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Hi Friends

I am back with one new story of RaYa

Hope you all like this story also 

Story Name 

ff-  LOVERS FOREVER "destined to be US"

Writer's Message :

Hi friends..! 
Thanks for all the support you have given for my previous ff Smile it meant a lot to me.. now exams are done and once again no other job other than writing.! So here's a new ff.. its gonna be different from the previous one ..! Hope you guys wil like it.! Please leave you valuable feedback for which I will always be waiting Smile Cheers..!! Love you all

Now you all understand, who is the writer?

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Intro & Update 1 - Page 1 - http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=4131913&PID=111763616&#p111763616

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Well hope you guys like this one...!! just a small intro for now..!!

Update - 1

     The man seemed to be in his mid-thirties, he was in his full black suit which fitted his well-toned body. His face looked composed with a shade of arrogance, one could easily tell that he was a man of very few words. He was walking hurriedly with his phone held to his ear, his silver Rolex watch glistened in his hand. He looked like some runaway model who would make any girl need him. His perfectly brushed hair flew gently as he stormed into the "Orange gift shop" in one of the exclusive mall. Without wasting time, he kept his phone on his coat pocket when he remembered her words "not in your coat pocket Ram, the waves are not good for your health". Little annoyed he took his phone and stuffed it into his trousers. He walked to the extreme end of the shop, he knew what he wanted. Reaching the place he scanned the gifts that were arranged in the shelves swiftly. "Damn where are you?" he muttered under his breath. He turned and went back to the counter "Excuse me, I was here a few minutes ago and I saw a pair of pink skates here, can I have them?" he asked as politely as he could. "Sir just now someone purchased them as a gift" the man replied. "WHAT" he shouted that nearly all the heads in the shop turned to see him. his face turned red in rage "You mean you sold it before I could answer a call?" he asked "sir we didn't know that you wanted it" the man replied. "I don't want to know what you thought, I just need that skates, now" he said clearly. "Sir but, we had only one pair of them, we are sorry, there are so many other skates here" the man tried to convince him. "I think you understand the language I am speaking, I want those skates and that's final" he said. "Sorry sir we sold it" the man replied. "you, I am Ram Kapoor and your telling me a NO" Ram asked. "Sir but we cant help, we are really sorry" the man tried to prove his point. Ram clenched his hands to control himself. He didn't want to make a big scene "Fine" saying he left the shop.

     Ram walked angrily through the parking lot to his black audi R8 which stood majestically making all the other cars bend their heads in front of it. he pulled the door open pouring out his anger on it. settling himself on the seat he threw his head back on the seat and closed his eyes trying to calm himself down. "the skates was meant for her" he said slowly. He couldn't believe that he was not having the pair of skates in his hands now. Composing himself he ignited the engine. His car was one of his treasures. He believed that it was one of the few things that was always under his control. Taking long drives in his car when he was stressed out, angry or happy was his usual thing. He felt pissed of now. He accelerated the engine as much as he could and drove without having any idea about the destination he was heading too.

     As he kept muttering to himself his phone rang. He knew who was calling him. he didn't have many close people to sit and talk to him. he took the phone from his trousers and turned answered it. "hey" he said. "Ram, are you driving and talking to me?" the voice came from other side. The tone in her voice made him stop his car. He got out of the car to speak to her. "done I stopped the car" he said. "good, so Ram you will be coming today na?" she asked. "Kate, I promised you that I will, didn't I?" he asked. "yes, you did, but I am really not believing until I see and hug you tight" she said. "I will be there" he said as he rested his back on the car. "Okay where are you know?" she asked. he looked around to exactly make out where he  was "someplace on the roadside" he said. "Ram what happened? Don't tell me you went on a ride again" she said with concern. "nothing leave it" he said. "Ram?? Is all ok?" she asked again "Kate I promise everything is fine. Aren't you getting ready for the evening?" he asked. "well I told you na, my roommate she has her duty today so after she is here, we both will start the preparations" she said. "that's good, cook something eatable you two" he said. she giggled "Ram I know I don't cook well, but she is awesome. Ok so no more plans for the today for you right?" she asked. "not exactly, have to go a hospital, then I am all free for you" he said. "hospital???" "listen listen don't panick now birthday girl, I have to meet the adminstrator, he's a friend of mine" he said. "Oh ok then, that's good, so I will be waiting to see you, don't turn me down" she warned. "Comeon Kate how will I miss my best friend's birthday party" he said. "so sweet, ok come soon, take care Ram" she said "you too my birthday girl" he said and cut the call. he felt good talking to her. she always made his mood light. He stood resting on his car and gazing at the road in front of him. "I, Ram Kapoor, the very successful business man in India, who has contacts all over the world, couldn't get the gift I wanted for my only best friend" he told himself. Taking a deep breath he turned to enter his car trying to calm himself.

