os happy birthday

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ram woke up when the sun rays were already started to come through the curtains it was when he opened his eyes that he realized that the rays were shining in his eyes because they were open he got out off the bed he went to the balcony of their  room where he already priya standing he quietly walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her as he got there she squealed a little before turning in his arms and placing a sweet kiss on his lips

good morning beautiful  ram greeted her lovely

morning priya giggled i'm sorry did i wake you

ram chuckled no  and even if you did i don't care u're worth it to wake up for in the middle of the night

aww priya smiled placing another kiss on his lips i love you

 ram : i love you more sweetheart  and he pulls her closer almost crushing her body to his

priya shrugged

ram : wats the day today

priya : monday

ram : date

priya : 1st september

ram : arent u forgetting something

priya : no  nothing special today and wat should i m going to forget

ram : whats this she didn't remember my birthday and not special day too for her

priya : have a shower and get ready

ram : why i don't want to get ready

priya : ram its late go and get ready

ram look at her and think how priya can forget my birthday she didn't remember my birthday

priya : arrey aap kya soch rahe hain

ram : kuch nhi yaar priya kya tumain such main yaad nhi hain aaj kya hain

priya : kya hain aaj aap hi bata dijiye na

ram : tum yaad tho karo na tumain yaad aa jayega

priya rolled her eyes  hmmm aaj kya hain she think and smiles

u remember na  ram said

no and kissed him

he picked her up in his arms and moved towards the bed placed her softly

what are you doing  priya yelled she tried to push him leave me ramm

ram : don't you know  what i m doing

priya : plz leave me

ram : i m doing my morning romance and nuzzling her neck ram was about to kiss her  some one knocked the door

priya: ram koi knock kar raha utiyay na

ram : arre koi nahi hai thumharay kaan baj rahay hai  now can u plz and let me do my worrk

he starts again his romance again knock

priya pushed ram and said go and open the door

ram got irritated he went and as he opened the door

and he found rishabh standing at the door

ram : tu yaha kya kar raha hain

rishabh : priya bhabhi kaha hain

priya came out of the room

priya : kya hua rishabh

rishabh : priya bhabhi vo ma aapko niche bula rahi hain

priya : accha tu chal main abhi aai

rishabh : thik hain bhabhi  we will waiting for u downstairs

ram : kyu bhulaya hain ma ne

rishabh : muje kya pata aur aap ab tak fresh nhi huye

ram : ha ja raha tha tu jo aa gaya bich main

rishabh  : accha ok  ab jake fresh ho javo and he left

ram : thanks

priya : ram  aap fresh ho jaiye aur breakfast ke liye niche aaiye office jana haina

ram : hmmm

ok bye priya said and left

how could she forget this day

ram kya ise sach main aaj ka din yad nhi hain aur ma bhi yaha aai thi kya rishabh ko bhi mera birthday yad nhi ye kaise ho sakta hain

he take a quick shower and was running his hands through his cloths finally he take out a nice suit he wears it comb his hair pushing his hair back applying gel and then a perfume he should look good and smell good he was ready and went down stairs he sat on dinning table and was having his breakfast

after breakfast ram leaves for office

everyone remember ram's birthday but no one wish him they planned ram's surprise birthday party


ram thinks aaj sabko hua kya hain aaj muje kisine bhi wish nhi kiya phele tho kabhi aisa nhi hua kisi ko mera birthday yad nhi hain priya bhi bhul gai

suddenly vikram enter his cabin

ram smiles and to himself vikram ko tho mera birthday yad hoga kisiko ho ya na ho vikram nhi bhulega

vikram look at him and said kya bat hain bhai kaha khoya hua hain

ram : kahi nhi tu bol kya hua

vikram : nhi woh tu itna smile kar raha tha tho muje laga priya ki yado main khoya hian

ram arrey ye kya ise bhi mera birthday yad nhi hain

vikram : oye kya hua priya ki yad aa rahi hain kya

ram : nhi muje kisiki yad nhi aa rahi hain tu bata tuje kya kam hain

vikram : muje kuch kam nhi hain main tho bas aise hi aaya tha par tuje kya hua priya se jagda hua hain kya

ram : nhi mera kisi ke sath koi jagda nhi hua hain ab tu ja muje akela rhena hain

vikram : ok ha ram muje na aaj jaldi ghar jana hain

ram : kyu

vikram : vo muje neha ke sath ek party main jana hain

ram : konsi party

vikram : neha ke ek friend ki birthday party hain

ram ram looked at him angrily ha ha ja ismain puch ne ki kya bat hain

vikram : ok thanks yaar chal bye tu ab priya ko yaado main kho ja main chala

ram ha bye and thinks neha ke friend ka birthday yad hain par mera birthday yad nhi hain neha bhi bhul gai

