AsYa & SaHil OS: Mr. Dhurandar Bha-Bhatarwadekar (Part 2 - Pg 4)

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I saw a picture from one of the episodes with Dhurandhar Bhatarwadekar and thought that he would be an interesting person for Sanam to run into and this little drabble was born! Do let me know what you think :)

AsYa & SaHil OS: Mr. Dhurandar Bha-Bhatarwadekar

"Sanam, are you serious right now? Jaldi karo."[Hurry up] Aahil groaned as Sanam took her time picking out the necklace at the showroom. He was seated beside her typing away on his phone as the woman behind the counter showed Sanam necklace after necklace. 
"Aap ki hi madat kar rahi hoon, aapko taufa khareedna hai apni ammi ke liye!" Sanam rolled her eyes. "Jalad Jinn kahi ke." She murmured under her breath and went back to speculating between the emerald kundan set and the polka set with a ruby. [I am helping you, you are the one who needed to buy a present for your mother. Jalad Jinn.]
"Haan toh jaldi madad karo naa, ek choose karo aur chalo." Aahil said exasperated as he typed away on his phone. [Okay but hurry up, just pick one and let's go.]
"Aap hi pasand kar lijiye-" [Why don't you choose-]
"Zoya?" A voice came from behind the couple. Sanam and Aahil both looked behind them to see a really old man, he was probably around 80 by the looks of it, his head was balding, his thin moustache white and he had on huge glasses. "Zoya?" He asked again looking confused.
"Nahi, mein unki beti hoon, Sanam." Sanam answered as Aahil watched the man. [No, I am her daughter, Sanam.]
"Wah, tum toh bilkul Zoya jaisi dikhti ho, mujhe toh laga ki Zoya hai par phir mujhe Asad nahi dikhayi diya." He said looking at Aahil. [Wow, you look exactly like Zoya. I thought it was her and then I realized it couldn't be since you are not with Asad.]
"Aap mere ammi-abbu ko jaante thai?" [You knew my parents?]
"Thai?" [Knew?]
"Haan, mein bahut choti thi jab woh dono ek car accident mai..." Sanam said sadly.[Yeah, I was really young when they passed away in a car crash.]
The old man looked at Sanam sadly and then upwards as if he was questioning God. "Haan, mein dono ko jaanta tha." He smiled. "Waise Dhurandar Bhatarwadekar kaidai aur kanoon ka bahut sakth admi hai, par jab who kisi saachi mohabbat ko pehchan leta hai toh Dhurandar Bhatarwadekar par bhi uska asar ho jata hai." He said while rolling his rs.[Yeah, I knew them. DB is a strict follower and enforcer of rules but when he sees real affects him too.] 
"Aap mujhe unke baare mein bata sakte hai?" Sanam asked hopeful.[Can you tell me about them?]
"Tumhari ammi, Zoya, USA sai yaha visa lekar aaye thi...tumhare abbu kai ghar mein rehti thi. Uska visa expire hogaya tha, aur usne jhoot bola ki who tumhare abbu ki company mein kaam karti hai lekin Dhurandar Bhatarwadekar kaidai aur kanoon ka bahut sakth admi hai, usse koi jhoot nahi bol sakta." He said looking proud.[Your mom, Zoya was originally from USA and was visiting India, she lived at your father's house. Her visa expired and she lied that she worked for your Abbu's compnay. But DB is a strict follower of rules and laws, no one can lie to him.]
"Abbu ki company thi?" Sanam asked.[My dad had a company?]
"Haan, naam toh yaad nahi hai par tumhare abbu Bhopal kai sabse bade architect thai...shayad Dilshad Constructions naam tha company ka..." He trailed off as Sanam looked over to Aahil with her eyes wide. He nodded to her before writing the information down in his phone. [Yes, I don't remember the name...but your dad was one of the best architects here...I think the company was called Dilshad Constructions actually.]
"Toh phir kya hua?" Sanam asked.[What happened then?]
"Tumhari ammi ek dramebaaz thi, puri family actually...pehle toh Zoya nai chicken pox hone kaa natak kiya, par Dhurandar Bhatarwedekar se koi nahi bach sakta, Zoya ka jhoot pakda gaya  aur usse lekar jaa hi rahe thai jab tumhare abbu nai bataya ki un dono ki sagai hone waali hai. Par Dhurandhar Bhatarwedekar ko daal mein kuch kala laga toh unka test liya. Tumhari ammi sab kuch bada exaggerate karke bata rahi thi, lekin tumhare abbu ek practical aadmi thai, toh unsai poocha ki unki pehli mulakaat ke baare mein batao." The man smiled. "Asad ke jawab nai yakeen diladiya ki woh Zoya sai pyaar karta hai. Lekin tab bhi shak tha...par woh ek doosre ki har pasand or napasand jaante thai, aur ek doosre ko aise dekh thai ki jaise duniya mein koi aur nahi hai." He said. "Pata nahi kyun lekin kuch din baad tumhare abbu nai kaha ki engagement nakli thi, kuch toh hua tha uss din..." 