     The Luke's private hospital, was a city within the big city. It was undoubtedly one of the best hospital will contained the best surgeons, physicians, technicians, nurses. It was updated with all the recent equipment's of the medical world. There were several departments with loads of doctors working in them. There was a separate counselling centre attached to the main block of the hospital. The entrance of the main building was a large waiting room. A huge picture of Mother Teresa hung on the wall, below the picture, in huge letter it read "LOVE AND SERVE" the motto of the hospital which all the staffs followed sincerely. One need atleast few months to get familiarized with the corridors and departments in the big hospital. The interiors were well painted and maintained, to make the people feel warm and comfortable.

     she walked past the young people sitting in front of her cabin, smiling individually at each of them, who smiled back at her with respect in their eyes. She must be in her late twenties. She was flawlessly beautiful, fair woman, tall, but intensely graceful. She was in a casual jean and top with her white coat in her hand. Everything about her, her walk, her carriage, her look, sent message of comfort. She reached to her cabin door. "Hi Dr.Priya" he shouted. Her heart stopped beat for a second. She nearly lost her balance. Steadying herself she looked at him "Cam..!! how many times I have told you not to do this" she said sternly at the young man in front of her. Cam was one hospital orderly, with the brightest smile ever. He was in his twenty-three and moved around the corridors like a tornado. He was a care free man who didn't care about anything. He treated everyone alike. All his interest was to tell stupid jokes and play small pranks on people around him to make them feel better. He adored Priya. "Sorry doctor, I just dropped to tell you good morning" he said. Priya smiled at him "that's so sweet young man. Now can I leave as I have my patients waiting?" she asked. "sure sure, is it counselling session now?" he asked. "yes and I have to leave early as Kate will be waiting for me, see you around" saying she left inside her cabin.

    Ram parked his car. Standing in the entrance of the hospital he looked at the huge building in front of him "very good architecture" he murmured. Checking the time he entered the hospital. Standing in the corridor he looked here and there lost. "man why is everything irritating me today" thinking he took his phone to call his friend. He scratched his head seeing his phone dead. He took a breath to control the frustration that was building up within him. he dropped to see Roger as he didn't want to lose the few number of friends he has. Looking around the hospital he decided to leave the place. "Hi, this is Cam at your service, I know exactly what you need?" Cam said standing in front of Ram, not recognizing him as one of the leading business man in India. "well. I want to meet Roger" Ram said. "Oh, I think you need to meet Dr.Priya for a counselling sir" Cam said. "I think you heard me right..!! I want to meet Roger, just help me else you can carry on your business" Ram said through his teeth. "wow. Relax..!! go straight and take the left. You will see the elevator. Reach the second floor and enter the first door" Cam guided him. ram gave him a stare and left without thanking him. "God..!! he looks like an animal ready to pound. He needs Dr.Priya's counselling not Roger sir" saying this to himself, Cam turned to see Ram "Have a happy day sir" he shouted fighting his laughter. Ram turned to see him, "people are annoying these days" he muttered and entered the elevator.

     Reaching the second floor, he looked at the lot of young people before the cabin "what are these people doing here?" Ram thought. Sighing he pulled open the door of the cabin.

      His eyes fell on the woman inside the cabin. Hearing the click of the door she turned to see him. their eyes locked into one another. He felt all his tension drain away and a new happiness filling his interior. "Can I know whats your need?" the sweetness in her voice made his heart jolt. "I am sorry, I came here by mistake" he stammered. Giving him a small smile "come in" she called him. he was always used to give permission for someone to enter his cabin and today a woman was giving him. he felt angry but something in her face was soothing him. he entered slowly as one of the patient inside left the cabin. "please have seat" she offered. He sat down "ok can I know your name now?" she asked with the most beautiful smile Ram had ever seen, that made him smile for the first time for the day. "Ram Kapoor" he said looking away. "Mind if I call you Ram??" she asked as he glared at her.

That's it for now..!

Please do leave honest comments.. if you guys like the story line then I am continuing it..!! waitinggg.!!!!! Sorry for errors..!!

