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A heavenly smile that steals your heart...Heart your heart misses a bit when she laughs! Her magical voice can fill your heart with peace... As heavenly as Sita maiya's. Those twinkling eyes that speak of a thousand things...Day Dreaming They glow and you drown in its intensity...Blushing Just like the morning dew, Exotic and Beautiful like Smiley!! Mischievous and chirpy like ImartiShe is as elegant as Ruby Bharadwaj. She is simple yet unique just like Radhika. Stylish yet down to the earth like Divya.


August 26,1989 marks the birthday of an Angel!!! She is beautiful, talented and kind hearted. She is our beautiful baby doll Rubina Dilaik DancingDancing

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To a beautiful girl with a passion for fashion, you do so many thoughtful things for others through the year.  You have a way of lifting spirits and filling hearts with cheer. You are Jeannie in real sense. So I know this day's just perfect to make a wish for you, for all the good things you deserve each day the whole year through. 
Happy birthday!PartyParty

All fans of India-Forums wish Rubina Dilaik a ver happy birthday along with health,wealth,happiness and success in the year ahead. Smile May Kanha bless you Big smile 

Many many happy returns of the dayHugHug
Slide Show Courtesy : Ashna (ashna26)Hug


This thread is a small tribute for you dear Rubina ... You have made our moments memorable and colorful with your acting... We laughed when you laughed on screen, cried when you had tears in your eyes, we prayed for Radhika's recovery inspite of knowing it,s just acting... You made every scene so lively! We enjoyed each and every moment of your journey from Radhika to Jeannie... Still we are reliving those moments...Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Ashna Hug
Snehal (Vivirti_Suvian2)Hug
And all who sent messages and gifts. Also who took part in the siggy contestEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Thank Ypou all!!!

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Rubina Dilaik was born in Shimla , Himachal Pradesh. As a very bright student she completed her education from Shimla Public School and St. BedesShimla. She was a national level debate champion during her school days. Being a daughter of a highly educated family Rubina wanted to be an IAS and wanted to do PhD in English. Her father wanted her to be an engineer and she appeared in all competitive exams but flunked in Physics. Later, she participated in Miss Shimla beauty contest in 2006 and won the title. In 2008 she participated in another contest named Miss North India held at Chandigarh and won  the title also. Rubina took part in the dancing reality show Nachle Ve with Saroj Khan and Terence Lewis.

Miss Shimla,2006 Rubina Dilaik with runners up Star
No higher resolution available. CryCry
Quote from Rubina " I was studying to become an administrative officer. In spite of being good at academics, I was very active in extra curricular activities. I am a national level debater. I have written poems in English. My father has written many books and poems in Hindi and I translate them to English. I had also participated and won two local beauty pageants." 

[Credit : Vedo]

Rubina was not intersted in Television at all. It just happened to her unexpectedly and quite dramatically. She says "My younger sister Rohini and her friend wanted to go for the audition of Chhoti Bahu that was held in a nearby locality and had asked me to accompany them. I went there just to pass time and accompany them. Inside the audition room, every one was tense mugging up the lines and rehearsing for the audition. I snatched a page of dialogues from my sister's hand to know what was so difficult. Just to test whether I too could do it I too mugged up the lines and gave the audition. Just hours after my audition, I was told that I was short listed. Initially, I was shocked how a small town and ordinary looking girl like me could get selected for such a big role when there were so many promising girls aspiring for the same." She continues "Initially I was very apprehensive. In fact, when I was short listed for the second round, I refused to appear for the second round of auditions. I wanted to complete my studies and acting was never on my mind."

Rubina having fun with her full family LOLLOL

Even her family was not happy with the idea of Rubina's entering to the Television world. And it was really very tough for her to convince her parents. Rubina says "My family members were against me taking up acting as a career. I come from a huge joint family set up where I am answerable to every one in the family for every action of mine. Both my parents are very well educated so even I was expected to have a strong academic career. But my mother did not mind me going ahead. She is the only one who stood by me. In fact, when I refused to go for the second round of audition she coaxed me to change my decision. She had faith in me. She convinced my father to allow me to come to Mumbai and act."

