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RaYa OS: My Prince


From Writer [Girija ] :Hi Sandhya di , Many more happy returns of the day , God bless you with good health and wealth .hmm  Neel was on my head since almost 15 days to write an OS for your bday .frankly i dont have time when i said that neel said its 15  so DAYSyou have to try, haha so i wrote and asked Viji to edit it  as Neel also busy . and here is the outcome , hope you like it . 

This OS is dedictaed to my darling Sandhya on her bday , oyee sandy this is your surprsie party ma .. 

Happy Birthday darling... Priya woke up to that adorable voice of her man which she was able to hear close to her. She opened her eyes to see him so close to her face that his breath was tickling her. She smiled away to glory seeing him.
Ram: Get up my angel. Its going to be a long day.
Priya: Sone dijiyena Ram.. Raat bhar..
Ram: Yeah.. Raat bhar.. what happened darling? Can you enlighten me. He was cheeky...
Priya blushed remembering their previous night.
When the clock struck 12 he wished her along with a bouquet of red carnations and so many chocolates. She gladly accepted her favourite gifts. He hugged her and confessed how he wants to live with her for and love her for "saath janam". After that he made most memorable love to her which was as fresh as ever. That thought made her blush like a rose.
Ram: Hey hey just stop Priya..
Priya gave him a questioned look.
Ram: You are smiling and blushing like a beautiful flower. Wait wait.. am sorry I dont remember any flower as beautiful as you.. then what should I compare your beauty with...??
He made a puzzled face. Scratching his temple seriously he thought for a while. She was looking at him amused.. what he was going to tell she couldnt guess..
Ram: Sorry yaar.. I am just unable to find any flower as beautiful as you. You are an unique creation of God which is so divine. I mean you are a celestial beauty.
His words took some time to register in her mind. When she understood that, she gaped at him and hit him on his chest "aap bhi na Ram.." she didnt know what else to say as her senses were still lost in the previous night.
Ram: Yeah Priya.. sacchi.. you know every time I make love with you I feel it as our first time.. you will be so fresh, so new and every time your response will be so endearing.
Priya hid her face in palms.
Ram: I just think Oh God just save her beauty forever like this and let me be her man forever and ever and ever.
Priya: Haww so you love me as you feel that am beautiful.. What if I wont look good in our old age.
Ram laughed at her puppy face. Tapping on her nose he said "you will be my beauty even then jaan.. like sochlo umar bhar. You know the fragnance from you, its bewitching. You are magical my angel. I am so so lucky to have you in my life.
He came near to her again and he was about to touch her tender lips with his. Bang opened the door and two voices echoed from the entrance which were getting nearer.
Happy birthday mumma..
Happy birthday mumma..
Priya pushed Ram and adjusted her dress. She was glad that she put her dress on when she got up for washroom early in the morning. Otherwise he was insisting her to sleep all night in birthday suit.
Peehu and Khush rushed in with a rose in each hand and hugged Priya from each side.
Priya hugged them tightly, kissed both and told "Thank you mere bacche."
Peehu gave her rose and gave a peck on her cheek. She exclaimed me first, me first.
Khush: No Peehu di main first.
Peehu: Khush you are second. Mumma tell him that I am first.
Priya smiled at the authority in her voice when she was declaring herself the winner.
Priya: May I know what is this first and second about?
Peehu: Oho mumma, we have to explain everything to you. Can't you understand that its about who wished you first and as usual I have did it first.
Khush: See mumma Peehu di always does this to me. She pushed me back and entered the room first.
Priya: Oye papa ki chamchi, let Khush too win one time. Why did you cheat him?
Peehu: You na mumma, you dont know anything. I have to win always. Am elder than Khush na thats why.
Ram exclaimed at his daughter's intelligence. How well she was utilizing her being first kid even for such a small bet.
Priya: Oye choti golu don't you start again. See Ram how she is talking. This is all because of you. You pamper her a lot thats why she is behaving like this.
Ram laughed and pulled Peehu... See rockstar aisa karte hain kya? You shouldnt push your bhai to win the bet. Say sorry to him.
Peehu: No papa, I will not. He only came in front of me, he is chota so he is to stand behind me... "always", she added.
Ram laughed a loud at this. Priya howled at her.
Priya: Peeehu...
