OS - LOVE NEVER FAILS ( note on page 3)

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This is my second attempt. After much contemplation I am writing this. Actually I was seeing the old episodes and I didn't want Ram to be left alone on his birthday...so here comes an OS..


He was really angry on her. How could she do such a thing dammit. She always breaks her promises. Be it 15 years back or now. She always takes his decisions according to her will. Knowing him very well how can she leave him alone. Ram was in his own world of thinking in his room all alone after pihu's party when Vikram came.

As soon as he saw vikram, he tries to hide Priya's last year gift but in vain.

V: Ram, don't try to hide anything from me. I know exactly what you are doing.

R: What? What am I doing and first of all what are you doing here?

V: I came to see my friend. Why are you bothered? Frist tell me what's that in your hand

R: Nothing yaar. Just leave it. Tell me what do you want?

V: Why do you always think that one should come to you only if they want something... Actually it is not your mistake. You have always been treated like that...

R: Arrey yaar.. Now please don't start that Vikram. They are my family Vikram . If not to me then to who will they say their needs. If not me then who will fulfill their needs.

V: OK Ram. I agree. But what about your needs. Nobody here even cares for you and you very well know the one who cares for you is always there for you even if they are not with you..

R: Just stop it Vikram. I have already told you I don't want to discuss about that person or that matter as a whole.

V: Why should I stop Ram? I will not do that. I am fed up of seeing you like this. I am not selfish like your family. I am your friend and remember I can't see my friend like this. I know how lonely a life without your life partner will be. Even though I speak with neha daily I still miss her when she is in dubai... and just think of you. Basically you don't share anything with anybody unless pestered. You don't share your problems or your feelings. So nobody except the one who knows you very well will know it. I know you but I am not there for you always. My daily activities and business tensions don't allow us to even speak some days. You badly need her. I know that and even you know that very well. You have a habit of becoming a Mahan na... you fulfill everybody's wishes no...then for god's sake do me a favour... Speak to her Ram... Leave your ego. Life is so short. You never know what happens the next moment. Don't make a mistake which you will regret the rest of your life. I am asking you only one thing.. Please keep my friend who is inside you, hidden behind your ego, happy. He deserves all the happiness in this world. Only one thing will make him happy and that is "HIS PRIYA". Please give her to him. That will be his best birthday gift... Please Ram...Please...

All this time Ram was sitting with his head hung down.. When he lifted his head to see Vikram there were tears in his eyes. He slowly held Vikram's hands. He simply mimed a thanks... That was enough for Vikram to understand Ram's emotions. He gently patted on ram's shoulders and said, " Go Ram... already you have wasted 6 months... Priya will be waiting to wish you first..."  Ram simply nodded as Vikram left.

He immediately wanted to see Priya. He wanted to surprise her by going directly to her house. He didn't want to spoil the surprise by calling her.. with this single thought in mind he went downstairs.

The party was still in full swing. Nobody noticed him coming. He didn't feel like telling his idea of meeting Priya to anyone.He wanted it to be just them. He quietly slipped out of the house.

As soon as he came out, the security came running to him. He had a card in his hands. Ram was puzzled and asked what was that.

Security: Sir, I found this card near the gate. When I went to see who left this I could just make out a lady going in a taxi.

Ram's face lit up on hearing this. He knew who it could be. It could only be her. Though she breaks her promises, she has her unique way of keeping them unbroken too. Though she has left him all alone, she has kept her promise of wishing him first. But she still doesn't know the fact that she was the first to wish him. A smile crept up on his face. First time since morning, he felt like he needed to celebrate his birthday. But not in a grand manner, just with a personal touch. He felt like shouting. Giving the security a large amount as tips, He nearly ran to his car. Took the keys from the driver, gave him leave with salary for a week and started to Choti's house. He knew that Nandy will know where Priya will be. Unlike the old choti, she has become sensible now.

In Sharma's house:

            Ram waited impatiently for Nandy to open the door. As soon as it was opened, Nanditha was shocked to see Ram there. Because just 10 minutes before, priya left from there. Actually she was sbout to call him.

N: Bahi, you? Here? What a pleasant surprise.. please come in. I was just about to call you for wishing you... Actually just now I returned from my foreign trip. In the world clock confusion, I forgot to wish you. Sit , I will bring some water.

R: No problem Choti.

As he sat on the sofa, he noticed the Pastry box.

R: Choti.. you don't eat chocolate pastries no... then for whom did you buy these...

Nanditha was shocked...She didn't know how Ram will react if he knew that Priya was here. So she said,

N: Ha Bhai.. they are for you... For your birthday... You like chocolate pastries na, so I only I bought them.. thought of giving you tomorrow while meeting...

R: Oh ... That's great... this is a real treat...

Nandy served a pastry to him.

R: HMMM... yummy... Nandy. Thank you sooo much. Actually I came to ask a favour. Will you help me? You shouldn't ask any cross questions.

N: Sure bhai. Anything for you.

R: ok. Just find and tell me where priya is.

N: Sure... I will call her immediately.

R: don't tell her that I asked for it.

N: ok bhai.

Nandy called Priya.

N: hello priya. Where are you?
P: What is this question Nandy.. just 10 minutes back I started from your house and now you are asking me where am I . I am on the way Nandy.. will reach home in another half an hour. Why?

N: nothing. Simply asked... You carry on... Message me after reaching home...

P: Ya sure... And one more thing... Don't forget to pass the pastries to Mr. Kapoor. He really loves them.

N: sure priya...i know how important is that... I wil make sure it reaches.. Bye.

P: Bye.

N: Bhai apriya is on her way home. Probably in taxi. She will reach home in another 30 minutes.

R: oh... Ok.. then just give me her address

N: Priya's address!!!! For you? Did I hear correctly

R: oh come on Nandy. Please don't play in this matter. Am very serious.