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welcome back shifra 
another doctors story ... 
 i so loved to read doctors story on Raya 

and here Ram is super angry and whenevr he is angry he  will go  on long drives LOL 

I think the pink skates would have brought by Priya Wink [ my guess ] will see in nect update 

Awww my queen is soo lovely and lively 

aww her smile melted Rams anger also 

waiting for next part 

Thank you so much for pm 
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thnk u Rosi di for postig here
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Lovely starting!!!
Continue sooon and thanks 4 pm!!!
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superb update continue soon nd next time pm me
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Update 2


     "mind if I call you Ram?" she asked as he glared at her. he gave a slight nod "Good, Ram now tell me is there anything bothering you?" she asked. "And why should I tell you that Dr.Priya sharma?" he asked looking at her name board that was placed in the table. she smiled "Coz I am asking you" she said simply. He looked away "Listen I am here to" he stopped as he saw her raise her eyebrows at him. he blinked. "Ram?" she called him. "Ah yes, actually" he was scratching his temple. One side of him wanted to tell what happened today and his other side wanted to just get out of the room. Closing his eyes he took a breath. "Is this kind of, habit of yours?" she asked. he opened his eyes and looked at her "yeah kinda I do it often" he said. "I noticed" she said. "now are you willing to tell me something?" she asked again. "Ram what the hell are you doing in this room, just get out" his mind advised him. but his heart was not ready to leave the place. It wanted to find solace in her. "Actually I was about to get a gift for my friend, and the gift got sold away" he said slowly "so?" she asked. "so...!!?? That's it, that's what happened" he raised his voice and calmed down realizing he had spoken aloud. "I mean your face looked so annoyed and frustrated just because of this?" she asked.  "actually some years ago she asked me for it, with many descriptions, and I couldn't get it at all the way she wanted. Today when I saw it I knew that's what she wanted but damn, I cant believe I couldn't get it, with so much wealth" he said gritting his teeth. "Can I say something?" she asked. he looked up at her glowing face,  which made his pressure fall, his breath calmed down "yes" he said. "If gods hasn't planned your death, not even a doctor can kill you" she said "What??" he asked "I mean, whoever the gift has to reach it will reach them, its already destined, you cannot do anything for it, now then why do you waste your time and mood thinking about it" she said. he looked at her thoughtfully "Ram, is she your wife?" she asked.  "No" he said immediately "No no, she is a very close friend, I have come to see her after a long time" he said. "Ram then trust me nothing is a bigger gift for her compared to you. just give from heart, even a simple flower she would love it" she said. Ram smiled at her "I think your right" he said. she nodded "Look outside, see its such a beautiful morning, and why are spoiling yourself, never let anything take the smile away from your face" she said as he kept starring at her. she looked like an angel God sent for him. "yeah, your right" before he could complete the door opened.



     Ram, what are you doing here friend" Roger said as he opened the door. He was tall impressive looking man. he looked more like an actor than an administrator. He seemed very young for his age and the young nurses, doctors found it really hard to concentrate on their work when he was walking around. "Roger" Ram said as Roger embraced him "nice to see you" Ram said. "Same here man, seems like you reduced some kilos, so what are you doing here?" Roger asked. "Ha Roger actually I came her by mistaking thinking this is your cabin" Ram said. Priya looked at Ram shocked. "Then you didn't come here for a counselling?" she asked. "What???" Roger asked. "Ya its nothing Roger, she was just guiding the way to your cabin" Ram managed and made a sign to Priya through his eyes, who seemed to have gone into a small shock. "Anyways Ram, this is Dr.Priya, one of our best doctors, she is specialized in neurology, and this counselling she is doing out of her own interest. She was the one who approached to open a counselling centre here" Roger said proudly looking at Priya. Priya managed a smiled "Priya this is Ram Kapoor one of my best buddy" Roger introduced Ram. "Hi Dr.Priya" Ram extended his hand formally. She took it slowly. When his hand felt hers he felt himself rejuvenate. He felt her hand shake slightly under his. It felt very soft within his rough palms. He tightened the grip and gave her a warm smile "It's a pleasure to meet you"  he said "Same here Mr.Kapoor" she said. "Ram shall we leave?" Roger asked. "HA yes" Ram freed her hand "see you sometime" he said her and turned to leave when he heard her whisper "I am sorry Mr.Kapoor". he went upto the door and turned to her "You can call me Ram, Dr.Priya" he said. she looked at him "and I need to tell you two things. One your looking very beautiful. And second your great in counselling" he said with a smiled. She smiled back at him "Yes it's a beautiful day, enjoy Dr.Priya" he said and left the cabin.



