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From Writer :

Hello dear readers , i know im pretty much late to wish our million dollar smile Ram kapoor . 
Wishing him a veryhappy birthday  and May god bless with him all success .
Actually  i got few OS requests from readers but as im busy i couldnt able to pen down anything when they asked me . so here i came with An "OS" with two parts . 

This OS was about Raya when they were in Jaipur leading a normal life.

As requested by

Rosi di [Jaipur track ,hope you love it  the way i have written , and your wish got fulfilled ]
iLuvRamkapoor [Choti] [ I know you expected OS from on his bday , so here it is ,I hope you like it ]
Sanjuktadey [ A new OS on Raya, Request filled ]
dhristikpd [ Romantic OS on Raya]

Hehe I know I know you must be thinking how cleverly I kept all your wishes[thoughts] in one OS rather than 4 OS .. But seriously I was caught up with my work so couldn't write more. So want to fulfill all your demands in one OS with two parts. So read and common chap chap your
Me - eagerly waiting for the comments. Hope you all like it .
This OS is dedicated to the above 4 lovely readers . 

OS: Being with you

Ram and Priya were living in a small individual house in Jaipur. Ram already started his small business over there and Priya was working in a near by college as an English
lecturer, side by side she was taking tutions in the evening time for kids.

For Ram it was being difficult to cop up with this life but seeing Priya & Peehu's smiling faces in front of him, he was forgetting the pain and living with them so happily and contended.
But some where he had a feeling that he was unable to provide the luxurious life to his own wife and

Ram was so excited that Peehu's birthday was near [around 2
months]. He got a good deal and he very well knew that he would crack it at anycost . He beemed with joy when he heard about the deal . He so wanted to share the news with
Priya and wanted to discuss with her about Peehu's b'day planning.

He quickly finished his work and came back home packing something in the near by shop .He was having a huge grin on his lips that was never ending. He excitedly stepped in
to his room and found that Priya was making one studentunderstand particular sum. Peehu was writing her homework , she was excited to see her father she wanted to run to him but Priya was strict when she sits in her tuitions. Peehu smiled broadly and gave a flying kiss to her father. He immediately caught her kiss in air
and hid it in his chest pocket . Peehu giggled and Ram too along with her.

Finishing the student'swork Priya turned to the whole students and got a glimpse of her daughter's naughtiness . She looked at the site and her heart skipped a beat seeing Ram standing and talking in their sign language. She adored the view in front of her and felt a sudden pang of pain that she made apart these two for five years . Quickly she came to
attention telling them to sit straight and do their work so Peehu adjusted herself.

Priya went near Ram taking his bag in her hands , "you came so quickly , Is everything okay?" Ram smilingly said yeah everything is okay . Keeping the bag aside she went inside to bring tea for him. Meanwhile he placed the pack in fridge and went to their bedroom to freshen up. When priya entered with tea he was in washroom. Keeping the tray on the table , she called Ram, asked him to check the tea on the table ,hearing students
noise she rushed to attend them .

When Ram came hurriedly from the washroom to share the news with her, she was gone . Huhhh .. He sipped his tea, a brilliant idea flashed in his brain he called out Priya ..
Priya ..
By second time she responded and came to their bed room , when she entered the room saying "what's it Ram, you know I'm busy with kids", she heard latching the door sound she gaped, before her body spun to see what was happening he encircled his hands on her waist and pulled her
more closer to him. Kissing her junction between neck and her shoulder , she felt goosebumps all over her body with his one touch . She
tried to free from his grip keeping her hands on his which were possesively holding her . I so wanna be with you , I wanted to have some private moments with you but you were not allowing me kissing her nape of the neck . Priya very well knew that they are not at all getting time in all
these chores and Ram desperately wants some alone time with her . But this was definitely not the right time.

