SaHil + AsYa OS: The Confessions of A Drugged Man

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HOLA! I had an idea for an OS a while ago and I've had this half completed for a few weeks, but I decided to finish and post it today. This doesn't exactly follow the timeline of the show, so Haya's nikaah hasn't happened yet but all the other events in their life have happened. I hope you like it. And yes, before any of you ask I do think that when you die you wake up from a "human dream" of sorts and then live happily ever after in heaven! Okay. Now onto the story!

The Confessions of a Drugged Man

Somewhere in the Heavens Above...
"Allah Miyah, what's wrong with this girl? Yeh toh bilkul aap par gayi hai Mr. Khan! Emotionally challenged." Zoya groaned at her TV.
"Sanam, apki beti. Emotionally challenged." Zoya said stretching the words out and speaking slowly causing Asad to roll his eyes. "Isse kyun nahi samajh aata ki yeh Aahil sai pyaar karne lagi hai!"
"Actually, yeh baat par woh aap par hi gaye hai." He said walking into their living room from the kitchen with a plate of pizza in his hands for his wife before sitting down next to her.
"Ya Allah, yeh ladki ka mein kya karoon!" Zoya groaned watching the "human TV". It allowed them to watch over their families when they felt like it. Asad watched his daughter as she set out the ingredients for dinner in the proper way before she began to cook. She took after him in the cleanliness department while Seher was like Zoya.
"Zoya, tum kya karne ki soch rahi ho?" Asad asked looking at his wife's smiling face, it was that smile, the one that graced her beautiful face when she was up to something.
"Notice how worried she is ki Aahil ka phone nahi aaya. Haiii, so sweet."
"Haan, toh? Waise mujhe yeh Aahil pasand nahi hai, meri beti kai saath kaise bhartav karta hai."
"Allah Miyah! What's wrong with you Mr. Khan? Woh Sanam sai kitna pyaar karta hai, par yeh Rehan hamesha galat waqt pai Sanam kai paas hota hai."
"Rehan Sanam ko khush rakhta."
"Par Sanam usse kabhi aisa pyaar nahi karti, passionate, volatile, can't live without you kind of love. Our kind of love. Aur waise bhi, Sanam ko koi fun and adventurous life partner chahiye kyunki woh aapke jaisi hai!
"Iska kya matlab hai?" He asked offended.
"Ya Allah." Zoya rolled her eyes and wiggled herself onto his lap so she could look at her husband, he looked exactly like the 28 year old Asad Ahmed Khan she had fell in love with, the good thing about heaven was that you aged slowly, like really slowly - almost not at all. It was like you died and then you woke up in this beautiful place looking exactly like you did on Earth but without all that unwanted facial hair and body hair and pimples. Life was perfect. And the best part was that your family knew when you were going to die, and they were all there to welcome you into their world.
"Mr. Khan!" Zoya said. "Imagine agar aapko mein nahi milti aur aap koi boring si ladki kai saath shaadi karlete, toh life kitni boring hoti naa. Sanam aapki jaisi hai, she needs someone like me in her life. And Aahil is that man, he loves without bounds when he wants to love...and behind all that pain he is a fun loving guy. I mean look at him Asad, he has dreams about their children and how happy they are together!" Zoya pointed out. "Bas ab is pagal ladki ko yeh realize hojaye! Actually..."
"Zoya no! You know we can't interfere with their lives. You already got in trouble for making Seher end up in Bhopal."
"Haan toh! At least meri dono baachiya finally ek hi sheher mein hai! And it was just a little trouble, itna toh chalta hai naa. Mera bas chalta toh ab tak Tanveer margaye hoti. Aur waise bhi agar meri Ammi nai humari love story mein interfere nahi kiya hota naa toh aaj aapki shaadi us Tanveer kai saath hui hoti." Zoya hmphed. 
"Acha theek hai. What are you going to do?"
"We are going to make Sanam realize how much she cares for her Jalad Jinn, and then we are going to make Aahil realize that Sanam has feelings for him."
"Aur yeh sab aap kaise karengi Mrs Khan?"
"Easy, I need to do just one thing." Zoya beamed at her husband.

