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Hello Lovely Reader!

I am back with an OS but not a new one...I wrote this OS for An OS contest, And I know some of you may have read it before
Its completely fun OS, don't expect any logic here as I wrote this  only in 20-25 minutes, half an hour before submitting the entry, so it is boring one.
Advance main hi warning de rahi hu, don't blame me later. LOL


Angry Love Birds

Speedy BMW come to an halt, A girl clad in light pink business suit stepped down from the Car, she was carrying pride and attitude with herself, She entered inside the huge building named Singhania Industries.

 "I Have an appointment with Mr. Singhania" She said to her, Receptionist look in her laptop the nodded. She recognize her in minutes.

 "Sir is waiting for you mam in his cabin" Receptionist replied, She showed her the way of his cabin, She walk toward his cabin with a soft smile, the smile that could any men weak on his knees.

 She stopped in front of his cabin and her gaze fall on name plate.


She is gonna meet him after a month, nervousness was building inside her with mixture of excitement.

"Come Inside" A voice come from inside, For a second she got shocked that how he guessed that it was she but then shrug it off remembering his word he said to her long back.

"I can feel your presence even if you are in between thousands of people"

She smiled and walk inside, His back was facing her, He was standing beside his chair pretending to be busy in reading some file.

 "Finally you got the time to meet me" He said to her, still didn't turn, She could feel the little anger in his tone.

 "Mr. Singhania we are here for a meeting not discussing about our personal life" She replied back, from inside she was dying to take him in her embrace, They are meeting after one month as she was out of city because of her business trip. She decided to tease him little.

"You are right lets discuss some work" He said to her, he turn toward her and sat on his chair. He get the teasing naughty glint in her eyes but he chose to ignore it as he has something important to talk.

 "Have a seat Taani" taani look at him she expected some reaction from him but all she got was his professional talk. With heavy sigh she sat on chair opposite to his.

 "So i have heard that your company has sent tender to the same project as mine, may i know the reason of this competition, from when this competition come between us?" He asked in business tone, She didnt knew that he called her here to talk about this. She wasn't ready for this convo.

 "Am sorry rey i didn't told u before but i want this project" Taani said in same tone as his.

 "So you are not backing out from the deal" Rey asked her in sharp tone. He was hell angry on her as he don't to stand against her and this deal this also important from him. Rey don't want the rivalry between singhanias and shekhawats increase by this and he don't want taani to stand against him he wants her by his side.

 "Yes, Am not going to back out because you want me to, In this deal you will find me standing against you and if you don't want this then take your name back from the deal" Taani said to him, her tone was telling him that she is serious and not going to change her mind, she is very stubborn and he knows it

 "I think there is nothing more to talk about, I should leave" saying this she got up from her place was about to walk out of cabin but a firm grip on her wrist stop her, She turn to see him but before she could react she was pinned to the wall behind her, his body was hovering over her petite figure, the anger in her eyes was scaring her a bit, She has seen his angry side before too but this time its different.

"Dare you walk away when am talking to you, our discussion is not over yet." His intense tone send shivers down in her spine,his grip on her shoulder got tighten.

"Rey leave me you are hurting me damn it" She shouted on him.

 "Don't raise your on me,Now listen to me carefully, You are backing out from deal, Don't forgot "The" Reyaansh singhania is against you, Your company wont be able to win this deal even in ur dream" He said to her, while smirking at her.

 "Dont be so over confident mr. Singhania, This time you are going to lose this deal and thats my promise to you" She said to him in sharp business tone, he was amused with her confidence.

 "Wohh am scared my feisty tigress" Rey replied back, He hold back of her neck and slam his lips on her soft ones, Kissing her feverishly, It didn't took seconds for her to respond to his kiss, They are kissing each other after whole month.

They broke apart from kiss, both were panting heavily, She gazed into his chocolate brown eyes which were filled with love.

 "You also Don't forget Mr. Reyaansh Singhania this time you are competing with the owner of shekhawat industries not with your wife" Taani said, now it was she who was smirking evily seeing her husband face. Singhania and shekhawat industries are arch rival in business world but their owners fell in love each other and became one.

"Then be ready Mrs. Taani Reyaansh singhania to lose" He said while decreasing the distance between them. She pushed him knowing what was coming. Rey frown in irritation. Rey too realize its not right to stop herfrom participating in deal

 He don't want to make her feel like she is caged, she cant do anything on her own. But he decided to tease her a bit.

"What will i get if i win" She asked in naughty tone.

"whatever you want but if i win Then you will give me what i want" He said, taani nodded in agreement.

"But what do you want?" Taani asked him in confusion.

"You really want to know" he questioned her in husky tone, their lips were inches apart, She nodded shyly

"I want my little princess, my little Taani" Rey whispered in her ear, A deep shade of crimson color spread across her cheeks, He smiled at him innocent feisty tigress. She couldnt handle her blush more and pulled him by his collar and kissed him.

 They kissed each other lovingly, They are enemies in business but their love hold the power to erase this Strong enmity between them and made them forget every other thing in this world, all they could see is their unconditional love for each other.

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unres *edited*

Big smileBig smileBig smile

omg dear this

was amazing os


full to enjoyed this

pls keep writing more


thanx for pm

take care!!!!!!


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awesome os
loved it
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Awesome + Cute Os...Thumbs Up

Just Love It...Smile

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Nice hai yr boring nhi tha and plzzz yr make it two short ... Realy wnt tuo knw who wil win in ds deal plZz
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Posted: 2014-08-23T07:16:42Z
awesome os.
luvd it
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Posted: 2014-08-23T07:20:43Z
awsome OS...
love the feisty taani...
taarey are married and madly in love with each other but at the same time they rival...
love the concept...
want to
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Posted: 2014-08-23T07:24:39Z
Wow lovely os
Taarey in business world are enemies bt love eachother emensly loved it
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