His kisses were just trailing down under her neck making her turn to his side , he brushed his lips with her , she trembled by his touch.
She whispered on his lips , students
are waiting ,p.p. please.. He traced her lips with his tongue making her want his kiss once again , she winced under the sexual tension that was
growing up in her .
Give holiday to them with the husky tone he replied .
She howled at him , what I should tell them to make it as holiday .
Nibbling her earlobe "Just tell that you have stomach pain "
Priya giggled at that " teachers wont lie "
Ram : Teachers wont lie but wWifes can lie what say , he winked at her Freeing from his grip please Ram I need to go , I will send them soon and then I will cook then rest of the time is ours only, okay pecking lightly on his cheek ,she corrected her dress and came out of the room .
Her body was still lingering with his touch , she had a sly grin the entire period , meanwile Ram has talked some business calls and was deeply drowned his laptop making his project.
When junior students class was over , Peehu just ran to her papa , jumped in his lap circling her tiny arms around his neck asking him for a park walk .
He saved his project , holding peehu securely in his arms, he walked out of the room only to find Priya teaching
English grammer to higher class stduents . She was so lost in her teaching that she didn't observe that both father and daughter slipped from home to have their routine Park
walks .
Ram & Peehu reached the park which was just near by their house. Peehu just loves swinging so she first ran to the swing, making herself comfortable, she called her papa to push up the swing with high speed. Ram with a smile on his face slowly started pushing the swing and peehu asked for more speed. Ram was a very careful father ofcourse possessive too ,he retained the swing speed in medium mode only .Peehu banter continued for a while . Later they strolled in the park .Peehu wanted to eat pani puri , Ram looked for a while then accepted seeing Peehu's pouty face . Both had galatime while eating pani puri.
Priya finished her tuitions a bit quickly as promised to her man . When she entered calling them in their bedroom, she found that both her "Pumpkins " were missing from the home ,she very well knew that they could have been out on Peehu's insistence .