[Your mom was a drama queen, the whole family was very dramatic to be honest. First, Zoya pretended that she had chicken pox but no one can lie to DB, her lie was caught. Just as she was about to leave your dad announced that she couldn't leave because they were to be engaged. But DB was suspicious so he interrogated them. Your mom exaggerated everything but your dad was a practical man so he was asked to speak about the first time he met Zoya. Asad's answer convinced everyone that he did in fact love Zoya. But still it was all a bit suspicious...but they knew each other's likes and dislikes really well and when they looked at each other they acted like the world around them didn't exist. I don't know why but a few days later your dad said the engagement was fake, something happened that day...]
"Ammi waapis chali gayi?" Sanam gasped. [Mom went back?]
"Nahi, pata nahi kya hua tha lekin tumhare abbu uske peeche peeche airport pahunch gaye, itne kanoon todh kar woh andhar pahunche aur zor sai Zoya chilarahe thai. Ek doosre kai paas jaane ke liye tadap rahe thai dono, aur Dhurandar Bhatarwedekar heraan hogaya ki yeh ho kya raha hai. Phir tumhare abbu nai apni pocket sai ring nikali aur Zoya ko pehna di, dono kitna roh rahe thai...aur puri airport taaliyaan baja rahi thi." He smiled. "Mujhe bahut kuch bhool gaya hai iss umar mein, par Asad aur Zoya bahut achi tarah sai yaad hai."

[No, I don't know what happened but your dad followed her to the airport, he broke about every law to get to her and was screaming Zoya at the top of his lungs. They were struggling to get to each other, and DB was shocked at the scene. And then your dad pulled out a ring from his pocket and put it on your mother's finger. They were both crying...and the whole airport burst out into applause. I've forgotten a lot over the years, but I remember Asad and Zoya well.]