Ram: Let it be Priya, today is your birthday. Let them do masti. Bacche hain.
Priya: Mr. Kapoor, you dont back her always. If she grows up same way then one day we have to feel bad.
Ram: Its ok Priya, choti baat hain leave it na darling. Bache go and be with dadi. We will come in one hour.
Natasha entered with a gift pack. Happy birthday bhabi.. Priya got out of bed and went ahead to receive Nuts. They both hugged and Nuts gave her a gift pack.
Priya: Karthik kaha hai Nuts?
Nuts: Mummy, papa and Karthik are on the way bhabhi. I started early as I had some work on the way. They may reach in an hour. Coming close to Priya she hushed.. by the way bhai is telling that you people will come in an hour. So less time hai na bhabhi.. is it enough for you both.(winking)
Priya turned beetroot red, but she became normal soon, gritted her teeth and was about to hit Nuts that she took kids and ran out of the room.
Ram: What happened Priya, why you are faking your anger.
Priya: Nuts has turned too naughty. Pagli kahi ki. She told what Nuts told to her.
Ram: Her doubt is so genuine na Priya. How would one hour be sufficient to ravish a beauty like you.
Priya: Uff Ram chodo. I have to take bath.
Ram: Oh common birthday babies apne aap bath nahin lete. Some one need to do that and I will be honoured to do that my princess. Come let me give bath to you.
Priya: You are turning shameless day by day. We are married for five years and we have two kids and you toh..
Ram: Haan main toh.. common the man who has got a wife who is a celestial beauty would always feel unquenched in matters of romance. You know what, I want to do incessant romance with you and be innovative in sex.I wanna try so many varieties...
Priya: Tab toh main gayi. Please spare me. Saying that she ran to bath room. Priya was feeling so shy listening to him and at the same time she was so proud that her husband loves her so much even after five years of marriage. His care and love towards her were on rise every passing day.
She entered washroom and before Priya could latch it from inside Ram pushed the door and forced himself into the washroom. Priya tried to resist but her strength was not even enough to hold the door in place.
Priya: Please Ram.. koi aajayega.
Ram: So if no one comes you are ok with it?
Priya: I didnt mean that.
Ram: But I will derive the meaning I want. Come now baby, let me give you bath.
Priya: Please aap jaiye na.
Ram came close to her, he was standing an inch away from her but the intense gaze itself made her shiver. She turned away from him unable to take that tension. He pulled the nighty string and slipped the cloth which was holding the lingerie from his eyes. He palmed her shoulders from behind which made Priya stiff with sexual tension. He hushed in her ear.. easy Priya.. relax.. abhi romance ke liye time hain. I just came to give you bath.
Priya: But...
Ram: Haan but.  He was rolling his tongue inside his cheek. Tell me Priya, but..
Priya: Breathing heavily, your touch will make me mad Ram. I may not control myself and we have to go. So please.
Ram: Who asked you to control darling. Common unleash yourself and make me feel your king.
Priya: Hmmm..abhi nahi. Kids are waiting for us. She said those words with so much difficulty as she wanted to have him in so desperately. Still she controlled herself as she very well knew if he will start now it will be noon when he leaves her.
Ram: Your wish but I will be waiting tonight, with lot of hopes.
Saying this he slipped her lingerie and turned the shower knob. His hands were working like magic on her when he was soaping her. His touch on her bossom made her quiver for more. She was helpless and gulped her desire. He was cheaky and was not having any mood to leave her. His hands reached her tummy and he always wondered how she maintained herself so well even after two deliveries. It was as flat as ever and the navel made him crazy. He slowly turned her and soaped her back starting from neck to her waist. Her spine was giving her chills. It was difficult to control for Priya and she was doing it by biting her lips. His voice came from back.. don't punish them dear, mine are waiting to have that pleasure.
Priya blushed and held the wall for support. He was thinking let me see Priya for how much time you will control. He came to her thighs and he started soaping her inner side of thigh and this made Priya go weak at her knees. His hand was moving gently and circularly and she knew his intentions clearly. She thought "you want me to make the move na Ram. Why you are punishing me like this. Am all yours but now we have to go, so I am stopping myself and you are na.."
He finished soaping the legs and reached her delicate part. She arched herself and rested her head on his shoulder.