She immediately went to kitchen to prepare dinner so that shecan get some time with Ram today. She was already feeling sleepy but she made a mental note that she has to live some
private moments with Ram as she knows he is also craving for her attention .
When they came here every day some or other new challenges were coming up and both were successfully dealing them. They used to have good time until she started tuitions in the evenings. But she started the tuitions because when Ram needed some money for his business , he felt very bad to sell
Priya's gold . So Priya decided to start tuitions so she could earn some amount they could have not face any probs in future . Ram didnt like the idea but after Priya's reasoning
about Peehu's school and all he accepted. From that time onwards they were hardly getting time , and Ram wants her all by himself without any single piece on her body .
She blushed reminding about him, her cheeks automatically turned into radiant pink . She finished making aloo parantha ,vegetable rice , veg soup ,mutter paneer. While she was making ready the dinner table , Ram & Peehu came in. Peehu hugged Priya's legs saying that she ate pani puri ,
you know how tasty it is . Priya gave a killer look to Ram .
Ram scratching his temple "wo Priya .. When she asks something, I can't
refuse you know .." He was trying to defend his action . But hitler voice came "I know Mr.Kapoor you cannot refuse your darling daughter , but what is this today pani puri, yesterday vadapav the day before yesterday chicken noodles and the day before ...[as Priya forgot what they both ate ]
Peehu quipped in saying "gobi manchuria "
Priya gained back her knowledge with the help of Peehu ,Haa .. wahi gobi manchuria , Ram stepped closer
towards her . Just he was about to take her in his embrace to soothen out her fake anger .
Peehu .. Hug karo papa , our manao mamma ko .. she giggled saying this , Priya blushed ,Ram embarrassed .
Seeing his embarrassed look , Priya herself hugged Ram "aapko kya , mere hubby mujhe hug kiya toh " Ram placed his hands on her back smiling naughtily at his "two princess"
lovely talk.
Peehu: Hug karo ya kiss karo , [Priya rooted to the spot hearing the kiss word from peehu ]mujhe kya , I want my papa and mamma , she ran and three of them hugged .
Priya gave a warning to both of them telling "If you eat outside food daily ,I have to cut your aloo parantha at home, mind that and behave ,If you two keep on eating like this pumpkins say polarbears banjaoge. She laughed saying this. Peehu pouted saying we are not pumpkins hai na Papa. Ram laughed at his wife banter at the same time he could not see his darling daughter pout so he said .
"Yes we are not pumpkins"
Priya repeated "If anyone or anything looks like Golu we can tease them calling pumpkin , showing with her hands round round "
You again called me mota ...
Are maine kab aisa kaha Mr.Kapoor, I just said you are Golu, so I'm calling you pumpkin .
See again you called me mota, I am not gonna leave you saying this he stepped forward she ran from there , Tom & jerry fight started while their banter was continuously going on .
Ruk priya ...
Prove me that you are not pumpkin mere golu .. she giggled again.
Ram's temper raised , Aaaj tu gayi .. ruk ja..
Peehu tried to hold Priya in between .
Aww this is cheating mini Golu , you shouldn't come between us if so your golu papa will loose the game .
Peehu moved away giggling. Seeing her drawing book on the floor she went to take it and she forgot about her mom and dad .
Ram almost reached Priya, in mean time Priya briskly entered their bedroom. Before she could lock the door, Ram pushed the door , Priya tripped for the force and she safely
landed on their bed. She closed her eyes anticipating a hard hit ,when her head felt the light matrix she opened her eyes , only to see two chocolate brown eyes staring at her hungrily . His breath fanning on her face rhythmically, her heart painfully beating against her breast bone .
He whispered in her ear you are making me mad day by day.His hands brushing her round curve endings .He pecked on her forehead saying "Im missing you badly"
She felt his desire on her stomach, his expert hands making her go weak with his assaults on her tentate
spots ..
"cho..chodiye "
"You don't want it baby "
Before she could spell anything , his hand slipped in to her legging , she gasped when his perfect fingers doing the honours of their own rhthym on her lil bud , she felt his
touch warm ,the circles of his fingers making her go more weak , her head dugged on the pillow more , He gave gentle bite on her peaks through fabric making her writhe under the
sexual pleasure. Seeing her feminine arousing arch of her body , he pulled off from her gazing at her closed eyes. Orgasm following her face .. ohh she looked ethral to him .
She opened eyes only to find he was gazing at her with the same desire .
She very well knows "If its going to start they will regret later because Peehu was still up " she pushed him slightly , got up from the bed correcting her dress ,she ran to washroom to clean up herself .
Priya sprinkled water on her face ,It was beyond imagination for Priya, she just had a wonderful orgasm ,his
touch was just magical , each day he was showing her his expertive tips in their love .
She loves to love by him at the same time she had to stop him sometimes because he was going wild ,not that she doesn't love but she don't want to face any embarrassing moment in fornt of Peehu as she heard from her colleagues how they have faced few embarrassing moments infront of
their kids.
She came back to the room , already Ram and Peehu were sitting on the dining table arranging the plates almost serving animatedly .
Ram gazed at her with a sly smile on his face .Peehu was so engorsed in eating telling something with Ram & Priya about her school happenings .
Peehu almost was in drowsy state at the end of her dinner time.Priya leaving her food , she made peehu finish her food. After that Peehu immediately slept on Priya's bossom. Priya helplessly looked at him , as she could not hold her with her hands as she was also having her dinner. Ram smiled seeing his two precious angels In a cute state . Ram finished his dinner quickly , washing Peehu's lips made her drink some water. Ram took her to her bedroom ,made her lie down , Priya was still having her dinner. Ram sat with Priya after making peehu sleep on her bed . Priya was silently having her food, Ram was gazing at her with his adorable look .
"Aise hi khaogi toh ,How you are gonna bear the torture of mine "
Priya perplexed for a min but when his meaning struck her she blushed "my dear husband , I think you have forgotten that I had bear your torture and the proof is sleeping now
" indicating Peehu's room. Ram smiled soon Priya's smile
mingled with him . With that both teased each other for sometime , Ram helped her settling the dishes and all . She went to change ,when she came out of it , Ram welcomed her with a kulfi ,she was surprised and excited like Peehu seeing the kulfi in his hands , she quickly grabbed
one, licking it " ummm delicious Ram, thank you so much , you know I'm soo missing this , but I forgot myself in
work wasn't able to ask you and I love you for this . She immediately bit her lip .
Sooo You love me only for this encircling his hand on her
neck , making her sit in his lap , Ohhh Ramm .. Its ..woo ..I mean . I just want to say that, doesn't mean for this kulfi
only "I love you " saying this she giggledRam too ..
He held her near to his chest , she was enjoying hiswarmth ,the security in his embrace , The lil surprises he
gave like "kulfi " hmm what more than a women wants. Ram was observing her calmly , having his kulfi ,
"Toh you are not going to ask why I brought this "
When Ram's question sunk in her brain , she tizzyly turned her face to him . I thought you want to surprise me .. what's the matter
And please don't play your stupid sex games with kulfi this
time ,last time is enough of your ...
She stopped when his chocolate eyes staring hungrily at her luscious lips .
She pushed him a bit "ok ok Whats the matter "
Ram said that he got a big deal and if this supplies his company turnover will increase 2 crores .
Really , she squeled with joy "hugged him wishing "Congratulations "
And common this is your party for that big deal ,I want atleast one more kulfi ...
Ram twisted her in his lap "Areee one more ks there but that is for Peehu not for you "
So what ,I can eat this na , she tasted from his kulfi. He gladly accepted her favour , both relished the taste .
Moving her to the bed , he went to the hall when he came back she yelled at him "you lied to me" .. seeing a kulfi in his hands ,the bewitching naughty smile played on his lips.

