OS:The Undiscovered Discovery

Posted: 2014-08-27T07:47:13Z
Hello everyone
back with an os
wrote after a longgg time
this one is a little different from the others
hope you all like it
comments awaited.


PS:i wanted to create a siggy for this os
can someone do this for me
sorry for the trouble and thank you too

OS:The Undiscovered Discovery

Clad in a Armani suit stood a man at the entrance of one of the high society parties searching for his lady whom he loved like a crazy. And there she was standing admist with a group of ladies . She was the epitome of beauty in his life. His 'Priya' was standing with a glass of orange juice in her hand and  laughing away to glory. Her bewitching smile had caught his attention. How much he loved to see her laugh and smile. He closed his eyes to savour her beauty until he was disturbed by his best friend 


"Ram tu yaha kya kar rha hai"

"Kuch nahi bas aa rha hu"

"Mr Mehra kab se tujhse baath karna chaah rhe hai"

Though Ram s leg followed Vikram but his eyes never left Priya. His lady was looking divine in the pearl white saari. Her ears adorned with jhumkas , her kohled eyes , the nose ring , her hair partition filled with sindooor and most importantly her smile would make any one fall for her. Indeed Ram had fallen for her. Looking like an angel she had captivated his heart and unknown to him he had surrendered himself to her.

Priya though busy with her friends could nt stop herself from gazing at her 'Mr Kapoor' who had stolen her heart . Little did she know that her 'Mr Kapoor' had also fallen crazily for her.

The party seemed to have stopped for these two souls who longed for each other. The party now was of no importance to them. All they wanted to do was to tell each other about their 'Undiscovered discovery' thise 'love'.

'Love for them is the ultimate satisfaction. Whole life they had been running around to fulfill the need of others, now what they want is to be with each other and celebrate their 'Undiscovered Discovery'.

Priya excused herself from the ladies on the pretext of going to washroom. Ram also excused himself to get a drink for himself.

The moment came when these two came infront of each other. Ram could nt stop himself from admiring her even she could nt take her eyes off him.

The music , the talks ,the gossip didnt matter to them anymore all they wanted to do was get drowned in those beautiful eyes of each other.


"Mr Kapoor"

Both spoke unanimously . They were sweetly shocked that they both wanted to talk to each other.

"Priya mera iss party mei mann nhi lag rha hai

kahin chale kya"

"Mera bhi mann nhi lag rha hai

chaliye chalte hai"

Both bid good bye s to their respective friends and the host and finally set out.

The drieve was a silent one . Priya opened the windows to let the cool breeze come in. Surprisisngly Ram did nt stop her.

Her silky soft hair  were blowing with the wind. Ram was silently stealing glances at her. He stopped his car as his view was getting blocked. Priya was surprised that why all of a sudden he had stopped the car. Before she could react Ram opened his seat belt and leaned on Priya to tug her hair behind the ear so that his view does nt get disturbed. As he leaned on her , their eyes locked again and again they were lost. The black BMW was parked at the right edge on a lonely road inside which the lovers were lost in the depths of each others eyes under the moon light. The moment was broken by  the sms beep. They unwantedly came out of each others eye and Ram again started driving. Both of their  s  heart because of the moment they shared. Unknown to them their heart s smile had reached their faces too.

The car finally stopped  at the Kapoor s Farmhouse. Ram like a true gentleman escorted his lady inside . Ram lead her to one of the benches kept in the garden. Both settled themselves on the bench with some distance between . Both wanted to finish off the distance but were hesitant . Ram finally mustered up courage and kept his hand on the edge of bench. In doing so his hand accidently brushed with her bare back which sent shivers down her spine and she closed her eyes to absorb the moment. She opened her eyes and found Ram s eyes boring into hers. He seemed to be asking something . Priya smiled and he got his answer. He gathered her close as much as he could. She kept her head on his chest and closed her eyes to savour the moment. They sat there admiring the nature in each other s arms. Secretly the nature also admired the couple  who were so deeply in love with each other but had nt confessed.

"Andar chale 

thand lag jaayegi vanra"

"haa" answered Priya.

Both didnt leave each other s hand while going inside. Ram lead to her their room. The room was dimly lit by the scented candles and the large french windows were open which allowed the cool wind to come in. Both stood facing each other. Strong wind blew and her pallu  came as a barrier between them. Ram could nt handle the barrier and pushed it aside. The eyes locked yet again. Ram took a step forward and gathered her in his arms. Priya kept her head on his chest and Ram held her as much close he could . Priya pressed herself more into his arms. They broke apart. Their eyes and their  hearts did all the talking. Ram rested his forehead on hers . He wanted to take a step ahead but he was hesitant. Priya understtod his dilemna and smiled. Ram got his answer.

Ram came forward and cupped her face in his palms. She closed her eyes. He stood  their drinking her beauty. Then genlty placed is his shivering lips on her s shaking ones. He started kissing her. Unknown to her she started responding with equal zest. Both didnt realize when the gentle kiss turned to a passionate one.

The night grew and the lovers found solace in each other s arms.The stars and the moon blushed seeing the couple tie in a unbreakable bond.The morning was a witness to the cuddling of the couple under the duvet.

Confessed but not confessed the unknown discovery was finally discovered.


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Posted: 2014-08-27T07:52:37Z
Wowww priya ... 
This one was the best  of your works
simply superbly penned down 
and the indiscovered discovery of their confession perfectly penned down to soothen up Rayans 
amazing Clap 

keep coming with them
Thanks for the pm 

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Posted: 2014-08-27T07:53:17Z
will read and comment
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Posted: 2014-08-27T08:08:18Z
Beautiful story. 
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Posted: 2014-08-27T08:16:38Z
Thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-08-27T08:28:35Z
Awesome OS Priya. I loved the the way you made them discover their love. Kudos to you.
Loved the ending even more.
Thanks for pm.
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Posted: 2014-08-27T08:48:54Z
It's my pleasure to read this Awesome OS once again
I love this OS very much
You written very well Clap
Thanks for the PM Smile
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Posted: 2014-08-27T08:50:25Z
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