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"Send Miss. Shekhawat in my cabin, now" Rey said on intercom, he sat on his chair, Impatient what to do next, He never felt this nervous before. All of sudden he became numb as He remembered last night event that changed everything. His mind take him back into memories of last night, Most beautiful night of his life. Last night he made a beautiful mistake, He did what his heart told him to do not what his mind. 

It was party thrown by singhania industries on occasion of completing 25 years. Everyone were enjoying themselves but the CEO of singhania industries was staring at the entrance impatiently, Waiting for some one to come and that someone is, who has taken away his sleep, Made him spent countless sleepless night just thinking about her. Soft wind caress his face, Making his aware of her presence, He look at the divine beauty clad in red saree,her hair left open, Coming toward him, His heart stop beating for a moment seeing the breath taking beauty. He felt amused at how she manage to look mesmerized in every look, Be it western, traditional.

"Congratulations sir" Her sweet voice broke his trance, he shifted his intense gaze from her.

"How many times do i have to tell you taani, call me Rey" Rey said, Frowning at her habit of calling him sir when he love hearing his name in her sweet voice.

"You are my boss and i am your employee, Nothing more so I will prefer calling you sir" Taani told him, avoid looking at him in his eyes.

"Really taani, We are nothing more than boss and employee?" Rey asked taking step forward, closer to her.

"Yes sir" She answered him looking at ground, She excused herself and went to her friends khushi and geet, who were waiting for her. Before rey could follow her he was stopped by some of his clients. He got busy in their talks but his gaze remain on her.

"No khushi, I am not in mood" Taani whined When khushi tried to pull her on dance floor.

"Okay, lets drink something" Khushi tell her, She understand that her mood is not good, She is upset about something. Three of them went to bar counter and ordered drinks for themselves.

Rey was talking with his father when he saw her, His eyes widen in shock seeing her gulping down shots after shots, He was aware of the fact that she cant handle herself after 4 shots. Just then he saw his employee sameer walking toward taani, He sat beside her and starts talking to her, both start laughing sharing some unknown joke. His blood boiled at the sight in front of him and him being drunk was not helping him either, His sense were not working seeing his taani with someone else. Arnav and maan came there and khushi and geet left with them after taani assure them that she will be fine.

"So how about a dance?" Sameer asked smiling at her, He is sweet guy and has crush on taani from the time she has joined RS but taani always treat him like friend.

"Sorry sameer but i am not in mood" Taani replied then again brust into fits of laughter remembering something that is unknown to everyone, Alcohol has taken over her sense completely.

"Come na taani, It will be fun" sameer said to her, before taani could say anything Rey came and stand behind her.

"Sameer, There sneha your sister was looking for you, I think she has some important work" Rey tell him calmly, sameer nodded and left from there.

"What happen rey? Where are we going?" Taani asked him in her drunken tone, Rey took hold of her hand and drag her with him, Luckily non notice their departure from party, Rey took her in his room in hotel which he booked for him. Taani and blabbering and giggling to herself, Rey was drunk too but not that much. Rey close the door behind him as he pulled taani in room with him, She stumble in her steps but he hold her and made her stand on her feets.

"Taani what you were doing with sameer in party?" Rey questioned her in calm tone but from inside he was burning, burning in fire named jealousy.

"Talking" She answered him and giggle on her own joke, Rey sighed and made her sit on bed, sat on his knees in front of her on floor.

"Why you drink?" Rey asked her, Taani look at him with her big big yet innocent eyes.

"Because I was upset" She said in drunk childish sad tone.

"Why you were sad? Did someone said something to you" rey asked her gently, taanis eyes scorched with hot tears, as it slipped down her sunken cheeks, and landed upon his hand which was holding her on her lap. A single tear personified so many emotions, in which she was utterly powerless to convey.

"I was sad because..." Taani started to say but stopped in middle, Thinking something.

"Because, Tell me baby, What is making you sad" his voice was gentle whisper.

"Because You cant be mine" taani replied, she pouted, Rey cup her face between his palms, tears in her eyes broke his heart in million pieces.

"I am all yours baby" Rey told her, taani nodded in no like a child do.

"No you are not" Taani repeated, She was continuously blabbering, Rey was not getting any idea how to make her shut her mouth. Rey think of only one way, Without thinking anything else. He smack his lips on her, because of sudden force taani lost her balance and fall on bed with him top of her, Because of fall their kiss deepened, Taani too got lost in his touch, she pulled him closer by his hair. Rey pulled back but didn't leave her, planting wet kisses on her soft skin of neck, He move down, Removing her saree pallu, Kissed her stomach, making her moan his name loudly, Atmosphere became seductive, He was kissing & biting her on her neck, while she arched giving him more space. Both were getting highly aroused, Both were lost in each other, forgetting the world around them they were busy in showering each other with Love.

"This is wrong" Taani mumbled, Trying to cover her naked body, Rey hold her hands and made her face him. Their clothes were laying on floor, Scattered here n there.

"Nothing is wrong taani, Its our Love and when we are together nothing can be wrong, You and I are meant to be" Rey whispered in her ear, trailing hot kisses on her neck, He parted her legs and entered in her, Marking her as him. Rey wiped her tears away then He place his lips on her, Kissed her gently diverting her mind from pain, Both made love with each other whole night. And in morning when Rey woke up, his head was spinning because of hangover, He look beside himself, Expected to find her but she was not there, Rey got hurt by this but understood her worry too. Rey wore his clothes and went to his house to get ready for office with determination of making her his.