Priya: Uff maar daloge kya Ram..??!
Ram: Nahi I want to give you happiness and you are not ready for that so I am giving bath.. just bath. Saying that he dropped the soap and held her bud in between his fingers. She didnt expect that move from him and she was aghast but he was incapacitating her, she gasped for breath. He knew that she will not stop him further. His ministrations were so gentle and uniform that Priya reached her climax soon. She became weak and couldnt stand further. He supported her from back and pushed her to the wall. He adjusted her accordingly and entered her from behind. His pace was rhythmic and fast enough that they both reached high together at a time. They felt weak after math, they separated from each other and Priya was unable to meet his eyes. He saw that she was feeling awkward and he hugged her from behind.
Ram: You need not feel bad about this. This is not a whim. This is exploring love. Okk darling. So please be happy.
Priya was trying to control her hard breaths. He took her to bathtub and made her sit along with him. She didnt meet his eyes all the time. He turned her and adjusted her in front of him and sat relaxedly. He wished the time to stop there. Holding her close to him he supported himself to the bath tub. After some minutes (it seems) Priya got up but was still embarrassed.
She shaked him and reminded him time.
Ram: What Priya? Why you got up? Cant you stay quite for a while.
Priya: Its indeed more than an hour I think. We have to...
Ram: Oh ok. Lets finish bath and get ready.
They both finished the rest of bath and started getting ready. Priya didnt keep the track of time, so she was unsure when she went into the washroom, but when she checked, the current time was 10am.
Priya: Uff thank god its only an hour. Ram ek hi ghanta hua na.
Ram: Kya hua tumhe angel. Chalo we are getting late. Leave that an hour issue. Check the gift box that Nuts gave to you, saying that he went out of the room first.
Priya: Golu kahika.. how does he know what Nuts and Neha will do with me now.. She opened the box and found a designer saree for herself in her favourite pink and blue combination.
She admired the work over it for a while and very well knew that Nuts would have made it one and only piece. She got a smile and she adorned herself with that saree, bangles and left her hair loose. When she was about to adorn the necklace two hands stopped her in the middle and she saw that Ram had a diamond necklace in his hands.
Priya: Yeah I was wondering the same, aap simple bouquet and chocos se kaise khush honge.
Ram had a smile and after putting the necklace in her neck he bent and kissed on her neck.
Ram: you are Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor amd if you are ok I will just decorate your body with all the jewellery in the world. Then I thought, any diamond would fade out before my kohinoor.
Priya had a blush listening his praises.
Priya: What happened to you, you are all praises since morning.
Ram turned her to face him and there was a sweet eyelock for few seconds.
Ram: As you are blushing like a nayi naveli dulhan, I just wanna make you blush more and more... he came close to her and hushed up..don't you know I love you more when you blush and even more when you would be a hitler. He was smiling away to glory.
She just couldnt turn her gaze from him.
They were in their own world when a shrill echoed in their room.
Peehu: Mumma papa we are waiting for you two from so much time and you two are uffooo not at all coming.
They both left each other and saw that Peehu was standing there with both hands on her waist.
Ram came to senses first and he spread his arms for Peehu. She came to him and he grabbed her in one go.
Ram: Oye meri choti hitler.. (earned a glare from Priya) aapke mumma ke aankh mein kuch tha.. I was removing that.
Peehu: Itni der se??
Ram: Haan
Priya signaled him to move. He walked out of the room along with Peehu and Priya followed them five mins later.
After reaching hall Priya was so embarrassed when she saw that whole family along with Nevik was waiting for them at breakfast table.
She went ahead and took blessings of dadi and Krishna ji.
Priya: Sorry ma, late hogayi. You people could have eat na.
Neha: Its ok Priya, its only an hour. Don't worry. Come join us. Damn hungry you know, wanna start asap.
Nuts giggled at this.
Priya was sensing some thing fishy and when she saw others she saw that all including Vikram were grinning hugely.
She nudged Ram but got back dont know wala expression. They both sat and Peehu sat with Ram. Khush was with Nuts.
Delicious breakfast and so many varities was served and everyone started eating.