Earth: Bhopal, India
Sanam's POV
"Sanam beta, Aahil ka phone aaya?" Begum Sahiba asked me as she got up from the dinner table.
"Nahi ammi, phone lag hi nahi raha." I said, I sounded as worried as I felt since he hadn't called all day, and he wasn't at the office when I called to check. He had apparently left for home hours ago but he hadn't gotten here yet.
"Koi baat nahi beta, abhi aajyegaa." She said. "Tum chinta maat karo, hum apne kamre mai jaa rahe hai, theek hai?"
"Ji ammi." I replied as she walked away, I found it a bit odd that she wasn't worried, actually I found the woman a bit odd as time went by, it was almost as if she was bipolar. Her lack of worry for Aahil made me feel really sorry for him since he practically worshipped the woman...maybe I was just over-reacting. I sat down on the sofa facing the front door and tried his phone again but to no avail, it was still unreachable - he should have called by now.
We had come to an ...understanding about two weeks ago when I stayed up until 2am in the morning waiting for him to come home. I wasn't supposed to wait up that long but I dozed off and that is how he had found me, knocked out at the dining table surrounded by food. He had gently awoken me and asked me why I had such an aversion to our room jokingly, and it surprised the hell out of me. He never joked around with me, it was almost as if he was playfully teasing me. And what surprised me even more was that he apologized. Aahil Raza Ibrahim me, sincerely.
I wrote it off as him being tired after the long day at work, but then he carried me to the room after I had stumbled getting up from the chair. All the tiredness had left my body right when he took me in his arms, he carried me like I weighed nothing and asked me to put my arms around his neck so I didn't fall like I always did. I had complied, unable to say anything because I was surrounded by his smell, my heart picked up double time and my mind shut up.
Since that night he'd always let me know if he was going to be late, the phone calls were awkward and consisted of barely three sentences but they worked. He always called around 7:00pm if he was going to be late but it was already 10 and there was no phone call and he wasn't home. And when I called his office they said that he'd left long ago. I didn't know why but I was internally freaking out, millions of scenarios running through my head as my heart sank. I knew something bad was going to happen to today, I felt uneasy all day and I was internally freaking out. I have seen the way Aahil drives - he has a habit of randomly zoning out at times too. Images of his car mangled up and wrapped around a tree flashed across my mind and I prayed that nothing of that sort happened and he got home safely.
I didn't even know why I was so worried for him, I was supposed to hate him but I couldn't will myself to. It was almost as if Aahil Raza Ibrahim was two different people, he is the guy that stood up to his mother for me of all people and then he is the guy who questions my character the next moment. We fought, we yelled, we didn't talk for awhile but things slowly went back to normal - as normal as we were. But things changed the night he carried me to the room, our equation got really confusing and I said Allah Miyah, pegya panga' in my head why my heart felt like it was thumping out of my chest.
My heart started beating faster whenever he was around, I had always written it off as fear before but I slowly realized it was something else because I wasn't scared of him when my heart beat erratically. I got nervous when he was around me, not because he scared me but because he evoked all these emotions in me, emotions that I didn't know how to explain. When he is around my heart speeds up, there are butterflies in my stomach and my brain goes blank.
I find myself looking at him all the time, wanting to hear his voice, wanting to be around him and I even think of him all the time. Maybe a part of me has accepted that he is my husband, even if it's for a few months...and a lie. Another part of me realizes that I care for him, because he isn't as bad as I made him out to be, he could be kind when he wanted to be and the past month had made me realize that he cared for me and it had nothing to do with the fact that he had said "For god's sake, I don't hate you Sanam!" when I said that I knew he hated me. And then he looked like he wanted to continue the conversation but just shook his head and said just forget it' in the sexy pained voice of his. Yes, I also find his voice very attractive, like it caused me to shiver when he whispered something to me.
