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http://www.picgifs.com/graphics/f/fireworks/graphics-fireworks-158568.gif      http://www.picgifs.com/graphics/f/fireworks/graphics-fireworks-158568.gif
To Bola,
Ganapati Bappa Moriya
Mangal Murati Moriya
Modak Laddoo Choriya
Ganpati Bappa Moriya

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Hope Ganeshji Will Like This Offering !

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Let Us Pray Now...

Sindur Laal Chadhaayo Achha Gajmukh Ko |
Dondil Laal Viraaje Sut Gauri-Har Ko |
Hath Liye Gud Laddoo Saai Suravar Ko |
Mahima Kahi Na Jaaye Laagat Hoon Pad Ko ||
Jai Dev Jai Dev ||

I Offered Red Vermillion To The Good Lord With The Head Of An Elephant
As The Sweet Boy, The Son Of Shiva And Gauri Sits In Front Of Us
The Great Lord Has A Laddoo In His Hands
Therefore, Praise Him.

Jai Jai Ji Ganraaj Vidya-sukh Daata |
Dhanya Tumhaaro Darshan Mera Man Ramata ||
Jai Dev Jai Dev ||

Praise The Leader Of The Ganas (Shiva's Soldiers) Who Gives Knowledge And Happiness
His Sight Is Soothing To My Eyes
Therefore, Praise Him.

Ashto Sidhhi Daasi Sankat Ko Bairi |
Vighnavinaashak Mangal-murat Adhikaari |
Kotisurajprakaash Aisi Chhavi Teri |
Gandasthhalmadmastak Jhule Shashibihari ||
Jai Dev Jai Dev ||

The Eight Siddhis (Good Qualities) Are The Slaves Of The Enemy Of All Troubles
The Destroyer Of All Problems Is The Owner Of A Pleasing Form
His Sight Has The Light Of 10 Million Suns
The Moon In Its Cresent Form Hangs From His Hair
Therefore, Praise Him.

Bhaav Bhakti Se Koi Sharnaagat Aave |
Santati Sampati Sab Bharpur Paave |
Aise Tum Maharaj Moko Ati Bhaave |
Gosavinandan Nishidin Gun Gaave ||
Jai Dev Jai Dev ||

Anyone Who Comes To Him With True Devotion
Will Get All That He Wants (ex. Children, Weath)
O King You Are Ever Blissful For My Eyes
O The Son Of The Gosavi (Lord Shiva), Your Praises Ring Throughout Day And Night
Therefore, Praise Him.

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O Ganpati, Please Adorn Our Houses With Your Divine Presence, Ad Bless Us With Your Ever Pleasing Devotion. Stay With Us Formally For The Next Ten Days, But Please Never Leave Our Hands. You Are The First God To Be Worshiped, Please Bless Us With Eternal Peace Around The Globe. Help Us To Overcome Anger, Jealousy And Violence. Please Accept This Water To Quench Your Thirst And The Food To Satisfy Your Hunger !


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To Bola,
Ganpati Bappa Moriya
Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Aa

And A Happy Ganesh Chaturthi To All !

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Happy ghanesh chaturati Party Everyone        

@TM amazing and lovely threadClap thanks for the pm SmileEdited by --RockStar-- - 2014-08-28T23:13:18Z
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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all
Have a bless one and continue to spread love and peace
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Posted: 2014-08-28T23:01:24Z
Happy Ganesh ChaturthiTongue
Ganapathi Bappa MoriyaWink
May Lord Ganesh give us everything Embarrassed
Thanks for such a lovely thread RadhaLOL
The thread is fantastic Clap
Thanks for the PMWink
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