Choti Bahu Sindoor Bin Suhagaan | Radhika/Imarti (2008-2010)

In 2008 a  beautiful, simple, graceful young girl Rubina Dilaik caught our attention in ZEE TV's Choti Bahu. She spelt bound all her viewers with her acting skill, brilliant expressions and beautiful physique. A complete package with mesmerizing  eyes, flawless skin and beautiful smile Embarrassed Her voice modulation, dialogue delivery and movements are calm and graceful so captivating. All these qualities made her a perfect choice for Radhika character.
Her acting was so lively ande heart touching that soon Radhika became everyone's dream daughter, sister, daughter-in-law and wife not only in India but also across the world. She is very popular in countries like Guyana, Romania, USA etc. Choti Bahu season 1 was a huge success for ZEE TV. It achieved record breaking success even at an odd evening slot. Later as story proceeded, Rubina played a double role of her on-screen sister Imarti which was quite opposite to Radhika's character. She did a quality job with the double role. 

Choti Bahu Sawar Ke Rang Rachi | Radhika/Kanha/Ruby Bharadwaj


[VM CREDIT : NEERJA Big smile]

After the path breaking success of Choti Bahu season 1, the production house and the Channel authority brought back Choti Bahu Season 2 with the same leads on public request. Rubina again played the role of Radhika atrue devoteee of Kanha, an ideal daughter, wife and daughter-in-law. But she was more appreciated for her double role of Kanha in season 2. She did a splendid job as Kanha. 
Aman Varma, who was her co-actor on the show spoke very highly of her acting abilities, "The way Rubina switches from Radhika to Kanha and vice versa is really commendable. No wonder the audiences are loving her." He contined, "Rubina is a gifted actress who is extremely fast learner. It is very difficult for an actor of her age to play the role of a God with such fitness. 
Popular actress Kratika Sengar also admired Rubina for the double role. She said, "Rubina is doing a fabulous job as Radhika and Kanha at the same time." Rubina played another double role in the same show and it was Ruby Bharadwaj. Her tranformation from the simple innocent Radhika to the boastful stylish Ruby was simple outstanding. She proved that she is a versatile actress in Choti Bahu season 2. 

Saas Bina Sasural | Smiley (2012)

[Write Up Credit : Ashna]

Rubina Dilaik did a cameo in Saas Bina Sasural as the bubbly Punjabi girl Simran aka Smiley. Smiley comes to stay with the Chaturvedis who brings back the old and happy memories of the family members. Her nickname was Smiley because she makes people smile. It was adorable role of Rubina Dilaik, she worn half modern and Punjabi cloths. We will never forget this role of Rubina Dilaik, lively, fun and cute role.

Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed | Divya (2013)

[By : Sia_lovely]
After a break Rubina was back on screen with a lead role in Zee's new show Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed. Here she played an actress Divya who was the lead actress of popular show Choti Bahu. The initial concept of Punar Vivaah Ek Nayi Umeed proves how popular was Radhika! A brand new show was made on the basis of a fictional character of another show- this is just UNBELIEVABLE!! The initial days of PV-ENU were charming... Rubina touched everyone's heart with her acting once again. But it was the callousness of the Channel authority and the Production House which killed the beauty of Divya's character. They sidelined Divya who was the so called "LEAD" character. And at one point Rubina had to step out from the show as she didn't have much to do in the show. 
photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

[Credit : MSN_Vanny]

Quotes from Rubina Dilaik on quitting PV-ENU :
""I just had a meeting with my production house. Since day one, the show and my role didn't shape the way it was narrated to me. Even today, they are saying we don't know how to place Divya in the show for the next 15-20 days. I was unaware of the fact that the writers are playing with the story based on the TRPs."
The actress also went on to say,"The show was narrated to me as being Divya's show, a show of a television actress whose real life love story was to be depicted on the screen. However, after a week, things did not seem the way it was assured to me. Recently, I was even kept out of the Maha-Sangam episode yet I was promoting the show from my end."
 "Even though it is said that the story has to revolve around me, I'm not considered a part of the show since it has been more than 17 days that I have shot for it which is very contradictory." On quitting the show, she says, "Being a responsible actor I realized it and I cannot let down my fans by just sharing a screen space for just 1-2 minutes. Being aware of what my fans expect from me, I cannot simply fake or fool them. So finally I had to put down my foot and quit the show."