If you like this then will come with the next part soon
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Posted: 2014-09-01T07:04:48Z
Howw beautiful the first part was.. Loved it to bits.. Jut waiting for second part and dont want that part to be sad or something.. So make him succeed in this deal and let them start their life afresh with success and happiness without any adjustments.
Haan Ram Ka bday hain aaj.. dint wish him till now.
Your Os was one perfect way to dedicate for his bday and you have done a perfect job. I loved reading the Os and the way Peehu was eating out everyday and happily reminding her what she ate the previous days was so fun. But meri beti aise karegi toh I will go beserk I think. LOL
And Oh my you wrote romance even like this kya..bacchi hain yaar next room mein.. be careful LOL
I am very much missing SMH. Thanks for giving atleast this Os.
Huggsss tight wali to Giri for writing even in busy and Neel for updating haan dedication list mein mera naam nahi hain phir bhi thanks a tonne. Edited by armanz - 2014-09-01T07:29:42Z
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Posted: 2014-09-01T07:28:34Z
Cuteee but so chotu sa update
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Posted: 2014-09-01T07:29:26Z
short n sweet OS
waiting for the next part..
continue soon..
thnks for the pm...Smile
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Posted: 2014-09-01T07:33:13Z
Superb one
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-09-01T07:43:54Z
Thank u so much Giri For accept my request & Given a beautiful OS. I am saying thank u from my bottom of my heart Hug

Rosi di [Jaipur track ,hope you love it  the way i have written , and your wish got fulfilled ]

Yes i really love the way you written the OS & you fulfilled my wish. Thank u & Love u Hug

Special thanks to My Darling, My Love & My Sweet Heart Neel HugHeart


Beautiful & lovely Staring scenes 
Ram is running Small business
Priya is working & taking tutions to kids
Aww Ram forgot his pain when he remember Priya & Peehu's Smile
Wow! Ram got big deal & want to discuss with Priya about Peehu's birthday Plan, Lovely
I love Ram & Peehu scenes very much
Totally Short & Very Very Awesome OSClap
Please continue soon
Thanks for the PMSmile
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Posted: 2014-09-01T07:57:22Z
Hey  dear readers .. 
When i edited second time , the half of the portion got deleted 
after seeing your replies only i went and checkd 
but it was missed more than hakf of the story .. 
sorry for the inconvience 

please do read again .. you will find the whole First part .. 

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Posted: 2014-09-01T08:00:20Z
Originally posted by luvsakshi

Hey  dear readers .. 
When i edited second time , the half of the portion got deleted 
after seeing your replies only i went and checkd 
but it was missed more than hakf of the story .. 
sorry for the inconvience 

please do read again .. you will find the whole First part .. 


ok will read it now..thnks..Smile
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