TaaRey Fic : Devil's Possession

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Prologue - Scroll Down

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"My Taani" Four years old Rey said possessively, holding 6 Month old taani in his arms, All the elder look at him in amusement at How He was showing his right on her. They were surprised with his behavior, from the time of Taani's birth rey never let anyone Come close to her, He even scold them in his angry childish tone if he saw Taani crying.

"Okay baba, your taani, now Come and have your food, She isn't going anywhere" His mother told him, taani's parents and his parent laughed at his possessiveness over this little bundle joy.

Rey sat on dining table to have his food but still he didn't leave Taani, She was sitting on his lap, looking around everyone with her innocent eyes as they laughed at rey. poor soul is not understanding a thing.

After playing with Taani for hours, now it was time for her to go her home. Rey was sad leaving his taani.

"Can't she stay with me forever aunty" Little rey asked in his childish tone, Taani's mother naina took Taani in her arms from rey, She look at rey's sad face.

"Don't be sad rey, You can play with her tomorrow, She is too small na, she can't stay with you but jab woh badi ho jaayegi tab woh tumahare saath rahegi " Naina said ruffling his hair. Rey smiled hearing her last line.

"Hum na tumhari shaadi Taani se karwa denge jab tum bade ho jaayoge then she will be with you for forever" Rey's dad ranvijay said jokingly but he didn't knew that His little boy has taken it seriously.

"promise?" Rey held out his small palm in front of his dad.

"ha baba promise" Ranvijay promised him. little Rey jumped in joy, He hold Taani's small hand in his.

"You will be mine angel" Rey said, all others were surprised at his over possessiveness but they didn't know that, this is just a start.

After 18 Years

Rey look out from the window of airplane, He was coming back india after 7 years, after completing his studies, When he 15, his parent sent him London for his studies.

Its been 7 Years he last saw his angel, his Taani, lots of things has changed in those 7 year, he is not the same sweet Rey anymore, Now he has become powerful, short tempered, more possessive, Now he is Reyaansh singhania, the eligible bachelor of the town and future business tycoon, Girls die to get a single glance from him but he don't give damn , why he would when He have his taani, He can't wait to go back home and see her, His thoughts were wondering around her.

"Your rey is coming taani to make you his  for forever" rey thought to himself, he was smiling like an idiot just at the mere thought of meeting her, his angel.

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nice and devil tooOuchLOL
lets see what happensEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2014-08-13T04:44:56Z
awasome prologue
reys possesiveness dnt kw wt il be tani reaction
waiting for dis ff to start
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Posted: 2014-08-13T04:46:46Z
great story diii!!!!
loved it!!!
Rey's possessiveness hopefully wont hurt Taani!!!
interesting concept
And prologue is the cherry on the cake!!
Will be waiting for update!!!
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Awesome + Intresting concept...Clap

Just love it...Smile

And plz first try to end ur on going stories u din't even finished ur 1 ff so plz complet them also...Stern Smile

Waiting for next part so update soon...Big smileEdited by Shubh007 - 2014-08-13T04:52:05Z
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Posted: 2014-08-13T04:52:10Z
wwoooaaahhh!!! Possesive Reyyy!!!! Lets see how things have changeddd!!! Cant wait..update jaldi~~~
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Posted: 2014-08-13T04:59:03Z
awesome concept
love it Taarey possessive
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