OS: The Symphony of Love..

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Hey Guys..
Back with another OS.. This one is for Drishti.. You literally make me write and thanks for that..
This one is yet another imagination from season 1.. Plot by Drishti again..

Here goes.. Do read and let me know what you think..

OS : The Symphony of Love..

It was a silent Sunday at the Kapoor mansion, which generally buzzed with life and activity. This sunday was very different with Niharika, Sid and Mama gone to a resort over the weekend for a party. Dadi was at Amritsar and Rishabh had gone with his friends for a trek, leaving Ram and Priya to themselves. Since they were the only people at home, the servants, helpers and cooks were given a day off.
Ram and Priya had a late morning. Actually, they had managed to get some sleep only at dawn after their passionate endeavours all night.

The bright rays of the late morning sun hit his face and he slowly fluttered his eyes open. And what he saw made his heart skip a beat. He loved waking up to see Priya cuddled next to him. He loved the warmth and the feeling of oneness.

Her body was glowing as the rays of light hit her soft skin. She looked absolutely stunning. Ram wrapped his arms tight around her as if she was the most precious thing in the world. And yes, she was indeed, to him.

His movements made her stir in her sleep and she cuddled closer to him, letting out a small moan and digging her face in the crook of his neck. He smiled and pressed his lips on her forehead.
Priya slowly opened her eyes to find herself in the comforting embrace of her husband. She enjoyed the feeling of security and love in his arms and slowly looked up to see him looking at her with a smile. "Good Morning , wife", he whispered in her ears. "Good morning to you too, Ram", she replied smiling. "Slept well?", he asked. She nodded her head indicating that she did, the blush slowly creeping up on her face as she remembered their night.

Ram knew what she was thinking as he saw her cheeks getting red. He flashed his ever naughty smile and whispered in her ears, "Looks like someone did have a very good night!" She dug her face further in his chest to hide her blush. "Priya stop blushing and look at me!", he said. She raised her head to look at him. He moved both of them and positioned himself over her. As he moved in for a kiss, his stomach growled. The sound was so loud that Priya heard it too.

She pushed him away, unable to control her laughter. "Ram, I'll go make something for us after a bath. You freshen up and come down.", she said, getting off the bed and going to the washroom. Ram sat sulking at his ruined attempt to kiss his wife.


Later that afternoon, Ram was sitting on the bed. Priya walked in and saw him with the remote. Assuming that he was about yo watch some stupid cricket match, she decided to call up Neha.
As she picked up the phone to dial Neha's number, she felt a tug on her wrist. Ram looked at her expectantly. "Don't call. I want you to be with me only today.. Every minute. We don't get a lot of time and such opportunities don't cone frequently.", he pleaded. She smiled at her cute husband and obliged.
Ram and Priya sat cuddled with her back resting on his chest. He had his arms around her body, their fingers entwined and his head resting on her shoulder. He pressed a button on the remote and a slide show of their pictures began on the TV.

Both Ram and Priya silently re-lived every moment since their marriage. It was a marriage of convenience, which had gradually blossomed into love. The journey wasn't easy though. They had their fair share of ups and downs and at the end of it, they did accept their feelings to each other.
As their honeymoon pictures scrolled by, Priya went back to the period. She remembered the fun they had at the So Called Honeymoon and the events that followed.


Ram and Priya had the time of their lives in Australia. They went for a ride on the Ferrari, a visit to the stadium, a nice quite cruise trip, opera and had the time of their lives pulling each others legs. It was this one trip that changed their equation. Their relation was beyond the 'Marriage of Convenience' title. They had grown to be the best of friends. They did share all their emotions and feelings with one another brushing aside one. Yes, both of them did lobe each other. But, the thought of what the other might think made them anxious and thus, they never expressed it.

To an onlooker, it was evident that the couple was madly in love. They could give their lives for one another. But Ram and Priya themselves did not understand the turmoil in their hearts.
An evening when they were at the mall, Priya decided to but Ram a gift. As she moved through the shops, Ram went somewhere on the pretext of answering his phone. As Priya finished her shopping, she came out looking for him, only to find another woman in his arms.