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev | Sita (2013)

Just after quitting PV-ENU Rubina bagged the role of Sita maiya in the popular show Mahadev. She was so excited to play this spiritual character. Sources revealed that Rubina was approached for Mahadev THRICE!!! At first she had been offered the role of Parvati but she couldn't do it because at that moment she was associated with Chhoti Bahu.  Secondly, when they offered to portray Jalandhar's wife- Vrinda's role, she was out for her US trip. And finally Sita happenedBig smile She added a new dimension in enacting the role of Great Sita maiya with her own style. Her innocent face, heavenly smile, calm voice and the fluency in Sanskrit made her the perfect Sita. But the sad part for her fans was ot was a cameo so that we couldn't enjoy more of Sita. 

Jeannie Aur Juju | Jeannie (2013-2014)

In the last part of 2013 Rubina Dilaik again became the headline of the news by replacing Gia Manek as Jeannie in popular comedy show Jean nie Aur Juju. With this role we could see Rubina's variety of looks and she showed her charishma in playing different types of character. From a Marathi Mulgi to the Santa Clause- she was just brilliant in every look. It was a treat to see Rubina as Jeannie in Jeannie Aur Juju.

2013 was indeed a great year for Rubina! Back to back 3 shows!!!Big smile We wish you another lucky year ahead and waiting for your grand return to the TV soonBig smile

Apart from all these Rubina Dilaik did modeling for Apna Bazar Big smile



Rubina was a part of the TVC made in an attempt to speed up the filling of consumer application forms (CAFs), the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), along with major broadcasters, has relaunched its on-air promo campaign urging cable TV subscribers to fill them at the earliest as mandated by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Sakshi Tanwar, Toral Rasputra and Nia Sharma was with her in the adEmbarrassed

YT Link Credit : Sakshi Tanwar FCSmile

Rubina also did a play for theatre EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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(Write Up Credit : Dany Smile; edited by me)

[By : Vedo]

Our darling Rubina Dilaik is a very kind person with a big heart. In fact we can call her Jeannie in disguiseThumbs Up She is associated with charity work and she does fashion shows of dresses designed by herself to contribute for needy people. She decided to start charity work,fashion events for organizations in South Africa and U.S (New York,Los Angeles and San Francisco).She donates a percentage from her profits to various charities.She did a fashion show for an organization named Narika (domestic violence in South Asian communities). Recently she went to USA for charity purpose and got a huge response there. This time her friends from media popular actors Hussain Kuwajerwala , Manav Gohil , Abhinav Shukla  , Srishty Rodes , Minal Mogam, ShwetaKawaatra,
Krystle D'souza and Nia Sharma also supported her and some of them became model for her designs.

Embedded image permalink
Rubina in her designed dress for SBeautusDay Dreaming

Quotes from Rubina: "I am designing outfit for my own brand S Beatus. It is a Latin word which means happiness and beautiful. From past two years I am doing fashion shows and charity events in U.S and the fund which is collected through the event this is utilized by Shankara Eye Foundation. Basically we raise money by doing fashion shows and then we do the auction of the clothes designed by me. I am associated with this foundation since last two years and it is situated in California."

Rubina as a Stylist and designerEmbarrassed

YouTube Link Courtesy : Syed Akbar Smile

Rubina , Nia and Krystyle pose for a SBeautusBig smile

Rubina says that she likes to use the earning for someone's betterment, "Basically I am a person who believes that if you earn then you must use it for someone's betterment also or else if you only utilize you earning only for yourself then that means that you are living only for own self. I always wanted to do something for the needy people and obviously I can't go and cook or look after incapable people. So I thought of utilizing my talent to earn for something good and betterment of someone who is in need. I was always interested in designing the outfits and I always used to do that during my leisure time or when I am at home. ""Shankara Eye Foundation basically does free of cost eye surgery for the people who cannot afford that much amount for their surgeries. The hospital is based in Hyderabad also. The fashion shows of my brand are held in U.S as the foundation has their clients and donors in the U.S. I was associated with many NGOs earlier too which was again located at California. I an modeling from past two years for my brand which means that I used to wear my designed clothes and used to do a photo shoot. But this year my friends from the industry told me that they want to contribute in this good deed. They did a photo shoot for me by wearing my brand clothes a week before. I only design Indian ethnic wear because I am a television actress and our television show are mostly based on women. However, my male friends too have insisted me to design male clothes as they also want to contribute."Soon I will bring my brand in Mumbai. People will get to know about my brand and I want more and more people to know about it as we need more contribution"
Enjoy a slide show of Rubina's Design for S Beautus Embarrassed 
Courtesy : AshnaHug


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 If you are given the power of Goddess Durga : If blessed with the power of Durga, I would eliminate 'ego' from everyone's heart because only then true and unconditional love will permeate

If given 1 lakh rupees :  I would give this amount for the road constructions in my village where metaled roads are badly needed. My village is in Chaupal, shimla, Himachal pradesh.

