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Life is Beautiful

Love does unite you in every sense, doesn't it? 

He stood at the balcony relishing the misty morning. The view was beautiful.Lush green fields spreading up to the horizon, the morning sun caressing the tender plants and the proud tall trees catching everyone's attention made the day look brighter and calm.

 But what actually soothed him was the satisfaction, the feeling of oneness he got now, like, every reason for his existence was confronted with, like his life had suddenly start showing some meaningful and promising signs. 

How far he had come! From a nerdy genius to a ruthless business tycoon & now- a happily married man madly in love! Ram Kapoor in love, who would have thought!! he smiled when he thought about his life. The only thing that made him happy was her, he discovered in his course of a rather disturbing life filled with betrayals. 

He smiled again. His.Priya.He couldn't control the overpowering emotions that suddenly reached his chest, and then he let a lone tear.

 God had seriously blessed him,she was a boon, she was the oasis that began as a small pool water but as time passed it turned into an ocean of enduring love. He thought of how she completed him, of how she came into his life and turned him upside down, changed him from a broken disheartened man faking contentment to a truly contented man.

 She was the miracle of his life. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him,for she walked with him in all highs & lows of his life. What could he have done without her?

At that exact moment he felt warm hands hug his naked chest. Her soft hands ignited him every time they touched his skin. Ram smiled and touched her fingers that explored his chest curiously. He caught her hand and brought it to his mouth..just when he was going to taste them, he felt her pulling way.

 He chucked, he was not gonna leave her so easily. He grabbed her again turning around this time, so that she crashed into his chest. He observed that she had draped herself in just  a cloth of silver satin. And damn, the material was thin and it was slipping away due to her silky skin beneath. She blushed profusely pulling her hand away but he continued teasing her. And then, with one hand he started to push the cloth down.

Priya gasped. She looked at him innocently, blushing at the onslaught on her already sore body. Thanks to him again, she thought. Ram pulled her so he was hugging her now and then removed the cloth but in such a way that only he could see her front. She was gloriously naked.

Not a single piece of clothing covering that vast expanse of beautiful,sparkling skin. The desire crept up, his body hardened and it became warm, overcome by a pleasing feeling. He moaned looking up. "God you are so beautiful" he said as he covered her again and hugged her, touching her at all the right places.

Priya could swear that her legs would give away, tension rose up from her thighs,ripping into her sensitive region making her moan. He was driven now, her moaning just accelerated his blood to infinity. He picked her up and ran back to their room. Their farmhouse had 2 lavish bedrooms,2 bathrooms,a kitchen, a study, a gym and massage room, and a bar counter on the terrace attached to comparitively small room.

Their bedroom was just luxurious and comfortable, but since she loved rain he continued to the terrace room. The feeling of making love in the chilly weather is something unique she'd always said, but everytime they came here they could barely make it to their bedroomWink, so he thought why not now? Priya smiled seeing that they were heading towards the terrace. She quietly thanked God that after all these years of waiting, she'd got a perfect soulmate.The moment they reached the room he quickly dropped her onto the bed, but carefully so that she didn't get hurt. The fall made the satin slip, and there she lay below him naked, from head to toe waiting to be taken on by the love of her life. Ram looked at her for a few moments, gazing at the beautiful woman in front of him. God made her from all the fine things, he thought. Priya blushed and tried to cover herself only to be stopped by him. "You are beautiful Priya, don't cover yourself, I want all of you". Man, that sounded good. Really good

The vibrations went down there, to that spot and she closed her eyes. Ram climbed on top now, careful not to put his entire weight on her,he blew hot air on her face. The close proximity of his face and the curiosity lingering as to when he'll touch her made Priya go wild with pleasure. He was blowing air at all the right places but didn't touch her. That made her mad.

Ram was happy seeing this effect on her. He was very pleased and so, he decided to entice her more. His mouth moved south, blowing air on her belly making her breasts go up and down due to anticipation. And then he moved down, and that made her grasp the sheets and she let out a moan. This time it was loud and needy. Ram felt energized and so he fell on her and crashed his demanding lips on her.

He  held her waist while kissing her passionately, his tongue circling her mouth, she tasted delicious as always. His other hand cupped her breast. Her nipples hardened under his touch and she was so aroused. She dug into his skin due to the unbearable pleasure that travelled her body. He stroked her nipples fast making her lift up due to pleasure.

