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Hello Everyone , You people might not be knowing me,, as I dont come here.. But with the help of Sanjukta di and Dhristi, my updates keep on passing upto you ! So thanks to them for posting my stories here and sharing with you guys.. I always check the feedback you guys give on the stories! A few months back , Dhrishti shared my ff here, I am humbled by the response! Thanks everyone for liking it ! Here is one more story..that Am sharing with you people via Sanju di ! Do tell what you guys think of this one !! Keep reading !!

FF- Tumse Yun Mile !



  1st part depends on how you respond for this one !!



Happy Reading dearies!



In one of the best toy shops of the city,the lady with the most beautiful smile was searching for something that would just be the best for her angel ! She had promised her to get the best barbie house which none of her friends had ! The sales clerk took her to the girls section of the toy shop and showed her the prettiest barbie houses !! Priya , the lady who was in a hurry to fetch the gift, still did not look convinced ! This is nice but not exactly what I want for my princess..she told the sales clerk politely with a slight smile!



Priya started looking around, if she finds something convenient for her darling ! Dressed in a light purple saree the lady walked with grace. She carried herself with elegance. Though she had nothing extra ordinary in her looks still she looked beautiful in her own way !! After marching for a few footsteps she heared a gentle voice! She freezed for a few seconds.. She recalled if she had heard this voice before, it sounded familiar, a voice that she could not forget over years !! She walked upto the boys section of the toy store. Only to find a tall and strong man standing with his back towards her ! Not only his voice, but his physique was familiar too! He was someone whom she could not forget over years no matter how hard she tried !! He was having a tough time selecting something ! Please be quick, its already very late, I need the best thing for my champ ! He told the person who was showing him the toys ! Standing a few metres away from him, she felt a lump in her throat!



She took baby steps towards him! One part of her heart wanted her to stop turn back and go away, while other wanted to go up and check if it was really him ! She was afraid, didnt know what made her afraid.. May be she never wanted to turn the pages of a closed chapter, and revisit what was already old and tragic! She stood in hesitation behind him a few feet away! She was too hesitant to call out his name or tap his shoulder! How would he react to this ? She thought! After a few moments he turned back and bumped into her! I am so sor.. His words got lost somewhere as he looked up at her !! His hands all of a sudden turned cold , his throat dried up! The moment froze for both of them as their eyes met ! Yes it was him!! She was right.. He stood right in front of her eyes, Ram.. Ram Kapoor! A person who was there in her past for a short span ! Did he recognize her ? She thought !! Was it really stupid of her to go up to him and bump into him this way ?



She had not expected this to happen, rather she never wanted something like this to happen at all ! Not much was changed in him , except for a new addition on him, his specs! That only made him look more handsome .. He looked great, his broad shoulders, his flat stomach his day old stubble his soft lips everything made him look the most desirable !! He had no idea how to react to all this ! He had lost all hopes to see her ever again once she left him ! He seemed running out of words, he smiled a bit ! Hi.! He finally spoke something ! Hi.. Good to see you after so long! She replied him with a smile ! He slightly moved his head. You..aah.. You look good in this ! I mean you always looked beautiful.. But saree suits you a lot ! He tucked his hands in his pant's pockets! Thank you.. She smiled !! What brought you here.. She asked him! I actually.. I wanted something for my hero ! He ran his hand through his hair, how nervous he was getting in front of her!



His words stabbed her heart, she felt something twitch inside, something really deep that made her dizzy for a second ! Nice..she whispered gathering some energy ! Its his birthday today !! And he has asked for the most special thing, I am a bit confused actually !! He scratched his temple ! She moved her head.. Should I help you out ? She asked him, sure, this would really help ! He smiled !!



Ma'am here it is what you wanted ! The sales clerk approached Priya and told him ! Just a second , she looked at Ram and told him ! Ya go ahead.. He told her ! Priya was elited to look at the barbie house, it was huge and had everything that a small girl would love ! I loved it, this is what I wanted! Please pack this one !! She told the sales clerk !!



Ram was observing her from a distance.. It had always been very hard for him to remove his eyes off her, she had every trait that he desired of ! The way her hair swayed on her shoulders, caught his eyes, her smile her twinkling eyes everything was special !!



He smiled looking at her, but soon his smile weared away as realization struck him !! He found her talking over phone with someone and informing that she had found the barbie house for her princess ! His heart broke into million pieces, she was happy, she was well settled, she was very much complete !! She had moved on in life, may be there wasnt anything that could have stopped her from doing so ! She had found her happiness. He rubbed both his hands, he tried composing himself as he was breathing heavy! There was something that was hurting him deep inside, something old yet very special was hurting him ! She came back to him ! Lets go, we might get something there for your..for your son! She told him ! He was the most charming man he had ever seen, every girl wanted to be in his arms ! Evetything about him was sensational ! She had always known, he would be happily settled with someone !! But..realizing this fact coming true hurted her !