She couldn't understand the emotions she felt. It was a mixture of anger, jealousy, betrayal and sadness. Unable to stand there any further, she decided to head back to the hotel on her own.
Ram came looking for her, shocked and worried. The driver told him that Priya had left and refused to go by car. As he entered their room, he saw her packing up. "Ram, I want to go back home. Can we get the tickets?", she asked. Looking at her, he knew something was terribly wrong. Priya generally doesn't react this way. "What happened Priya? Is everything alright?", he asked her. She chose to not reply and continued with her work. Ram went ahead and booked tickets for the same day. He tried talking to her all along to know what bothered her, but , she never replied.

Back home, Priya avoided him to the maximum extent. She would wake up before him, go down and engage herself in the household chores. Before Ram could come down, she would just rush out in the pretext of classes. She would be sitting with Rishabh or Dadi when he came back from work. Dinner was the only time they saw each other but since everybody would be there, Ram had no chance to talk to her. She would go up to their room only after he would sleep. Try as much, he was unable to talk to her. Rather, she just didn't allow an interaction.

This went on for quite a few days. Ram was anxious and angry. He couldn't bear the distance. But, he was unable to figure out why this was happening either. On one hand there was Priya. On the other, there was Apeksha, his sister. He had met her in Australia and try as much to hate his mother Krishna and Apeksha, he couldn't control his emotions when she hugged him. He hugged her back as an elder brother, assuring her that he still loved her. He did care about her.

Vikram, his best friend and business associate walked into the room to see a pensive Ram. On asking what happened, Ram told him about Priya and her weird behaviour since they came back from Australia. He also told him about Apeksha. "Ram, do you think Priya saw the two of you together and assumed something wrong?", Vikram asked. "No no Vikram.. I don't..", he said thinking. "Oh yes, that's quite a possibility. If that's the case, I must clear the misunderstanding.", he spoke. He stood up, hugged Vikram and rushed out of the room to meet his wife.

He entered their room but she was nowhere in sight. He called out to her and started looking for her when he saw an envelope addressed to him lying on the bed. He knew it was from her. He could never go wrong in recognizing her hand writing. He tore open the packet and was shocked to see a set of legal papers in them. "DIVORCE" it read. Ram couldn't believe it. He felt like tearing the papers off. That's when he saw a note attached.

Dear Ram,
I know ours was a marriage of convenience. Now that Natasha and Karthik are happily married, we could end this contract. You can start a life afresh with the person you love.
You are an amazing person Ram and you deserve all the happiness. I wont stand in your way. However, before we part ways, I want you to know that I Love You Ram. I don't know how this happened but I love you with my heart and soul.
I'll be at my parents house. Sign these papers and get them delivered there please.
Wishing you a great life ahead.

Tears welled up in his eyes. He was overjoyed to know that she loved him. But the happiness was soon replaced by anger. He rushed out of the house and drove like a maniac on the crowded Mumbai streets.
Screeching to a halt at the Sharma residence, he ran up the stairs to the 4th floor, without bothering to wait for the lift. He rang the bell multiple number of times, till the door was opened. Priya stood there shocked seeing him. He opened his mouth to tell her something when Shipra and Sudheer came out.
"Arre Ram beta, Priya told us you were away on some business tour.", Shipra wondered. "Yaa maa, but the trip got postponed. Maa can I take Priya back home?", he asked. "But Mr. Kapoor..", Priya started. Ram turned towards her and one look at his face shut her up. Anger was clearly visible in his eyes. Shipra was starting to protest when Sudheer stepped in. "Of course Ram beta. She's your wife. You don't need our permission.", ge said, sensing something amiss.

Ram parked his car at the KM garage. Both of them were silent throughout the way back. He took her hand in his and walked back to their room. Once inside, he left her hand and turned behind to lock the door.

