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Do you have to go? priya  asked as her lower lip quivered

You'd hold me close in your arms

I love the way you felt so strong

I never want you to leave

I want you to stay here holdin' me

ram was going off US she didn't like it when he had to go  last time he was gone for over two months and  priya barely had any contact with him. she knew that dating him would bring these challenges to her love life with him but that still didn't mean that she were always ready to let him go

I'm sorry ram murmured against her lips as he leaned in to kiss her but she need to do this there are many innocent lives that need to be saved  if and she don't do it then who will?"

I...I...I don't know she sighed

Priya wrapped her arms around him  wanting to hold him like this forever this time he was going to a US

Right now priya were standing outside of the house you lived in with him a car was parked outside an  the Drive  was waiting for ram to finish saying his goodbye

I can breathe you in

Two shadows standing by the bedroom door

No I could not want you more than I did right then

As their  heads leaned in

Ram  leaned in to kiss her once more his soft lips sending a shock throughout her body even after being with him for two years  her heart still pounded when he kissed her priya could feel him slipping out of her grasp a sign that Ram needed to leave soon

See you soon? he said with a weak smile hoping that you wouldn't cry

She croaked See you soon

The weather seemed to be mirroring her mood lately  it had rained these past few days and this morning the clouds were a dull grey color it now rained outside  raindrops falling gently against the window priya sat in front of. it had been exactly a month since Ram left and priya still had heard no word from him She were beyond worried priya were terrified that something bad had happened to him So now almost every day  She would sit in front of your window and hope that a Ram's car would show up and Ram would walk out like he had never left

So far that hadn't happened

Priya were pulled from he'r thoughts when she heard he'r house phone ringing in the other room with a sigh She got up and trudged towards the living room

Hello?" The word drawled out of She like it took so much effort


Priya almost dropped the phone

R Ram? priya said voice rising from the shock i is that you?

His voice sounded very grainy on the other end meaning that he had a bad connection Priya clutched the phone as you sat down on the couch priya prayed that he had not already lost the connection


Ram  i'm here  Priya shouted into the phone i'm here

Priya heard shuffling on the other end and then everything went deadly silent her heart stopped beating at that moment


Priya ?" came his voice much clearer than before Priya i miss you

Well  I'm not sure what this is gonna be

But with my eyes closed all i see

But I wish that I could see u

I know you're where you need to be

Even though it's not here with me

I miss you I miss your smile

I miss you too ram priya whispered  silent tears streaming down your face

she used the sleeve of her drees to wipe away the tears she tried not to sniffle too loud  for fear that Ram might hear she knew that if he knew she were crying  it would only distract him from his work Ram never really could stand to see her cry

I'm sorry i haven't been able to talk to you things have been really hectic here

It's okay i'm just glad you're okay

Yes and i'm just glad i finally found a time to talk to you

Priya were silent for a while the only thought in her mind being that you wished he was here with her right now she tried to remain hopeful  at least she were talking with him right now

How long can you stay on? priya asked softly

Plz come back to me  I miss u Ram

When the days were long and the world was small

Ram was silent for a while Priya heard what sounded like him covering the phone most likely to whisper to someone about something when his voice came back on the line he sighed

Only two more minutes

Priya  could feel her heart break at the sound of that two minutes wasn't enough. she wanted to be able to talk to him for hours  however she knew that not even that could heal her heart She needed Ram to return safely now

She stood by as it fell apart

Separate rooms and broken hearts

But she won't be the one to let you go

I'm really sorry Priya Ram murmured sadly i wish i could be with you right now i don't know when this work will be over but just know that i'll be back okay?

I know

You  haven't been crying right

She ran a hand through Her locks leaning back against the couch her colored eyes looked up at the ceiling as she tried to think of what to say couldn't lie to him Ram was like a human lie detector it was a skill

A little  you nodded although he couldn't see it

Sweetie plz don't cry he begged i promise i'll be back soon i know we'll find the hostages and then i'll be home with you so plz no more crying

I'll do my best  Priya smiled faintly

There was a muffled voice on the other end that didn't belong to Ram

I have to go now Ram sighed i'll try to see if i can contact you again  See you soon Priya

See you soon

Have a good night and sweet dreams  Ram whispered

My dreams are only sweet when you're there

But he didn't hear because the line went dead

It's been too long since you've been gone

Feels good when I'm with you I miss you  come back home

I need your smile I need to see u

I'm so alone I miss you  come back home 

I missed you so much ram

In the four and a half months that Ram had been away she had only spoken to him three times  each time left she more broken than the last her friends tried to comfort Priya by visiting often but it didn't help much She still missed him greatly but no one blamed Priya for it  even Neha had said she understood why you were feeling like this She was usually the one who was trying to help her these days  but now she mostly wanted to be alone

Priya sat on the couch watching nothing but  Romantic movies only made her really bitter and romantic comedies made her want to gag at least in a romance movie ending up with the guy that everyone knows she's just going to end up with anyways

For once she weren't by the window waiting to see Ram come home it felt pointless to her and it only made Her disappointed by the end of the day

Oh how nice priya said when she saw a woman's  happy face in the movie

Priya stuffed popcorn in he'r face somewhat enjoying the movie everything was going smoothly until she heard the front door open and she froze in he'r seat Priya began to think that there was an intruder in he'r house she were about to get up and go to the kitchen to get the largest knife she had or at least sneak out through the back door when someone wrapped their arms around he'r Priya screamed her head off throwing her bowl of popcorn at him

oow the person yelped

Priya spun around eyes wide to Ram standing there before and rubbing his head

What was that for? he pouted

For scaring me you idiot priya cried as she jumped into his arms

Hold my breath as you're moving in

Taste your lips and feel your skin

Ram wrapped his arms tight around her form  burying his face in the crook of her neck Priya breathed in his scent felt the warmth of his skin against her own it had been so long since she been held by him like long since you been held by him like this it was too long for her liking but that didn't matter anymore all that mattered was that he was here now

Ram pulled away to look at her he leaned in kissing her lips slowly and making her heartbeat pound against her chest

I missed you so much Ram murmured against her lips kissing her once more

to be continued

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very well written...
continue sooonnn...
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nice os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-09-03T07:38:28Z
Hayeee so cute emotional n touchy i really loved it pls continue soon
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Posted: 2014-09-03T07:51:59Z
Originally posted by aman.anjaan

very well written...
continue sooonnn...
thank u
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Posted: 2014-09-03T07:55:12Z
Originally posted by dhristikpd

Hayeee so cute emotional n touchy i really loved it pls continue soon
thank u dhristi
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Posted: 2014-09-03T07:56:42Z
Superb one!!
Plzz continue soon and thanks 4 pm!!!
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Posted: 2014-09-03T07:58:19Z
Ohh nicely penned down the emotions of priya & Ram .
beautiful os .. Clap
Thanks fr pm 
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