The day which made you proud of yourself : The day when I voluntarily participated in a function at an orphanage , and since then I have been visiting the place and spending time with the kids.

Your Addiction : Eventually I don't have an addiction towards anything, because I have a great self-control. At times I develop cravings for black-coffee, but I know very well to control it then.

Festival close to your heart : All festivals. Every festival has its own beauty and charm.


[By :  PhoenixRising]

Three things you want to take if you are marooned on an island?

Bottle of water, Camera, and some fruits.

If you could turn back the clock?

If I could turn back the clock I would stop it at my school days.

Love means to you?


Your favorite cuisine is?

Pahadi Dishes.

Life without cell phones?

Peaceful for a moment.

Fashion to you is?

I create according to my comfort.

Chocolates: I don't crave for.

Ice-creams: Reminds me of childhood.

Your favorite movie?

Well there are many but would say a few: Titanic, Hum Apke Hai Kaun.

Favorite actor: Amitabh Bachchan.

Favorite actress: Madhuri Dixit.

An exotic location you would want to retire?


Television to you?

It means a lot to me.

The route of life?

Values and Ethics.

Last place on the earth where we can find you : Bombay(laughs).

 A quote you follow in life?

Success happens to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Rubina in one word?


What you wish to teach : I would love to teach English Literature and languages because I used to do a lot of writing during my school days. I was into poetry writing, short stories which I loved the most. My favourite teacher was my English teacher, Ms Anu. Shooting schedules now have kept me really busy and today I do not get time to write.

What would you be if not an actor : If not an actor, I would have definitely been a Public speaker and might have been working in the Public Relations or Human Relations department of a Multi National Company.  

A social curse you would like to fight for : I will surely fight for 'women Emancipation' as women's education is very necessary, she is to be given equal rights of education as which is given to men . Women empowerment is very necessary.


Share your craze for shopping?

It's enormous.

How often do you go for shopping?

I travel twice in a year for shopping to Los Angeles and New York for shopping.

What are the things you shop the most for?

I mostly shop for clothes. I love to wear different kind of clothes.

What is your dream shopping destination?

I mostly prefer going abroad for shopping that is New york and Los Angeles.

Where do you prefer shopping in Mumbai?

Instead of Mumbai I prefer going to Chandigarh for shopping. North is a traditional place and you get trendy things to shop there.

Quick Fire: What would you buy?

If given Rs 10: A head band.
If givenRs.100: Maybelline lip balm.
If given Rs. 1000: Lip color
If given Rs. 1 Lakh: I will keep all the money in the bank.
If given Rs. 1 crore: I would buy an Audi.

Please share with us how do you feel after shopping?

It's like a stress buster for me.


[Credit : Vedo]

What does fitness mean to you? 

Health, youthfulness and energy.

What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

I practice Rumba and Belly Dancing to remain in shape.

Are you conscious about your food choices?

Yes, I am conscious about my food choices, I eat all healthy and home cooked food only. I rarely eat outside food.

Three things you do every day to remain fit.


Rumba and Belly Dancing

Drink lots of water

Is there any sport you are skilled at?

I was never a sporty person when in school. I just loved playing Chess only.

A celeb body you admire.

Priyanka Chopra

What is your fitness secret?

Fitness is created in the kitchen, so eat right.

A fitness tip for your fans.

Eat healthy and stay fit.



What's adventure according to you?

Living life at risk.

Share your most adventurous day?

Recently I went to James Bond Island. I had an amazing experience there.

Your favorite adventure?

Road-trip where you visit any random place without planning.

One thrilling adventure on your wish list?

Actually I am a travel buff so my adventurous list is everlasting. I would like to go for sky diving next.

Who would you want to take for a thrilling activity from the industry? Why?

I would go with the love of my life who will not be from the television industry (laughs).



