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So...I know that a lot of us have wanted to see PrAja in baarish. And i think the CV's are probably listening to us and giving a rain sequence. But...this...i wrote this quite a time back...thought of sharing this story with you all...
Enjoy reading... :)

After times full of big hurdles and personal obstacles in the lives of Pratap & Ajabdeh, the happiness had finally returned. The battle with Marwar had finally settled, half because of Pratap's war strategies and skills, half because of the unveiling of the truth that Mughals were the root of this battle and Pratap's successful attempts of persuading Raja Maldev in that very matter. It was peaceful and settled between the families of Chittor and Bijolia also, all the misunderstandings had been cleared. Infact, Rana Udai Singh and Kunwar Prratap Singh had even visited Bijolia after the war. In that short stay, a lot had happened. It was an eye opener for a lot of people, though some of them were still adamant in the face of the truth.
So it was a fine day, bright day and peaceful day in the castle of Bijolia. Outside the four walls, it was a beautiful weather. Trees were swaying in a cool breeze and all plants were blossoming. As Ajabdeh looked outside from the window, she felt as if the nature was calling her. It seemed to Ajabdeh, that even the nature was very happy about something. Her inner instincts said the same, something good was about to happen. But she could not sit to think about it and ignore the call of nature any longer. She left her room and proceeded for the gardens. She reached the open ground floor, where the roof was supported only by pillars and there was a clear vision of outside and the breeze was flowing through freely. A big smile appeared on her face as the breeze touched her skin...and her open hair were flowing freely. She walked ahead leaving behind the roof, towards the open sky.
On the other hand, Pratap had planned to surprise Ajabdeh and the Bijolia family by dropping in out of the blue. As she stepped into the grounds, out of the castle, he stepped inside the castle from the main entrance.  Hansa bai and Rao Mamrakh were pleased with this pleasant surprise by Pratap. They welcomed him inside. Rao Mamrakh asked out of curiosity, "Kunwar Pratap, aap yahan? Koi aavashyak kaam tha kya? Hame bula liya hota..."
"Arre nahi nahi Rao ji, ham to bas yunhi aap sab se milne aa gaye the." replied Pratap with a smile. He was soon being asked general questions about his welfare, his family, the battle, and other stuff. He kindly, truthfully answered all questions like a gentleman.  The family of Bijolia was very close to him. And their daughter was even closer, to his heart. He hadn't met her for so long. So finally, he raised a question, "Hansa massij, Ajabdeh kahan hain? Kahi dikhai nahi de rahi..." Even before he said this, his eyes started searching Ajabdeh. Hansa bai, first smiled to herself at this question, then replied thoughtfully, "Ajabdeh...errr...bhala Ajabdeh kahan ho sakti hain? Ham to bahut samay se Kunwar Balwant ke saath the, hamne to Ajabdeh ko dekha hi nahi. Ham abhi dasi ko bhejte hain unhe bulane ke liye." And she was about to summon a dasi but Pratap stopped her, "Nahi, nahi, rehne dijiye. Ham swayam jaakar mil lete hain unse." and Pratap left to find Ajabdeh.
Outside, Ajabdeh was enjoying the breeze a lot. It was so fresh and relaxing. She looked around at the beautiful gardens. Then she looked up at the sky. All of a sudden, a raindrop hit her cheek. It took Ajabdeh a couple of moments to realize this. When she did, a big smile appeared on her face. Yes, it had started to rain. A beautiful drizzly rain. She was overjoyed. "Baarish!!!" she exclaimed, a wide grin of pleasure on her face. She started laughing and playing and running in the rain. Soon, she was drenched wet.
While all this was happening, Pratap had looked at all the possible spots of Ajabdeh's presence in the castle. When he didn't succeed, he went outside to the cowsheds. Possibly, Ajabdeh was with Laxmi. He reached there but was disappointed again to find that Ajabdeh wasn't even present there.
Aur kahan ho sakti hai Ajabdeh?' he thought to himself. He decided to ask Laxmi, "Laxmi, aap jaanti hai ki Ajabdeh kahan hai? Poora mahal chaan chuke ham, kahi nahi dikh rahi hain. Aapko pata hai?" But before Laxmi could answer, a raindrop fell on Pratap's face too. He looked up at the skies. He said, "Ohho, ab to varsha bhi aarambh ho gayai hai. Bhala Ajabdeh jaa kahan sakti hain?" he murmured to himself. In a couple of moments, the rain took its full form, a continuous drizzly rain. He thought, Hame mahal ke bheetar chale jaana chahiye. Kya pata, hamari anupastithi me Ajabdeh mahal me vapas aa gayi ho?' he turned to leave but he stopped all of a sudden. He heard a voice from behind. A laughing voice full of joy and delight and glee.  He slowly turned and stood there, transfixed, looking in the direction of voice. He slowly muttered, "Ajabdeh?" 

Okay ppl...thats it...for this part. there are possibly two or three parts of this story...will soon update...
please leave ur views on it n prediction n tell me what u feel about it n please hit the like button(if u like it)...there is some real deal ahead with PrAja in this story... :)
Btw...this story...the later part of this is inspired by the song...'Aisi chale jab hawa...ishq hua hi hua...'...I'm pretty sure u all will get to see the ishq between PrAja....really soon.. ;)

Part 1- Page 1
Part 2- Page 6
Part 3- Page 10
------ :)-------------

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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesomeee too good lovelyyy part waiting for next asapEdited by sweta2005 - 5 years ago
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Posted: 5 years ago
loved it aruThumbs Up its vey nice...this baarish scene Embarrassed
its lovely aru.Clap super AWESOME!!!Star
waiting for the next update...u know na i m never ever get fully satisfied with PrAjaTongueLOL
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Posted: 5 years ago
Aru meri jaan...Hug
It was lovely...
Very beautiful, thoda pehle update karna chahiye tha isse, u know possibly I won't be there after Tuesday so main next part toh nahin padh paungi, I mean I would bout I guess after 1 week of your update.
Aru, this part is just awesome and so beautiful. Even I had a rainy OS in my mind, but guess some one is already there with it...
Just loved it, the way you described the call of nature was really beautiful.
Waiting eagerly for the next part, and if possible, please yaara, update the next part by Sunday or Monday...
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Posted: 5 years ago
lovely story 
plz update soon
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Posted: 5 years ago
Aru wonderful. .pahele kyun nahi upload ki..
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Posted: 5 years ago
Plz Plz Plz Dear Update Soon... Woww... So Damn Ossum... Loving It... Continue Soon... Great Start...!!
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Posted: 5 years ago
Aru !!
this is just lovely as young love and aromatic as early cherry blossoms ! bahut tarif kar li, ab fatat update karo warna cowdung aur stale cheese ke sath compare kardoongi ! badboo se tik nehi !
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