suddenly hes phone ring

looked at phone screen and smiled and said ab yaad aa gaya apne pati ka birthday


priya : hi kya kar rahe ho

ram : kuch nhi kam kar raha hu par tumne kaise phone kiya kuch khena hain mujse

priya : ha aapko kaise pata

ram : main tumara pati hu main tumain acchi taraha janta hu ab batvo kya khena hain

priya : main na aapse ye batana chati hu ki main 2 din ke liye papa ke ghar rhene ja rahi hu

ram : kya

priya : ha papa ke ghar ja rahi hu

ram : woh main suna ab tum meri bat suno tum kahi nhi ja rahi ho samji

priya : main ja rahi hu muje papa ki bhot yaad aa rahi hain

ram : tum ne suna nhi main mana kiya na tum kahi nhi ja rahi ho main abhi ghar aa raha hu

priya : arrey par

ram cut the phone and leaves for km

priya informs everyone he is coming

ram enter in the hall  evrywear dark

ram arrey ye kya hain itna andera kyu hain laght nhi hain kya ghar main 

he call priya's name but no responds


alive with lights and was surprised to see  family 

everyone shout  surprise happy birthday

 ram smiles and said thanks to  everyone

everyone start to clap ram came and stand in the middle a cake was placed in the middle

ram searching for priya but she busy with gust 

ram gazing at priya both were gazing at each other 

after party 

ram goes in the room and lays down in the bed he was upset with priya  he drifts off to sleep

ram feels a soft warm touch on his cheeks he opens his eyes slowly to find the room with candles and Priya wearing a beautiful white sari  sitting close to him

he looks at her awestruck at her beauty

priya smiles and bends towards him happy birthday sweetheart she whispers in his ear planting a feathery kiss over there

ram quickly gets up and sits on the bed priya ye sab I thought you forgot and you I mean

priya places her finger over his lips you thought i forgot about your birthday huh well that's not possible i thought we both celebrate your birthday with everyone  but now  i thought we needed some alone time

she stops and then continues in whipers just you and me and this night

ram smiles he places his palm over her cheek caressing it with his thumb

you are looking beautiful i don't think i will be able to control tonight he says in husky voice

priya :  you remember once you asked me to wear a saree i thought aaj toh banta hai i love you thanks for being in my life

she kisses him on the nose chalo now comeon cake katna hai and she drags him out of the bed to the table where a small cake was kept

they both cut the cake and feed each other

where is my gift hmm

hmm close your eyes you will get it she says naughtily

ram  why no i wont

priya  : ram please do as i say plz

ram : ok

and she shuts his eyes close

he opens his eyes as he feels her soft lips on his bliss it was for him his hands make their way around her waist and he pulls her closer almost crushing her body to his to enjoy the moment priya's arms wrap around his neck he deepens the kiss and pulls him more close to her his hand start brushing her waist and makes its way towards her back unhooking her blouse priya breaks the kiss and looks into his eyes she caresses his cheeks and places soft kisses over his face he grabs his collar and starts placing kisses over his neck ram closes his eyes he arch his head a lil back feeling her soft lips over his skin his grip over her waist tightens it had been and this moment of closeness was overwhelming for their senses

ram unhooks her blouse and traces his hands over her bare back making her shiver he presses his fingers over her back and she clutches his collar more tightly

he picks her up in his arms and places her on the bed he sits close to her and holds her hand kisses he hand and brushes his lips over her arm placing feathery kisses all over he bends over her and she lays down the bed she unbuttons his shirt

ram i love my gift he kisses her forehead his hand slide the blouse from her shoulder her hands slide the shirt off his body

priya and i love you

he smiles and kisses her neck his lips mark their boundary by brushing all over her neck her nails dug deep on his back his one hand was resting on her waist while the other was trying to pull of her saree he backs off to look at her her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip he gently traces his thump over her lower lip which makes her open her eyes ke kisses her eyes he places his lips over her and both get lost in the kiss their bodies melting in each other

he shifts suddenly so that he is on top of her pressing her into the bed grabbing her hands ram pulls them above her head and begins to kiss her throat  oh priya i m not get enough from you and he smiles against her skin sending delicious tingles through her as his hands travels down her body and they make love all night

her lie on the bed and sleeps next to her she snuggles close to him he brushes her hair till she falls asleep and then places a gentle kiss on her forehead

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perfect bday...
good way to surrpise...
vikram neha also included..
thanx for pm...
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Posted: 2014-09-01T05:43:29Z
awesome os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-09-01T06:19:06Z
Surprice bday party 
well penned down 
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Posted: 2014-09-01T06:21:10Z
Nice surprsie bday party and even nice gift from Priya.. It was a sweet OS.
Thanks for pm.
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Posted: 2014-09-01T06:25:30Z
thnks fr pm
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Posted: 2014-09-01T06:44:13Z
Awesome os
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-09-01T06:45:48Z
Wonderful OS
Thanks for the PMSmile
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