For the millionth time I replayed the day in my head, when the lawyer had shown up claiming the wedding was fake. Aahil's words rang through my head, over and over again. The look in his eyes haunted me...he seemed so earnest, like he actually meant what he said when he looked at me. I had believed it for a minute but I was wrong, or so I thought but I can't seem to label the thought as a lie and forget about it now. Why? Because Aahil was an enigma, he was kind and sweet one minute and then he could turn around and be just as rude and hurtful.
It was like he was fighting a battle with himself rather than me. And that look in his eyes resurfaced sometimes, when we would accidently brush our hands or bump into each other, he just stood there looking at me with those deep soulful eyes. I was no better, I had a hard time looking away from his beautiful face. He always looked really good at dinner, his 5'o-clock shadow making his face look more rugged. His jawline looked more pronounced and the smile that graced his face when someone said something made me smile but his laugh was more beautiful than anything else in the world.  
I'd never really been attracted to a guy physically like I was to Aahil, not even Anwar, and I was supposed to marry him. However Aahil, I guess I had found him attractive from the first day but had ignored it in my hate. But seeing Aahil walk around in those dress shirts with the top few buttons undone or those snug sweaters made me stop and look at him. But I swooned when he walked around without a shirt, and he did every morning, he walked into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist. I would pretend to ignore him but I definitely couldn't ignore him. And then his eyes would lock onto mine and his eyes would speak a thousand words.
But Aahil's actions weren't always in line with what his eyes said, he would sometimes snap at me for no reason - especially when I mentioned his dreams. But I usually forgot about that when he did something nice for me, which was more often than not these days.
Sometimes I went to sleep on the corner of the bed without a blanket because it was warm at night but I usually ended up waking up in the middle of the night to cover myself. But for the past few days I didn't wake up due to the cold, and I was always covered with a blanket when I woke up in the morning. I don't know when or why, but Aahil got up in the middle of the night to make sure I was warm. It made my heart melt and made me confused.
And when I got sick last week he forced me to nap and I woke up to see him put a glass of milk and medication on the side table after he checked my temperature. He had instructed Lateef to make sure I didn't get out of bed until my temperature was completely normal. Lateef had of course sent me sly looks the whole time, talking about how his Laad Saab had a golden heart and cared so much about his wife. I had of course blushed as red as a tomato which had resulted in subsequent fussing over my health when Aahil randomly came home after noon to check up on me, Lateef didn't shut up about how sweet Aahil was after that.
And I started to see the truth in Lateef's words in the little things Aahil did for everyone, for his sisters, for his ammi and for me. That day when I fell asleep waiting for him he carried me to the room and tucked me in. He said thank you when I did something for him, be it finding his glasses or making him dinner, it shocked me at first but it made me smile now.
But what surprised me the most of all and made my heart pound was the fact that we went to sleep on the opposite sides of the bed and woke up a tangled mess for the past few days. And what surprised me even more was how much I liked waking up his arms, surrounded by his scent - it was distinct and manly, there was a hint of the cologne that laid on the dressing table along with the smell of his body wash but there was something else, an almost comfortable woodsy scent which was him.
