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Posted: 5 years ago

Hello Everyone

Recently, there has been a lot of problems on the forum with some members breaking forum rules over and over again, hence we have decided there is a need to reinforce some important rules effective immediately on the forum. We hope you all will abide by these rules to make the atmosphere of the forum a pleasant and friendly one.
Spamming Threads: 
Lately we have noticed a few members posting random polls /zero scope of useful discussion threads for the sole purpose of "increasing" forum activity or increasing post /page count. All such threads which constitute as spamming will be trashed without notice and If it continues thereafter, more stringent action will be taken.
Actor/Character Bashing: 
There have been a number of threads targeted at certain actors/actresses/characters of the show with the intention to ridicule/bash them. Character bashing includes, but is not limited to, making characters look bad or ridicule them because you think that they are a threat to your OTP(One True Pairing) Fav Couple/Jodi or your favorite character. Bashing against actors/characters in the form of mocking and/or name calling in a derogatory manner will NOT be tolerated. You must use civil expression & courteous speech to show your dislike for a character .
Targeting other fan groups:

Refrain from pointing fingers or taking direct or sarcastic digs at other fan groups. This is NOT acceptable. Please remember that you will NOT like if someone bashed you as a fan or made threads against your favorite, hence the same level of respect MUST be given to other fan groups/members.

Fans can be passionate towards their favorite celebs, but it does not mean they can be judgmental towards other members/fans.

Calling other members/fan groups- haters, bashers ,blind fans or "real fans" in a snide manner is also provocative and comes under fandom attack.

Don't say other fan-group/members were mocking us and what you did was in retaliation .You are responsible for your own actions and the circumstances are insignificant there. If you have any issue with regards to any member contact the section Dev Team.

Discussing/Bashing other shows: 
Time and time again members have been warned NOT to discuss/bash other shows and their star cast but unfortunately this has continued. Members are using the TVT/TRP/UK Ratings threads as a means to bash other shows and their star cast. This is NOT allowed as it will instigate fights between fan groups.

The only Facebook and Twitter messages we ALLOW on the forum are those posted by the BI cast/team and the channel. Any personal tweets by members or other fans on these social networking sites MUST NOT be shared nor discussed on the forum. Any matters taking place outside IF MUST remain outside of IF. Please do NOT bring FB/Twitter related discussions onto the forum.What happens in other social media FB or twitter stays in there. For more clarification: External Content from Social Networking Sites 

Respecting Members: 
IF is a public platform where everyone is entitled to openly share and discuss their views/likes/dislikes. Of late, we have seen some members disrespect/bash others just because of a difference of opinion. Some have also mocked, ridiculed and taken personal digs at one another. This is NOT acceptable.Please exercise tolerance and respect your fellow member for their diverse views. If members persist in fueling fights or making provocative remarks , they will be served with appropriate W/L raises.

Moral Policing: 
Moral policing is NOT allowed. Nobody likes being told what to do. In a forum , only the Dev Team decides what a member can or cannot do. Members will not tell others what they can post. IF is a public platform where , each & every person has a right to voice their opinion within COC without being subjugated or pressurized by peers. All fan groups are equal and none are allowed to dominate and cause ruckus while defending their favorite characters/celebs.
Morphed/Copyright Images: 
Please refrain from posting fake or morphed images intended to defame/ ridicule /abuse any celebrity &/member. Morphed pictures are NOT allowed on the forum nor are images/videos with external site copyright.Please ensure you remove the copyright which promotes/advertises rival sites before you post images/episode caps.

Multiple IDs/ MIDs: 
IF COC & Participation Guidelines & Rules  clearly prohibits members from having multiple accounts. Please refrain from making MIDs especially to bash actors/CVs/Characters/members/other fan groups. If members are ever caught having MIDs and used them for such purposes, they will be deactivated asap and the most active ID will be served with a W/L raise. 
Also, everyone MUST be aware that NOT every thread made by a Newbie constructively criticizing the show/leads/actors is a fan of another show.. Please do NOT assume every newbie who posts about Rehan/Aaliya or criticizes ZaYa is a troll i.e fan of another show and/or an instigator and vice versa. Some may be genuine new members , so do not generalize and bully / attack them for holding a different POV. If you do suspect a MID kindly contact the DT with your concerns rather than picking fights in a discussion thread. Report and DT will intervene.
Shipping Harshika is a personal choice but this does NOT mean you blur REAL and REEL and resort to bashing actors/actresses based on their off screen appearances/equations. This has been happening a lot and the AT hubs are being used for such activity. This is NOT acceptable. ATs are safe zones for fans to appreciate the actors/characters within the scope of their work. Actors are paid to do their jobs, so you can criticize their work and the scope in terms of the show, but personal libel or bringing FB/Twitter wars to IF and causing chaos in forum and unrest is not condoned. 

Members have recently been stalking IO threads of other members in CCs and have shared content on this forum. Please note that as per Chat Club Forum rules(which are applicable forum wide), such behavior results in direct increase in warning level. Any member who indulges in stalking an IO CC / post quotes of a member / screen shots or content from other forums and post it in BI forum with the intention to instigate / drag the issue or start cross forum wars will be dealt with severity.

DT Issues: 
If members have problems with the way the forum is being managed or want to raise any complaints/concerns please do so via PM with the forum's DT rather than discussing them openly on the forum. Any DT targeting threads will be closed with a NOTE requesting the TM to contact DT via PM.

Reporting posts: 
Posts must ONLY be reported if they are breaking the forum rules/IF COC, lately we have had members report posts unnecessarily which is NOT acceptable. Furthermore, if you come across a thread/comment which is breaking the forum rules, then report the post and the DT will investigate the matter, there is NO need to reply back as this will make matters worse.
Please allow a reasonable time frame of 48 hours before creating a hullabaloo and/or escalating the matter to the CMs/GMs. We try to address issues and respond to PMs and Reports as soon as we can get to them, but we request you to grant us some leverage as well.

We expect cooperation from the members and hereby hope that all of you will abide by these rules along with Beintehaa Rules Thread - READ before POSTING ,  and Participation Guidelines & Rules


Beintehaa Development Team 
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