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I succumbed to peer pressure and wrote a second part, it didn't come out like I hoped but meh. It was fun to write the first part but I wasn't feeling Part 2 so it's quite short :) Do lemme know what you think!

Part 2

"Yeh kaam karega naa?" Sanam asked again as Aahil plugged his MacBook into the TV.


"Haan Sanam." Aahil answered rolling his eyes as he turned the TV on and messed with the settings until his MacBook display showed up on the TV. Sanam gasped as a picture of both her parents appeared, her abbu on one knee in front of her ammi.


Aahil sat beside Sanam and pressed play. There was a lot of background noise in the video, like a typical airport. But all of a sudden you could see Sanam's dad running and jumping over a luggage cart. He looked like he was crying as he frantically looked around.


"Wow, your abbu was a handsome man." Aahil noticed as Sanam beamed.


"ZOYAAA!" Asad screamed on the video, multiple times before he came to a standstill and gazed off somewhere in the distance. Whoever was recording the video panned the camera to see what he was staring at.


"Ammi!" Sanam gasped as Zoya came into view.


"Tum toh bilkul hi..." Aahil gasped looking at Zoya. She looked exactly like Sanam apart from her hair and clothing. It was almost as if he was watching Sanam on screen.


Zoya was also crying and looking towards Asad. Sanam watched amazed as Asad ran towards Zoya only to be attacked and held down by numerous security guards.


"Hey...yeh toh wahi aadmi hai na joh humhe mila tha...jisne tumhari ammi ko pakda hua hai!" Aahil said noticing that Zoya was struggling to get to Asad but was being held back by Dhurandar Bhatarwadekar.


"Haan." Sanam whispered as she watched Zoya break loose and run towards Asad, tears streaming down her face. She all but fell near him and they both reached out towards each other.


"Wow." Aahil said looking at the screen, it was clear as day that the couple on screen was so in love with each other. He watched as Asad got up on one knee and held out a ring in front of Zoya, who was crying yet had a small smile on her face.


The two of them watched as Asad slid the ring onto Zoya's ring finger and got up, the two of them just stood there staring at each other, with tears in their eyes as applause broke out. The video ended there and the screen went black. Aahil turned around to look at Sanam who was sniffling with a smile on her face.


"Tumhare parents ek doosre sai bahut pyaar karte thai." Aahil spoke.


Sanam nodded. "Badi Ammi hamesha kehti thi ki woh ek dusre sai itna jhagad tai thai par ek dusre kai bina reh bhi nahi sakte thai."


"Aur kya kya bataya tumhari Badi Ammi nai?" Aahil asked staring at Sanam, she got this wistful smile on her face when she talked about her parents and it warmed Aahil's heart.


"Abbu nai ammi ko pehli baar mazaar par dekha tha...jaha hum gaye thai...Rehan aur Nida kai saath." Sanam said looking at him.


"Isiliye tum uss din." Aahil realized and Sanam nodded.


"Ammi apne nikaah sai bhaagi thi, aur roh rahi thi. Badi Ammi ko toh baad mein pata chala tha ki ammi-abbu pehli baar wahan mile thai. Abbu ko bahut der baad bhi yaad tha ki ammi nai kya pehna tha, kya kar rahi thi...Badi Ammi toh kehti hai ki abbu ko ammi sai uss din hi pyaar hogaya tha kyunki abbu kabhi kisi ladki ko aise nahi dekhte thai." Sanam smiled. "Aur phir abbu nai almost ammi ko car sai maar diya, aur unki ladai hogai."




"Haan, woh dono pehle pehle bahut jhagad thai, badi ammi kehti hai ki woh dono ek doosre sai bahut alag thai...abbu bahut traditional aur practical aadmi thai aur ammi ko badi ammi free spirit bulati thi, hamesha hasti aur doosro ki madad karti. Abbu ko ammi ki achai pehle samajh nahi lagi par dheere dheere unko bhi samajh aahi gayi. Par dono ko samajh nahi aaya ki woh ek doosre sai pyaar karte hai. Ek doosre ki khushi ke liye kitna kuch karte thai par kyun nahi samalh paye."


"Aur kya bataya Badi Ammi nai?"


"Bas yeh sab batanai ke baad woh chup si hojati thi aur kehti thi ki kuch derr baad unka nikaah hogaya...par mujhe lagta hai ki woh kuch chupaa rahi hai. Aur yeh airport waali baat bhi unhone mujhe kabhi nahi bataye." Sanam said looking at the screen longingly.


Aahil followed Sanam's gaze to the YouTube screen when one of the recommended videos caught his eye. "Hey, mujhe lagta hai ki yeh tumhare abbu-ammi ki video hai." He said clicking another video. It was a banquet hall of some sort and Sanam gasped when she saw her abbu dressed in a sherwani standing beside her Badi Ammi who was smiling coyly.


"Badi Ammi!" Sanam gasped looking at the screen, her badi ammi was adorned in a very nice suit with really heavy jewellery. The camera then panned to the stairs, where her ammi was descending wearing a beautiful grey and pink lehenga.


"I think yeh koi wedding function ki video hai." Aahil said and Sanam nodded. She watched the screen intently as Zoya and Asad stared at each other, almost in awe. The video skipped then and a bunch of people broke out into a dance.


"Yeh kaun hai?" Sanam wondered out loud.


"I think tumhari family...woh blue sherwani wala tumhare abbu kai jaise dikhta hai!" Aahil noticed looking at Ayaan.


"Yeh sab..." Sanam realized.


"Abhi bhi kahi honge, tumhari badi ammi nai tumhe inke baare mein bataya nahi?"


"Nahi...ek baar unhone kisi Ayaan ka naam liya tha...par phir jab mena pucha toh unhone kuch kaha nahi."


"Mujhe lagta hai humhe tumhari badi ammi sai baat karni chahiye...ek baar unko hosh aajaye toh shayad woh humhe bata dai..."


"Humhe?" Sanam said turning to Aahil.


"Haan, tumhare parents bahut interesting hai aur inke baare mein pata toh lagana hi padega." Aahil said. 

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Originally posted by mochhug




Okay now that I have recovered from seeing you on the forum and read the OS. 


That was so flipping cute!! Oh how I missed your cute OS's :) 

I love how Dhurander talked about Zoya and Asad and how he remembered their crazy antics. It was so nice to see him be the same too "mein kaide aur kanoon ka bohot hi sakht admi hoon" LOL

Please please write a part 2 EmbarrassedBig smileDay Dreaming

AHHH! It's Monicaaa :O 
LOL, man I've been on here for a week now, I am obsessed with Qubool Hai again! 


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Posted: 2014-09-01T15:43:12Z
Wow...That was so hilarious and cute!
I just loved this.
I really want to read about Sanam and Aahil's expressions while watching the video..!
Pls Continue This.
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Posted: 2014-09-01T15:52:27Z
HELL YES! Dancing

This is an amazing TS! Day Dreaming

Reliving AsYa through SaHil.. Embarrassed 

Aahil is so much into this. He is so interested in knowing about her parents! LOL

Okay.. errmmm.. we're getting Part 3! Aren't we? Big smile

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Posted: 2014-09-01T15:56:24Z
Please please please write a part 3 i want them to see Tanu in the video... and maybe watch a video of the wedding tooSmile
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Posted: 2014-09-01T16:00:28Z
This was actually a very adorable piece :)
Really fun to read!
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Posted: 2014-09-01T16:08:25Z
LOVE THIS! Hope in the next part they see Tanveer in the video!!!
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Posted: 2014-09-01T16:16:47Z
Please continue. Thumbs Up
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