I was hit by the scent when my eyes opened on that first day, I woke on my side with my head resting on his arm while his other arm rested lightly on my waist. I wanted to pull away because his hand felt like it was burning the skin of my back, his arm felt heavy but pleasant wrapped around my waist and there was a weird tightening in the pit of my stomach, which seemed to happen a lot these days.
The second day I woke up with my back against his hard chest and his arm wrapped around me completely, his hand was resting on my stomach this time. But this time I could feel his slightly uneven breaths on my neck and they caused shivers to run through me as the pit of my stomach tightened almost painfully.
The third day I woke up to find my nose buried in his chest and his head resting lightly atop mine. He smelled so good that I stayed there for a while even after waking up, my hands rested between us on his chest and I could feel the steady and slow beat of his heart. It was comforting, almost peaceful and his steady heartbeat lulled me back to sleep again.
And this morning I woke up with my face an inch from his, with our hands in between us. Some time during the night he had managed to get a hold of my hand and our fingers lay intertwined between us. I was taken aback by how close his face was to mine, our noses almost touching. My eyes had instinctively moved to his lips before I blushed and pulled away.
Luckily, I was always the first one to wake up and managed to detangle myself from him everyday. But sometimes I caught myself staring at him after I pulled away. He looked so innocent while he slept, his hair always fell across his forehead and I had to stop myself from pushing it away. As beautiful as he was while he slept he didn't look peaceful, he was tense -  a wrinkle between his eyebrows as he slept. And I felt the urge to ease his pain, to make it disappear. He'd never told me what it was that bothered him, he always seemed rattled at the mention of his father, and he occasionally had nightmares but they were becoming less and less frequent.
I was knocked out of my thoughts when the door rattled and I looked up to see Aahil stumbling through the doors with Rehan supporting him. His white shirt was tucked perfectly into his khaki pants, but they were dirty - stained with blood. His right arm was bandaged and in a sling. His forehead was covered with a bandage.
"AAHIL!" The word left my mouth and I was across the room and by the door before I had even processed what I was doing. He looked dazed as he looked up at me as I stood in front of him trying to figure out what was wrong with him.
"Sanammm." He slurred, he sounded out of it.
I didn't know what possessed me to do it but I held his face in between my hands. "Ya Allah, yeh kya hua aapko? Yeh chot kaise lagi?" I asked touching the scratch on his cheek. "Aap theek hai?"
"Of course." He replied. "Mujhe kuch nahi hua Sanam, mein bilkul theek hoon." His words were slurred. I turned to look at Rehan questioningly.
"Inhe kya hua?"
"Car accident, koi drunk driver tha aur usne driver side mein car thokdi. Aahil Bhai bahut tez gaadi chala rahe thai toh unse bhi gaadi nahi ruki. Inki arm mein fracture hai, aur forehead mein stitches lagi hai." Rehan said and my heart sank with every word.
"Mujhe pata thaa ki aaj kuch hoga, aap theek sai gaadi nahi chala sakte kya? Hamesha hi itna-"
"Sanam, chilll." He slurred almost smiling at me.
Yeh itne..." I trailed off looking to Rehan, Aahil seemed out of it, his words were slurred and his pupils dilated.
"Painkillers, unka side-effect hai, doctor nai morphine di hai aur kaha hai ki inhe kuch kha lena chahiye."
"Oh." I said, so he was probably loopy. Usually people on strong pain meds tend to say whatever is on their mind. Aahil tried to stumble away from Rehan but almost fell over himself.
"AAHIL!" I said grabbing him. I put his left arm around my shoulders and helped him to the table. "Aap kuch khaa lijiye." I said hopping the food would help.
"Nahiii." He said moving his arm from around me and walking away from the table and walking towards the pool. "Mein kamre mein jaa raha hoon." He said waving at me and turning around. Rehan followed Aahil to make he wouldn't fall but Aahil refused to take his help.
"Sambhal kai!" I yelled when he almost tripped over the stairs, I felt my heart sink in my chest again.
