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It had been two weeks now that Rey was away from Taani because of his business trip and after returning from trip today he is still busy in some paper work, He didn't even saw her properly let alone spending time her. It was 12 am now and he is still in office, Rey was staring blankly at the laptop screen. Nothing could find a way in his mind apart from Taani. Her laughter echoed in his ears. Her image was constantly running in front of his eyes and her being pregnant was making was also asking him to go to her and take care of her every need but his damn work, knowing how clumsy his wife is, that made him little worried too. Never had he thought that this very girl would drive him insane one day. How badly he wanted to concentrate on his work but his thoughts wouldn't let him to. He closed his eyes inhaling deeply.

"Thats it, I can't take it any more, I have to do something" Rey growled in anger, He close the laptop and stood up, He was going to meet taani that to right now Work can go to hell, with this determination Rey grab his car keys and left for home.

It was 1'o clock in the night when he reached home. He directly goes in their bedroom, At the same time Taani come out from washroom, clad in purple silk nighty which barely covered her mid thighs. Rey lick his lower lip, seeing his wife in this temptress avatar.

The next sight astounded him so much that his jaw dropped down opening his mouth in an 'o'., She close the gap between their bodies, standing very close to him. His eyes couldn't believe what they were perceiving. That low neck of her nighty was giving him clear view of her cleavage. Before Rey could compose himself and say anything, he felt her finger trailing a path from his forehead, reaching his eyes, nose,cheeks and finally his lips. He could feel her breath near his nose. Her lips trembling, were finding a way to his lips. He closed his eyes in anticipation, His breath stopped for a while, His wife had already arouse in every possible feeling in him then. He could feel his blood rushing south. How she manage to have this effect on him only god knew. But instead of kissing him, she turn little sideway and whispered in his ear.

"Finally you got time for your wife, I thought you forgot that you have wife too" she lick his earlobe, and bite it hard to bring him back in reality.

"I missed you baby" she said kissing his cheek.

"I know sweetheart that's why i am here to make it up you", Rey replied giving butterfly kisses all over her face. He grab her waist and smashed his rough lips on her soft ones. How hungry he had been for this taste. He occasionally bit her lips causing her to moan which led his tongue to find a way in her mouth. Their tongues were fighting for dominance. Meanwhile his hands were tracing the perfect curves of his wife. Swiftly the lace of her gown was out. Her hands were fidgeting with the buttons of his Blazer.Taani was arching backwards trying to create friction. He understood instantly and went down to please her. Kissing her neck, he shifted to her cleavage. Sliding down both the straps of her nighty from her shoulders, It didn't took seconds, her nighty fall on ground, Her assets were only covered with her inner wears. Frantically she fumbled with his coat and vest trying to get it off him but it didn't come off him as easily, she bit his lower lip hard in frustration.

"Ouch" Rey growled in between the kiss. He broke the kiss and He took off his blazer and shirt, inviting her to attack his bare chest. Taani dugs her nails in his back and took his lips in an angry kiss, not caring if she left any marks later. Rey scoop her in his arms and gently placed her on their bed.

"Someone is eager" Taani tease, Rey smirk and lay top of her.

"You have no idea, how much I am" with that rey attack her neck, trailing down wet kisses from her neck to stomach, Her moans were echoing in room, making him crave for her more and more. Before rey could do anything further they got disturb by the knock on the door, Someone was continuously knocking on the door, Interrupting their beautiful moment. Rey groaned in anger, after covering Taani with blanket he moved toward door, to give a good piece of mind to the person.

Rey open the door, Only to find his sister Sharon there, Rey gave her a confuse look.

"Bhai, dad is calling you, he has something important to talk" Sharon said and left from there hurriedly, not wanting to face the wrath of her brother as she was sure that she has interupted something "Important".

Here rey walk toward taani who was waiting for him to come.

"Sweetheart I'll be back in a minute, Dad is calling me" Rey said to her while wearing his shirt, taani nodded in yes.

"I would Love to find you without anything when I am back" He said in husky tone, winking at her and left from there and went into his dad's study.

"What the!! I am not going anywhere dad, Just now After two weeks I am back from that business trip and now you want me to show mumbai to your guest" Rey said in frustration, He has plan a day out with his wife but now his dad was planning to spread water on it.

"But beta, she is new here, and don't know anyone here except us" His dad tried to reasoned him, his friend's daughter had come mumbai and he wnat rey to show her around But rey didn't paid any heed to listen him.

"I am not going to show her around, Sharon will go with her and thats final" Rey said to his dad in stern tone which his dad couldn't decline.

"Okay beta" Mr. singhania said to his son though he was disappointed with his son's behavior but still he understand him. rey's father left for his room and rey for his.

Rey peep inside his room, It was completely dark, With naughty smirk rey walk toward their bed after locking the door behind him. He slide down in blanket beside her, Her back was facing him, His smile grew wider when he roam his hand on her bare body, She has nothing on but a single blanket covering her. Rey slowly make her turn toward him.

"Oh god! You perfectly know how to make me go out of control" Rey inhaled a deep breath, her own fragrance mixed with her perfume take control over his sense. In a swift moment Rey come top of her, Crushing her softness under his hard muscular body but not putting is all weight on her her that can may be hurt her belly.

"Dad ne kya kaha?" Taani asked him but in return rey gave her shrug, he knew that if he will tell her what dad has asked him to do then she will surely cancel their plan and will order him to do as dad had said.

"tell me" Taani gave him stern look, Rey sighed.

"just office related work" rey lied, though taani knew that rey was lying she didn't drag it, knowing him that he won't tell her.

"So how my junior Taani is doing? Did she missed dadda?" Rey asked, he put his ear on her tummy as if trying to listen his unborn baby's reply. Taani is two month pregnant.

"your princess also missed you" Taani answered him, Only she knew that how difficult those two week were, How much she missed him.

They stayed in same position for few minute when Rey came back in his naughty mood, Grasping the blanket he pulled down it, Making her catch her breath.

"Besharam" She muttered under her breath.

"I heard it" rey said, he nuzzled his nose where her shoulder & neck meet, placing wet kisses kisses there.

"It was meant to be heard" She replied back, chuckle slightly. holding his face between her palms she kissed him on his lips. he too responded, They kissed each other like never before, may be separating has made them craved for each other more n more. Rest of the night they spent with each other, teasing each other, Loving each other until they slip into slumber as tiredness took over them.


Chapter 2 (Last Part)

- Completed -

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sach mai if u write tis well 4 tym pass tho i wud luv read wen seriously wanna write sumthing...
bydway fab os luvd d naughty taaredy waiting for d nxt prt jaldi update karna
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Posted: 2014-08-16T00:28:05Z
Awsme os.. Luved naughty taarey nd their romance.. Update soon..
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Posted: 2014-08-16T00:33:54Z
awesome...plzz update next part soon..
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Posted: 2014-08-16T00:43:03Z
romantic cum noughty os
egarly waiting for next part
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Posted: 2014-08-16T00:46:23Z
Awesome + Hot Os...Thumbs UpWink

Love It...Smile

Update Part 2 Soon...Big smileEdited by Shubh007 - 2014-08-16T01:10:21Z
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Posted: 2014-08-16T00:50:55Z
awesome os
naughty TR loved it
continue soon
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Posted: 2014-08-16T00:54:30Z
taarey married still gives a breath of clamness it reduce s the pain that show gives us , their naughty tactics to tease n love eachother always makes my heart happy so keep it up n update soon
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