ka kam.
All startd laughing. How thy missed seeing priya so happy.

Ram-acha ye lo rakh diya,khush??
Finishing their dnr evrbdy retired to their rooms.
By the tym priya came into their green room she found ram sleepng soundly. She smiled happy. Atlast her life was back wid her. She changed into the nyt suit and laid back in her plc.
Ram turned and put hand on her waist pulling her closer. She happily snuggled into him. He moved and whisprd go and change theres smthng fr u in ur shelf.
Priya-u r not sleepng.??? Shocked.
Ram-no. Who told iam sleepng???
Ram shwed mb.
Ram-koi cheater nhi.jldi jao ready hojao we r gng out.
Priya-now???? Its 2300hrs now.
Ram-yes now. U have 20min. Pls do it fast.
Priya-kha lekin.
Ram-no que jao.
Green saree red embroiderd she immeditly undrstd its fr smthng big and got ready.
Came out and found ram in his casuals, utmost handsome. She so loved him in casuals.
As thy moved out ram liftd her.
Priya-chodiye.i will walk.
Ram-shh.. ur heels will make sound.quiet.
Priya-i will walk without sound.put me down. Ur back will ache.
Ram-shh.he puts her in her seat reachng car. Takng the red satin from his pocket he ties it shuttng her eyes.
priya nags him askng whats gng on ram puts his finger on her lips shuttng her.
Stopping a car at a plc ram get down and asks priya to sit and he will take her in smtym and not opn her eyes.
He then takes her out of car and moves...countng the no.s backwrds.. happpiiieee bdddyyy prriiiyyyaaa...opening Her blinds.

Ram-drlng its 12. Aaj aapka bdy hain madam.happy birdthdy priya kissing her forehead.
Tears of happiness flowd fr priya.she frgt her bdy in the joy of retrning of her hubby.he showed her the cake decrtd wid candles to cut. She was dumb wid the arrngmnts he did in such a short span.the lavdr white curtains decrted wid orchids.a table wid cake and 2chairs.
Holding her by waist from back he made her cut the cake givng her frst bite njyed it from the othr endng wid a passionte kiss. Makng her sit he settled in front of her.entwining her fingers wid his he placed the drnks. The cool water touchng their feet, the breeze effctng their hearts,making them crave fr warmth. Gettng up from their plces nt lettng go of each other thy walked by the shore reachng boulders ram leaned on them pulling priya over him.kissing the juncture of neck and shoulder, a dance??? Whisperng in her ear kissing it.priya-tiltng her head, ghar chale.
Ram-hm...nuzzling her shoulder..squeezng her waist.
Priya-ram chaliye pls.

As thy enterd unusual silnce and darkness engulfed km.
Holding hisarm tight she moved inside,while candles started to light the room one aftr anothr finally showing how beautifully km was decorated,a 3layrd cake awaitung in center of the hallsurrounded by their families singing happy birthday for her.
Lookedat ram to see that he frwded his hand. Giving her hand in his she moved to cut the cake.
feeding each other, dacing to the tunes of saibo as per Her dearies req.

Priya-kab kiya???
Priya-saare arrngmnts..!!
Priya-boliye na...
Ram-wo offc ka kaam yhi tha..!!!
Priya-kya????? :o
Ram-kaisa lga.rubbing off her tears.
Priya-thankyou somuch.hugging him tightly as ever.
Ram-thank me in our style.
Priya looking at him with all her love raised on her toes circlng her hands around his neck kissed him. The passion and longingness made one lead to othr changing into their bdy suits both drftd to sleep in the wee hrs of mrng. Welcoming their life of toghtherness and love.

Thanku all for bearing through...!!!
Love u all...
Haaapppiiieee bbbdddyyy dii...!!!!
thanks a  lot darling...for posting this...!!!! @ mini...!!! huggsss...!!!! love u both...!!!!  Hug Hug
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Cool...mini kaisi lag rahi hoonLOL
Thanks for dedicating me...
.It really a big surprise for me...I never expected as I know ur exams are going on...thank u so much.Hug
coming to update
amazing OS PC...In balh they never showed Priya b'day and u fulfilled it...thank you.
I like the story connecting it to Balh
nicely written...but ur shortcutsOuch usse samajne mein reading slow ho jaati hai
Jab tumne Mb likha toh muje badhut hasi aayiLOL...pata nahi sabko samja ki nahiLOL
sweet romance 

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Posted: 2014-09-08T03:18:18Z
Me second LOL
Aww PC
Beautiful & Romantic OS
Very well written Clap
This OS is best gift to Sandy
OS is like her taste LOLLOL
Romantic Wink

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Originally posted by sandhyasn

Cool...mini kaisi lag rahi hoonLOL
bht pyaari lag rhi hoEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2014-09-08T04:08:26Z
awsme os...
best bday gift
thanx for pm
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Posted: 2014-09-08T05:03:31Z
Superb bday gift plzzz 
 aftr xam anothr os 
  thank u for ur pm 

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Posted: 2014-09-08T05:23:51Z
its called a simple sober with lots romance Os...

Romance in kiss...EmbarrassedTongue
Romance in being with each other...Tongue
Romance in Surprise...Smile

Romance in telling How Much they miss each other...
over all so romantic os...ClapClapClapClap

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Posted: 2014-09-08T06:28:14Z
After long wait and separation Raya met
They don't want to break their hug but still as kids and other are also waiting for him to greet. Love to see Raya in each other arms.
The desire of wife to always belong in her husband arms fulfilled.
Priya was so happy with Ram's surprise...
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