Nuts:waise bhai , ek bath puchana hai

Ram : ha ask na ,popping a laddu in his mouth

Nuts:whom you love mmmost ??

Ram: He looked at nuts than priya &at his kids,He about to tell "p"

Priya : Ye  bhi koi puchne ka baath hai kya nuts , obviously Its Peehu

Peehu : yes yes mai hu ..she will give a sloppy kiss Rams cheek

Ram: smiled at her but he didn't say anything seeing a small pout on priyas face .

Priya sensed that everything is going smooth but Nehas voice echoed again 
Neha: waise mera bhi ek doubt hai ,  Ek ghanta..  one hour mein what all we can do Nuts?
Nuts: Dunno, ask Priya.
Priya who was got a cough immediately and Ram gave her a glass of water and warning to eat slowly.
Neha and Nuts: Kya hua?
Priya was praying God that those two shouldnt be referring to what she was worried about.
Nuts: Its ok Neha. We will ask Vikram to talk with bhai regarding this. Priya might be tired.
Priya pleaded her with eyes will you stop now.
Neha seeing the elders Neha stayed calm. Ram who was busy in relishing food didnt concentrate on their talk.
Nuts: Peehu beta aap gaye the na bhai ko bulane ko, toh...
Priya wanted to run from there at that moment. She didnt dare to get up.
Peehu: Papa was removing something from mumma's eyes.
Ohhh all the voices echoed in the hall.
Priya: Shit (murmered
Ram then looked up and 4asked what happened?
Vikram: Nothing.. you carry on. We were talking about importance of one hour.
Ram: Why what happened? Whats the time now? He checked the time and saw that it was 10.30. Ohh myy its 10.30.. I thought its 9.30..toh humne do ghante... he stopped in the middle biting his tongue.
Priya then understood why they were teasing them. They took two hours to come down. Rubbing her forehead she got up from the table.
Neha: Its ok Priya. We are not asking details. You can have breakfast.
This was the final nail and whole room roared with laughter where embarrassed Priya almost ran to kitchen. Ram giggling madly said I will wait in the car and stormed from there.
After half an hour Priya who was acting as if checking lunch menu was called up that Ram was waiting for her. She didnt dare to move then Nuts came and whispered if you wont go now, he may drop the plan of going out and will start doing al that you did "for an hour" stressing the last words.
Priya: You people are impossible.
Neha joined.. Yes we are. Now go otherwise fatty will..
Priya: I'm going. Bye. She said bye to smiling dadi and Krishna ji and reached the portico and saw the Ram and kids were sitting in the car already.
She sat in the car and gritted "I told you, they are devils"
Ram: Woh.. am.. its ok we wi run away from them for today. Saying that he turned ignition and drove off.
They reached Siddhi Vinayak temple  and Ram had already made all arrangements for Puja so all went good. From there he took her to an orphanage and donated a cheque to them and made Priya give it to the authoritues. This was their every year routine. So Priya had an idea about it.
When they started from there she asked him whats now. He just told keep watching and drove her to KI.
Priya: Mr. Kapoor aaj bhi office, aap bhi na.
Ram: Wait Mrs. Kapoor, I have an imp meeting. We will leave from here in an hour.
Priya kept a pout but had to go as alreayd kids ran into his office.
Ram encountered his secretary at the entrance and asked was everything ready. She nodded as yes and greeted Priya. Priya smiled and mimed a thank you. When she was going towards his office, Ram told her she has to come with him to the conference hall.
Priya: Me?? But why?
Ram: Please, it will be over soon. I need you here.
Priya shrugged off her shoulders and
went along with him. When she entered the hall she was surprised to see Kapoors and Sarmas over there. Shipra came to her and they together went towards Sudheer. Karthik, and her mom and dad wished her and she asked why everyone came there.
In the mean while she heard an announcement "please be seated".

From Neel : Hey my dear readers , This is a small surprise gift for sandhya , second part I will post when sandhya gives reply on this LOL i asked her to come at this time but she said she is busy so if you want next part asap ask sandhya to come asap and read it ,
Lol ... Happy reading .. 

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Many more happy returns of the day Sandhya.
When I read this I was just spell bound the way you took the subject , and the way it shaped up in to a beautiful OS . 
Happy birthday darling . when Im editing  i was like very happy reading the lines . 
The way he praises her and their love , Beautifully written ,I actually can visulise  infront of my eyes .
Lol peehu was so like Ram and adamant bhi .Priya is having tough time to hadle them and Ram is so easily soliving their fights ..
Thank god she wore her dress in the morning otherwise we could have get a wonderful embaressement scene LOL 
and the bathwala romance is  just filled up with heat and their togetherness .Perfect romance on perfect day in a perfect way Wink
OMG is the word came out of my mouth when i read the romance part . so Ram should loe priya mostly will see how its going to turn up and even I want to know what all we can do in an hour time LOL frankly the teasing is too good ,I was grinning ear to ear thruout the Part .Mindblowingly mesmerizing update filling of all the voids in their life .
So what the surprise waiting in Kapoor industries .. eagerly waiting 

P.s: sandhya come and comment LOL than we will get a next update 

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Wow lovd d romance... Smile
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Posted: 2014-09-06T03:11:29Z
awesme os...
loved saath janam wala pyar...
bathroom romance...wohhh hot...
loved rams dialouge make me king...awseme...loved it...
waiting for nxt part
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Posted: 2014-09-06T03:19:26Z
Woww !! The Prince Name is Just Perfect Thumbs Up
Awesome OS Great Work !!
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Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-09-06T05:29:48Z
Thx for the pm.
mujhe yaha raya se zyada koyi aur hi nazar aa rha tha Wink
beautiful doc, mast update hai.
uff aapke writing skill k liye kya kahoon, ideas, plans and the execution ws judt awesome.

Waise batadu Sandhya won't be coming till monday

Wink Wink as she must b busy with the ONE HOUR task u mentioned LOL LOL
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Posted: 2014-09-06T05:46:41Z
Awesome part
2hrs!!! ROFL neha asked a good q ek ghante m kya kya ho sakta h ROFL though its nt rayas fault Wink
U stopped at a interesting moment Unhappy
Some surprise is waiting fr priya
thanks fr d pm..cont soon
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