{ Maharana Pratap - Creations Gallery #2 }

Posted: 5 years ago

Have Signatures/Avis and Icons you want to share?

Then post it here right away and get all the likes and appreciations and applauds from members of the forum. 

Link to Previous Gallery:
MahaRana Pratap - Creations Gallery!

For any other doubts, you can PM the DT (Wafah & BubblyR) and we will be happy to help you.

Thank You.

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Posted: 5 years ago
Hello Everyone,

Here are some reminders while posting in the Creations Gallery:-

1) Do not Quote Creations: Our previous gallery had a lot of quoting of creations and it looked really messy. To save space, please do not quote the creations. When replying, you can use the @ format.

2) Maharana Pratap Related Creations: Please post creations ONLY related to MP and it's stars. Events and others are fine but any creations from other shows are NOT allowed.

3) Post your OWN creations: Please DO NOT plagiarize. If found copying other member's work and claiming it as your own, strict action WILL be taken, which may lead to PMs or further consequences. And please do not cut out any parts of other member's creations and use it in yours.

4) No Requesting: Criticism and comments are welcomed but DO NOT place creation requests in our gallery. We have the Avatar & Signature Shop section as well as the PM service for siggy/creation requests.

5) Do NOT steal & post WITHOUT permission: Many of our creations have been posted outside I-F even though the creators request not to. I request everyone to please put a copyright/your name in your siggy. And those who use them, please do not post them outside I-F unless the member allows you to do so.

6) No Need of Single Comment For every Single Creation: Guys you should not forget that its creations gallery and it should have more creations than comments, so no need to comment separately on every creation posted by creators, you can include many creators work in just one comment by using @format which will give us more space for creations and less of comments will make gallery look better.

7) Spamming the Creations Gallery: It has been noticed that towards the last few pages of the forum, members tend to post extra in order to complete the creations gallery. Also, apart from that it has been observed that members, to get their creations on the 1st post of the next page, they tend to post unnecessary comments to complete the previous page. Please understand that your creations WILL be noticed no matter where-ever it is placed. Please reduce such unhealthy spamming of the creation gallery.

Hoping for everyone's acceptance and co-operation in these matters concerned and mentioned above.

Thank You.

-MP Development Team-
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Posted: 5 years ago
Congo guys! Hug

freebie :)

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Posted: 5 years ago

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Posted: 5 years ago
congo guys fr the new gal Party
@mon awesome sigsClap
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Posted: 5 years ago
Congratulations guys Party
OMG momo kya siggi banaya hai yaar Big smile
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Posted: 5 years ago
Congratulations for new gallary Clap
Wonderful work done by Lipshaa, Mounimon , Jes , Poulomi & others in previous thread
keep makingClap

Love these kids completely , they are  wonderful actors
My creationsSmile

Don't cut / crop / claim as your own
Otherwise free to use Smile




Different Colouring :

Icons 256 X 256Smile

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Posted: 5 years ago
awesome work Monu di and VS-CoolEmbarrassed

PS: added sig in the first post!Smile
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