     Priya was sitting with her laptop in the big couch. "Priya where are you?" she called "Kate I am in the living room" she called back "Priya, have you done the cooking?" Kate asked back "Ha yes Kate I have finished it, now will you leave me in peace?" Priya asked. "ok ok, just one more, please come and tell me how do I look?" Kate said. Priya left her laptop in the couch and got up. She was in her shorts and t-shirt. Walking through their luxurious living room she entered Kates Bedroom. The two of them had meet in flight when they were arriving for an interview. However Kate was in software field and Priya in medicine, Destiny has somehow bought them together and they were sharing a same apartment now. The apartment was lavish, with a big living room fully furnished with beautiful white things purchased by the two of them. Today it was fully decorated by the two of them for Kate's party. It was Priya who insisted in doing everything themselves. Both of them had many things in common. Both were video games freak, both loved shopping, both of them would die for dolls and both of them loved dance with heavy music. Kate loved skatting while tennis was Priya's interest. both loved cooking so they decided to take turns in cooking but, when Priya tasted Kates cooking for the first time she offered to do the cooking daily and Kate was given the job of cleaning. They got along very well, going for theatres, restaurants now and then. It was just a month and a half they had stayed together but they were connected so well, that they considered each other as their own sister and best friend.



     Priya saw Kate standing infront of her in a red specially woven gown. She had a slim figure, her black hair cascaded down her shoulders. she was fair and looked beautiful. "Kate you look amazing" Priya said hugging her "Really???" Kate asked excitedly "Yeah stunning you are" she said "Ok Priya the food is ready na? Coz the friend of mine is really a foodie guy" she said. "No worries Kate, I have made all ready, whens he coming your friends...AH I forgot his name" Priya said "Oh Ram, he will be here soon" she said. "Ram?????" Priya asked "What is there any problem?" Kate asked. "not exactly, Today I am constantly meeting people named Ram" Priya said "Oh" "I will tell you about it later Kate, now your friends must be here" Priya said. "So Dr.Priya, can I know whether Dr.Roger will be coming?" Kate asked. "Kate??? Why should he come here?" she asked. "I know he would come here if you call him, and I would love if he was here" Kate said dreamily. "Now enough, hes not coming" Priya said. "Gosh, you have to admit hes really sexy Priya" Kate said as the doorbell rang "think people are coming, I will check it, you get ready Priya" Kate said leaving the room.



     Ram checked the time. It was 6. He was in a white bathrobe in his hotel suite. "Have you ordered the bouquet I asked for?" he was talking in his phone "Ok I wil collect them in an hour" he cut the call and opened his wardrobe and looked at the suits that hung before him. he closed it and went to the other cupboard. It was a long time since he was in casuals. He took a white t-shirt and selected a blue jean. Keeping them on the bed he left to take a shower. After enjoying his hot shower, he came out cleanly shaved, drying his hair and went to the other room in the suite. The room was dark. He closed the door after taking a look inside. He changed his dress, gelled his hair and brushed it neatly. Putting his sports shoes, he picked his phone and left the room locking it.

     He ignited the engine of his Audi and started his drive. He always preferred driving alone. He turned on the stereo



     A smile crept on his face. he started humming the song. After a while he pulled the car on halt. He got down infront the ROYAL BOUQUETS. "Hi this is RamKapoor, I have placed an order, I am here to collect it" he said. the woman in the counter checked the book she held "yes sir, its ready, just wait 2 mins" she said. he gave her a smile. She came with a small bouquet made of different colours of flowers. It looked so fresh and beautiful. He paid and collected them. Placing them carefully on the seat beside him he turned the engine on.  


      Ram adjusted his shirt and the bouquet in his hand as he stood in front of the big wooden door of the flat 321. He felt elated, he was really waiting badly to see her. it was nearly months long. He could hear faint sounds of music from inside. He smiled thinking Kate always loved parties. He took a breath and rang the door bell.


     Kate stormed to the door and opened it. "RAAAM" she yelled and hugged him tightly "God my plumpy cake you have lost weight, I missed you so much" she said hugging him. "me too Kate, feels really good to see you" freeing her from his hug, he dropped a small kiss on her forehead "Happy birthday" he said and gave her the bouquet. "Oh Ram, these are so lovely, thank you so much, and thanks for coming here" she said as her eyes welled up with tears. "no tears now, you look like a doll today" he said as she smiled. the room was full of people, some dancing, some having food, all seemed to have a very good time. "come in" she said and pulled him in, when he saw that she was not walking but going through the home in a pair of skates. It was pair of pink skates, it looked like glass. There was a pictures of mickey and minie in the skate. The tyres where white in colour. It was an attractive piece of skate.  "Kate wait, where did you get this?" he asked. "Well my roommate she gifted me, isn't this too cute Ram, I just love it. Remember once I asked like this to you" she said. "Yeah I remember well, whos your flatmate?" he asked. kate looked around "well she must be doing something, come you have to meet her" she said and led him in.