"I'm - HIC - okay." He said stumbling towards his room. I filled a plate with biryani and carried it to the room behind him, he had to eat something, knowing him he probably hadn't eaten anything all day. He was sitting on the bed staring at his shoes when I got there- Rehan was not in sight. I sat down beside him when I realized that he couldn't exactly eat by himself seeing that his right hand was in a sling and he wasn't ambidextrous.
"Aap khalijiye." I said bringing the spoon up to his mouth.
"Tum mujhe hamesha - HIC- aap karke kyun bulati hoon, I like it when you call me Aahil." He said looking at me, his eyes wide. They were hazy but still the deepest eyes I had ever stared into, filled with pain and many other emotions but he always managed to hide them behind a wall of indifference or arrogance.
"Khaana." I said trying to feed him but he looked so lost as he looked at the spoon and then he looked up at me and pouted. I stifled a smile, he was like a little child, a very adorable little child. I brought the spoon closer to his mouth. He looked at the spoon and then at me before wrapping his lips around the spoon and eating the food. He slowly pulled back and blinked a few times as he chewed on his food.
"Sanam, tum mera itna - HIC- khayal  rakhti ho." He mumbled. "Mera - HIC- khayal koi nahi rakhta. Toh tum kyun?"
I didn't really know how to answer that so I just held out another spoon of food for him. He forgot all about his question as he ate. He seemed to have sobered up some by the time I finished feeding him. But I had to assure him that I'd be right back after putting the plate away for him to let me leave the room.
He was sitting where I left him when I came back, he looked up at the door and smiled when he saw me. "Tum waapis aagaye." He smiled looking like a little kid.
I nodded unsure of what to say to him as he sat there staring at me with a smile on his face, I knew how to deal with arrogant Aahil, angry Aahil, accusing Aahil and even irritated Aahil but this was all new to me. I didn't know how to deal with him right now, it was like he knew and wanted to what he was saying but I knew he wouldn't have said all of this if he wasn't under the influence of painkillers. 
"Sanam." He suddenly said looking at me up and down. "Tum bahut khoobsurat ho, so beautiful. Especially in red." He said, I felt my heart stop in my chest for a minute before it picked up double time. I felt the heat rush to my face. "Actually tum sabse zyada khoobsurat ho, sabse." He said and then took his shoes off before sat on his side of the bed crossing his legs. "Come sit." He said patting my side of the bed, well hitting more than patting and then he hissed in pain.
"Aap theek hai? Kya hua? Kaha dard ho rahi hai?" I asked looking to see what had caused him to hiss in pain.
"Kuch nahi." He said patting the bed again. I sat down beside him tentatively.
"Aap gaadi itni tez kyun chalate hai?" I asked quietly looking at his arm.
He laughed at my question and then stopped as abruptly as he started. "Do you know how to drive?" He asked me. I shook my head no, obviously not.
"Sometimes mere dimag mai bahut sai khayal aate hai, buri yaadein bhi, aur mein unhe rok nahi pata. Lekin jab mein gaadi tez chalata hoon aur mujhe hawa kai ilava kuch nahi sunta hai toh sab kuch thamm saa jaata hai, khayal bhi."
"Toh aapko sub kuch bhool jatai hai?" I asked curious as to what he was trying to forget.
"I wish." He laughed. "Sab kuch yaad hai...but it's like...pehle mere thoughts loud volume par thai but ab woh low volume par hai, sunte hai par kam." He explained looking almost sad.
"Waise doosron sai apni dil ki baat share karke bhi yeh hota hai, toh itni tez gaadi chalane ki kya zaroorat hai? Agar aap ko kuch hojata toh? Ya Allah, yeh mein kya keh rahi hoon, ho toh gaya!"
Aahil smiled at me. "Actually acha hi hua, at least mujhe pata toh chala ki meri kitni fikar hai tumhe."
I just sat there and blushed not knowing what to say but he smiled almost knowingly.
"Sanam." He murmured after a while.
"My head hurts, play with my hair." He said laying his head down in my lap suddenly. I was surprised but there wasn't much I could do. My hands automatically went to his hair, I had always wanted to push his hair away from his face when I woke up in the morning. It was soft as I suspected, I ran my fingers through the strands and across his scalp. I smiled when he hummed happily.