His erection was growing and she could feel the tension on her private. He then pinched her nipples and she moaned loudly into his mouth. And with that he broke apart and looked into her. She looked deliciously divine. He kissed her forehead with pressure and her breathing touched his neck. Priya pulled him back and then threw him to her side and climbed on him.

 Ram looked aroused and surprised looking at his wife all in action. He smiled naughtily as she placed her lips on his chest. She kissed him briefly, everywhere, his chest, his neck, his face and his swollen lips. Ram just enjoyed his wife take advantage of him. he liked her like this, he liked his hitler in action!! the equality they shared while making love was amazing. And now due to their rising hormone levels. He couldn't take it and therefore looked at her and said. "I want you. Now. Badly."

Priya looked at him with desire and said "Take me, then" smiling a little. And there she slept on the bed, her heartbeat going faster,she felt her heart would smash out of the rib cage. He positioned himself on her, never breaking eye contact. 

The fact that the lights were on and the cool air from outside trickled her bodies now and then increased the excitement. He looked at her once again as confirming if she were ready. He slowly bent down and planted a kiss on her lips. This time, he kissed her longer, he kissed her with love pouring out of his heart. 

He then touched her, there, while kissing. Priya almost jumped due to the unexpected invasion. His probing hands moved up and down, slow at first and he picked up pace. Priya hugged him tightly, her mouth open due to the explosions of pleasure. He could see that she was nearing her peak.

 He could see that she was going to explode any moment and therefore he picked up his rate. His skilled fingers rubbed against her moist pink skin, the most sensitive area of a woman's body. He liked seeing her like this, he liked it when she enjoyed him, he liked it when she was happy and satisfied.

 He would never do something that she didn't like, he knew she knew that. The best part about lovemaking is that, the new feelings,emotions, revelations that come with it. The innocence at first, the pleasure at the end. 

What a journey! God had created a perfect method of uniting two unloved souls,physically and mentally. Where they completed each other in every true sense. It exposed many hidden vulnerabilities, fears of any couple. They then joined in a synchronised rhythm of love in order to abolish those fears and inhibitions to establish a bond that was unbreakable.

Priya's face went higher. She felt the world slip away, she felt a sort of a volcano build up inside, the lava travelling up the narrow opening to be released into the world, to be free. And then she came, wonderfully shouting into the air as she fell back with Ram on top of her. 

She panted heavily and she looked at him. Her eyes were almost pleading. She wanted more. And her dutiful husband was more than happy to oblige. He entered her moaning her name looking up. Priya pulled back her head in pleasure. The feeling of fullness was the thing she liked. He was into her, completely. He filled her. He went slow first and then started picking up pace. And then, he went really fast making Priya go mad due to the nerve-racking pleasure she experienced.

 She shouted his name all the while turning him on further. And finally when they seemed to lose their consciousness if they don't stop, he fell on her panting. Their breaths intermixed and they  looked deep into each others' eyes. It always felt like the first time. Always. He smiled at her and kissed her lips, sucking it in this time. She responded by touching his face to get support while he kissed her.

 And then he fell next to her. It took some time for their breathing to halt. They stared at the ceiling. It had a beautiful painting of two lovers kissing passionately against a backdrop of the dark sky filled with endless lamps of love. Ram and Priya looked at each other. They both turned towards each other. Ram quickly  pulled a sheet to cover them. Priya nuzzled closer. He hugged her tight. She kissed his chest and then slept on his chest, keeping her face on his heart. She heard the rhythms, sounded similar to her's. She thought about their life, how they had come from hating each other to now, where they could never even think about being apart, smiling & drifting off into sleep

Truth is stranger than fiction & their life was stranger... 


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Posted: 2014-08-26T01:17:22Z
Will soon read the story
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Posted: 2014-08-26T03:47:37Z
Beautiful os pls do write more
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Posted: 2014-08-26T04:57:09Z
Nice one:-)
Write more...& pm please
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Posted: 2014-08-26T06:28:03Z
Beautifully describe the emotions and desires of lovers turned into husband-wife who want to enjoy every bit of their lovemaking.
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Posted: 2014-08-26T08:03:20Z
Nicely written... The feeling of a despair man and woman finding hope in the form of love is nicely expressed...
Please do write moreSmile
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Posted: 2014-08-26T08:15:48Z
beautiful writing
loved it...
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Posted: 2014-08-26T09:41:09Z
macchi neenu romancea?? just kidding Tongue
tumba chennag bardidiya macchi too good btw busy idiya?? jaasti bartailwalla adikke kelde...
cme onl9 at 12 da, will be waiting...

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