Monsoon for me means:  Monsoon for me is the most relaxed and laziest time of the year. The dark skies and the heavy clouds make me lazier more than ever.

My first thought about monsoon: The first thought that pops up in my mind when I think about monsoon is to sit besides my balcony with a warm cup of tea and watch the rain drops falling.

My childhood monsoon memory: I remember during my childhood, I used to handover my bag to the bus conductor and skip my school bus. Thereafter, I used to go home walking in the rains. 

My monsoon music: Monsoon is a season when I automatically tune into some soft and slow songs. These days I'm listening to the 'Kabira' song from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and 'Main Tenu Samjawa Ki'.

My monsoon special khaana: Well, when it comes to Khaana, I'm quite finicky about eating from outside during the monsoon. Therefore, I prefer to eat healthy and hygienic home-made food.  Also, whenever I make a visit to Lonavala, I never forget to have corn bhajiyas and garama-garam chai.

Monsoon is a lover's paradise: I believe that love doesn't require any season. There is no particular time to romance. Instead I would say that monsoon is a bahaana to chill-out, go out for a long drive and spend some time chit-chatting with friends.

Precautions I take during monsoon: Since there is less exposure to sun during rains, due to which my skin usually gets dampened, so I make it a point to include cleansing and toning in my daily routine.

One thing I don't forget to carry during monsoon:  Obviously it has to be my umbrella. I have a fetish for umbrellas. This monsoon, I've got myself a pure white chiffon umbrella. Apart from this, I have a wide range of fashionista umbrellas including a polka dot umbrella, a black umbrella with neon pink designs on it and many more.

My monsoon mantra: I just follow one mantra in my live- Enjoy your Life. Live and let Live!


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Wish you very Happy Birthday Rubina Dilaik

Rubina I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday Rubina DilaikSmileSmile 

Happy birthday to u,happy birthday to u,happy birthday dear Rubinadi happy birthday to u.wishing our very beautiful & gorgeous Rubinadi for a beautiful,successful,joyful,awesome life on her birthday.U may get all those things what u want to acheive.may god give u so much strength that u can fight with all barriors,which r in between u and ur goal.may god give u so much power that all dark black hearts r burned by ur shine.feeling so proud to be ur fan and i am sure that u r feeling very happy by spending ur most special day with doing noble works.never give ur smile tht apportunity to disappear from ur angelic face.njoy ur work,ur life & ur creations.jst do what u love to do.never change urself for anyone else.wish soon we get the goldren apportunity to see the mindblowing acting of our flowless Beauty onscreen.wish all ur dreams and my dreams for u come true.wish this birthday becomes the best birthday for u Rubina Di.infinite love,respect & wishes for u.may god bless u.HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL RUBINA DILAIK.


A birthday is the perfect occation to tell your Admire how she greate person for A small fan like me in million biggest fans of the hole world . I Don't think about anything today but having a good time with you...just wish come in my life everymoring , everynight...everymoment !!!!!! Everytime i get down about the world but that time i recall myself there are nice person like you, going around being good in the world who honest for her acting career ,truthful nature ,loveing & caring most of all doing noble work for our society AND Counteracting the dark forces . you have something being the supar-power ,possitive in life .you are one of the most important person in my lives...I see someone like you providing a living example ,Its really helps.I think God wanted me to get to know someone like YOU...Supar-grateful that be a fan of "RUBINA DILAIK" ...Love You Forever :)

so for my beautiful birthday lady may your birthday be filled with sunshine,smiles,laughter,love,cheer,blossoms into lots of dreams come true.Actually i hope your birthday give you all these and more...Filling life with surprise ,joys,happiness with A new show :)


Happy Birthday Dear Rubina, I loved Your Wonderful Tv Serials.

From Radhika To Jeannie.

Your Acting Impressed Me Alot.

Your My Idol.