"Sanam." He mumbled again after a while.
"Can I tell you a secret?" He asked.
"Kya?" I asked.
"I don't hate you. Tum mujhe bahut achi lagti ho." He whispered causing my hands to still. I felt my eyes widen and my heart thumped in my chest. Did he just- "par tumhe Rehan acha lagta hai, haina?" He asked sadly.
"Kya?" I asked confused. Rehan? Where did Rehan come into this?
"Tum Rehan ko pasand karti ho." He said as if it was a fact of life, with so much conviction that it bothered me.
"Nahi." I said confused.
"Nahi?" He asked, louder this time. "Lekin tum aur Rehan-"
"Rehan ji mere acche dost hai, aur kuch nahi." I informed him.
"Lekin tum usse- aur woh..."
"Unhone mera saath tab diya jab mere saath koi nahi thaa -"
"Tum Rehan ko pasand nahi karti?" He asked again.
"Nahi." I confirmed.
"Ohhh." He said. "Lekin tum usse hug..." He whispered and my mind automatically flashed to the day in front of the farmhouse and I remembered the tortured look on his face when he came back for me. My hands were still in his hair and my body froze, he thought I liked Rehan, but he sounded so sure of that must mean that Rehan must have told him that he liked me - so that is why he was always so jealous of Rehan.
"Haan, kyunki woh meri halat ke liye apne aap ko kasoorvar thera rahe thai. Lekin aisa nahi tha, toh mein bas unhe itna bata rahi thi ki mai theek hoon."
"Toh tum Rehan ko pasand nahi karti?" He asked again.
"Ohhh," He said as I resumed playing with his hair. "I am sorry for yelling at you that day."
"Aap toh aise hi mujhe..."
"Aise hi nahi Sanam, are like a museebat magnet...jaha bhi jaati ho tumhe kuch na kuch ho jata hai. Do you even realize ki mein pagalo ki tarah tumhe dhoond raha tha..."
"Ohhh," I said this time.
"Sanam..." He said again.
"Agar tum Rehan ko pasand nahi karti...tum mujhe pasand karti ho?" He whispered, sounding unsure of himself.
"Uh...haan...pata nahi."
"Pata nahi?"
"Kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki haan...aur phir aap bilkul Jalad Jin ki tarah..."
"I am sorry." He said interrupting me again, I started playing with his hair again waiting for him to continue or say something else but he didn't for a long while. "Sanam, tumne mujhse nikaah kyun kiya?"
I smiled, he finally asked. Asked instead of assuming. "Kyun? Aapko toh pata hai naa?"
"Tum paiso ke liye nikaah nahi kar sakti...mujhe laga thaa kyunki ammi nai kaha par..."
"Meri badi ammi hospital mein thi, aur operation ke liye 20 lakh chahiye thai...joh Begum Sahiba nai diye. Phir unhone mujhe bataya ki woh apki shaadi Nida sai nahi karva sakti, aur unhone poocha ki mein aapse nikaah karne ke liye tyaar hoon...toh mein kya kar sakti thi? Unhone meri badi ammi ki jaan bachai-" He moved his head from my lap and sat up straight looking at me his eyes wide.
"Ammi nai tumse yeh sab karvaya?" He asked sounding shocked.
"Mein khud maani. Unhone nai toh itna bhi kaha ki mein bas 3 mahino ke liye iss shaadi-"
"3 mahine?" He asked his eyes wide.
"Mujhe laga aapko pata hoga-"
"Toh tum 2 mahino mein iss nikaah ko todh daalogi?" He asked.
"Mein...kaise, aap aisa nahi chahte?" I asked confused.
"SANAM." He groaned. "I just told you that I lo- like you...aur tum...just forget it." He said laying back down on his side of the bed, he tried to turn to face towards the wall but was unable to due to his broken arm so he just closed his eyes, a frown on his face.
"Aahil." I whispered after a few moments but I got no reply, I tried to turn him over towards me, he moved easily and then I noticed that he looked like he was already asleep or pretending to be. "Aahil!" I said shaking him but to no avail. "Jalad Jin kahi kaa, apni baat suna kar sohgaya, meri baat abhi khatam nahi hui. Aahil!" I said shaking him again.
"Kya hai?" He snapped opening his eyes.
"Meri baat abhi khatam nahi hui."
"Toh 2 mahino mein khatam hojaygi?"
"Meine aisa kab kaha? Woh toh Begum Sahiba nai kaha naa...aur mujhe laga aap bhi - "
"Nahi chahta. I know ki mein ladkiyon ke saath kaisa tha...tumhe bhi pata hai. Lekin meine kabhi kisiko yeh nahi kaha ki mein unse shaadi karoonga...kyunki nikaah nibhane waali cheej hoti hai." He said.
"Toh aap mere saath rehna chahte hai, puri zindagi?" I asked.
"Obviously Sanam." He said exasperated.