He turned around to face her. "Who do you think you are? Huh? What do you think of yourself Priya.. Tell me.. Who the hell are you to decide anything about my life? Who gave you the rights to decide who I want to live with?", he yelled. Silent tears escaped Priya's eyes. She stood there looking at the ground, sobbing. "Look up Priya. Look into my eyes and speak. Do you think im the kind of man who would have an affair? The kind of man who would cheat on his wife? Priya, had I loved someone, I wouldn't have agreed to marry you in the first place.", he explained.

"But Ram, I saw you, in Australia..", she started. Now Ram knew the reason. He walked towards her and held her by the shoulders. "What you saw in Australia has a very different perspective than what you think Priya.", he said explaining to her about his past, his mothers treachery as he thought and his sister Apeksha. "You are the only woman in my life, Priya. You are the only woman I have come to love. The only person I can think of growing old with. The only woman in whose arms I want to die.", he confessed.
Priya was speechless. She just dropped down to her knees and wept. "Im sorry Ram.. Im so so sorry.. It was all my fault. I should have spoken to you.", she said crying bitterly. Ram got her back into her feet and crushed her into his arms. She felt safe. She felt loved. She was complete. "I love you!", he whispered in her ears. "I love you more!", she whispered back.
Back in the present, Ram felt a drop of tear on his wrist. He looked up at Priya and smiled, holding her tighter. He kissed her on the neck as they continued watching pictures of the happier times after that.
In sometime, Ram and Priya were fast asleep.. It was late evening when Ram woke up Priya. "Priya, wake up darling. We need to go to the doctor. Your reports are due today.",he said. Priya stirred a little and slowly woke up.
She had felt dizzy a few days back and was vomiting almost everything she ate. Ram, being Ram, immediately took her to the hospital for a check-up. The reports were due today.
Later that night, Priya was standing at the window of their room, looking at the bright shining lights of the city. Just then, she felt a few drops of water on her hands. She looked up to see the first rain of the season. As the drops of water splashed on the ground, an aroma of soil spread in the air bringing a beautiful smile on her face. At that moment, she felt a warm familiar pair of hands wrapping themselves around her.
She turned around and put her arms around his neck and touched her forehead with his. "So what is would-be-mumma thinking?", he asked with a smile. "Umm.. Maybe she's thinking how much would-be-papa loves mumma.", she replied back. "Maybe demonstration would help in understanding better.", he said. She was about to say something when she saw the desire & love in his eyes. She just smiled as he lifted her up in his arms and laid her on the bed.

He hovered over her for sometime and then pressed his lips against her forehead. He then laid down next to her, pulling her in his arms. "I think the demonstration can wait. Mumma looks a little exhausted today and needs to sleep. What do you say baby?", he said patting her stomach as if talking to the foetus.
Priya smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Did I mention how much I love you, Ram!", she asked.. "Well, you don't need to. I can see it in you eyes!", he replied hugging her tighter.

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Posted: 2014-08-06T23:09:34Z
Their love for each other is so subtle, yet passionate, Romantic yet caring...
Missing them a lot!!!

Awesome OSClap
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Posted: 2014-08-06T23:49:29Z
its superb dear 
in a very short OS ..u penned down each and every special moments of season 1 
 and their Emotion..confession.. and love moments.. 
 specially the last .. most happy moments ..
  Thank u for ur pm 
 and thank u Dristi too 
plzzz write more 

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Posted: 2014-08-06T23:59:32Z
Hey priya thank u so much for writing an os for me i just love the way u write n penned down beautifully the full scenairo whether is their hm or their confession awesome pls do write more
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Posted: 2014-08-07T00:20:44Z
Excellent one shot!
Just the kind which makes you wanna read more.
Do write more.
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Posted: 2014-08-07T01:30:13Z
Thank for the pm
Briiliant OS 

Their confession than the love growing in them 
beautifully narrated 

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Posted: 2014-08-07T03:18:11Z
Love the way u wrote it!!
brilliant job!!!Wink
Thanks 4 pm !!
And please write moreee...
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Posted: 2014-08-07T03:25:20Z
Very beautiful Os you written full of Raya love
they both were down the memory lane of their married life
aww so good news Ram Priya are going to be parent
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