Love You alot Rubina.
Enjoy Your Birthday.HeartHeart

  My dearest Rubina,

                 Jiyo Hazaaro saal, Har saal Nahemat mile, Rahemat mile,
                  Heart     Heart     Heart     Heart     Heart     Heart     Heart     Heart     Heart     Heart
                                               HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 From Radhika, CB1, Imarti, Radhika CB2, Kanha-Radhika, Rubi, Smiley, Divya, Sita, to Jeannie,...Clap
You made those characters so very special, each character was very special & unique in its own way...never to be forgotten. Besides acting talent, you are a person of strenght, integrity, sincerity, strong will-power and a challenger. Thumbs Up You keep your head high  with your ever-green smile Smile and make us see the world differently.  I am very very proud to be your fan.  You are a rare Star in my eyes.
May God Bless you with lots of happiness, fulfill all your dreams, healthy & long life.
May all your wishes and hard work on noble cause be Blessed by God..Amen
Enjoy your Birthday PartyDancing    Party to fullest, & enjoy each moment of your life to fullest Thumbs Up  lots of Day Dreaming...from your ever-loving fans...Maryam

  Dear Rubina Dilaik,

   Wishing You Partya Very Happy Birthday, May You enjoy PartyPartyyour speciall Day .
        May all your dreams & wishes be fulfilled by Almighty,
        May God fill each moment of your life with Happiness & SurprisesDay Dreaming
        May God Bless You with abundance of opportunities Star
We are very glad you came in our life as "Radhika" & we got the opportunity to see a Beautiful person you are.Hug
We always want see that beautiful smile SmileSmile all the time. I admire You a lot for your great strenght & honesty. Always look forward with head high & great pride in your stride. You are my Star & my hero Clap .Approve...
love YOU a lot..Heart..Heart..Heart

 Rubina mam ur lovely  just so attractive u have won all our hearts Love u HAVE A SUPER DUPER B'Day we miss u mam ... love u...

Many many Happy Returns of the Day Rubina! your Birthday is very special for us. You are god's special Child. may you be blessed with a long life ahead you. you deserve all the success, happiness and love in the whole world. you are the angel in my life, nothing brings me more happiness than the smile on your face. birthday wish from the bottom of my Heart. You are the Queen of our Hearts Happy Birthday Wishes my Princess...

"Dear Rubina,
You are a very beautiful, talented and gentle actress and person, I love you a lot.
For your birthday I wish you all the best, success in your career and may all your dreams come true.
Love from Romania - your fan NetRaider"

It is very hard to forget you
because you gave me beautiful and happy memories
of Choti Bahu, the only Indian show that I can watch again and again
I would never forget how beautiful, sweet, cute and so adorable you look and
how perfect you are as Radhika. 

I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Wish you a happiest birthday ever.

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RUBINA!!!!!

May God bless you always and you get loads of happiness in your life

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rubina Dilaik!!!!

happy birthday rubina di hope u have a fab birthday. you're really a lovely person and im proud to be ur fan and when i see ur tweets on twitter a big smile always appears on my face and that is because of u. im happy that i watched ur first show cb otherwise i would have missed out a lot of things. thank u for entertaining us with ur other shows may god bless u with more success and hope u enjoy this day with ur close friends and family. love u loads. proud to be a rubina dilaik fan PartyBig smileEmbarrassed
from sonali/sonu

Happy birthday Rubi di...

Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

May your day be surrounded with happiness, filled with laughter, wrapped with pleasure, brightened with fun, blessed with love, remembered with joy and enriched with hopes Big smile

Hope all your dreams and wishes come true HugHave a fabulous birthday celebrate and have fun.
Stay blessed Smile

Lots of love from Jeshni 

Big smile 
I heartily wish you:
A million smiles;
A hearty laughter;
An eternal joy;
And a daily dose of humour!
Happy Birthday! 
May everything you want become a reality,
May this day be the happiest day for you!
Happy Birthday!

Rubina di happy birthday ur so inncocent u have entertained us so much and we LOVE u for that I just want to say u God completes all ur wishes and happy birthday to you.

A very very very happy birthday to World's the most beautiful lady Rubina.wish this birthday becomes your best birthday.wish all your dreams come true.wish we can see you soon on T.V.love you Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday Rubina didi.many many happy returns of the day.stay blessed.keep rocking.miss you as jeannie.want to see you again in jeannie aur juju. love you

Many happy return of the day ruby may god blesse you in everything
Always good health and always happy in live
                  From your big fan rosida

many many happy returns of the day rubina wish all ur dreams to come true and have a wonderful life God bless u.

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Rubina Dilaik Birt
hday Siggy Contest

We arranged a special siggy contest to celebrate Rubina's birthday. Each and every entries were so beautiful. It was very difficult to decide which 3 are the best. Here are some siggies from the contest.

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