"Ohhh."  I said nodding.
"Ab iska kya matlab hai? Tum kya chahti ho?"
"2 mahino ke baad bhi yahi rehna chahti hoon, issi kamre mein." I finally said, I didn't know why - well I did - but I didn't want to leave him. I knew I liked him, and maybe I could fall in love with him one day, I think I am already halfway there.
"Tum toh mujhko pasand hi nahi karti." He said accusingly.
"Meine aisa kab kaha?" I aksed.
"Abhi. Tumne kaha, haan, nahi, pata nahi."
"Maine pehle haan hi kaha tha, aur phir pata nahi, nahi kab kaha?" I quipped.
"Acha, issi liye subah mujhse chipki rehti ho?" He smiled turning his face towards me causing my eyes to go wide.
"Aap jaage hue hotai ho?" I asked shocked.
He nodded laughing causing me to hit his unbroken arm.  
"Owww, Sanam." He said holding his arm and pouting again.
I glared at him and pulled the covers over me laying down and faced the other way.
"Sanam." He whispered but I didn't reply because I was mortified, I thought he didn't know. Ya Allah, he probably knew that I stared at him after I woke up.
"Ahhh!" I yelped when I felt him pull me towards him, he managed to turn me around to face him and pulled me against his chest and hissed in pain.
"Kya hua?" I asked alarmed.
"Meri arm, hilna baand karo Sanam." He groaned.  My body betrayed me and willingly relaxed against him, my nose burying itself in the crook of his neck.
"This is better." He whispered.
"Aahil, aapko yeh sab suh yaad toh rahega naa?" I asked causing him to laugh.
"Haan. Remember, mujhe sab kuch yaad rehta hai." He said. "Hmmm, tumhara dil itna fast kyun beat kar raha hai?" He teased causing me to blush.
"Aapka bhi aisa hi hai." I retorted feeling his erratic heartbeat against my cheek being tucked into his side as I was.
"Good." He said. "Ab sojao."
"Aap theek hai naa? Kahi dard toh nahi ho rahi?"
"Sanam sojao." He ordered pulling me tighter against him. I felt his hearbeat slow down as the minutes passed. His breathing also slowed down and I felt his arm go limp. I pulled back a little and stared at his face, he was asleep but there was a small smile on his face and it made my own face break into a smile. I didn't know what was happening, or what was going to happen in the future but I knew that we would work something out, we'd probably fight a lot more but I had a feeling that the two of us weren't as indifferent to each other as we thought we were - quite the opposite actually.
In the Heavens above...
"ALLAH MIYAHHH. Look at them, they are so cute. They are cuddling, haiii." Zoya shrieked gleefully as Asad rolled his eyes.
"I don't like this."
"Stop being an overprotective father! She is married to him for goodness' sake!" Zoya rolled her eyes.
"I can't believe your stupid plan actually worked."
"Hello, Zoya Ahmed Khan can do anything! Mera plan kabhi fail hi nahi ho sakta."
"Ab hum soh sakte hai?"
"How boring...I have some other ideas." She laughed waggling her eyebrows and jumping off the couch, disrobing on her way to their bedroom. Asad smiled and turned off the TV before following his wife.
 TADAAA! Do lemme know what you thinking! 
Edited by astonm - 2014-08-28T15:50:35Z
Posted: 2014-08-23T12:48:59Z
Nice OSClap Edited by TIA.Tia - 2014-08-23T13:02:46Z
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Posted: 2014-08-23T12:54:37Z
This was just too fab!!!

Where do you get such awesomely awesome ideas...????!!!!!

Such a unique and a different concept...!!!


I feel like readin it again and again...!!!

Superb OS anjali...!!

Loved it...!! 

Do post more...!!!

Or probably add another part to it...!!

I sooo wannna read moree...!!

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Posted: 2014-08-23T13:17:19Z
Superb os
loved it
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Posted: 2014-08-23T13:25:52Z
WOW it was wonderful os 
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Posted: 2014-08-23T13:36:16Z
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Posted: 2014-08-23T13:53:14Z
OMG this was amazing 
Asya in heaven 
Sahil on earth wow 
Loved it 
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Posted: 2014-08-23T16:11:21Z
Wow,must wow, I have no words how amazing your story is ...really cute..loved it so much, may be you should write next part...beautiful...
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