     Priya was talking to one of the kids in the party. She felt a tap in her shoulder. "Just a minute, aunty will be here" she said the kid and turned to see. Her eyes directly met Ram's. he looked slightly taken aback to see her here. She was in a black skirt and white top looking elegant and pretty, prettier than he saw her last time. Her silky hair was let down on both side of her shoulders. she looked at him without blinking "Priya are you alright, he's not a ghost, this is Ram" she said. "Oh, hi Mr.Kapoor" Priya said "its Ram, nice to see you again" he said. "wait you guys have met?" Kate asked. "yes I saw her in the hospital today" Ram said. "oh that's awesome" Kate said. "Kate has told a lot about you" Priya said Ram and she saw a faint flush come across his face. "Ram are you blushing?" Kate asked. he smiled "So is the cake cut done before I come?" Ram asked "nope how can you ever imagine like that, come both of you" she led them to the table.


      The people present gathered around Kate who was all in her smiles having Ram and Priya by her side. Cam was going her and there clicking pictures and trying to hide himself best from Ram. Everybody sang for Kate as she blew away the candles. Cutting the first piece of Cake she fed Ram and then Priya who feed her back. Priya cut the cake and placed it in plates to be given to the others.



      After dinner Ram stood lazing leaning against the wall, with a glass of coke in his hand and kept looking at the way she was carrying herself so beautifully. "Ram, I haven't seen you looking at anyone like this?" Kate came and stood near him. ram looked her "yes actually she is very different" he said. "yes she is a awesome person, but don't tell me you have feelings for her" she said. "Kate its nothing like that" he said. "I am happy if its nothing" she said. "Mmm" he replied still looking at Priya. "Ram, thanks so much for coming, it's the best gift for me" she said. Ram remembered Priya saying the same and smiled "well I have another gift for you" he said. she looked at him "I am going to stay here for a few months, in India" he said. "Are you serious?" she said "very serious" he said. she hugged him "this is so good to hear really, then what about granny??" she asked. "Gran is already here, she came with me" he said. "Ram why you didn't bring her here?" she asked. "well she was sleeping and I didn't want to disturb her" he said. "This is really awesome, I feel like having my home back" Kate exclaimed. He smiled "we have found a house, will be shifting soon, you come to visit her" he said "sure Ram, now join me for some dance" she said. "No no Kate please you go" he ignored. Kate went to dance and Ram went to get another glass.



     Priya was sitting in the couch looking at the people dancing. She jumped when suddenly Ram dropped himself beside her. "Relax doc" he said and gave her one glass. "no I don't drink" she said. "well its jut coke" he said. "I meant I don't drink sold stuffs" she said "Oh okay" he said. "I am sorry about morning Ram" she said. "I really liked it, its ok" he said. "I want to tell you something" he said "yes" Priya said looking at him "well you remember I was talking about the gift right? It reached the person" he said "What? Well Kate was the person? So whose gift was it?" Priya asked. "well that's the gift" Ram pointed at the skates which was kept a little away and then looked at her. "are you telling the pink skates?" she asked "yes" he said. "Ram, it was me who got it for her" she said. he looked at her "Yeah I knew that" he said. "aren't  you mad at me?" she asked innocently. He laughed "someone said me earlier today that if it isn't planned even a doctor cannot kill a patient" he said. she looked at him and smiled "the skates was for her, but through you" he said. she nodded with a broad grin. Ram moved a little closer to her "I really need to thank you for today morning, you know I easily don't share things with anyone. But I really wanted to tell you" he said "Good, many have said me this" she said "Well but you're the first person I have said this too" he said looking into her eyes. Realizing she was starring at him back she looked away, "so what do you do?" she asked. "Business, Kapoor Industries" he said, "Wow, I have heard about it" she said. he smiled "you should have. And your passion is neurosurgery?" he asked "yes" she said "aren't you married?" she asked "why do I look so old?" he asked. "I didn't mean like that, I am sorry" she said. he smiled "its ok, and your answer is no" he said. "that's odd" she said "why?" he asked confused. "you have wealth, you look really handsome and you don't have a girlfriend that's odd" she said "thanks for letting me know I am handsome" he said. "you are" she approve "so are you sure If I ask anyone they wont turn me down?" he asked. "yes positive" she said


"well then will you come with me for dinner tomorrow Priya?" he asked.


Thank you..!! sorry for errors..!

Please leave your thoughts..! really want to know if you guys like this story line..!!

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Note : Writer will reply all your lovely comment Smile
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