Deivamagal Nite Celebration : Sattendru Maaruthu Vaanilai

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Sattendru Maaruthu Vaanilai


Sathya is back to JHV after granny's health issue , though prakash isn't feeling good about her come back still accepts for the sake of his mother's health. At night sathya enters her bedroom, Prakash sits on the bed angrilyConfused Sathya takes the pillow, prakash throws bedsheet towards her but it falls on the floor Sathya gives a confused look. She puts back pillow and bedsheet on the bed and sits. Sathya says, 'Prakash you can sleep on the bed, I don't mind!'ROFL Prakash gives an angry look and sleep on the bed and turns other way ROFL, sathya too turns face other side and sleeps.SleepyErmm

Next day morning sathya goes to temple to pray as she is going to attend an interview in few hours. At temple the lady who sits near her suddenly tells unconscious, Sathya is shocked and helps her. The lady offers her to call his driver. Sathya try to call him but couldn't able to reach. Sathya brings her out and goes along with the lady and reaches her bungalow. Mean time the lady informed her husband and family doctor about her health. Doctor does his checkup and advices her not to skip food and avoid fasting. The lady and her hubby thanks sathya for her timely help and tells her to ask any help when ever she wants in the future. Sathya smiles and leaves from there, that lady hubby see one file on the table and finds its sathya's resume, just then sathya come back to take the file as she forgot it. He ask her family and all details. Sathya says everything about her and the guy is surprised, some mute conversation between them for few mins. Sathya thanks for the help and tells him to take care of his wife.

Prakash is chatting with his colleagues in cafeteria and discuss about their new manager. One guy says he heard that the new manager is very strict office. Prakash says let the new one be a strict officer, who cares about it.Confused Another guy says day after tomorrow the new one will be joining and we will have a celebration outside.

Sathya back to home with sweets and informs everyone about her new job.Dancing
Smile All are happy except Gayu & Vino.AngryAngry Prakash comes back from office and surprised to see the happiness at home. Ragini informs him about the good news, he starts moving from there saying he is not bothered about it. Sathya come to room and shares the good news and give the sweets to him. Prakash throws the sweet boxShocked and shouts at her saying just stay away from me.ShockedBroken Heart

S : Wanna me to stay away from this room or ur life ?ShockedBroken Heart

P : Second one is betterConfused

S : Starts her RKOCry
Cry Why prakash ? Why ? Why this much anger/ hatred
      towards me ?Shocked

P : Just stop ur dramaConfused I'm not gonna fall for ur drama this time ,
      I never forgive you for what you did to me. You killed my Maha.Unhappy

S : Prakash please try to understand the reality , it was an accident.Cry

      Do u think I don't have any pain ? I equally loved the baby and was waiting for
      Maha as she changed her father into a good one.

P : Hann.. Yes she did it ! I gave up all my bad habits just for my Maha. But what u did ?
     You are a cheater! You killed my MahaCry

S : Prakash please..Cry

P : I told you not to go ur mother's house but u went there n lost my MahaAngryHow dare u.Angry
     (Prakash is about to slap her but stops in midway)

S : See Prakash, I stopped talking with my mother,sisters n uncle family for ur happiness only.
      It was an important day for Anjali , moreover mom wasn't at home that's y I went there
      after informing aunt , being an elder daughter I have the responsibility to go their for
      such important function, please understand it.Ouch

P : Stop it sathyaAngry. I don't wanna listen any stories now Dead

S : What Shocked? StoryShocked ? My feelings is story for uShocked
Broken Heart ?!
      Ur anni gayathiri has did many things against u
      but still u r in the same house n sharing a relationship ! Even u forgot what she did to u
      so easily and accepted her a one among in the family. Why so ? Bcz she is ur anni. 
      I tried to hide it for ur sake only , i knew u will be heart broken completely that too if I say
      i had lost it when I went to mom house. Okay prakash I accept I did a mistake ,
      I'm ready for any punishment and I hope one day u will forgive me.

Prakash is speechless and goes out. He is standing in the terrace and recollects what ever sathya spoke. Granny comes there and tells how he married sathya, how sathya helped them to come out from gayu's control , how she lost her relationship with het mother,sisters for the happiness of prakash. Prakash starts melting slowly and recollect his happy moments with sathya. Ragini too joins and explains how sathya saved her from that guy, ragini promise on her mother, she doesnt know why usha madam hide it from u that day but she knew very well anni did not called officer. He goes to room to speak with sathya but sathya falls asleep. He admires her innocent face and smiles.Embarrassed

Next day morning sathya wears cotton saree n standing infront of the mirror, starts combing her hair. Prakash opens his eyes slowly n finds sathya, starts mesmerizingBlushing
HeartDay Dreaming. Sathya see him through mirror and laughs insideROFL. She leaves the room like she doesn't notice Prakash is awakeROFL After an hour prakash comes down to have breakfast and finds everyone wishing sathya. He is about to wish her but Moni kutty drags him back side area and starts playing. Sathya gets blessing from her in-laws and search prakash inside the house , she leave to office sadly as she couldn't able to meet himUnhappy. On the other side prakash come back inside and becomes upset as sathya left already and missed a chance to speak with her. Prakash reaches his office , everyone are eagerly waiting for new manager. A car reaches and a lady gets down from it. Few persons move towards her with bouquet and wishes her, prakash eagerly waiting to see the lady. Finally he gets the chance to meet her and he is shocked/surprised/happy*mixed feelings*ShockedBig smileEmbarrassed Yes the new manager is none other than SATHYADancingDancing !!! He welcomes her with a broad smile and follows herEmbarrassedBig smile After introduction everyone goes outside from manager room except prakash, he is about to ask her how come she is here , she stops him in midway n says we will discuss about this in the evening function.Tongue

The whole department celebrates 50th year completion and shares their happiness and experience etc.Big smile, SaKash moves aside and standing near the fountain. Both remains silent for few minsEmbarrassed
Embarrassed. Prakash starts saying that he understood the fact and should not have blamed her alone , even he is also responsible for this directly/indirectly, his temper only the major reason for all this incident , he requests sathya to forgive him and says her to forget what ever happened, none can be blamed for this and god will give what we deserves most. Sathya listens everything with teary eyesCry, she is speechless n couldn't believe about what prakash spoke to her now. Prakash is waiting for her to speakConfused. Sathya hugs him tightly n says I Love U PrakashHugHeartBlushing Prakash hugs her back and says Love U TooHugBlushingHeartBoth shares an emotional moment for few mins and express different feelingsDay DreamingBlushingHeartSaKash back to normal mode and prakash reminds her that she hasn't yet told how she got this jobWink Sathya rewinds how she helped one lady in the temple and her husband is a central minister, he offered her this job as he has a privilege to appoint a person directly with a personal interview alone and she is capable for this post as she completed finishing school and having hotel experience also. Prakash appreciates her n says she deserves it. SaKash shares a warm hug HugHug
Gayu is hell shocked to see them together like this.ROFLROFLROFL

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brb to comment on OS and song navee - love the story :)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Wonderful Os nave a tight hug to you...Hug
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Posted: 5 years ago
sooper nave !!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!
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Posted: 5 years ago
Cute Story Nave, Finishing with SaKash Hug and Gayu face wasClapEdited by JananiKiDeewani - 5 years ago
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Posted: 5 years ago
sema naveClap...romba pudichirnduduHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
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Posted: 5 years ago
your OS.. 
lovely dear.. 
the warm hug at the end..awesome..
how can i forget gayu face .. lol

and super song... its suits na.. hehe Wink
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Posted: 5 years ago
hehehe i hope all 3 of them loved the songs we choose for them lolz :)
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