"May I come in Sir?" Hearing her sweet melodic voice Rey came back into reality.

"Come in" Taani enter inside, Her eyes were searching something precious on ground, She knew why he had called her, After Last night what happen between them she wasn't happy with the change in their relation,Not that she regret what happen last night but life is complicated to accept the truth that she Love her boss...married boss. She didn't want to be other girl in his life, She don't want society to call her with names. She don't want to break his home. She still remember her first day in RS, After one week of his marriage taani joined office, Rey was attracted to her at the first sight when he met her in interview then Spark flew between them, They started to know each other and unknowingly fell in Love with other, Rey wanted to confess his Love but wasn't sure about her feelings and also his namesake marriage with kriya was stopping him, Taani too started keep distance from him whenever rey tried to come close to her because she don't want to come between him and his wife.Like this six months had passed, Rey was trying to be with taani on the other hand taani was trying to find reasons to stay away room him. That was the reason When in morning taani found herself in bed with Rey, She quickly left from their as if nothing had happen.

"Taani look at me" Rey demanded but taani was adamant to not to look at him.

"Sir why you called me?" She asked him looking down, Rey sighed and walk close to her.

"After what happen last night you are still calling me Sir" Rey asked in amuse tone, Her head snap at his direction.

"Whatever happen last night was a mistake, We both were drunk" She whispered in low tone but her words were loud enough to wake the beast in his, fry can be seen in his hazel brown eyes, the most beautiful moment of his life, she consider just as mere mistake.

"So it was just mistake, Your confession, Our Love, moment we spend together...All are just mistakes! Why can't you accept it damn it that we Love each other, Heavens sake for once stop being stubborn" Rey shouted in anger, thank god his cabin is soundproof or else whole office would have collected outside listening their Boss's Elaan-e-mohhobbat.

"Accept it? So that People can call me home wrecker, that I seduced you and broke your house, what about your marriage, what about kriya. Listen rey I don't want to be other girl in your life, what happen last night was also cheating on your wife, So its better we forget each other" Taani said, tears start breaming in her eyes, any moment she would break down and Rey knew it. Rey hold her by her shoulders and made her sit on couch, behind them. then he went to his desk and bring one file and gave it to her, Taani gave him confuse look but Rey signaled to open the file and look yourself.

"You are the only girl in my life" Rey stated, clearing her every doubt but taani wasn't in state to listen as soon as she saw those papers.

"Divorce papers? Have you gone mad, you are doing this because me, right?" Taani stood up from her place, she was crying by now thinking someone's house is breaking because of her.

"Its not because of you so first stop blaming yourself and now listen to me carefully." Rey said to her in calm tone, he made her it and himself sat on his knees on front of her, he takes her hand in his.

"Taani, Kriya and me, we both were forced in this marriage, she has her own dreams, she is very ambitious girl, wants to open her own dance academy but She was forced by her father like me. We don't even know each other properly, not even 0.1%. It was bound to happen, we are not meant to be. thats why we mutually decided to free each other from this unwanted relation, We both are very happy with this divorce because we were not happy with each other, Kriya has already left for US to achieve her goal" Rey explain her each n every thing. Taani was staring at him.

"Now about us, Taani I Love you baby and you should stop thinking about what others will say, Our Love is pure. our feelings for each others are pure then how can you say that last night was a mistake, it was most beautiful night of my life, you know why because I was with you, I Love you taani" Rey confessed his Love, Taani wipe her tears and hug him tightly.

"I Love you too Rey, I am sorry I hurt you with my words" Rey smiled broadly hearing his name in her sweet voice with those three magical words. Rey broke the hug and leaned forward to claim her lips.

"I guess now i am allowed" Rey asked naughtily as he remembered their past where numerous times she stopped him from kissing her. Taani nodded slightly, Rey smiled and kissed her on her lips, Kiss was gentle yet passionate, Both kissed each other till eternity.



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YESSS YESSSParty ME FIRST BALLE BALLEDancingmast mast osWink  awww rey and  taani boss and assistant nice,than their party scene was also cute ,taani is so adorable their romance was super awesome,then ewww rey kriya chudailDead married thank god she went away.mene to pm se pehle hi padh liya yaay yay.TongueTongueTongueEdited by priya1999 - 2014-08-31T01:55:05Z
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Posted: 2014-08-31T02:20:41Z
nice OS
Loved TaareyEmbarrassed
awesome jobSmile
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Posted: 2014-08-31T02:22:50Z
awesome os...Smile
kriya and rey r married..Ouch
loved taarey..

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Posted: 2014-08-31T02:29:04Z
Nice os
Loved it
Keep writing
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Posted: 2014-08-31T02:31:50Z
Awsme os... Taarey became one ..
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Posted: 2014-08-31T02:33:26Z
luvd luvd jst luvd the OS
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Posted: 2014-08-31T02:34:53Z
Amazing os love always
Find it's way luv tht two
Love bird finally meet rey
Have left Kriya luvly os thanks for PM
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