N: Sure bhai. I will give. I know how much important this is... Here, Have this... this is her address...

Saying so, she gave a chit... All the best Bhai...

R: By the way, if you get any call from either of the houses, just say them I went out of station for some work and Priya too... seperately. We both need to discuss out certain things before we take any decisions.

N: ok.. done. I will manage. You don't worry. Take your own time.

R: Thank you so much Choti...Bye...

Taking the address, Ram rushed from there. He wanted to see her. He could always go to her home, but he didn't want to meet her in front of others. They had so many calculations to talk and tally. He speeded through the empty roads. He wanted to be there when she reached there.

KALANAGAR, Bandra East:

          When Priya's taxi turned the corner to her house, she noticed the black BMW. Her heart skipped a beat. She very well knew whose car it was. She knew her man. She immediately halted the taxi and got down. Paid the taxi off and started walking slowly. She waited for him to catch up... The BMW came near her and stopped. The front door was opened from inside.

She got inside without a second's hesitation. The car started moving. Silence prevailed in the car. Nobody spoke a word. After sometime Ram said in a low tone, " inform in house that you will not be coming home today." Priya called Khush and somehow convinced him that she will not come home...

Car came to a halt in front of their farmhouse. Priya silently got down and followed Ram. He went to their room and stood near the window. Priya followed suit. She bolted the door and waited for his reaction.

She knew him. Yet , She was worried for him. She couldn't read anything from his facial expression. She waited for him to speak... finally she started.

P: Mr. Kapoor...

Ram slowly turned. Looking straight into her eyes, he walked towards her. Priya moved back till she hit the wall.

R: Yes priya... Your Mr. Kapoor is here. What do you want to say

P: Me. What do I want to say. You only brought me here so, I thought you needed to say something.

R: Ya right. I only brought you here. If it was your way, you would have never come to me. Am I right...

 P: Mr. Kapoor...

R: Look into my eyes Priya... Tell me... how many more days you are going to punish me and for what... What did I do to deserve such a punishment...When all of them get to live their life their own way, why am I always forced to stand alone... Why you did this to me Priya...

P: Mr. Kapoor... I...I mean..

R: Tell Priya... You say that you know me... You know that I have ego... You know that I will do anything for Pihu's happiness... You know that I will shout in anger... You know everything... But why you never knew How much I Love You.. Why you never knew how I can't live without you...Why Priya..

P: Mr.Kapoor...

R: Yes Priya... Mr.Kapoor... You know today's my birthday...You know that I will expect your wish first... You know to send me a card...You know I like pastries...you know to make sure I get them through Choti...But why you never knew that what I always want is you... Why you never knew that what I want is just to see your face and hear you voice and nothing else... Why Priya...

P: Mr. Kapoor...

R: Yes Priya... Tell...Atleast tell something now... Why do we always forget the rule number 3. We decided that we will solve all the problems by speaking with each other, right? I am fed up Priya. I am fed up of fulfilling all other's wishes...I am fed up of living my life for others.. Now I am scared... I am scared whether I have to live the rest of my life all alone... I can't do that...I can't do that Priya... I can't live without you...I am sorry Priya... am really really Sorry..

Priya slowly moved towards him... wiped the tears from his eyes... Hugged him tight without saying anything... Ram in turn took her into a tight bear hug...

Ram was continuously saying sorry... Priya just closed his lips with hers... Ram was taken aback...

P( with a slight blush) replied: I know everything Ram... I also know how to shut your mouth... My husband taught me this 25 years back...

R(smilingly): Oh madam... Really.. then if I remember correct... He also taught you some other things on that beautiful day...

P: HA... But what na... Since it has been 25 years, my memory has faded a little bit...

R: Madam, Am always ready to refresh it... By the way, i also know who will give me chocolate pastries for my birthday... every year i will get it without fail... My wife is too good not to forget them...

Saying so, he slowly bent down to take her lips in a sweet kiss...Soon it turned into a passionate one. Priya started responding to it... His hands gripped around her waist, pulling her more and more closer. While her one hand moved towards his short cropped hair, the other one fisted his blazer... Both didn't want to break the kiss..The sweetness of the kiss rekindled long last memories. The need of air forced them to separate...Priya whisphered "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAM " near his ears... He was already busy nuzzling her neck. He replied, " Thank you Priya.I know still all the problems are as it was. But trust me, We will solve them together." 6 months of loneliness melted into nothing as two souls became one...


Thank you for your support... Please leave your comments...Tongue

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Posted: 2014-08-26T13:14:30Z
Vik always gave Ram good advise he can't see hix friend like alone living apart from his happiness, his life Priya.
He immediately went to his choti for so he can reach to Priya.
Their destination came to halt at farmhouse where both all over again confessed that they can't live without each other and now will together solve all the problems of their life...
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Posted: 2014-08-26T14:49:28Z
Thanks for the awesome OS
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Posted: 2014-08-26T22:39:17Z
I so wish somthing like this was shown in the show..
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Posted: 2014-08-27T05:57:55Z
superb os !!!
do write more
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Posted: 2014-08-27T07:23:26Z
Good attempt, even I wanted somehow Ram should know Pastry and get her Card.
And whatever ego , priya should have wished him, at least by SMSSmile.
You did a great job, CVs toh taare dikah diye the.

Loved it..
Keep writing on RaYa and many loop holes CVs left unanswered or  ignored things.
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Posted: 2014-08-27T11:09:27Z
Thank you members for your valuable commentsTongue
I too love to write more about RaYa.. But unfortunately my profession doesn't give me timeTongue
i will try my bestSmile
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Posted: 2014-08-27T11:38:03Z
awesome os..
beautifully written..
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