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Posted: 5 years ago
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Hello everyone ,So this is my first story here ,in India Forums,on Pratap and Ajabde.

So the scene is when Pratap and Ajyabde have just finished their food in pratap's kaksh,its related to one of the recent episodes/continuation.

Ajabde:Bas kuar pratap bas ab hume jaana chahiye yahan se hamein bohut kaam hai ! Ham aapse baad mein baat karenge...abhi hamein kahi jaana hai .

Ajyabde kept her hand on her stomach feeling full after eating the huge dinner brought by Pratap.She turned 180 degrees and moved a little.

P:Kaisa kaam aa gaya hai ajyabde ,aur wo bhi iss wakt ?
Hamein to kucch bhi sahi nahi lag raha hai ...aap humse kucch chhupa toh nahi rahi hain ?

Ajyabde turned again to face Pratap.She gave a mischievous smile to Pratap and said, 
A:Wo...wo...ha..hamein kisi se milne jaana hai
P:Aapko milna hai  ? Wo bhi itni raat gaye ?
A:Haan kuar pratap haan wo aa..a kisi ko mat bateigaa lekin hamein kuar yuvraj se milne jaana hai ! 

She looked down,pretending to be damn serious about this.

P:Wo too bikaner ke rajkumar hain naa ?
A: haa...ann wo hum unse prem karte hain !

Pratap's thali fell down from his hand in great amazement and  shock.
He could not believe that Ajabde could love somebody else,
He loved her so much,and he knew somewhere in his heart that Ajabde also loved him.
He literally could not believe his ears.

Suddenly Ajabde started to laugh and said,looking at Pratap's reaction.

"kuar pratap hum toh sirf uphaas kar rahe the aapke saath..par aap toh isse kucch zyaada hi gambhir samajh bethe" 
Pratap:Ajyabde aapne to hame dara hi diya thaa, aap hamaare saath aisa kaise kar sakti hain ?
A:Agar aap hamein teekhi mirchi khila sakte hain to ham aapke saath itna bhi nahi kar sakte ?
aur vaise bhi hum to aapke...

Ajyabde stopped,she knew she was gonna confess her love for Pratap,but realized that !

P:Aur kya Ajyabde hum aapke...??

Pratap was curious,but was also saying in a teasing manner,just to tease ajabde !

A:Arre chodiye naa aap bhi inn sab baaton ko lekar beth gaye hain...chaliye ab hamein jaaana chahiye,,nahi toh jab maa dekhne aayiyengi,toh humse pucchengi ki ham kaha the,aur fir hum unhe koi bhi jawaab nahi de paayenge.

Ajyabde was just going from there but suddenly ,she slipped a little because of the littered water on the floor. 
Luckily Pratap had saved her from his one hand
The next moment ,Pratap and Ajabde were totally in each other's beautiful eyes.
Ajyabde had her left and right hands on pratap's shoulders , 
They both were close to each other and somehow their nose touched for a second and Pratap realized that he was holding Ajabde,but Ajyabde ,she was still in pratap's small and lovely eyes !
Pratap could see the love for him in Ajyabde's lovely eyes,
the sense of loyalty and affection she had for him !
But suddenly Ajabde's  foot moved and she could listen the beat of her payal which made her realize that she was in her loved one's  arms !
She made her position straight and quickly turned round.
But pratap's chain got attached to Ajyabde's dress,, She again  turned round and stared at pratap's eyes again,
Her beautiful almond shaped eyes were again into Pratap's eyes,but this time she immediately  had a look on the chain and removed it as quickly as possibleand  then she said 
"hame iss sab ke liye kshama kijiye ,ham se boht badi bhul ho gayi hai hai ,ham jaante hain ki humne aap ko boht kasht pahuchaya hai , lekin hum aap ke liye kucch nahi kar sakte hain boht "
Pratap stopped her by keeping his finger on ajyabde's tender-soft lips and nodded his head.
Suddenly  Uday Singh exclaiming
 "kuar pratap!"
 And it shattered both of them,
Ajyabde in a sweet and polite voice said "shubh ratri"to Pratap 
And she  turned round and went from the other way

I know its awful ,sorry to bore you and thanks  for reading this 
Please comment and share your views about it,
Please frankly tell what you think about this.
I may try to improve upon my bad parts.


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Posted: 5 years ago
Amazing how our forum members are coming up with different story ideas. I loved ur OS dear, very sweet and heart warming. Keep writing!
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Posted: 5 years ago
It's amazing!!!! Lover that slipping part.
Please continue and update soon. And please send me a PM Embarrassed
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Posted: 5 years ago
Nice start dear, would like to read he next part for sure and yes thanks for the PM.
BTW what's your name dear?
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Posted: 5 years ago
Wowww Amazing... Loved It...!! Continue Soon.. And Same One Haan I Mean Romantic Update Only Like This... Plz Plz.. Thankss Ossummm
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Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome yaar
I so loved this naughty Ajabde I can Pratap at that moment bechara LOL
this is amazing
keep writing

lots of love
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Posted: 5 years ago
oh wow nice start 
plz update soon
loved it
pm me
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Posted: 5 years ago
Amazing update. Please continue 
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