He adjusted his specs and both looked for something ! There was an ambience of hesitation between the two.. With the coarse of time, he had pacified himself that she was in his life for only sometime, not forever.. While on the other side when she left him she had promised she would never turn back to him ! It would be hard to move on, but not impossible ! Crossing each others path after five years only when they had moved on hurt even more ! She picked up a robot, this would be nice for him.. What say ? Priya asked Ram ! Hey thats really nice ! Am sure he'll love it !! He smiled ! Thanks Priya, without you I would have not found this ! She just smiled softly !! After sometime both stood at the billing counter collecting their gifts !! She knew it was time to bid him good-bye, and she hoped both never confront each other ever again ! Priya. I owe you a treat for the favour you did today !! This wasnt anything big that I did ! She replied him !36 minutes ago



He slightly tilted his head, lets keep the treat due, if at all we meet again, I'll give you the treat and you wont deny ! Errm, okay I'll be fine with it..but right now I am running late, I need to rush ! He extended his hand towards her, it was nice meeting you again ! He smiled ! She shook hand with him.. As the time for them to part ways came nearer, there was pain that was reflected through his eyes which went unnoticed by her ! How she wished they had not met again, after five years ! She thought they were happy in whatever they did and whoever they had in their lives! He looked at her retreating image and remembered the day they met for the first time !



It was one such day , a young man accidently met a girl who changed his world !! Ram stood at the billing counter waiting to collect his bag !! He had come with his friend to buy some essentials, he looked around while playing with his key ring ! Besides him, stood a young girl dressed in a white top and pink long skirt. She too was waiting to collect her bag ! She looked to her right and found Ram standing close to her, wearing a white tee and grey pants ! He was tall and strong ! Within seconds she moved away from him ! As their bags reached to them, she picked up a bag marched towards the exit door.. Ram picked up the other one and followed her. She noticed him stalking her, she fastened her steps, he increased his speed too ! What is wrong with him, I know such idiots !! He needs to be a taught a lesson, he wont be spared for messing up with Priya !! She thought ! He reached upto her and tried placing his hand on her shoulder ! Just then she turned back !



He stopped close to her ! Aaeee Dont you dare touch me okayyy! She shouted raising a finger at him ! Ram did not utter a single word, he looked at people gathering around them ! What nonsense is this, he thought ! By now, he was filled with anger.. He stepped ahead , took the bag from her hand and gave the other bag to her ! You took my bag, do you get it !! He gave a stern look to Priya and walked away !! Priya stood in shock ! How stupid of you Priya, look at others staring at you ! What they must be thinking of you arghh , she thought and lowered her head !!



Ram's driver halted the car..He came out of the memories !! That was their first encounter with each other !! That silly and stupid Priya had grown so calm in these years ! The flashing memories curled his lips for a smile !! Though she was in his life for sometime, he still remembered everything ! Every small thing of her !! She was the most beautiful thing that had happened to him !




 Will continue only If you guys want !!! Do let me know how it was !! Thanks for taking out time and reading it! *tongue* sorry If I bored you peeps ! Feedback awaited !!-

Amrit !

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Thanks Sanju for posting this story here Smile
Awesome starting 
I love both Present & Past scenes
Amrit written very well 
i love Ram & Priya scenes very much
totally I loved it
Continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2014-08-21T04:47:02Z
excellent part... eager to wait how the story uunfolds..
beautiful writeup...
plz continue soon...
unique concept...

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Posted: 2014-08-21T05:15:32Z
welcome to the forum. i have read ur stories on rkr. those r good. keep posting.
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Posted: 2014-08-21T05:26:03Z
Superb..there is no words...i liked it vvv much..plsss continue soon.eagerly waiting for next part...plsss update soon.pls PM me.Edited by jmehta1957 - 2014-08-21T05:28:58Z
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Posted: 2014-08-21T05:53:37Z
Beautiful start with interesting intro of the lead characters
Read it already on Facebook happy to read it again. Seems story will focus on past and present of Raya..
do continue soon and pls pm me from next time Smile

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Posted: 2014-08-21T07:25:57Z
Awesome FF Smile
Love the start!!!
Plz continue soon
And do pm me too!!!Wink
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Posted: 2014-08-21T07:55:31Z
THx for psotinf here
Well the beginning is so so good.
Both are separated bcoz of ego though they feel incomplete without each other, still they have each others effect so muchWink 
Both are sad to know the other one had moved onLOL too good

interesting beginningLOL
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