Sanam was beaming while she listened to the story wide eyed, it was one she hadn't heard before.
"Waise..." The man continued. "Yeh kissa bahut hi popular tha uss dino...Bhopal Airport Couple kai naam sai jaane jaate thai woh dono...shayad abhi bhi Facebook ya kahi koi video ho..." He said. [Actually...the story was really famous back in the day, they were known as the 'Bhopal Airport Couple'...maybe there is a video floating around on Facebook or something.]
Sanam's eyes flashed toward Aahil who nodded dutifully, a small smile on his face as he noted that part down.
"Shukriya." Sanam smiled. "Mein apne ammi-abbu kai baare mein zyaada nahi jaanti par...shukriya mujhe yeh sab batane ke liye." She said with tears. [Thank you, I don't know much about my parents...thank you for telling me about them.]
"Koi baat nahi beta. Khush raho." The old man smiled before walking back towards the other side of the store to his daughter. [It's no problem, bless you child.]
Sanam turned around to face Aahil and he was smiling up at her. "Waise tumhare ammi-abbu kaafi interesting thai." He said. [Your parents seem very interesting.]
"Aapko lagta hai ki unke baare mein kuch aur pata..." [Do you think we can find out more about them?]
"Lag jayga Sanam, woh yaha pai hi rehte thai naa. Aur tumhare abbu yaha ke bade architect thai toh I am sure ki mere business circle mein aise log zaroor honge joh unhe jaante thai." Aahil smiled.[We can, they used to live here after all. And your dad was a big architect so I am sure someone in my business circle must know him.]
"Aur woh video..." [And that video?]
"Youtube par hai par mere phone par kaam nahi kar rahi." He smiled showing her his phone. "Chalo ghar jaakar dekhte hai." [I found it on YouTube but it's not working on my phone...let's go home and watch it.]
"Saach?" Sanam asked excited as Aahil nodded. "Par haar?" Sanam asked looking towards the counter but it was empty. [Really?! But what about the necklace?]
"Dono pack karva liye."[I got them both.]
"Par-" [But-]
"Ammi ko ruby wala hi acha lagega." [Ammi will like the one with the ruby.]
"Phir doosra?" [What about the other one?]
"Uh...woh...tumhe acha laga toh maine..." He said trying not to look at her as she smiled. [Uh, well, you like it so I-]
"Toh chale?" Sanam asked beaming. [Shall we leave then?]
"Waise yeh Dhurandhar Bha-Bha-" Aahil started. [But who is this Durandhar Bha-Bha-]
"Bhatarwedekar." Sanam said rolling her eyes.
"Haan, yeh Dhurandhar Bha-Whatever hai kaun?" Aahil said speculating, the old man seemed to be really proud of this man. [Yes, who is he?]
"Unka beta hoga?" Sanam shrugged and Aahil nodded as they walked out of the store. [Probably his son?]

Part 2 - I wasn't planning to write one, but hey it's cool to succumb to peer pressure, y'all are good at that ;) 
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Hahahahaha... That was a cute OS! Embarrassed

I want a Part 2 of Sahil watching the video together on the laptop! LOL

It would be a treat to read about Sanam and Aahil's expressions while seeing the video! Wink

Loved it! Heart
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Posted: 2014-08-31T16:53:42Z
That was so hilarious and cute! Will you write a second part to this about Sanam and Aahil watching Asad's proposal? I want to read that so please...
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Posted: 2014-08-31T17:00:37Z
aww tht was such a lovely os... Embarrassed
Loved it Clap
Tooo cute Heart
Good job! Big smile Thumbs Up Edited by yumna.imad - 2014-08-31T17:04:51Z
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Posted: 2014-08-31T17:10:13Z
I just loved this! Trip down memory lane! I remember squealing when Asad went on his knee and took that ring out in the middle of the airport! It was SO romantic!

This took me right back!
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Posted: 2014-08-31T17:23:24Z
Originally posted by -Mrinalini-

Hahahahaha... That was a cute OS! Embarrassed

I want a Part 2 of Sahil watching the video together on the laptop! LOL

It would be a treat to read about Sanam and Aahil's expressions while seeing the video! Wink

Loved it! Heart

Thank you girlll! Oh man, now my mind is thinking about writing that but I don't have time right now so maybe tomorrow! I miss AsYa all of a sudden, like a lot. 

Originally posted by MrDarcyfan

I just loved this! Trip down memory lane! I remember squealing when Asad went on his knee and took that ring out in the middle of the airport! It was SO romantic!

This took me right back!

That means I succeeded! Omg, I remember watching all the episodes with the deportation, engagement and wedding rituals over and over again. It was like the golden period of QH, tbh, everything from Asad rescuing Zoya from Akram to before the Tanu baby track was a golden period. I MISS ASYA. UGH. 
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Posted: 2014-08-31T19:40:24Z

Cute OS <3

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Posted: 2014-08-31T20:02:34Z
Awww..Dhurandhar Bhatavdekar!LOL

How I loved that character! PartyReserving to read later!


This was very cute! The old man has not changed!LOL

Loved the way U incorporated old QH into new QH! Way cuter than the Babas and predictions!LOL
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